Yesterday, I dropped by our second stage at Evans Avenue to say goodbye to what was, for the past two years, our home away from home (The Raza standing sets being home of course).  Over those two years, it has held sets like the Marauder, the Ishida cruiser, the Hyperion-8 Galactic Super Max, Rook’s lab, the Dwarf Star pod facility, the Ferrous Corp shipyard, space station underbellies, the munitions factory, Sarah’s room, the Zairon transit chamber, the Zairon guest rooms, and others.  Had we returned for a fourth season, we would have expanded our footprint here and built a Ferrous Corp lab, some space station interiors, and an alien ship (!).  Ah, what could have been.  I guess you’ll just have to Imagine Greater.  No, wait.  Wrong one.  It’s A Fan Thing.  No, wait.  That can’t possibly be right either, can it?

Anyway, a few photos from our little farewell expedition…

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

Deconstruction has begun.  That little hut holds the Ishida bridge.  The cleared area once held Sarah’s room and various labs, and before that the Hyperion-8 Super Max.

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

Ivon Bartok, Rick Fernandez, yours truly, and Frank Consiglio.  I’m going to miss these guys.

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

The Marauder.

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

Taking it out for a final spin.

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

Oh crap!

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

Brace for impact!

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

Phew!  Disaster averted!

Except for that whole Syfy cancelling us thing.

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

The Ishida Cruiser – like the cold, empty shell of a syfy programming executive’s soul.

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

The long view.

September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

You know the party’s over when they pack away the torture chair, cuffs and bits.

85 thoughts on “September 26, 2017: A Final Spin!

  1. I’ve never seen the insides of a stage but it looks like guys had alot of room! Shame it will no longer be the home of such a great show, maybe it will rub-off on whoever gets it next.

  2. Deep Sigh.

    These pictures matter to me as much as everything else you’ve been sharing. Bittersweet, of course. Are you taking things down in a priority of the things that “must” go first due to space or things easiest to replace if you got some sort of miracle? Or just taking things down as you would any set that is done? Are you trying to save a trinket, a memento of the labor of love? Gah, it hurts but it’s necessary. Thank everyone again, so kindly for their work and talents. No project will be like this one, but there will be more projects.
    Hopefully someone will fix this continuum soon, the way this timeline is going has been very sad indeed it doesn’t even make sense. Things are inverted and disconcerting. I’m sure it was broken when someone tried to change something else.
    I’m not delusional, just trying to make light of the reality at our feet. I’ll look out for your future endeavors. please continue to share the process, it helps the grieving stages.

  3. So sad to see it all being dismantled 🙁

    What will happen to the set and all the bits and pieces from the show? Does it get packed away in some storeroom never to see the light of day again (unless by some miracle, sometime in the future DM gets resurrected) or does it get repurposed?

    Cheers Nina xox

  4. So it’s over for you guys? Well no need for me to poursuit my course .Hope we will meet again somewhere in space. Thank you all again for that drive it was Fantastic .You will be in my heart 4EVER

  5. This got me. I’m torn up and in tears. I’m a grown man in my fifties, a veteran and I’m just choked up. I loved this show and it’s characters and story so much.
    Thank you Joe. Looking forward to the comics when you do them.

    *can you indicate whether it’d be a series or more like graphic novels? Either way I’m there but I was curious.

  6. Joe and Co ,

    Thanx for the update….of course you are just gonna stuff all that into your basement…right ? So the next total freak out is the “home” sets as you call them. Remember fandom if we built it once it can be rebuilt. It is NEVER over. If any of you see fat ladies singing RUN….shield your ears…denial …denial. Yes so out here in Denial-land we say thanks to “ALL”of you for touching our lives . The part I really have trouble with is some of our “family” is now looking for work. Makes me think if Syfy was a place for this show and others….hummm maybe we need a new network like one that is not here now. Maybe the GFY network …Opps inside voice…sorry. Really THANK YOU for including us in all this. Most times a show stops and its nothing not even crickets. I wish I knew more about the whos and whats you been through already trying to keep the Raza going. I specialize in solving problems but my data set here is too small .One probably needs to tread carefully. I expect the legal BS is awesome too. Can be shown here but not there except in this language and at 4 am. One question that burns in me is ….do YOU (and Paul) own the whole show or is there some conditions related to this ? Well we will keep watching …finger toes eyes etc crossed. Thanx again Raza and Co.


  7. Piloting the Marauder looks like it was fun. Still, I feel sick.

    I love your “Atlantis w/Wormhole Drive” T-shirt though!

    I’m really trying not to do the whole angry-tweet-at-SYFY thing, but boy it’s hard. I really feel like letting rip, not that it would do any good as far as the show goes.

  8. Thanks for the photos and update, Joe.
    It’s so very sad to see the deconstruction of the sets … but I get the feeling that a ‘next time’ will indeed come.

