We were walking back from my favorite pizza joint, Superpoint on Ossington, last night when we were approached by a somewhat disheveled looking man.   “Do you have twenty-five cents for food?”he asked.  I recognized him as the same guy we’d passed not two hours earlier on our way to the restaurant.

“Offer him the pizza,”suggested Ivon.

Great idea, I thought.

“Hey!”I called after the man who was already shuffling off.  “Want some pizza?”  I held up the box of leftovers.

The man stopped and started back at me, stunned, as though I’d just spoken to him in German.  A beat and then, with a  double wave of his hand, he exhorted me to: “Enjoy.  Enjoy.” before continuing on his way.

Hunh.  I thought it odd but, not two blocks later, we were approached again, this time by a somewhat disheveled looking woman.  “Do you have a dollar for food?”she asked.

“Would you like some pizza?”I offered.

Brow furrowed, she frowned.  “No.”  Then turned and walked off.

As I watched her go, I couldn’t help but marvel.  What are the chances of running into back to back gluten-intolerant transients?

Hey, thanks to those of you who weighed in with reading recommendations.  Since uploading yesterday’s list, I started a new book and am about a third of the way through RJ Barker’s Age of Assassins, a terrific fantasy novel about an apprentice assassin tasked with going undercover in a royal court so he can identify and stop another assassin from murdering the young, obnoxious king-in-waiting.

In addition to yesterday’s book list, I need to generate a whole other list for graphic novels.  I’ve been presented with a couple of great opportunities to adapt some titles to the small screen and was wondering what YOUR favorites are?  No DC or Marvel as they’re already spoken for.  Also, as much as Saga rocks, I think it’s unproducable and just perfection in its comic book form.

Also, along these lines, if you’ve got an anime series that you think would make a great live action series (Randomness, I’m sure you’ll have a few suggestions), I’d like to hear them as well!

32 thoughts on “November 14, 2017: Buddy, can you spare a slice of pizza?

  1. If you haven’t read Guy Gavriel Kay’s books, you should! Someone should get Lions I’d Al-Rassan on screen! 😉

  2. Haha, my dad always tried to take people that say they are hungry into restaurants. So far in the 20 years I know he’s been doing it he’s only had one taker.

  3. There are professional panhandlers out there. Once saw a show on it…they are taught how to get people’s money. It’s sad because when you don’t know who do it for a living or who are really as they appear to be, you hesitate to give. Giving food is better.

  4. Wish I could partake in reading recommendations. Maybe in a year or two.

    To all wondering. The universe is amazing. The first day hab, the one with the 150 people wait list, was exactly what Patrick needs. When we started talking I said, “I love it. Only problem is you have a 150-person wait list.” He gave one suggestion that if we could attend the 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. after-school program, then he could get bumped up pretty quickly. I looked over at his case supervisor and I couldn’t read him at whether this is a possibility or not because it would be their personnel who had to be there with him. Then the man asked me who I was going through for his home & community services program (otherwise known as HCS). He said they usually have a certain number of slots for the agencies they have contracts with. I told him. He looked at me and said, “They have 2 spots and 1 spot just opened up last week because someone decided to transfer elsewhere.” The skeptic in me really wondered if that was true, while the grateful part of me told him to give me an application and I would call Patrick’s agency as soon as I got home as he instructed (so they didn’t give that one spot to someone else in their group). I did exactly that and she confirmed someone did transfer last week. I told her I wanted that spot.

    We decided to still go to the second one for two reasons — she was someone I knew and I’d like to have some sort of comparison. My only other experience with day habs was a group we had dealings with over 10 years ago that was glorified babysitting.

    It wasn’t the right place for Patrick. I admire what she has been able to build and I love that she has taken the most difficult cases and people who are also medically fragile, but Patrick would lose his mind after about day 3. Their ratio is about 1 to 12 whereas the first agency ranged from 1 in 5 to 1 in 25 depending on the functioning level of individuals. It does not get any better than 1 in 5.

    When I reached the parking lot of her place though I did call stop #3 to let them know I was cancelling the appointment. There was no need really unless Patrick’s case supervisor wanted to see it; he didn’t so we just skipped it.

    thanks everyone for keeping us in your thoughts & prayers. Next step: Patrick attends a day or two each week starting in January sometime.

  5. The McCaffrey “Dragonriders of Pern” film project is still stuck in development Hell. Maybe Warner Brothers needs a fresh eyes?

        1. I wouldn’t mind watching a Dragonriders of Pern tv series. Not interested in GoT.

  6. Cowboy Be-Bop
    The Devil is a Part-Timer, suggested a friend who likes comedy
    My daughter suggests “Another” it’s a dark horror. I don’t read those things, but I asked her opinion.
    Fate/zero was also suggested by her…hope these are interesting.

  7. I love anime. But I think it would be tough to bring most of them to the screen. I’m currently watching Zodiac War (Juni Taisen), which might work as live action – with an emphasis on action. A horror series I loved was Mononoke – if you haven’t seen it you should; but part of what makes it so compelling is the animation style. If you preserve that feel, it might work. I’d sure watch it. I’m also watching and loving Food Wars, but since it’s an anime version of cooking competition shows, I think that’s out.

    And then there is Outlaw Star: more ship based scifi please!!!!!

  8. Saga rocks!? Yes it does! It is a newley offered Micro brew offering from Summit Brewing . It’s as tasty as their oatmeal stout (found on tap). Both are a must have if you are into that sort of thing.

