September 29, 2017: Fandom, Start Your Blickensderfers!

Alright, Dark Matter fandom.  You ready to write?

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, Prodigy Pictures President and Dark Matter Executive Producer Jay Firestone has decided he wants to reward the fans. And he’s going to do so by making many of the show’s props and costumes, as well as DM-themed t-shirts and caps, available.  All you have to do for a chance at one of these Dark Matter mementos is write a letter (Yes, an actual letter!) telling us what the show means to you.  Write it longhand on looseleaf or use your computer and print up the results or, heck, use a Blickensderfer model 7 typewriter if you like.  Once you’re done, pop it in the mail and send to:

Prodigy Pictures
124 The East Mall
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 5V5

And you’ll be automatically entered with an opportunity to win anything from a G.A. badge to a piece of the set.

Deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2017.  Don’t forget to include your mailing address!

September 29, 2017: Fandom, Start Your Blickensderfers!

Oh, hey!  Have another script!  This is the final shooting draft of “All The Time In The World”:


September 29, 2017: Fandom, Start Your Blickensderfers!

Happy National Coffee Day!


49 thoughts on “September 29, 2017: Fandom, start your blickensderfers!

  1. I don’t know why but even announcement like this from you makes me cry. I hope we can turn the tide somehow, the world needs Dark Matter. 2 more years of Dark Matter can make the world the coolest place to live!

    Anyway, we are FOREVER GRATEFUL. Thank you and to Jay and to all the cast and crew!

  2. My handwriting is awful, and my printer is broken … but, one way or another, I’ll still be writing to you. It’s a nice touch to make it a ‘proper letter’, too.

    All the best, Joe.

  3. You guys and your fans. Just Awesome. I just know somewhere out there in an alternate universe the show is still on the air destined for more 10+ more seasons. Can’t wait for what you guys make next.
    – a fan for life

  4. Thank you both of you for doing this for us!

    You know Boss, this show means so much to us, to me… it will be difficult to summarize three years of happiness, inspiration, passion and fun with just one letter.

    Anyway, I want to pay tribute to you, to the crew and the cast, so, even if my english is awful, I will try to tell why I love Dark Matter and every person who gave it life through a letter… I just hope you have good translators 🙂

  5. Ohh man, I just hope to see one entry on your blog saying. We got picked up by another network or streaming service. I still cannot process the incredible Season 3 finale and the show cancellation.

  6. It’s difficult for me to put into words how I feel about this show. It is so tied up with my feelings for the members of the cast , the crew and yourself. I’ll do my best though!

  7. This is going to be fun! I haven’t had a writing assignment since college. I’ll have to dust off the portion of my brain responsible for wordsmithing. But it will be worth it for a chance at Bubba.

  8. So difficult to put all these emotions into words and then all the words into one meaningful piece…
    Thank you for continuing to share and care.
    (And yes! This is the title I had voted for, so yay!)

  9. Thank goodness you gave us time to craft a well-written letter. I’m out of sorts this weekend. Monday I should be good to go to put on my writing cap.

    This is all so bittersweet. As much as I’d love a piece of the Dark Matter world, I’d much rather have a S4 & 5. I’m sure all your fans feel the same way.

    Thank you for all the scripts, the BTS pics and for the chance to bring home a happy memory keepsake. I’m personally hoping for one of the Raza mess stainless cups…filled with whiskey of course.

  10. Well, I wound up back in Twitter jail during tonight’s tweet storm. Shame too, because there were so many amazing posts that I would have loved to respond to. What an amazing fandom – I loved seeing all the pictures. Such a wonderfully diverse group, from all around the world and all walks of life. Made me all, um… well, it was probably just something in my eye. That’s it, something in my eye…

    1. “Is this open to international fans, or just North America?”

      Fans worldwide.

  11. I need a small clarification: is the deadline the time for the letter to arrive. Or the letter to be sent? I ask because I live in Brazil, and though I will try to puy it on the mail the fastest I can, I am unsure how long it will take to arrive :S

    1. “I need a small clarification: is the deadline the time for the letter to arrive. Or the letter to be sent? I ask because I live in Brazil, and though I will try to puy it on the mail the fastest I can, I am unsure how long it will take to arrive :S”

      The deadline is for the mail to arrive. International mail usually takes 1-2 weeks.

