“Hmmmm.  What should I write about today?”

“Nice To Be Home blog?”suggested Akemi.  “Only if you feel that way.”

Ooooh.  Pressure.

Yes, it’s great to be home.  But for how long?  And how long will Toronto be home?

Looks like I’ll be heading back down to L.A. in January to pitch Masked.  Before then, I’ve got an SF series bible and script (I’ve been hired) to write, and a veritable mountain of material (books, scripts, overviews, and one-pagers) to review and consider across a variety of genres (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thrillers, comics).  The challenge is not so much in working my way through everything but in selecting what I want to focus on because so many of these properties are truly great.

And then, if I’m fortunate enough to attach myself to a pitch that does go to series, there’s the added uncertainty of not knowing where I’ll be shooting.  Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, New York – they’re all possibilities.  But it would be nice to get Japan in the running.

Tomorrow, I have a morning meeting regarding that horror property I’m VERY interested in pursuing.

Then, I get on the phone to discuss the schedule for that SF series bible and pilot.  David and I have made great progress.  Once we’ve nailed down the narrative and character arcs, we can start thinking about the pilot in advance of getting in the room with Writer X and beating out our story.

More details as they become available!

In the meantime, it’s nice to be home…

November 5, 2017: Nice To Be Home Blog! November 5, 2017: Nice To Be Home Blog! November 5, 2017: Nice To Be Home Blog!


21 thoughts on “November 5, 2017: Nice To Be Home blog!

  1. I knew with our actual weather you would miss L.A 😉 Wait the Worst is coming ..snow and cold :))
    As I’d Just rewatch “Star Trek: Into Darkness” I was thinking How KHAN is so a Special character in that movie .Almost unkillable ,Close combat unbeatable Highly intelligent ..And his Quest to Kill and Destroy the Federation ..But We safe..for now 😉 he is in chrono State with his Crew.
    (Ref, (sci-fi,horror, thrillers)) KHAN is the Guy !!

  2. @Akemi – It is ALWAYS nice to be home.

    Tomorrow, I have a morning meeting regarding that horror property I’m VERY interested in pursuing.

    I am VERY interested in you pursing it too!! 😆

    David and I have made great progress.

    David who?

  3. Glad you are home. Thanks for the adorable puppy pictures. Sounds like you are going to be keeping very busy until January. Always wishing the very best for you.

  4. Oh, I have a bit of good news. The pet sitter I interviewed looks awesome! Lucy is pretty low maintenance, so I’ll just have the lady check on her twice a day. Any luck finding a pet sitter for your girls? (fingers crossed)

  5. Those prospective projects and that writing assignment all sound veddy interesting, yes I have plenty of great shows to watch but I’m really looking forward to see what you pen next, Joe.

    I’m enjoying Ghosted, kinda gave up on Gifted, I’m down with Orville and ST: Discovery, does anyone have tips for a good new sci-fi show? It’s been hard to catch up on what’s new and good out there with so many platforms.

      1. Wha?! I loved season 1 of Travelers, thanks for the heads up! I tried a little of Dimension 404, guess I’ll have to re-rewatch DM to get my sci fi fix.

  6. Welcome home.
    Thanks for adorable pics of the girls. They look happy & content. Especially Lulu. Been a bit worried about her since Bubba’s passing
    and how she’s been getting on with her mobility issues.

    How wonderful so many interesting possibilities have opened up to you.
    Once you’ve narrowed down what you’d like to focus on,
    next step would naturally be to consider living environment.

    i.e: While N.Y is a great place to be for its restaurants, food & entertainment, the down side is the much higher cost of housing, commuting & taxes, (also much longer commutes into NYC if you move to the burbs of Long Island or Queens to be more comfortable, If you live on LI and work in Manhattan, Most folks often need to plan on leaving at least 2.5+ hours before the work day begins). Then of course you have to consider the weather and if you can find somewhere with open space and doggie parks for the girls.

    Its nice that Montreal is still in the possible mix. Did you spy any condo spaces you genuinely liked when you were at your mom’s Thanksgiving week?

  7. Welcome home 😊
    The SF bible and script you’ve been hired to write – great! Work already?!
    ‘Nail down the narrative and character arcs’ – that sounds so familiar and soooooo good too! Nice one, Joe.
    Best of luck tomorrow you busy person you!

  8. Looking forward to all the exciting news. Happy you are safe at home. Try to relax a little. You are a very hard work earthling.
    Have a great week!

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