Hmmmm.  Odd.  I was expecting…feedback on various fronts this week.  I won’t go so far as to say I’m disappointed.  I’m more…restless.

A little impatient.

Okay.  Maybe slightly vexed.

But let’s see what next week brings before I declare it time to ratchet things up.

March 16, 2018: Hunh!

I mean, come on, people!  How am I expected to get through a rewrite of this character overview section with these guys around?  Honestly, I don’t need distractions like these with a deadline looming.  So just stop being so darn cute!

March 16, 2018: Hunh!

Damnit!  What did I just say?!!!

Meanwhile, some very interesting developments on the projects front.  Wish I could share, but it’s very hush-hush.  Various wheels set in motion are approaching the finish line.  At this time, I kind of feel like this guy:

I’ve got my own Comet, Reflektor, Deep Ocean, Snake’s Tub, Tarantula, Pollo Loco, Dragon’s Egg, Glassy, Mocha Madness, and El Capitan in contention.  Who’s gonna take it?!  We’ll know in the coming weeks!

P.S. Don’t forget to post your questions for Dark Matter‘s Teku Fonsei, actor Andrew Moodie!

18 thoughts on “March 16, 2018: Hunh!

  1. Waiting to hear back from people sounds like SOP for that industry! I almost think that if people were getting back to you on time (or, unimaginably, early) that something had to be wrong.

    The pups do have the cuteness ratcheted up to 11 there!

  2. I only subscribed for dark matter… your new stagnate was good. But get your ass to work bringing back dark matter.

    1. If you subscribe then you know that Joe has already said nothing can be done until the contract with Syfy expires. Maybe you missed that? And Dark Matter getting a miniseries may only have hope if MGM decides on a new Stargate series that may open the door to more sci-fi. But nothing can happen until the contract with Syfy expires.

  3. Hmmmm.  Odd.  I was expecting…feedback on various fronts this week. 

    I’ve had a similar week…expectations were high, but feedback and next steps seem to be in a holding pattern…must be something to do with the Ides of March, or in my case, the end of the business quarter.

    If things don’t start moving in April, I’m going to have to start prodding the powers that be.

    Here’s hoping your log-jam breaks soon and the feedback and opportunities turn into a torrent! I’m looking forward to what you have in store next for us fans.

  4. Teku Fonsei whats your favorite character you like or would like to act? (Good bad comic tech engy spy FBI ….? anything you can think of )

  5. I know what you mean. At work, I often wondered how much time I spent just waiting on other people to get back to me. When I retired, I thought those days were left behind. Nope. This week I’ve been waiting for 3+ days for a tree trimmer to call me back and it’s 2 days and counting for a doctor to call me back to schedule an appointment for my dad. Monday I’m moving on with a tree trimmer. I’ll give the doctor a little more time. So irritating. Thank you very much for the cute doggie pics. They make me feel better.

  6. Your distractions are pretty cute. I always enjoy pictures of your ladies.

    Has anyone seen Justice League yet? Jason was wonderful!

    We watched the new Thor too but wowza, it went downhill after Josh Whedon left. A good example of how a director can make the move?

  7. Thank you for sharing that video. I now believe I have officially seen it all. And yet despite its ridiculousness, I found it delightful.

  8. I love the pups. Don’t worry about not hearing anything back yet. Did you see the pictures I sent of tweets from StargateCommand that look promising? We’re still hanging in here. If you think we need another tweetstorm we can do that.

    1. I want to do another tweet storm. I am bound and determined to out-smart Twitter and stay out of jail and keep my account on-line!

  9. I had the flu and was incapacitated for a while that’s why I didn’t come back to y… Ohh, you mean the studio. I see… My bad.
    I think I’d better go back to bed. >___<
    Wake me up when the series's been greenlit.

  10. Thanks for the doggie adorableness distraction.
    Always wonderful to see Lulu & Suji looking happy and well. xo

    Joe, Do you know if Robert Cooper and/or Brad Wright
    have already thrown their hat in the ring with the others?????
    Its just water cooler gossip right now, but latest whispers from a couple insiders is the studio received quite a few proposals for the new SG Command site.
    Seems loads of ambitious creatives out there have their own ideas and
    are seeking their personal version of a limited edition golden ticket to hang out and manufacture treats in Willy Wonkas new chocolate factory.

    Ever just the same, here’s to hoping we get to hear back
    sooner rather than later.

  11. I was cheering for Comet all the way!! That was exciting! And yes, sometimes my life is pathetic if I find a marble race exciting. Still that was fun.

    Questions for Andrew if not too late:
    What direction would you have liked to see your character go? What about his relationship with Ryo?

    Did you get to keep any props? If so, what? If no, what would have liked to have had?

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention…those are some pretty darned cute pups! Hard to stay focused! Hoping you hear back soon on those projects.

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