It’s not quite a final, but up 65+ points with only one player to play against, we can give my Snow Monkeys the W and stamp their ticket to the big dance.  Next week, it’s the championship game and my Snow Monkeys have opened as slight 3 point favorites.  And with a starting lineup like this, who’s gonna bet against them?

I have to give it up to next week’s opponent, Steve.  He hustled, made some bold moves, pulled of some terrific trades, then came on strong in the back half of the season.  He won’t win the championship but it doesn’t matter because he’s won the next best thing: my respect.

But not the championship.

Anyway, that was my day.  Also, I revised an outline and finished reading my 239th book of 2017.  And here I was, worried I wouldn’t be able to hit 250 by year’s end.

Okay, I’ve got three shopping days left before we’re Montreal-bound once again, this time with the dogs in tow (including Lulu who has been doing a fine imitation of a neutron star of late – a shockingly dense little package she is!).

Who dat?

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Woo hoo! Congrats!


Since Montreal and Toronto are not that far apart, do you fly, drive or take the train?


So…we’re considering a crunchyroll account. For the kids, of course, one who is an anime fan, one who just watches to notice details about the animating…it’s hard to explain his interest, but it’s intense and if it might lead to a job someday, we’ll entertain it.

Anyway, I never found a parkour version of Initial D, but there is a foodie version in anime format. It’s called Food Wars, or Shokugeki no Souma. So, I might watch a little of that over the kids’ shoulders while I’m otherwise adulting.


Congrats on the Snow Monkeys dominance! Break a leg “figuratively speaking”!!

Wishing you safe travels and a happy holiday with family & friends.


Yeah! Snow monkeys! Fight fight fight!

Margaret Clayton

Go go Monkeys, go!