That big Dalek, Baby Groot, Winter Soldier Irish jib crossover is finally here!!!

Yes, today, we hit Toronto Comic Con – or “Geek Festival” as Akemi refers to it.

Like most cons, much of the fun is in checking out the people in costume.  Or at least I assume they were in costume.

When in doubt, follow the woman with wings!

I think I successfully convinced Akemi to dress up as a stubby-limbed dinosaur next con.

I consider myself fairly well-versed when it comes to anime and comic books but even so I can usually only identify half of the cosplay characters.  For instance, on the left is Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki, but I have no idea who’s standing beside him. More often than not, when I draw a blank, it’s a video-game character.  Final Fantasy?

Plenty of Black Panther cosplay at this event.

Ran into my buddy, Duane – a comic con veteran.

Picked up an awesome Dark Matter mug and bag from artist Nicky’s shop.

It’s a Stargate/Dark Matter crossover!

Natasha with the Elizabeth Weir cosplay.  Nice!

Even Pikachu put in an appearance.

You shall not pass!

You shall not pass!!!

No.  Wait.  Wrong big budget fantasy series.

Two and a half hours later…

All in all, not a bad outing.  I picked up a slew of cufflinks (including a pair of nifty Walking Dead crossbows) and added to my burgeoning super villain t-shirt collection with some interesting finds (Gorilla Grodd and a motorcycle-riding Orb among them).

Alright.  Back to work!

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Debra From The South

A day out is good. smile Long time since I’ve been to a con. Dragoncon got way too large.


Looks like fun!

michael yuen
michael yuen

the character you didn’t recognize is a character from overwatch(fps game from Blizzard) called mercy


Fun! New York Comic Con got to be too crazy for us, skipped it this past year. We’ll see about next year. Yours doesn’t look as mobbed as ours. I truly don’t get how fire codes allow that many people in one building.

Love the Dark Matter merch! I’m assuming that it’s allowed to create and sell those items? I never understand the rules when it comes to “fan art.”


Winter Soldier dancing a jig made me way happier than it should’ve. Thanks for the smiles! smile



“Like most cons, much of the fun is in checking out the people in costume. Or at least I assume they were in costume.”

You hope they were in “costume”.


I recognize that picture of Corin at the Stargate. Someone sent it in for us to use. I sure hope that this display was the person who created it, or else that is just not right making money off someone else’s work.

Glad you had fun.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

That looks like fun!

We’ve been on Spring Break here. Twice this week, I slept until 7:30 a.m.!!! Back to the real world Monday….

Margaret Clayton

That does look like fun!

I’d love to go to the Salt Lake Con, which cannot call itself Salt Lake Comic Con anymore, because San Diego is a big baby. FanX Salt Lake simply falls too close to Burning Man. Ah well.


Elizabeth Weir! She didn’t cover up her SG arm badge which means they’re not in enemy territory, it’s nice she gets a break from all the Wraith to just chill with the peeps.


Love the Baby Groot! I agree, the fun is meeting new people, the creativity of costumes & cosplay. Geek Festival…my kind of people! The DM mugs rock! So cute!