So, yesterday I gave a shout-out to the gang at MGM who reached out to me in an effort to save Dark Matter.

Today, another shout-out.  This one for a former syfy executive, Chris Regina, who was the channel’s point man on the series for Dark Matter’s three year run.  He was a tireless promoter of our little show – reading every script, watching every episode, always giving us meaningful input and, more importantly, championing Dark Matter when others may have overlooked it.  We – the cast, the crew, and the fans – lost a passionate, and crucial ally when Chris left syfy in late June.

October 13, 2017: Another Thank You!  And A Look At Some Of The Dark Matter Costumes Up For Grabs!
Chris Regina on set with Executive Producer Jay Firestone

A big thank you to Chris for three amazing years – and best of luck on his exciting new position…which I hope to hear more about when I visit L.A. at the end of the month.

Well, I spent the better part of an afternoon reading about a hundred letters from Dark Matter fans.  All I can say is Wow.  A lot of beautifully written, heartfelt expressions of gratitude for a show that obviously meant a lot to so many of you. It may have looked like I was choking up, but I can assure you that was just the fiery residue of the scorpion chilis I must have got in my eyes.

Anyway, here are a few of the outfits we’ll be sending out to some lucky letter-writing fans…

October 13, 2017: Another Thank You!  And A Look At Some Of The Dark Matter Costumes Up For Grabs! October 13, 2017: Another Thank You!  And A Look At Some Of The Dark Matter Costumes Up For Grabs! October 13, 2017: Another Thank You!  And A Look At Some Of The Dark Matter Costumes Up For Grabs! October 13, 2017: Another Thank You!  And A Look At Some Of The Dark Matter Costumes Up For Grabs! October 13, 2017: Another Thank You!  And A Look At Some Of The Dark Matter Costumes Up For Grabs!

And more!

25 thoughts on “October 13, 2017: Another thank you! And a look at some of the Dark Matter costumes up for grabs!

  1. Wouldn’t surprise me if #DarkMatter doesn’t earn a reputation as a cult classic. Remember original Star Trek series only ran a few seasons. Look what followed.

  2. Oh wow, such cool stuff! Not sure if my letter will be worthy of anything, but if I do by chance get something I will gladly pay shipping on it! Thank you again for this awesome gesture for the fans, you guys are the greatest! 🙂

  3. I had to bust some Twitter love out to Chris Regina when I heard what an advocate he was at Syfy. I was able to give Syfy props for holding Dark Matter for three years but from my poorly informed perspective it’s not to Syfy’s credit it is to Chris’s. Again Syfy can’t treat its best stuff properly and I hope Chris loves his new journey….elsewhere.
    Thank you Chris Regina for having our back.

  4. There were so many people that really wanted to work with you and this great show. Thank you for tirelessly trying to get it a new home. This giveaway is such a wonderful idea and is really appreciated. The chance to own a piece of this show is really special.

  5. I would pay so much money for Four’s jacket. I just earned my yellow belt in Karate (I’m 45, give me a chance) and that would look so awesome. My wife would be drooling.

  6. A massive shout out for Chris Regina goes without saying. He was a true member of #TeamRaza and knew the meaning of #ItsARealFanThing.

    It’s amazing how words have such an effect. Isn’t there a saying that goes something like ‘The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword’?
    The Dark Matter fandom is indeed passionate 👍

    Awesome costume swag – kudos to the wardrobe department for continuously giving the cast fantastic outfits.

  7. Am a big fan of the show. Have autographs from the cast, they are magnificent performers and wish them all the best. Would enjoy seeing them in any future project you do, ideally though produced in Ontario.
    As to the swag, how does one get any costume worn by two, five, Nyx or android? More than willing to pay shipping and costs for a reminder of this fantastic show that ended to soon.

  8. Hi Joe
    If you don’t mind checking to see if my letter got there I’d appreciate it. If there’s too many I’ll send another (and another, don’t be surprised if you end up with 10 from me).


  9. I hope you finally got my letter, I’m gonna laugh if I wind up with Three’s gear (so happens I’m an inch taller than Anthony and two inches shorter than Alex).
    And yes, my letter was signed “Seriously Mike”, as to avoid any confusion.

  10. Acknowledgement goes a long way especially when its from creator, producer, and showrunner to your faithful fans. Good for you. 🙂

  11. Props to Chris Regina and his championing the Dark Matter universe. It was indeed a sad day when he left but who could have imagined that SyFy would cut loose it’s highest rated SyFy show. I’m not overly impressed with the commercials for Superstition, Ghost Wars and Happy. I don’t think there has ever been a more annoying preview than the one for Happy. Seriously! An imaginary Blue horse? Good thing I don’t have migraines or seizures. I wasn’t all that thrilled with The Orville and haven’t watched an episode beyond the premiere. All I keep thinking is how in the world are these shows on TV and Dark Matter isn’t. You raised the bar Joe! Will work on my letter tomorrow. Had to work today and now I’m too tired to think properly enough to be astounding in the letter I write.

  12. Great stuff. I’m working on my letter now and I’ll second what Danine said about showing appreciation for that FORMER executive at SYFY who was an advocate for Dark Matter. Isn’t it interesting that even in a business where supposedly it’s all about ratings what really matters is the office politics and who goes to bat for a show? I’m equally amazed and repulsed by that.

  13. Wait a minute. How did I not know this was possible? I have been admiring and coveting these costumes for three years. 5’s style particularly resonates!

    So, where do we send those letters!

    Also, because Firefly achieved cult status, I think Dark Matter will too. Whether I can get one of the actual costumes or not, I’ll be cosplaying 5 for years to come.

  14. Just saw the link you posted in response to a previous comment. I’m definitely going to send you something before the 31st! Thank you for the opportunity. But more importantly, thank you for this show!

  15. Thank you Chris Regina for what you did to keep Dark Matter mattering. It’s a bittersweet kind of thing because I really wish you could stay at Syfy for another 2 years, but having been a champion of the show for 3 years, and you finding opportunities somewhere else, I can’t help but wish you the best of luck in wherever you are going. Hopefully Joe might keep us updated because you truly are part of #TeamRaza

  16. I’m replying late, but my god this is some cool stuff. Definitely love Six’s outfit. Totally my style irl. The others were great too. Awesome attired for awesome characters. Can only hope that one day we see them back again.

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