  9. Joseph Mallozzi,

    Will I be able to participate in the Dark Matter fandom appreciation giveaway? I am asking, because I had to resent my letter ,at 8th of November, due to a flooding at Hellenic post. I am not sure it will reach you on time especially after a two day malfunction in their tracking system. Nonetheless here is my tracking number RE709880456GR and their website https://www.elta.gr/en-us/personal/tracktrace.aspx

    The last I saw it, it was on a flight to canada at 11 of November I hope it reaches you on time.

    My deepest appreciations,Nick Polychronidis

  10. the mirador novels by dan wells are therse cyber punk novels with tons of diversity and an awesome storyline. i really think you should check them out!!

  11. Beholder’s Eye by Julie E. Czerneda is an amazing sci fi book that I think could be an excellent tv show!

  12. When we had fire practice, it was at a club in downtown Salt Lake, right next to one of the shelters, and there were pop up camps on the street. Mostly they left us alone, but going over to the convenience store was an adventure. We did take food and our leftover cans of soda to the kids sitting in the median, and they appreciated that. Most wouldn’t ask for money because they were in large groups. The strangest was one young woman who thought the back of our pickup looked like “a house” and thought we lived out of it, and was angling for a safe place to sleep. Felt bad for her, but no amount of money in her hands would have helped.

    (Fire practice … for a fire performance group, staff, poi, hoops, even fire hammers. We handle the fuels.)

  13. It’s hard to know who to help. I have a friend that keeps $10 gas cards in her purse and when approached, gives one out. FYI, it’s common to get approached at Memphis gas stations with a sob story.

    Another friend in Nashville told me of this homeless couple with a dog. One day the couple held a sign up that said “Pregnant and Homeless” but the next week, the girl held a sign up “My dog is pregnant and homeless”.

  14. +1 for Cowboy Beebop, but my personal number one for life action would be Monster. It’s an anime where I think, whoever makes this into a life action series/movie has more free reign than with long loved shows like Death Note. (Never watch the Netflix desaster).
    One of my currently favourite Manga (which has an Anime) is My Hero Academia (Boku no Hīrō Akademia), which is somewhat close to the X-Men universe. However I think the main character wouldn’t translate well into western culture and changing him would ruin the whole thing.

    All in all I have yet to see a decent life action adaptation. Till now I found them all underwhelming to be polite.

    Up till now my experience with donating money was just as underwhelming. Which has only strengthend my opinion that decent people don’t live on the streets, although I kinda know that’s unfortunately not true.

    Anyway there are sooo many good Anime/Manga out there, but I wouldn’t turn most of them into a series. I think american/western comics are better suited to that.

    Wish you all the best,

  15. (I’m more a manga person than anime) … based on that – I’d say it’d be interesting to see what a live action version of “Deadman Wonderland” or “Owari no Serafu” would be like!

  16. Anime:
    Samurai Flamenco. It’s on Netflix. It’s about this male model who decides to fight crime. Despite no special abilities. Just a random guy trying to make a difference. (The show takes a weird twist though)

    Great Teacher Onizuka. It has already been made into a live action (twice). An ex-gang member who decides to become a teacher, and is given the class with the most troublesome kids.

  17. I learned today that the panhandler close to my place of work who advertises that he is “homeless, hungry & a vet” lives three blocks down the street in a house. Our driver has noticed him outside his house smoking on numerous occasions and has seen him leave his home to walk the 3 blocks to set up on “his” corner.

  18. On the anime that would make a good live action, here are a few that came to mind.

    The Ancient Magus Bride – is a story about 15 year old Chise Hatori who as a last desperate act to find a place she could call home, sells herself at magical auction; wanting nothing more than to be of some use to someone before she dies. I fell in love with manga when I ran across it by accident on a manga reading site and now am completely in love with the anime that just started this fall season. It’s a story about letting go of despair, accepting yourself for who you are, and allowing those in your life to lift you up when you don’t think you deserve it. If you have not watch the anime, I highly recommend you check it out.

    Barakamon – “follows the story of Seishu Handa- a calligrapher, who as a punishment from punching another famous calligrapher is outlawed to a small island.” Handa finds his love and inspiration for calligraphy once again through his interactions with the people on the island.

    Natsume’s Book of Friends – “Takashi Natsume has been able to see youkai, his whole life. He inherited a book of youkai names from his grandmother, Reiko. These names give their owner power over the youkai, so he and his self-proclaimed bodyguard “Nyanko-sensei” spend their days returning them to their original owners.” This is a beautiful story about kindness in the face of cruelty and apathy.

    Recovery of an MMO Junkie – “Morioka Moriko is 30, single, and a NEET. She has dropped out of the real world. Searching for a safe place in the online world!! Moriko starts a new life as a handsome young man with silky hair named Hayashi. However, she’s an obvious noob and ends up dying numerous times when a lovely girl named “Lily” lends her a helping hand.” Her real life and online world slowly begin to combine in both hysterical and endearing ways.


  19. So far, I like these graphic novels (not too many people know about them, especially when I went to a comic book shop and they gave me a confused look as if I were speaking in a foreign language).

    Hoax Hunters

  20. “Offer him the pizza?!” Never, anyone who tries to take my pizza is in for a fight. I just bought something called Beaneetos which are Cheetos made from navy beans. Ostensibly gluten free and low carb. Offer him the pizza, pfft. My new favorite show is Future Man, I’m bleary eyed from two nights of crude time travel insanity.

  21. Could mecha ever be adapted? Maybe nowadays perhaps, now that we are a few giant robot movies in…so Knights of Sidonia would be amazing to see adapted. It’d be amazing to see more of the anime itself at this point. Highly recommneded when you have a moment.

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