      1. Thanks for the Reply. I put my letter in the mail just now. Hopefully it will arrive in the next 20 days or so.
        and by the way, thank you for the amazing show.

    2. Airmail is so hit and miss for timing. I’ve had things arrive from the opposite side of the world in days, others sometimes longer.

  12. I am so grateful for this opportunity from you! I’ve already read and proofread my letter, and I hope to mail it today. It’ll take a bit to get there, considering I live in Wisconsin, but it’ll be worth it for a chance at the blink drive or an android upgrade chip.
    All my love,

  13. Hi Joe,

    If we send in a letter do we automatically get something, or just a chance to get something? Thanks so much for doing this!

  14. This is such a nice touch. I can’t even think of a Scifi show that rewarded fans in such a way. Prodigy Pictures are trailblazing with their fan appreciation!

  15. Ah, let´s see should spare 2 weeks international post + 1 week Finnish post service. So, better to get started with the letter then before next week is full.

    Thank you both of you for this awesome chance!


  16. Joe, Thank You for the script! Joe & Jay, Thank You for a Dark Matter Christmas! Or New Year! Any time is good! 🙂

  17. I need to get over the jet-lag before my little brain cells are firing on all cylinders to write a cohesive letter! lol

    Many thanks, Joe for posting my fanart alongside this great opportunity for fans to get the chance to have a piece of Dark Matter memorabilia 😊

  18. Thanks for letting Us know; I will have something in the mail before the Oct 31 deadline.

  19. I sent a letter from slovenia today, hoping for anything to get. Cant wait to get repsponse

  20. If i send it from Russia will you get it? Also the way mail works in Russia is the pain in the ass, so what i’m asking is if i send it now, and it won’t come to you until the deadline will you still accept it?

  21. I’m extremely disappointed with the DM cancellation 😥 My inner geek doesn’t get to come out often enough but it’s always been strong with the Dark Matter series. Being from Wisconsin, the episode that took place here was greatly appreciated; for some reason Wisconsin always seems to show up on a lot of shows, lol. Yet too often it feels like my favorite shows get cancelled, DM being yet another. I truly enjoy these shows and on the plus side- shows like this are becoming increasingly popular and the genre is growing steadily but not fast enough. We may have lost DM but more shows in this similar vein are sure to follow. THAT I definitely look forward to! THANK YOU to those that made 3 seasons possible ☺️

  22. First, I’d like to say that I REALLY REALLY enjoyed DM and I was thinking about entering the contest, but I don’t need anything but the memories of 3 great years of the best sci-fi show in a long time. However, I came up with probably worst haiku ever (all I know about them I learnt from CBC’S The Debaters) and thought I’d leave this for you. Apologies to all!
    One moral centre
    an evil twin emerges
    his end just too soon
    Two conflicted leader/head
    artificial in nature
    learns from her decisions
    Three out for himself
    redeemed by love Sarah
    from a shattered past
    Four sword of honour
    his crown wobbles and is lost
    silence is his word
    Five the friend of all
    unexpected bravery
    electric fingers
    Six a source of strength
    divided loyalty
    picks the Raza crew
    Android a robot
    more than just her programming
    nears humanity

  23. I only just finished the 3rd season on Netflix, I was drawing it out so I could enjoy it as much as possible. So I only just now found out no further shows and am heartbroken. I’m too late for this contest also (ok I don’t keep up with news very well) but just wanted you to know how very, very much I enjoyed the show. I do hope you find a way to convey the rest of the story to us fans!
    Thanks and good fortune in your career.

  24. I am also too late to enter the competition, but just wanted you guys to know…. How AMAZING you are!!! Great job, doing this WONDERFUL SHOW!!
    I have been crying alot, been EXTREMELY disapointed and angry, to hear the show wont be renewed for season 4, 5, 6 etc, etc…. <3
    Please, please, PLEASE ….talk to NETFLIX, CBS etc…..and try to give us an "ending" in form of….mayhap….a movie?!? 🙂
    We must find out about "the double deception, kryden, carina, the accelerated", erc….. Some we have already been " sniffing around"; but we need MORE DARK MATTER!!
    A bit teary again….. 🙁
    So finally…..let me say….This show has moved me in ways, I didn't know I could be moved…. Great Job! And I send you gratitude and love, and… PLEASE anything I can do, to FORCE SyFy to "grow a brain"!!??
    Luv// Emmanx01

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