December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!

Well, this sums it up nicely.  Compliments of the gang at River’s Reavers, a group of Firefly Online gamers looking to recruit crew for job’s that need to get done. Thanks to Erika for bringing it my attention.

December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!

So, back when I did my last twitter Q&A, #DarkGate round 2 for the international fans, I made mention of this –

December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!

Say it aint so.  A downbeat ending?  Well, it aint so for a couple of reasons.  First, things changed (my sentiments for one) between the time I envisioned that ending and a couple of seasons into production, so that original ending was drastically changed to something…different.  Second, Syfy cancelled Dark Matter, denying us any ending, thus rendering the point moot.

That being said, I thought it might be interesting to reveal the original dark ending I had planned.

“Not a happy ending for everyone, but a positive result for the rest of the galaxy”were Future FIVE’s foreboding words.

So, what did the dark timeline hold in store for our anti-villains.  Well, here are a few hint…

December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!


December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!


December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!


December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!


December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!


December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline Revealed?  Some Clues!

The Android.

So, whaddya say?  Interested?

30 thoughts on “December 18, 2017: The Dark Timeline revealed? Some clues!

  1. Never need to ask twice. Am I interested? It’s the only topic apart from politics and pugs that gets any attention out of me these days.

  2. Well yeah, very interested!

    That answers my question though that I posted here on the blog after the Twitter Q&A. I’m glad that the ending changed if it was going to be downbeat.

  3. Okay, here’s my take:

    -One and Three have a duel to the death where they both die.
    -Two sets off to kill Rook, but is captured and dissected instead.
    -Four is killed by Two for betrayal
    -Five takes over the Raza and becomes a pirate.
    -Android spends the next sixty years remembering how awesome Five was, and regretting that she joined the android revolution.

  4. wow, just when I thought I couldn’t miss the show more than I already do.
    so what was the happy alternative,
    I like to think that Two’s daughter and Five’s sister are characters from other sci-fi shows leading to endless and enjoyable crossovers as the Raza saves the Universe for at least another 5 -6 seasons.

    anyway, back to reality.

    looking forward to your next project Joe

  5. After the cancellation – have to admit I want UPBEAT. BUT that said, whatever the possible original track, I have to be interested because that is what it would or could have been. Also while we have no clue as to what will happen, what will unfold, to our beloved Dark Matter, I sure don’t want to encourage a “not nice” ending. Although you have to admit our current “ending” suques!”

    So, yes interested!
    @gforce – who said it well – “I’m glad that the ending changed if it was going to be downbeat.”

  6. There was one problem with what happened in Season 3.
    You could get the alien out of Three pretty easily one way or the other, by shoving him into a freezer, but I’d assume that Two, being one of the Accelerated, was designed as a host.
    But then, there was the issue of nanite burnout. Which would put the motives of Dwarf Star, and Rook in particular, into question – what would happen if the nanites failed in a host that was already taken over?

  7. Just a quick question..have the props and pieces of set been sent out to fans yet??

  8. One and Three are forced to care for a child and start a spin-off sitcom called “My Space Dads”. The show is a big hit, but the TV world is rocked when Lemke and Bendavid both quit the show unexpectedly claiming it was because of creative differences. Later, in separate interviews, Lemke says, “Marc is not good at sharing” and Bendavid fires back, “Anthony should have brought his own damn whiskey!” The actors are replaced by Danny DeVito and Roseanne Barr. The show gets very low ratings after that, but SyFy renews it for 10 more seasons.

  9. Two and Dr. Shaw get back together. They find their daughter, who has decided to become a veterinarian to nanite pets. Two and Dr. Shaw, forgive Rooke when they discover that he was being threatened and manipulated into doing the evil things he did. But they kick his ass anyway just for being annoying. They feel sorry for him so they convince their daughter to give him a job at her vet clinic cleaning up nanite pet poop. She requires him to wear a French maid’s uniform on the job. Two and Shaw are very proud of their daughter.

  10. Four finally comes out as a lesbian saying “It was when I spent all that time playing with my box that I finally realized who I really am”. Although it takes him most of a season to come out, the rest of the crew start to suspect something when he starts wearing a plaid flannel shirt over a t-shirt that says, “I love boxes”. Lea Delaria joins the cast and together they safe the empire just by giving people mean looks.

  11. Five finds her sister and together they start an innovative fashion company which specializes in using biotechnology to change the appearance of people’s ages. Their slogan is, “The perfect age for every occasion!”. Six becomes Five body guard and fashion consultant. He spends a lot of time waiting for Five to get ready to go out and saying, “No, really! You look great!”

  12. Android’s experience with the broken personality chip causes her to rethink the whole concept of the human “personality”. She can find no logical reason to have only one. She finds she has a talent for creating new personalities and particularly enjoys programming unexpected quirks into each one. She starts an online business called, “Multiple Personality Order”. At first, the humans feel threatened and jealous. Five and Android realize they could merge their companies and help humans and Androids alike be, feel, and look exactly like they wanted to. People and androids continued to be assholes and kill each other, but they looked and felt great doing it. Sadly, despite all their efforts and innovations, the show ends with Four still not able to grow hair.

    1. OK. Sorry if I offended anyone. Didn’t mean to. I was just having fun, To me they were funny scenarios to imagine. My main point being that I couldn’t guess well. Luckily, I’m not the one writing the show.

      1. I don’t know who gave you a hard time, but I thought they were funny. I actually laughed out loud at the name of the Android’s company.

  13. Very interested, lets continue the DM adventure. I’m bummed because they may have canceled Dirk Gently, I can’t even deal. First DM, now Dirk, argh. I am going to breathe and remember that Mr. Mallozzi and Mr. Cooper and Max Landis are all going to be making amazing projects to come (breathe!) and even tho ppl are taking my stories away there are still more cool shows to come.

  14. Yep, keen to see how it would originally end, the dark potential ending was interesting if sad so both endings for us to compare would be great!

  15. I’m sure you got several resounding “hell, yeah!” I’m reading from current posting back and was pleasantly surprised at the planned “dark” endings intended for the crew.

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