20 thoughts on “February 8, 2017: Melissa O’Neil news and Stargate concept art!

  1. Gorgeous concepts. Just love them!

    So is Melissa the rookie?
    That’s gonna be hard to believe…

  2. Yay, Melissa! Couldn’t happen to a nicer gal.

    That art is simply beautiful. A lot of stuff for DM was the same – hardly just production ideas but real art, and should be appreciated as such.

  3. So that explains all the Stargate stuff in my Twitter feed! Just a coincidence that Stargate Origins starts next week!

    Congrats Melissa!

  4. A big happy yeah to Melissa! Congratulations is in order! Enjoying the walk down Stargate memory lane.

  5. Beautiful art, now we know why the show looked so amazing. The premise of Rookie sounds fun, I love me some Fillion, congrats to Melissa!

  6. Well I didn’t fear Melissa would be out of work for long. She hast talent and looks that can’t be ignored. I will make an effort to watch. I went to my mail and it had a package from Prodigy Pictures. It wasn’t the bling others received, but it fit for me. In fact it goes well with the colors, black and white, at I can use it for my trip to Thailand for the morning period for the departed King.
    I would send a picture but the site seems not to be compatible which is all right as this isn’t my web page. Although with Dark Matter and my recent accident, I came to the conclusion that while a great show the died too soon, I lived it for the third season. For the beginning of 2016 I was getting all excited to prepared for the coming season as being portrayed on your web postings. As June approached and I was working in Chicago, I drove home to Minneapolis, where Football teams go to live in a pergautory, and I am told June 10 was a fateful day. I have no memory of the day, and first remember was of the trees out side my window at Martin Luther Center. I remember waking up with a strange woman in my room, but turned around and she was gone. I didn’t know where I was nor why. I didn’t have any cast nor bandages, but my right arm movement was limited. I had clothes to change into and breakfast time was coming. I didn’t know where the dinning room was located, but pointed in the right direction. Through time in about a month’s time I learned were I was and I heard stories of my recent past. Today, the facility is no more than three miles south of my mother’s place. I could walk to Martin Luther, but at the time I thought I was in another state because I hear the word Bethesda (the hospital that serves the President). Over time I learned what I didn’t know. All is like new and a learning. To walk the halls and learning to turn right or left was a challenge.

  7. What wonderful news about Melissa, it shows that your faith in her as an (internationally) unknown actor was well placed. #DarkMatter has introduced her to the world and far may she go!

  8. So as now there is no determined time are schedule for its airing, TBD a work in progresses. Good to know, something else to keep looking for in the future. hope strings eternal

  9. Congrats to Melissa! I will definitely be tuning in.

    The talent to create those kinds of picture is just beyond my comprehension. So beautiful.

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