So, yes, in addition to the scheduled general meet and greets, I’ll be teaming up with my friend (and former fellow Dark Matter Executive Producer) Vanessa Piazza to pitch Masked while in L.A.  Editor Lou Anders assembled a diverse selection of tales that focus as much on the individuals behind the masks as they do on the superheroics.  The stories are grounded in character, something I’ve always been a firm believer in, from Stargate straight through to Dark Matter.  I envision the series as an anthology in the vein of Black Mirror except that, instead of studying the influence of technology, the focus will be on the social, political and personal effects of possessing extra-normal abilities – the advantages, the drawbacks, the costs.  Two great examples from established comic lore are DC’s Batman and Marvel’s Spiderman.  Batman – the world’s greatest detective, the dark knight, a masked vigilante who protects the streets of Gotham.  And, yet he is, at heart, an orphan, so scarred by the murder of his parents that tragedy fuels his relentless quest for justice.  Spiderman – the web-slinging, wise-cracking defender of New York is, in contrast, a meek, mild-mannered high school student similarly driven by tragedy to bear the weight of responsibility power and fate have thrust upon him.  Batman and Spiderman, Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, have always been, for me, the pinnacle of engaging, richly textured characters – at once relatable yet delightfully complex.  And that’s what we’re looking to bring through a collection of original superhero-themed episodes scripted by some of comics and genredom’s heaviest hitters.  Tonally, thematically, I want Masked to offer viewers a show that engages and entertains, but provokes as well.

So who is your favorite superhero/alter ego?  And why?

A couple of years ago, Vanessa was featured in a Hottest Canadian Film and TV Talent You’ve Never Heard Of – But Will list.  There’s a great write up on Vanessa (click the link), and an equally great artist’s rendition accompanying the piece –

October 18, 2017: Masked! More Dark Matter Swag!

Hey, you have less than a month left to get your letters in for a chance to win a piece of Dark Matter…well, a piece of Dark Matter.

Details here:

Some of the items up for grabs:

October 18, 2017: Masked! More Dark Matter Swag!

Android chip and Victor upgrades.

October 18, 2017: Masked! More Dark Matter Swag!

FIVE’s sketches.

October 18, 2017: Masked! More Dark Matter Swag!

FOUR’s imperial ring.

October 18, 2017: Masked! More Dark Matter Swag!

FIVE’s goggles.

22 thoughts on “October 18, 2017: Masked! More Dark Matter swag!

  1. Permission to speak freely?
    I’m a long time follower of Spiderman&Batman(films and series)Watching Gotham also, Great Actors in it ,But latetly TV and Screen Have been Flood of superHeroes of all Kind ,Way too much ,I think Marvel and DC is Killing the Genre with This Flooding.I have my Favs that I watched but Things like “Gifted” and “Inhumans” I pass,So any Super Heros new series doesn’t Hype me at all.
    Dark Matter was Different and I liked it ,,Well That’s me ‘may there is still Place for this Masked idk Hope you the Best with it if it Does .

  2. I sent my letter last week. Well, postcard actually. I hope that’s OK. I started typing out a long missive but then decided to go for the personal touch and actually HAND WRITE something! Those who know me know that I’ve been typing since I was 10 years old and rarely actually write anything down by hand. I went with a postcard because that would give me a natural limit to how much I would have to write. Even by the end of the card I was cramping up. I “squeed” a bit when I saw FIVE’s goggles so hopefully the pain was worth it! And hopefully you can read my barely-used-in-the-last-thirty-six-years handwriting!

    (Even the fan letter I wrote to Tiffany (remember her?) when I was a teenager was typed on a computer and printed out.)

  3. If possible (and I did put this in my letter) can I get one of the Android chips? I just think they’re awesome, and – my friends can vouch for this – I am the Android in my friend group

  4. I do think Masked is a good idea, for 2002. Now? It is not well timed at all. Add to the massive amount of good, bad, and mediocre super shows, you are also fighting with ones already in pre-production. SYFY has already announced working the George RR Martin and Melinda Snodgrass on their over 30 year long running series Wild Cards into a TV show, touching the same themes you mention, plus what the effects such a society would impact both the world AND the future. Loved Dark Matter, but you are not walking into a virgin forest here.

  5. I’m excited about the new series; I’m so bored with how much Marvel is out there that I’m looking for something new to watch, something different.

  6. Here’s hoping it strikes the perfect chord and rises to the top of the list & then in ratings! Btw, my superhero is Melissa O’Neil as Two!

  7. If we send in multiple letters does that increase our chances for some DM swag? It’s all still bittersweet! I’d much rather see these items again….on TV. I will gladly send back any item I receive if the show goes on!!

    Congrats to Vanessa! Still excited for this new venture.

    Don’t ask me why because I honestly don’t know but Batman is my guy. Maybe because it’s the earliest comic I remember possessing. Maybe it’s because of the dark undertones. I remember the Joker…and he was actually scary. Not a caricature but an actual villain. I’m a firm believer that your antagonist is only as good as the protagonist. The very worst in some will bring out the very best in others. In my superheros, I’m also a firm believer in the gray areas of good and bad, the whole yin – yang thing. Speaking of morally gray areas…really missing my Raza crew!!

  8. There was a little known comic character called the Thorn, she had multiple personalities, in normal life she was Rose. Her father was killed, when she slept her alter-personality came out; strong and powerful and went hunting for her father’s killers. I liked the idea of a hidden side to yourself coming out at night and recking havoc on evil men.

  9. My favorite super hero?

    The Doctor of course!

    “All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?”

    Where would you go?

  10. The superhero anthology angle is going to be great. I’m really looking forward to it.

    My favorites have always been the Punisher and Wolverine. I always enjoy the surly anti-hero types (I’m looking at you THREE).

  11. I know you guys will do the Masked concept proud, keeping it rich in character so we get attached. I hope the decision makers are again able to the the brilliance the team will bring to this project and give you a new green light. I’ll be following along thanks to your wonderful blog.

  12. Masked! Can you even imagine how awesome the casting would be for that? I’m a huge fan of Jessica Jones, Black Mirror and Punisher, put those all together and it’s Masked?! That would be mighty fine. Happy belated birthday to you, now off to check older posts for any yummy food pics. Had the most amazing chili lunch, very tasty

  13. Masked sounds really exciting, I can’t wait! My favorite superhero would be Jessica Jones (even though she doesn’t have an alter ego or wear a literal mask, of course). But I really liked the depth of her character and that she had to fight not only physically but even more emotionally. And also that she didn’t succeed easily; it made the character more relatable.

  14. All the very, very best – I hope you blaze a trail in the world of superheroes as you did in the realm of sci-fi. <3

    Letter sent… can't wait for the "result"!

    2 of my greatest heroes ever – The Doctor. Goku. 🙂

  15. I recall reading Lou Anders, Masked, a few years ago. Some of the stories were quite good. I’m wondering if what you are pitching would be a series of stand alone episodes with a different cast for each episode? Just my uninformed opinion of course, but I would think you’d have to have one heck of a hook to get people to watch every week, or even binge the series. I’d watch, especially if you were writing, but I wonder if it would be a tough sell to an already flooded Superhero market?

  16. I am not certain about looking at Vanessa’s picture, but I certainly have little problem Melissa’s. She wares her leather well. Will miss her further adventures.

  17. My favorite superhero is Tony Stark/Iron Man. His resilience in the face of numerous familial, health, and emotional traumas is astounding to me.

    I’m excited about the prospect of a Masked series!

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