19 thoughts on “March 19, 2018: The Almost Animated Adventures of Suji!

  1. The Never Ending Story of the Adventures of Suji, The Wonder Pug!

    I see $$$ worth of potential.

  2. What the hell?! Why isn’t Akemi (or you) writing a children’s book??? You just did. Not comics, I’m talking hard back short books for small kids/babies, with lots of cute colorful pictures, again, like you just did. It could be a series of fanciful adventures by Suji. Do it! That was awesome!

  3. It’s interesting to see all the ideas that Akemi has. I mean, I’m sure you are polishing the English but still, she has the makings of a media mogul. Cute comic!

  4. No pie will ever go without whipped topping ever again, hooray! I expect Suji Fairy at thanksgiving, we have pie around six. And eight, and midnight. And for breakfast.

  5. If MGM would order a new SG mini-series / tv show / anthology of SG tv movies, then is there any chance that they will ask the fans to share fresh new ideas, character or story suggestions? Will MGM ask the opinion of the fans like an interactive communication? Because I believe once you said that official writers are not allowed to read “fan fictions” and forums and they would hardly accept any freelancer scripts, so I am rather talking just general advices or story elements. There are so many SG fans around the world and maybe they would have a fresher eye about this rich scifi universe.

    And maybe it is a bit boring question, but could you confirm what is canon and what is not? So if you could write an episode for a new SG tv show, would you re-read all the SG novels? Or would the informations counts what the RPG books established? I am asking this, because they named a few old races and locations and I was just wondering how should fans treat such informations. I know that probably we would never return to those storylines, I am just wondering what is your opinion about the “extended Stargate universe”.

    What do you think could an SG show survive in this new tv era? I mean there are so many high quality tv shows (like WestWorld, Altered Carbon, Star Trek : Discovery) nowadays from such high budgets, what I believe the SG would never get without Netflix or any other investor. These shows have got 6-8-10 million dollars per episode, while SG shows had only 2-2,5 million dollars.

    And if the Netflix could provide a bigger budget, then is there any chance we could get a series of SG movies next to a shorter mini-series / spinoff? That way they could involve that old or new cast members what the story needs while we could get some high quality SG adventures.

  6. Can Suji come to Norfolk in the UK and become a Nice Weather Angel too? xxx

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