17 thoughts on “March 18, 2018: My Goofy Girlfriend!

  1. From what you’ve said here you’re a lucky man Joe but gosh, you so deserve it
    Say hi to Akemi. It’s always good to see her too

  2. I am watching the ION TV program “Private Eyes.” The female star is worth a look. It is filmed in Toronto, and I watch the program to say that I know that place or I think I have been there. It surprises me that I may think that since I have been to YYZ so few times. I haven’t been to the place for the cover site of “Moving Pictures.” I happened to see them before my accident as part of their last tour. I wish them and Akemi well. I need Soma’s hot chocolate; maybe have lunch across the street at Zoe’s again.

  3. Thanks Joe. Much too cute. A dose of Akemi always brightens everyone’s day XO and O’ Boy, did i really need it today!!!

  4. Thanks, for posting such great photos! I’m starting the day off with a smile now.

    Has anyone seen “Hard Sun” yet? I liked it but the critics didn’t (as usual).

  5. Aw, now I’m smiling ear to ear at work over that awesome video! Akemi may be a new type of sun that radiates pure joy, she needs her own comic book; an intergalactic heroine fighting for justice whose only weakness is adorable pugs and delicious deserts, piu piu pow!

  6. Well done, I was smiling all the way to bottom of page, I needed to smile too

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