Last year, following news of Dark Matter’s cancellation, we thought it would be nice to do something for all the fans that help make DM one of Syfy’s most-watched shows!  The original plan was to give you all a satisfying ending but, alas, Syfy never bothered getting back to us regarding our humble request for a movie so, interpreting that as a no, we struck the sets but set aside some of the costumes, props, and assorted other goodies.  Then, we asked you all to send in your letters telling us what the show meant to you.  Over the past couple of months, the gang in the production offices have been reading all the letters, selecting some of the memorable missives, and rewarding fans with mementos from Dark Matter’s short-lived three year run.

Last week, fans worldwide started receiving Dark Matter swag…

February 9, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!February 9, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!

February 9, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!

February 9, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!

Truly, we have the best fans.

Continue to keep us posted, please!

Well, yesterday I delivered a first draft of that sci-fi pilot script I’ve been working on.  I expect I’ll receive notes sometime next week, turn a second draft around for the week following, then deliver to the network and, after that, it’ll be smoooooooth sailing.

Also next week, I have a sit-down with an executive presently entertaining two of my pitches – one a military SF series, the other an SF series in the vein of Dark Matter.  Hoping to get the band back together!

Speaking of which, today I had lunch with former Dark Matter Playback Operator Greg Whiteside.  Over the course of a burger, a meatball focaccia sandwich, some burrata, roasted hen of the woods mushrooms, and some baccala fritti, we discussed old times, petty politics, Panama, real estate ventures, and the importance of playback as a storytelling tool in science fiction.

February 9, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!

26 thoughts on “February 9, 2018: More Dark Matter swag!

  1. Ok, time to start stalking the mailbox. I think I’ve given customs enough time to check out my package, and they need to send it on it’s way! LOL

    Congrats to everyone who received packages this week!

  2. ‘… a SF series in the vein of Dark Matter. Hoping to get the band back together!’

    Wa what!? Am I reading this right 😀 Hope so and totally agree. Fingers and toes crossed.
    Must confess I can’t wait to hear more about your military series too.

  3. Congrats to all those that have received DM booty!

    Those projects sound exciting! I hope you take this weekend off to spend with your girls. We could use some food porn on this blog. 😉 I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    My mom visit went worse than expected. I picked her up and took her out shopping/dining. She was crying, she was so upset at my SIL. If my brother doesn’t move out soon, it won’t be pretty when Mom blows. I tried to convince her to take a break at my house but she wouldn’t budge “Their not going to run me out of my house”. The target date for the new house being finished is next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

    It’s rainy and blah here (I’ll take that, rather than the snow y’all are getting). I have a pot of chili in the crockpot and I’m whipping up some brownies. Should be an excellent Netflix day.

    1. Your poor mom! Not one kid in our big family ever went back to live with our folks, not ever. But the grandkids took a long, long while to leave home. Something about that big family (sharing 1 bathroom with 5 sibs!) made us long to have places of our own, while the grandkids who have only 1 or 2 sibs are very comfy haunting their folks like friendly ghosts.

    2. I hope by now (that I’m reading this) the new house is ready and they’ll be moving out soon. Poor mom. I hope she can hang on just a little while longer.

    1. Patrick is doing well. He has recovered from that virus he has. He had a little seizure last Monday but it was a non-event really. He snapped out of it in a minute. I don’t know if that qualifies for his February seizure or if something more is coming. Jeff is leaving for NOLA in the morning and coming back Wednesday night and then we have the big meeting at school on Thursday. That is going to be stressful and emotional. I have to not think about it because the anxiety rises in my throat to the point I can’t speak. This is going to be a rough year.

  4. “Getting the band back together” is music to my ears! Fingers & toes crossed. Good karma thoughts your way… Hoping all your projects yield a “go”. You’ll be one busy boy!!

    The mail woman is getting tired of me meeting her at the mailbox. Still anxiously waiting for my DM swag.

  5. @Tam Dixon: remind your brother there are these buildings known as hotels. Or these little portable things on wheels known as campers. Save your mother’s sanity! DIL-cide won’t be pretty!

  6. Love hearing about the swag and how global our Dark Matter fandom is 👍

    ‘Hoping to get the band back together!’
    That would be so, so cool !

  7. I Just received some Dark Matter swag. I feel ambivalent. You created Dark Matter. You are up one. I get my friends to watch the show. We are even. Then, you made yourself more accessible to Dark Matter fans than any other producer I can think of(even going on YouTube live reviews with 10 people watching). In addition, you also found many ways to give back more to the fan base like all of the behind the scene stuff on this weblog and After Dark. You are definitely up one(at least;). I reviewed Dark Matter everywhere I could. Even? No way. I participated in every Save Dark Matter thing that I could.. Getting closer to even?(Honestly after All The Time In The World I knew I never would be able to get to even with you). Now this Dark Matter swag. I give up!!
    Thank you for this Dark Matter swag. More importantly,


    I look forward to all of your future projects and your recommendations in this blog. Good wishes/safe travels for everyone involved in Dark Matter-cast and crew. 🙂

  8. Have been binge watching Dark Matter for the past couple of days and love it…sadly I just learned that 3 seasons is it (half way through the 2nd)…Seriously I didn’t want to like the show but the premise kept me engaged, each episode captured me more to the point now I’m hooked and want more. Hopefully viewership has picked up since the Superbowl since that’s how I made the connection to your show. Superbowl -> Cloverfield Paradox -> Altered Carbon -> Dark Matter

  9. Don’t bother getting the band back together unless it’s for DM. Still butt-hurt about the cancellation, on the order of Terminator: TSCC. can’t you approach Amazon or Hulu to see if they would support?

  10. I may not get any swag, but meeting 3 and Android at comi con in London was my swag, hoping to meet rest of Dark Matter Crew later in the year.

  11. I just found Dark Matter on Netflix recently. I’m making my way through season 2 now. I also just recently learned it was cancelled. UGH. It is a GREAT show and I really REALLY hope Netflix or some other service picks it up and continues it–although I would imagine a lot of the actors have moved on to other projects. Very frustrating, but a great show nonetheless.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. Seems like everyone has given up. Too bad. Writing like this is hard to come by.
      Anyone heard when Sharknado 13 is coming out??? (sarc)

      1. If there was a single hope we could find it a new home we would be continuing to try. If Joe says on this blog, “Hey, I think we found a way to get this done” we’d be back on the effort. All the fans did an amazing job trying to convince multiple entities, but it just wasn’t going to happen. There was a limited time window to try to change hearts, but it alas was not enough. Joe’s blog said as much (about not being able to get it done).

        1. Understand. I just don’t know why I keep letting myself get invested in these types of shows. SyFy should be ashamed of themselves.
          What about crowd funding??

  12. I realize the mediums are different, but is therevANY chance fir a Dark Matter Movie, in this Sci-Fi loving theater environment?

  13. I realize the mediums are different, but is there any chance for a Dark Matter movie, given the large Sci-Fi Movie Theater and streaming and dvd audience pool?

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