There’s a lot to genre programming to look forward to in 2018 (and the end of 2017).  Judge Dredd: Mega City One, Umbrella Academy, Myst – to name but a few.  And then there are the following intriguing candidates, much closer to a screen near you…

Dark (Netflix)

Premieres today

Counterpart (STARZ)

Premieres January 21st, 2018

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

Premieres 2018

Castle Rock (Hulu)

Premieres 2018

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (Amazon)

Premieres 2018

Which ones are you looking forward to?


19 thoughts on “December 1, 2017: Upcoming Genre Shows!

  1. Wait – WHAT on Myst??? I was just talking with the guys about this, as they didn’t know I worked on the digital content and marketing campaign for Myst WAYYYY back when it launched. Probably one of my all time favorite campaigns (outside of Stargate of course!). Friends of mine over at JUMP! Studios had pitched on the TV series and thought it was dead…oh man they better treat this one with kid gloves! Are the Cyan boys working on it?

    1. I never got to play Myst, too busy with Tomb Raider and Streets of Rage back then, is it worth playing Myst now, does it still hold up? I love good PC games, I’m waiting for Gray Matter sequel.

  2. For those in the Baltimore and surrounding areas, Alex and Melissa of Dark Matter will be guests at Shore Leave July 6-8, 2018. William Shatner is also a guest. Thinking about subscribing to STARZ.

  3. Well, at this point of those channels I only have Starz, so I guess Counterpart? LOL My son has Amazon Prime so maybe I can watch Electric Dreams.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to Counterpart, mainly because of J.K. Simmons, but also because the premise appeals.

  5. I’m looking forward to Amazon’s Jack Ryan. I’ve been a Tom Clancy fan since the 80’s and I’m hoping Amazon’s production will finally be able do justice to the character of Jack Ryan. Guess I’ll find out in 2018.

    I’m not sure about Electric Dreams…I like reading Philip K. Dick’s stories, but the screen adaptations have been a bit of a hit and miss with me (similar to Arthur C. Clark’s 2001 vs 2010). I can’t figure out from the trailer for Electric Dreams if it’s going to compel me or not, but I will give it a try.

  6. None of the above ..suprisingly ..None looks original by the trailers ,,I see Fringe ,Stranger things and other good series by watching these trailers..And the lack of Actions they look like playing the card of the Physhologic genre ..imo
    I dont want to act like a Blind Fanboy but DarkMatter was 5X more “Want to Watch type”

  7. Counterpart reminds me a bit of Fringe and not just because of the premise. It just feels like it exists in the same universe(s).

  8. Anything Dredd has my attention! Love JK Simmons and Counterpart looks like a fantastic vehicle for this actor. I’m thinking of getting a Hulu membership so I can enjoy all that is the relationship between Stephen King & Hulu.

    Just started a new series on Netflix today. Godless. It’s a western. Gritty. Disturbing. Intriguing. Have to see if I can finish it.

  9. Big fan of Phillip K Dick’s writing but found Electric Dreams a bit hit n miss when it screened on UK terrestrial tv. The stories aren’t as mind expanding as I was hoping for …. so, a bit disappointing.

    Have heard good things about Dark, so will seek it out. The same with Counterpoint. I have seen other trailers for this one, all look intriguing. Plus, as @LJ pointed out, it has J K Simmons – always a good sign.
    Altered Carbon? Snazzy trailer but feel like saying …. So? Doesn’t say ‘watch me’
    And Castle Rock. With all the big names associated with it I’ve not heard much about it. And the trailer …. Hmmm ….
    ‘You have no idea what’s happening here, do you?’
    Nope, don’t care!

    Well, you did ask

  10. Is Dark going to air in German? I’ve put that on my Netflix list. I have Prime, so Electric Dreams looks good. Counterpart looks intriguing, just like you stated but I don’t have Starz. I managed to watch Fargo, though. So…maybe.

    I hope this weekend goes ok. I have a friend that’s flying in for the day from Nashville. Her hubby is a pilot and is going to drop her off. She says he’ll grab any excuse to fly.

  11. 100% Counterpart. You mean I get 2 times the J.K. Simmons?! Yes. Please.

    Even though the network betrayed you and me I am obsessed with Superstition right now. Dark, creepy and fun.
    Mario Van Peebles! Not to sound like a jerk, but who knew?! He’s so great in it and it’s his project.

  12. Interresting stuff. I already saw the 1st 6 episodes of Electric Dreams, they’ve been broadcast already in the UK. If you’re in Canada they will be on Space channel in January. It’s pretty good, in the same vein as the Outer Limits or the newer Twilight Zone but based on short story from PKD. Joe, I hope you watch them and give us your impresion. With your showrunner eyes, I’m sure you will see stuff that we don’t, I’d like to hear that.

  13. Counterpart looks interesting. I’ll be checking that out.

    I was going to say Electric Dreams looked interesting too, until I saw that Terrence Howard is in it. That guy can’t act himself out of a wet paper bag.

  14. I want to see all of these, thanks for the reminder. I also can’t wait for Blue Book, new X-Files and Expanse. Turns out Shape of Water is only playing in NYC and LA so far, grrr. I’m rewatching Season 2 of Dirk Gently because with every viewing I get another clue and because it’s just so damn good.

  15. Probably none of the above the way my time constraints are going. You should see my DVR growing list of shows I want to watch but have zero time.

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