I’m in Montreal, visiting with mom and, tomorrow, checking out condos.  I know, I know.  The plan IS to settle down in Toronto (or maybe L.A. if the the right opportunity presents itself), but I like the notion of having a home base in my hometown.

October 5, 2017: Montreal! October 5, 2017: Montreal! October 5, 2017: Montreal! October 5, 2017: Montreal!

Mom teaches Akemi who to make handmade capunti for tonight’s pasta e ceci.

October 5, 2017: Montreal!

Speaking of culinary DIY, my sister is now growing her own peppers.  Her own very HOT peppers.  On the left, the ghost chilis I sampled at lunch.  Whoa!  On the right, the carolina reapers I’ll be sampling for dinner.  I’m going to have Akemi dial 9 and 1 and then standby.

To date, I’ve given you the scripts for Dark Matter Episode 1, Episode 212 (Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose), Episode 304 (All The Time In The World), and Episode 309 (Isn’t That A Paradox?).  Tomorrow (Remind me, please!), I’ll make the script for the second part of our two-part opener, Episode 2, available to you as well.    In time, you’ll have the entire series.

Flashback to our first Dark Matter table read:

October 5, 2017: Montreal!


38 thoughts on “October 5, 2017: Montreal!

  1. Waves to Mama Mallozzi.
    Food is good, not sure about all those peppers, but you seemed to weather the flight today…so….all is good?

    You are the Creator and God of Dark Matter. Love everything you have given us and of course…waiting in line for more LOL…
    Enjoy your stay with Mom and condo hunting…and of course eating.

  2. I’d love to see you produce another Scifi show, even if its not a ship in space one. Some writers are made for certain genres and you produce such awesome Scifi episodes.

  3. Pasta e ceci. Now there”s a dish I haven’t had in ages. My friend Lori’s mom used to make it as a soup when we were kids. Enjoy! xo

  4. What an great idea, making your home base at your home. I’m sure your mom will love that.

    BTW, does she offer cooking lessons?

  5. Glad you made it safely to Montreal.
    Great photos of Akemi and your Mum. They look like they work well together.

    Another script? Wow, Joe, you are really spoiling us! Thank you so much 😁
    Good to see all the Raza crew together. Is it me or do they all look so much younger?

  6. These are the highlight of my day. 😋

    Ghost 👻Pepper OMG. You all are crazy!!!
    Thanks so much!!!
    Lots of ❤️

  7. Akemi and your mom look like they’re having a great time together. Some well deserved down time after such a hectic few weeks for you guys.

  8. Ma Ma!!! Looking fabulous as always!! Does she cook like that when you are not around? What does she think about you looking for a home in Montreal? What does she think about Akemi’s green hair? Are you home for your birthday?

    Look at all those fresh faces around that table!

  9. Yum, that certainly looks like the start of a delicious meal! I adore homemade pasta, it takes skill and a light touch to get it right.

    The scripts are fantastic. Thank you for making them available to us, deeply appreciated.

    Here I am, have lived and traveled a lot, mostly thanks to the Navy in some form (dependent daughter, sailor, spouse)…. and a short day trip to Montreal is the only time Larry and I have been to Canada! That’s part of the reason we’re going to Victoria, I have a place to stay, and it sounds interesting. Whoot! My Burning Man friends in Vancouver, WA may jaunt up for a night or two. Can you tell I;m excited?

  10. Thanks Joe. Akemi looked like she was having fun. I think you are one of the creators/showrunners who really cares for the series fandom and not only am I grateful but very admirable

  11. Hello to Mama Mallozzi! I can’t even eat garlic or green peppers without calling 911. #wussytummy

  12. I love it! My mamma used to make gnocchi, orecchiette and cavatelli back in the day the same way. Wooden board on the table, starting with the flour volcano with eggs in the center. Joe, what region of Italy is your family from? My parents are from the Avellino area of Campania. Never heard of capunti though. I’ll have to ask her about them! Tanti saluti from NJ.

  13. Joe, so happy to see the photos of Akemi and your Mum! She is looking well. I still remember her Crab Mousse from when she was in Vancouver one Christmas.

  14. My job is making homemade pasta at Sorges restaurant in corning N.Y. I would love to learn to new pastas

  15. Wish I had your moms energy and patience for making pasta from scratch. Problem with getting older for me …
    It’s my birthday today and after reading the first couple dozen cards and notes in my box I’m exhausted and in need of a nap! 😀

    Thanks to everyone who sent love. XO

    I’ll be sure to read them all & reply eventually, eh. <3

    1. 🍹🍬🍨🍩 Happy Birthday, Drea! 🎂🎇
      Hope you’re having a very spiffy, squiffy (*hic*) Birthday! 😁

  16. Akemi and Mom are just too stinkin’ cute together in the kitchen!

    The pic on the fridge, with you in the white sport coat: Your Miami Vice days? =)

    It’s unreal how different everyone looks at the table read. Alex in particular looks like a teenager. *SCRIPT REMINDER* And thank you!

  17. Happy Birthday Drea!!!!

    You make being unemployed look cool! You should plan a hiatus more often. Have fun today. Oh and I love the picture of Akemi and your mom!

  18. Syfy premieres on Thursday

    Van Helsing – 459k viewers, 0.15 18-49 (Second season premiere)
    Ghost Wars – 512k viewers, 0.12 18-49 (Series premiere)

    Hey look, more shows on Syfy with smaller audiences than Dark Matter.

  19. Correction, 0.10 18-49 for Ghost Wars. Not that it makes much difference in how awful shows are doing on Syfy compared to Dark Matter.

  20. I’ve only found 1×01 and 2×02 scripts. Where can I download the others?

    I would like a section in the blog to download official material of Dark Matter <3

  21. Fun time with in the kitchen! Have a great visit! Give your mom a hug as often as you can.

    I love the name “Carolina Reaper”. Conjures all sorts of images. Enjoy the peppers! Good luck with the condo hunting.

  22. Your mom looks great! Which script is the one where the droid changed her clothes and said “Boobs?” It was just on. I enjoy the show and don’t pay attention to titles!

  23. Love Akemi’s hat. Your mom looks awesome. Say hi to your sis. Akemi looks like she is having a blast.

    I already wished Drea a happy birthday on Twitter on the 6th, but it always is great to hear it elsewhere. Happy Birthday (on the 6th) Drea!

  24. Happy thanksgiving for gorgeous Mrs. Mallozzi, a place is Montreal sounds perfect, looking forward to seeing all the great food pics.

    I can’t handle my peppers like I use to but I do love to cook with the brine, it zhuzhes up everything it touches.

  25. Those peppers look deadly! 😮
    Also, visited Toronto for the first time last October and it fast became one of my favourite cities to explore. Lovely place, lovely people.

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