Circle the date and tell your Dark Matter and Stargate-loving fans.  We’ll be meeting up on twitter to talk about a few of our favorite shows.  If you have questions about DM, SG-1, SGA, or SGU, I’ll be online fielding them for the better part of an hour.  What Stargate cast-member binge-watched almost 200 episodes of the franchise of the course of a month?  What character was the inspiration for Dark Matter‘s resident tech-monkey, FIVE?  What was the inspiration for the design of the Mikkei destroyer?  Which actor cracked my rib on the very first day of production?

Let’s reminisce.  Wednesday, December 6th at 10 pm EDT/7 p.m. PDT.

And just so our international fans don’t feel left out, I’ll be doing another one the week following (date and time to be announced!).

Come join us for a trip down memory lane(s) – and, of course, stay tuned for our secret hashtag!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

November 30, 2017: Wednesday, December 6th At 10/9c!  It’s Another Dark Matter Tweetfest!

A lot people in the industry do it for the fame, the awards, the accolades.  Others do it for the love of the art.  I do it mostly for the whiskey – like, say, this fine bottle of Jefferson’s bourbon sent my way compliments of Dark Matter fan Trev in Victoria.  Thanks, buddy.

November 30, 2017: Wednesday, December 6th At 10/9c!  It’s Another Dark Matter Tweetfest!

A thank you as well to Tanja in Germany who sent a package of goodies via post: chocolate-covered marzipans (How’d you know???), art work, and toys for the dog. Pictured above: Lulu french kissing her new reindeer pal.

Finally, while yesterday was new comic book day, today was old comic book day on comixology as more classic titles are digitally released.  And so, as a brief follow up to yesterday’s best new covers entry, I give you my favorite classic comic book cover of Thursday, November 30th, 2017:

November 30, 2017: Wednesday, December 6th At 10/9c!  It’s Another Dark Matter Tweetfest!

Action Comics #317 (cover art by George Klein and Kurt Swan)

The rainbow faces of Superman.  My favorite is his purple face.  Oh, shit!  Superman is pissed!

15 thoughts on “November 30, 2017: Wednesday, December 6th at 10/9c! It’s another Dark Matter tweetfest!

  1. That sounds great and one question I’ll ask is why does the SGU Blu-ray (only for first season) seem to have deleted Ming Na’s earth relationship – and the extended version of the first three episodes also has nary a mention of it – Did it somehow only come up in the later episodes in Season one as I remembered it being early on. Well, I best get through the rest of Season one before I can ask that question. I have my binge ahead directly – but again SGU is even better than I remember it and what is happening is so clear – strangely too, my entire opinion of Rush has really shifted. He is a much much more sympathetic character than I had remembered and his reasons for everything he does are actually quite clear. A Dark Matter /Stargate crossover – that would be something not to ever forget – I wish it were possible. Glad to have what we have at least. (Too bad Blu -ray is restricted to Season one of SGU and DVD only for Season 2. Not sure the logic of that).

  2. Sounds like a party! It’s a little late here at 11pm, but I’ll definitely stay up for it.

    Wait, do we have to drink whiskey during the tweet-fest as well? 🙂

    I’m more curious about the “great Supergirl double-cross” promised at the end of the cover than I am Superman’s limited emotional range.

    1. Right, that time Supergirl cut in line in front of Supe at Starbucks, the battle that ensued was epic. I have not kept up with Supergirl and Flash, I liked ’em both but those Marvel folks got me hooked on Legion, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Punisher.

  3. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the snow on the blog! Although, every year my very first reaction is, “Am I having a stroke?” 🙂

  4. Das: Yes, cutting the cord does take some adjustment. Go make an account on Vudu (it’s free & Roku has an app for it) and enter your digital codes asap because they expire. After you enter your codes, you can open Vudu and pick a movie out of your collection (or rent/buy a flick). As long as the internet’s working, I don’t have to load the DVD player. This new digital age is making me lazy(er). 😉

    Is Jefferson’s better than Jefferson’s Ocean? My hubby is very fond of Ocean. He said it’s the only bourbon (he’s had) that doesn’t need coke/ice.

  5. Yes! I’ve been looking forward to the snowflakes…the blog kind, not the human kind : )

  6. “What character was the inspiration for Dark Matter‘s resident tech-monkey, FIVE?”

    My guess… Edward from Cowboy Bebop

  7. Sadly I won’t be able to participate in the tweet fest next wk but will try to check it out after once I know the super secret hashtag. Leaving Wednesday for a trip up North. Family, school Christmas productions, band concert, more family, a Tuba Christmas, another concert, more family, shopping, eating, more family, card playing, drinking, and finally the return trip. Going up a day early this yr to spend more time with my cousins.

    Since I’m going to miss next weeks DM, SG1, SGA, & SGU storm, I’ll try to send a few burning questions your way early. I’ve recently started relistening to SGA while driving in the car. It’s at least a 30 min drive every day to work plus the drive home – so can average at least 1 if not 2 shows a day. Realizing how much I under appreciated Elizabeth Weir, how much I loved the McKay/Sheppard bromance and how much I miss all those familiar faces. Finished Critical Mass today.

    If I wanted to send a care package your way, would I send it to the address that we sent our letters?

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