I’m just going to leave this here.  A little present from the Dark Council c/o PBMom:

Thanks to the architects of the Dark Matter fan campaign – relentless organizers of the Friday FTL Drives and tireless promoters of our little show: Hilda Bowen, Tom Gardiner, Kelli Zielinski, Lance Zielinski, Syrine Gouni, Lorena, Molina, and Elise Cochrane.

September 30, 2017: Until We Fly Again!

30 thoughts on “September 30, 2017: Until we fly again!

  1. DarkMatterFTL did an incredible job on that video. Still bringing a tear to my eye. And their work on the whole campaign has just been… well, I don’t know how to describe it. To coordinate an entire world-wide fan campaign within DAYS is something I can’t imagine. These folks are truly a gift.

    Also, going through that video, can I just say that we Dark Matter fans are pretty awesome, too? We definitely #RockTheRaza, and all the while #WeCarryEachOther. Pretty sweet group I’d say, Mr. Mallozzi! 😉

  2. Sadly, I missed the deadline to be included in this video – but I did indeed tweet the pic I was going to use last night, during the #WeCarryEachOther event … And I thank you for taking the time to comment on it as well, Joe.
    Very much appreciated! 🙂

  3. I do not know if this is even possible but, you sited budget issues as the main reason nobody who legally could pick up the show would. Is there any chance that if we fans pitched in Dark Matter might still fly again? I mean there are millions of fans out there and if each fan donated just $10 (or the equivelent in their countries money) you would have one hell of a budget to work with. Is there someone you could approach and just see if s/he/they are open to the idea?

  4. Dark Matter brought fandom from all over the world together to be part of the Raza Crew.All I can say is LONG LIVE THE RAZA!

  5. DarkMatterFTL did a fantastic job organizing us and promoting Dark Matter! Loved the project video! Mega kudos to each and everyone! Thank you! And I hope the Raza does fly again soon!

  6. It has been fun. Thank everyone that contributed to the production of #DarkMatter you are all loved and appriciated. Until we see your work again. Thanks to #DarkMatterFTL. you all are awsome, thank you for your dedication and hard work ! Everyone, take care, be safe, be happy, smile.

  7. Joe, Thank you to the entire cast and crew for making TV fun to watch and bringing life to a diverse cast of characters. It’s very sad that we didn’t get to see the end of the incredible story you created, but I am looking forward to your next project(s).

  8. With the unfortunate end of Dark Matter, are there any plans to #BringBackSGU? While I enjoyed all of the SGs and DM, there’s a special place in my heart for SGU, the show was simply ahead of it’s time. What better way to get over the death of one great series than the revival of another?

  9. Wow! Brilliant @PBMom et al for arranging and producing that vid.
    Very special. Thank you.
    Now I need to find a tissue….

  10. Hilda did an amazing job with this video. I say it again, THANK YOU Joe for giving us one of the best TV shows that was ever made. Thank the Crew and Cast for us, without them this wouldn’t have been possible.

  11. Hi Joe

    Thank you Hilda Bowen, Tom Gardiner, Kelli Zielinski, Lance Zielinski, Syrine Gouni, Lorena, Molina, and Elise Cochrane and all others involved with the twitter push. It helped give me closure after the SyFy atrocity. It was good to be doing something, even if it was for an hour every Friday.

    And thank you Joe for bring us the show in the first place!


  12. That was lovely! I’m awed by all the hard work everyone in the tweeting campaign did. Thanks to all of you!

  13. Thank you, thank you, think you, to everyone at Dark Matter FTL for putting in all that work to keep us organized every Friday night, and for creating that amazing video! It definitely brought a tear to my eye!

    And a HUGE, heartfelt thank you to you Joe, and everyone else who worked at putting together this fine show….the cast, and crew…..I truly hope that at some point in the not too distant future, those contractual issues can be worked out and that we will once again see the Raza plying through space and being badass while doing so, just as I hope, (as Richard N mentioned earlier), that we see the crew of the Destiny doing the same!


  14. Joe, Hope everything goes okay today with your move back into your old apartment. Warmest hugs and always much love to you, Akemi, Lulu n Suji. xo

  15. ”Joseph Mallozzi @BaronDestructo
    Replying to @BrianOkert and @Vizibit
    Sadly we were cancelled by syfy. There was no interest on their part in wrapping up the storyline for the fans. ”

    ”And one day we are going to look back at this …..and still be angry” 😡

  16. Well,at least I have 3 seasons to rewatch! Thank you for keeping us all entertained! I don’t leave the house much except to work so tv is really my only form of entertainment. Now,Friday’s are gonna be lonely without you,cast and crew. I know it’s hard work for you,but I really hope you have another show up you sleeve. Please hug everyone from me and Beanie!

  17. I just watched the latest episode of the new Star Trek Discovery and guess what they are working on? A malfunctioning blink drive

  18. All the fans who tweeted, made fanart, contacted Syfy and Netflix should be commended for their hard work and creativity. Many staying up until the early hours. It was a team effort.

    Cheers, Chev

    1. We have thanked people continuously for all their efforts whenever we had the opportunity. The core group did the organizing and focus but everyone who worked to get what needed to be accomplished were thanked on a continual basis. I’m sure we missed many, but people saw that we said without the group’s efforts we would not have been able to accomplish what we did so quickly. It is impossible really to keep track of every single individual who worked on this. We try to do what we can. If you missed that message I am sorry. We decided not to do shout-outs for that specific reason. When I did a shout-out for one, another’s feelings were hurt that we didn’t recognize them and this becomes a very difficult thing to keep up with. Everyone was working as a collective group moving towards the same goal — The pick up or renewal of Dark Matter. Just go look at the comment section on Twitter about the video where I personally went in there and thanked people after they thanked us for the video that they were the heart of the effort. I’m sorry if you missed that.

      I do know I thanked you on the Twitter feed for telling us about the problem with the following stuff. I had added 650 or so people that very first day on September 5 when we were about to do our first event and we weren’t following anyone yet. When you told me (and you didn’t know it was me behind the Twitter feed that day) I assured you I would not unfollow you. Then as I looked no one was immune to this. Whatever happened unfollowed the actors, Joe, and even myself. I knew at that point that yes, it was some weird glitch and I worked for 3 hours (until 2 a.m.) to add everyone back and I still missed a few important people. But I figured it out and we got past that.

      So let me say this very clearly and universally so everyone sees this.

      This effort would not have been anything without the people doing the work that was important to meet certain benchmarks. It WAS a team effort. The heart of the effort was all the fans doing things on their own, tweeting, retweeting, commenting, participating in the tweet events, making fan art, and doing all sorts of things that we may or may not know about. If the fans didn’t do that, there would have been no DarkMatterFTL. There would have been no coordinated effort.

      T H A N K Y O U to everyone who helped make this effort work.

      We are still going to have a presence but we are talking right now what that is going to look like.

      1. Hey Hilda, Wow not sure where this came from. I never said you didn’t recognise fan involvement. I was just recognising it.

        Cheers, Chev

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