26 thoughts on “March 27, 2018: Let’s sample Halo Ice Cream!

  1. I didn’t know i’d be finishing by watching the producer of Dark matter eating ice cream when I subscribed ..:)) à
    and FYI all about ice cream check this video:

    1. Cudaker: The reason the Bryers ice cream does not melt is not mysterious, unintentional, or because they are using something harmful or not edible in their ingredients. It’s because of the small amount of coconut oil used. Coconut oil, in slightly larger measure than the bryer recipe, is used to create chocolate magic shell. Something many folks immensely enjoy.

      While I personally prefer Ben and Jerrys and Haagen daz over Bryers and other brands, attempting to defame the reputation of a company simply because you do not understand or do not like that it does not melt is not nice or right.


    2. Well, damn. Breyer’s (Bing) Cherry Vanilla was my favorite, growing up in NJ. But that was nearly 40 years ago…

  2. Yum, that looks pretty good. Haven’t tried Halo Top yet, as the commissary hasn’t carried it quite yet. I think I would prefer the caramel, as I don’t care for cookie dough anything, and I love caramel everything.

    I like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and one of the best flavors I ever had was at the factory in Vermont. Almost worth a trip back east again just for that, and I don’t even recall the name, but it had caramel and vanilla and chocolate and magic. Waffle cone flavor is pretty good, and Karamel Sutra, and the lemon-blueberry frozen yogurt which I think was limited edition. Haagen Das is okay. I don’t keep ice cream at home because I am trying to watch the caloric intake, and it just is too much for me. Yogurt is my treat, as MyLarry gets free samples from the plant in Idaho.

    We have a little local ice cream shop which sells their own ice cream, a charming little place, in the ice business since 1895, although they only began ice cream in 1929! Farr Better Ice Cream. So many flavors, I can never decide easily. They’re still at their original location here in Ogden.

    1. Speaking of Ben & Jerry’s, they had a banana—peanut butter frozen Greek yogurt three years ago that was heavenly; it’s since been “retired”. They take votes to bring back flavors on their website and via social media, so please help a sister out and drop Ben & Jerry’s a line?

      Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top?

  3. It sounds… okay. It sounds like I’d still prefer Haagen-Dazs but less of it if I was counting calories. Also, I prefer my particulates big and chunky more than gritty!

    Now I want ice cream. (And I have a cold!)

      1. It’s not a bad cold, just some coughing and sniffling. I might take up the ice cream suggestion anyway, though!

  4. Hmm. In Portland, Oregon we’ve had Halo for a few years. My 7-11 around the corner just started carrying it too. It’s on the spendy side for me, but I get it as a treat. I don’t taste anything “funny” about the stevia, and I like the flavors with the particulates. For ice cream, it’s very low carbohydrate, so it’s okay for people with diabetes. I like crunchy things in my ice cream, so sometimes I add nuts. It’s supposed to be rather soft. On the package they advise waiting 15 or so minutes before eating, after you take it from the freezer.

    I just noticed that you’re usually posting every other day instead of daily. Has it been a long time? Considering all the projects you wrote about in your last post, I’m happy you can keep slotting this in.

  5. Halo has been promoting all around the college campuses here. I won’t eat it, as we eat clean so no processed or artificial ingredients. Yes, Stevia is made from a plant, but it’s processed out of it’s natural state so it’s a no for us.

  6. The best thing for a cold is drink plenty of liquids and eat plenty of ice cream?? Hmmm. Don’t think I’ve heard of that later part before…. I always thought it was drink plenty of liquids and eat lots of chocolate. And by the way, if you let the dogs lick your spoon clean, you don’t have to dirty up another one to try the second flavor. 🙂

    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Not fair! You didn’t get enough to share. I’m going now to my freezer and pulling out the mint chocolate chip I have from Mayfield.

    Both flavors sound “flavorful”. Enjoy!

    P.s. have you ever taken raw cookie dough and heated it up in the microwave to eat?

  8. Ugh, I can’t stand Halo. I tried! I wanted to watch my calories! But honestly, I’d rather exercise harder than eat this and not actual ice cream. I cannot handle the texture. Like what IS it, even? Pretty sure its secretly soylent green. (Which of course is, well…)

    I have a friend who swears by it, though. She prefers it over regular ice cream almost all the time.

  9. I’m glad you mentioned the stevia. I’m not a fan for a lot of reasons, partly because it tastes bitter to me and is not digestible. But thanks for the review.

  10. When /if I come to YTO, I’ll have to find a way to bring some Blue Bell, “the best ice cream in the country”.

  11. If you ever run across Graeters Ice Cream you should give it a try. I prefer it over Haagen-dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, and even Blue Bell! Kroger carries it in my area, and only within the last two years. I remember it from my childhood – my dad used to keep a huge gallon carton in the downstairs freezer when we lived in New Jersey. It was like a giant pint carton with a round cardboard lid. https://www.graeters.com/

  12. Now I’m hungry for ice cream! I’ll look for Halo here (but it is Mississippi) because my hubby is also looking for diet food. I prefer the ice cream made with lots of fat though.

    Drea: I have a Ben & Jerry’s cookbook and their recipes call for whipping cream. Good stuff!

    I’d have to agree with you on ice cream being great for a cold. When it melts, it IS liquid.

    I went to the dentist today for tooth pain. Turns out, it’s a sinus infection. Ice cream is great for those too, right?

    1. P.S. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Wear a mask so Akemi doesn’t catch it!

  13. Yeah. I’m getting that ice cream. Like asap. I wish there was Stevia everything.

  14. See Joe’s Facebook feed for my acceptance of Joe’s challenge.

  15. I like Halo ice cream. The vanilla was pretty decent. Like the scruff. I had another but I don’t remember what the name was. But the caramel one isn’t available here at least I don’t think so. It tastes SO much better than ice cream “lite.”

    If you ever get the chance, Jeff was a real Chocolate Haagen-Dazs fan. He wanted it exclusively…until I introduced him to Trader Joe’s Ultimate Chocolate Ice Cream. He prefers it now. And he can get a quart for the price of a pint of Haagen-Dazs. If you ever get to a Trader Joe’s close enough to where you are staying, they do have ice cream pints of it too (I think). You should try it and tell me what you think.

    I am now on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet to rule out food allergies, and I felt very deprived for my March 17 birthday. BUT I found Ben & Jerry’s makes an ice cream from almond milk and I got the Coffee Caramel Fudge. I’d give it a B. I usually get this local ice cream store called Marble Slab Creamery (better than Coldstone) custom pint of amaretto ice cream with oreo cookie mix in for my birthday instead of cake. But I couldn’t have that this year and I was feeling really bummed. The Ben & Jerry’s didn’t me as deprived. It’s not ice cream, but wow, it’s pretty excellent for it being almond milk.

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