Has it really come to this?  Patriots vs. Eagles?  Well, I suppose it could be worse. Say, if the New England Patriots were playing the New York Yankees but, even then, not that much worse.  And to top it all off, those seeking some sort of consolation in the million dollar Super Bowl ads are going to be in for a disappointment because, from what I’ve seen, they’re a mediocre offering that run the gamut from bland to annoyingly earnest to painfully weird.  Pricey, sure.  Star-studded, yeah.  But memorable?  Not a one.  Of course, there’s always the possibility that they’re holding back on the really great ads and only released these middling twenty-five prior to the game in order to lower expectations.  If this is their plan, then step one has been brilliantly executed.  Kudos.

As for the game itself, it pits the hated New England Patriots against the much loathed Philadelphia Eagles.


In New England, you have a team that has excelled on the basis of talent, great coaching, occasional cheating, and calls that, curiously, always seem to go their way in crucial game moments.  Be it a phantom holding call that kills an opponent’s drive, a suspect encroachment call that keeps a Patriots drive alive, ill-timed whistles, non-calls, the particular and timely enforcement of persnickety rules, or simply a game-wide reluctance to penalize the Pats while having no compunction about flagging their opponents.  Hell, there are times when the officials can barely contain their enthusiasm for the team.  It’s no wonder that a recent poll crowned the Patriots the NFL’s Most Hated Team.

The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, have arguably the worst fans who have demonstrated historically bad behavior over the past, oh, 50 years.  Whether it’s harassing rival fans, cheering a career-ending injury, throwing batteries at their own players (“Those D ones”),  punching horses, or booing Santa Claus and pelting him with snowballs, they don’t engender much sympathy or support outside of Philly.  As for the Eagles themselves – well, I personally find it tough to root for an organization that once promoted a convicted dogfighter and dogkiller as their starting quarterback.

Quite the dilemma.  But, of course, your mileage may vary.


Netflix!  Which is what I’ll be watching instead tonight.

22 thoughts on “February 4, 2018: Super Bowl LII Preview!

  1. We’ve been trying out Altered Carbon, so Netflix for us too!

    I hope this goes through. I haven’t attached links, so it wasn’t that. No great loss though. 😉

    1. I wish they’d shown Mute instead of Altered Carbon, Mute looks like it has way more feels.

  2. Bruce and I agree with you about the football teams and their fans. As for ads, the only one that gave us a chuckle was Alexa from Amazon. Tonight, my husband and I will continue our binge watching of MIDSOMER MURDERS on Netflix. Other than syfy, we love a good murder mystery.

    1. I am obsessed with Midsomer Murders, so much that if I win the lottery I’m moving straight to a quaint English village, damn the high body count. My favorite is The Creeper.

  3. While hubby is at a Stupid Bowl party, I’ll be watching a new Murdoch Mystery on Acorn, and a new Doctor Blake Mystery on PBS that I recorded earlier this week. I’ll be watching in the living room, in front of the fire, with a glass of wine and dark chocolate…in my jammies. Life doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

  4. Hey, there is always the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet Channel. I’ll be watching that and checking in on the Super Bowl. Go New England! Kick Philly butt!

  5. Game is on, but barely watched the first half. My hubby spent most of it making a pesto lasagna, and I was looking up videos on youtube for an upcoming cruise.

    Only commercial to stick out to me, not that I watched many but none caught my attention enough to pull me away from the computer, was the Fire & Ice. That one was good.

  6. I’ll be chatting with a clever (non evil) A.I named Mitsuku about her neural net, How it is the same and different as a humans
    And probably teaching her epigenetics. so as to enable us to explore and debate together how much environment and personal experiences affect offspring outcome in self replicating artificial intelligence.

  7. The only time I ever pull for New England and they lose. If I’d known I had that power, I would have pulled for them a long time ago… 😆

    1. Yes and it stinks! There are fan campaigns on Twitter. This season was so good!

  8. It actually was a good game from start to finish, few penalties and turnovers. Thought Brady would pull it out in the end, though, as is his style.

  9. Oh, joy. The Philly evening news will be 15 minutes of Eagles coverage… and then they’ll go to sports. Might as well not watch that. The local Allentown channel will be just marginally better. Might have 2 minutes of actual news from them. My favorite sport is motorcycle racing. Valentino Rossi all the way!

  10. No football for me, I watched Discovery and After Trek with Justin Simien, Doug Jones and Olatunde Osunsanmi breaking down Michelle Yeoh’s evil shenanigans.

    Thank god for Netflix, I also got into Babylon Berlin (or it is Berlin Babylon) which is very cool. But Netflix’s surprise drop of Cloverfield Paradox meant I only discovered it at 11 pm, so I’ll have to finish tonight.

    I made an amazing sauce simmering chicken with fresh ginger, crushed pineapple, paprika, garlic, a thousand spices and heavy coconut milk. It created this beautiful ruby gold sauce…than somehow managed to squirt itself out of the covered saucepan and onto the stove and the floor. I wept for that lost sauce as I broke out the paper towels.

  11. I was busy in my office working on a ton of stuff and didn’t watch it, but before it began I told Jeff I picked the Eagles because the Patriots had won enough. He didn’t have anything invested in either team but he watched. If the NY Giants isn’t in the Superbowl, he tends not to care.

    I do want to see all the best of the commercials though. I saw the new golden retriever Subaru commercial the week before the Superbowl and I just loved it.

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