First, here’s the script I promised you for Episode 102 – final production draft, green:


Second, I’ve discovered my insane pepper threshold.  I tap out at roughly 1 million scovilles with the ghost chili, nowhere near the 2 million scorching scoville units of the carolina reaper.

October 7, 2017: This And That!

Third, the somewhat inexplicable cancellation of Dark Matter (P.S. one of syfy’s most watched shows of 2017) has really done wonders for my fantasy football team.  With the annoying distractions of prep, scripts, and casting, I’ve been able to give my Snow Monkeys my undivided attention, resulting in a solid second place standing after four weeks of play:

October 7, 2017: This And That!

Fourth, all set for my L.A. trip, last week of October.  BIG meetings I hope to land include: Martin Gero, Carl Binder, Ellen Wong, Marc Bendavid, Melanie Liburd.  Also, some broadcasters and production houses.

Fifth, guess which Dark Matter cast member I’m having lunch with tomorrow!

Sixth, I leave you with a pic from Suji’s spa day –

October 7, 2017: This And That!

32 thoughts on “October 7, 2017: This and That!

  1. Anthony Lemke? I saw he was in Montreal.

    All the best with the meetings. Hi Carl, Martin, Marc, Ellen & Melanie!

    I don’t know how your digestive system still functions.

    Cheers, Chev

  2. Hi Joe
    It’s hard to ‘read’ Suji’s expression. It’s either total bliss or thinking “You’re going to pay for this”. 🙂

    Sorry everyone, my Facebook page has been locked by Facebook for some reason and they have insisted on a ‘selfie’ to get it back on line. Have no idea what they are going to compare my photo to….


  3. We may need a bigger hint for which Dark Matter cast member…. unless “Fifth” was the clue, so then I’d have to say Jodelle.

    Suji is so cute!!! I love how she looks so relaxed in her bath! Mine hate bath time, often throw looks of despair as they get all lathered up HAHAHA

    Would be wonderful to see Marc and Ellen back on our screens! Really looking forward to seeing this all unfold!

    Nina xox

  4. We know Anthony Lemke is in Montreal too, he put it on Twitter. Enjoy dinner with him. For the record I was born and raise in Montreal.

  5. Thanks for the script! Have a great weekend. Sounds like your October is gonna be busy!

    I don’t think Suji can get any cuter!

  6. Check out Sean Evans YouTube channel. First we Feast. It’s an interview show where they eat hot wings. Their new sauce is over 2m using a new pepper from the creator of the reaper.

  7. guess which Dark Matter cast member I’m having lunch with tomorrow!
    I assume the one out of work

  8. I need a Suji style spa day!!! Good luck in LA, hopefully you’ll have some Interesting meetings and a good time over all. Planning on checking out any chefs while there? Gads, what is it with men and hot peppers/sauce!? My husband and son in law both have this strange love affair with heat too.

  9. Well first, is that a look of complete relaxation on Suji’s face, or is she so pissed she is trying to decide whose leg she’s going to bite off when she gets out of that tub….um…spa.

    Second, one day, will you ever say whose bright idea it was to kill off One? Your number one character. To this day, I can’t figure out why, arguably the best looking guy on the show, was killed off. And so quickly.

    Third, @Drea Happy birthday young lady!! Hope you got everything you wanted!

  10. Thank you, Joe for keeping me & others updated on what you’re doing. Started off as #DarkMatter fan but quickly became one of yours.

  11. Go Snow Monkeys!
    Well except for the ghost peppers. I remember drinking some Vitamilk after eating a habenatro meat stick and the knife cutting feeling in my tummy.

    Just watched S3 E2. If I were to walk into Ellen Wong, it would cause me worries or I would consider myself lucky.

  12. “Fifth, guess which Dark Matter cast member I’m having lunch with tomorrow!”
    Has to be Five right?

  13. Wow! You have to tell us how you’re preparing your peppers! Or are you just chomping away? The strongest thing I can get locally are habanaros…now I’m a bit envious, and perhaps a little scared for you.

    And that look on Suji reminds me of an exasperated but resigned Yoda…”Put me in this mood you have…”

  14. @Elminster:

    Wow! Facebook is is resorting to extortion to get new content? Must be too many people simply pushing the share button…

  15. I would agree with the others here and say Anthony Lemke. Isn’t it his Birthday?
    If it is, send him our biggest bestest Happy Birthday wishes! 😊

    I like the sound of your LA trip meetings! Keeping all fingers crossed for your success and looking forward to hearing more of your new project/s – even if they are through your tortuous teases.😁

    1. Sorry, meant to add thank you for the next script installment. Really loving these! Thank you!

  16. It’s going to be between you and Tecmo Bo this year for the mantle.
    Go Joe!

  17. According to some sites 7th October is Anthony Lemke’s birthday – so I guess you have been invited?

  18. Those are some heavy hitters you’re meeting. Good luck? Break a leg? Enjoy? I never know what to say but you get the gist, right?

    How ARE you eating those peppers? My dad would eat raw peppers with beans/cornbread and a glass of buttermilk. He would have loved to try those ghost peppers! I didn’t inherit the hot pepper gene but I did get his sweet tooth. 🙂

    The caption of Suji’s picture should be “If dogs could purr.” 🙂

  19. Hey Joe,

    Seems like you are finally getting some time to relax and visit home / old friends. Wish it was under better circumstances, but I’m glad you’re finally getting to relax a little.

  20. Suji doesn’t look too happy with her spa day. I already knew who you were having lunch with since Anthony mentioned he was in Montreal.

    That is SOME meeting line-up you have there. I’m excited to hear how it goes.

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