My favorites…

Abbott (cover by Taj Tenfold)

I can’t decide whether they’re snapping a pic as evidence or for instagram.

Breathless #1 (cover art by Renzo Rodrigues)

Always a big fan of starkly contrasted minimal color palettes.

Days of Hate #12 (cover art by Tom Muller, Danijel Zezelj)

Love the pencils and the overwhelming ornangeness that conveys a sense of the bleakest of road trips.

Doomsday Clock #4 (cover art by Brad Anderson, Gary Frank)

Never have I laid eyes on a more unnerving-looking stack of pancakes.

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #41 (cover art by Tomeu Morey, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona)

Zod at his imposing best.  Holy Smokes, he’s a big boy!

Saga #50 (cover art by Fiona Staples)

A wonderful cover that really captures the joy and family spirit at the heart of this series.

Spawn #284 (cover art by Jason Shawn Alexander, Todd McFarlane)

Terrifyingly beautiful.


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I must confess the stack of pancakes is rather appealing to me! Can’t resist them … although … looking at it a bit longer … I now see there is a creepy crabby look about them… eek!
But cover of the week for me is the minty beauty of Spawn. Mmmm.

Think I’ll head off for my tea now. Thanks Joe 😊


Breathless. Days of Hate. Doomsday Clock. Are my top cover picks. I really look forward to Wednesday’s and your weekly pics. I ordered Robert Kirkman’s latest venture. Gonna read it this weekend.

Happy Hump Day!!


Doomsday Clock is jumping out at me. Now I want pancakes.


The Spawn cover is bad ass! Terrifyingly beautiful just about covers it.

Margaret Clayton

Abbott, yikes.


For some silly reason (my asthma I think) I am drawn to breathless.
BUT…can do without the bloood….


Saga seems to do it for me.