October 31, 2017: L.a. Day #2!

Last night I had dinner with the lovely Torri Higginson, Dark Matter’s Commander Delaney Truffaut, aka Stargate: Atlantis’s Commander Elizabeth Weir.  Since I was on her turf, she got to choose the restaurant, selecting Redbird, Chef Neal Fraser’s flagship restaurant.  Apparently, it’s a big deal in foodie circles – and with good reason.  It was delicious.  Although…there were a few hiccups.

We enjoyed our appetizers, one of those middle plates (not quite appetizer and not quite main) and then chatted while we waited for our main course.  And chatted.  And waited some more.  Eventually, someone came over to apologize.  Our main course had been delivered to the wrong table.  I was amazed – not so much by the fact that it had gone to the wrong table (after all, accidents happen), but because some other diners had happily accepted, and presumably eaten, a rack of Red Wattle pork they never ordered.  The restaurant ended up comping us some prime rib, which was very nice, and while the incident didn’t mar the evening in any way, it did leave me wondering.  Seriously?  Did they those people simply assume that entire rack of pork was an amuse bouche from the kitchen, a little palate cleanser between the New Zealand John Dory and the Liberty Farms duck?

Anyway, dinner was great, and First and the company was fantastic.  The more I get to know Torri, the more I really, really like her.

After dinner, we had drinks with Chris Regina, longtime Dark Matter champion and former executive at that network that rhymes with sci-fi.  We had a terrific chat, then met up with former Dark Matter (and future Masked) EP Vanessa Piazza for more drinks and discussion.  By the time we wrapped things up, it was almost 1 am!

Then today, it was hotel breakfast with Vanessa and Dark Matter co-creator Paul Mullie.  I had the most expensive, but by no means anywhere near the best, avocado toast I’ve ever had in my life, then retired to my room for episode 2 of Stranger Things 2 and a little fantasy football prep.

Several great meetings today but the one that capped off my afternoon was, perhaps, the greatest meeting I’ve had in L.A.  I sat down with Nic Louie of Tomorrow Studios (whose upcoming development and production slate includes Snowpiercer, One Piece and, Cowboy Bebop), and spent the better part of an hour touching on everything from comic books to games, anime to science fiction.  Nic is quick, incredibly knowledgeable and – bonus! – actually watched Dark Matter.  Nic and Tomorrow Studios are, without a doubt, the two coolest things in Hollywood.  I mean, that’s it.  It can’t get any better.  I may as well cancel the rest of my trip and head back home because they’re going to be impossible to top.

Tomorrow…more meetings!

Meanwhile, on the home front, someone got a new sweater!

October 31, 2017: L.a. Day #2!

18 thoughts on “October 31, 2017: L.A. Day #2!

  1. I have that same sweater. When is the crowdfunding going to start? Build it and they will come (not a Cosner fan but lets be honest; it’s a great line). I’ll will my checkbook to you sir; most won’t clear but you are welcome to them all.

  2. I know I don’t keep totally on top of things so please excuse my question if everyone already knows this, but is Masked going to be a series? I was just checking out the Goodreads write up on it and the stories sound intriguing. Oh, and your pup rocks the sweater. My dog would look squished in it, too much hair. Btw, thanks for keeping up your blog. I really enjoy reading what you’re up to.

  3. Aw, burgundy really suits your snuggle pup!
    Glad to hear it’s ‘So far, so good’ on your LA trip 😁

  4. I can’t lie – I’ve had a bit of a crush on Torri Higginson since Stargate Atlantis. 🙂 Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

  5. I’ve had that happen with “appetizers” at a restaurant. I wonder WHY the other table accepted your meal AND if they had to pay?

    “Waves” to Torri!!! She looks beautiful, as always.

    Have fun today!

  6. That is a weird mix up with the entrees. Even Denny’s usually gets that right …

    I don’t get the appeal of avocado toast. But then, I am not a huge fan of the green stuff. It’s okay, I guess. Good cinnamon toast, now that is hard to find in a restaurant. Seems like no one can make good buttered toast with just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon, served reasonably warm.

    1. Just like grandpa used to make! Cinnamon, sugar, and lots of butter!

      So I’m guessing that avocado toast is avocado on a piece of toast. I’ve done it with cream cheese on a bagel and it’s delicious.

      Glad the meetings have gone well both professional and social. I’m surprised that the restaurant didn’t comp the whole meal. I imagine once delivered to the wrong table if someone even breathed on it, it was theirs to enjoy.

  7. Hey Torri!

    I wish I could say I was surprised that someone else ate your rack of pork. People never cease to surprise me. Negatively.

    I’m surprised you didn’t order the Foie. Or did you, and just not mention it?

    Avocados have been largely cost prohibitive this year. Maybe that explains the expense. Although they are grown in CA, so who knows.

  8. Nic Louie and cowboy beeeebop! Nice!
    Sounds like someone recouped enough mental energy to go bucking for his dream job

  9. How many times can anyone watch reruns of Stargate on syfy? I enjoy dark Matter, this looks political to say the least. It is time to rearrange my paid programing. I can’t believe the garbage that is programed or aired on some of these networks. Please never give up Joseph. Maybe tie in Atlantis with dark Matter, a movie? There is a demand for it. I believe that you can come up with an idea or skript that could fly.

  10. I too bought a new burgundy sweater! But Suji wears it better, this, this is maximum cuteness! Okay, Cowboy Bebop and Snowpiercer?? That is very cool. But you gotta get to Yucca St market and get your own fresh avocados; warm toasted French bread with butter and avocado is the best, just salt, pepper and vinegar on the avocados and you’re golden.

  11. Awesome read as always.
    Those foodie circles can be vicious 😂.
    Who doesn’t like a turtleneck?

  12. Sounds like a lovely dinner outside of the food order. Reminds me of my anniversary dinner 2-ish weeks ago. Only in my case it was a sous chef who couldn’t cook my filet mignon medium well. And a crabcake that didn’t sit well in our (cough) intestines, but it tasted good when it was going down so I’m thinking maybe it was the oil they used. I know coconut oil and peanut oil can do that to a person. Dessert was good though. Jeff liked his steak though. I won’t go back to that restaurant again and would never recommend it. However, the waiter Robert, was terrific. If I knew what was going to happen, I would have asked to go to the place we spent our 24th anniversary.

  13. Oops, pressed enter too quickly. Suji looks fantastic in burgundy. Who am *I* kidding? She looks great in everything.

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