    Much respect.

  9. Wow… thanks for all the set picsJoe!!! Its so cool to see them, as us normal folk don’t usually get that opportunity… sad to see all that work going to waste…

    Looks like you and Ivan at least had a little fun taking the Marauder out for one last trip around the “block”….. till the next time….

  10. Dark Matter is such a great series I refuse to speak of in the past. I do admire the fact that you will take the time to give us some sort ending no matter what media vehicle you use. I would like to thank you for being us considerate with your fans. Who knows maybe after you take your time off to regenerate those creative juices a new partner or opportunity will appear to revive Dark Matter. Thanks Joe, you truly are a kind soul.

  11. Upsetting to see the “destruction” of the sets … always find it odd to see them outside of the show as one sided props though!

  12. Joe, I love your snarky comments. “like the cold, empty shell of a syfy programming executive’s soul” is the best.

  13. Are the important structures and relevant bits and pieces being collapsed gracefully and stored off-site somewhere for potential reuse? Or is it all going into the wood chipper? 🙁 I assume all the plans are saved, encrypted and backed up in the cloud, in case…you know…

  14. How about continuing the story in VR? My Team and i could whip up a prototype 🙂 or is something like that not possible because of contract-related things?

    VR could fit the theme pretty nicely i think and the technology is Finaly there for this being a viable solution 🙂

  15. Despite the fact that seeing these makes me sick to my stomach, thanks for posting these. It’s so sad to be seeing these sets for the last time.

  16. You sir are an amazing man … your dedication to this show, its fans, and the cast & crew has been beyond words.
    I was devastated when SGU was cancelled and I joined the campaigns to bring it back/ save it / move it etc… it was the same with DM … but different.
    I think it was your heart and determination to save DM that pulled us all together and by doing that you made this campaign more personal for all of us.
    Thank you for the show
    Thank you for trying
    Thank you for caring
    Just thank you.
    You’re a good man.

  17. Wow, thanks for sharing a glimpse behind the scenes. I just can’t shake the saddening feeling of not experiencing untold future adventures of the Raza.

    Any chance they might auction some of the items? I wouldn’t mind have a piece of this masterpiece to remind me of the great creative world.

  18. This is Thogar levels of throwing shade Syfy, Joe! Sounds like some of the stuff Lance and I kept tweeting to them from the mall on one particularly warm day… ahem.

    Sad day tho. 🙁 Really drives it home.

  19. Hello, and I apologize for not mentioning this sooner, I wish I had! Did you ever consider digitally scanning your sets for future use?When Syfy’s Battlestar Galactic series ended, they scanned the sets of the series and stored them for future use. After Caprica failed, we then got the Blood and Chrome move/miniseries. This showed the Galactica ship in the past, and they used green screen for most of the scenes aboard the ship, reusing the digital scans from the original series and adding touch-ups to chow a cleaner, newer version of the ship at its prime. And it worked very well! If you and your crew had scanned the sets, you could have kept the idea of getting the crew together again later on and using green screen to bring the sets alive again.

  20. Thank you for including us in the farewell. Dark Matter lives on in our hearts, but seeing the sets go is dang difficult.

    Dammit, I’m not supposed to get my eyes wet yet!

  21. You are awesome Joe!! I want to mail to the SyFy programming executives, books that have the last few chapters ripped out, and I would say that this is what they have done to Dark Matter.

  22. The End of an Era.

    That said you’ve gone through the same with Stargate when that all came to a close too.

  23. Even if was sad seeing things packed up, I’m super impressed by the attitudes displayed! A lot of smiles/grins in those pictures. Oh yea, you’ll be seeing these dudes again and probably working with them too!

  24. You’d think that the fact, that I Build sets like these, for a living, would’ve made pictures like these, easier to look at. Maybe it did lessen the blow a little, But it is still sad, Perhaps more so, for me because I have a good idea, how the guys taking these sets down Feel. Knowing how many times I’ve Reused sets from other shows, I’m sure some of these sets will live on, to be filmed again.

    I will never forget the feeling I had while watching the first episode of Dark Matter, Most importantly the first shootout, and coming to the realization “OMG Characters that can, ACTUALLY SHOOT”, I watch a lot of action shows, most characters that are supposed “Badasses” seem like, they can’t hit the broadside of a barn. Whereas the crew of the Raza, Would ask you which nail you wanted them, to hit, and then hit, That Nail.

    Thanks for posting these pictures,
    IATSE Local 44 Hollywood, Ca

  25. Great pics. Sad pics, made-me-cry pics, but grateful nonetheless. Love the Syfy zingers. SEnding supportive hugs to the cast and crew and you Joe.

    I don’t do goodbyes very well at all.

    Let me get back to the BIG PROJECT for Friday. Lots of smiling faces there. Comforts me.

  26. What. A. Waste.

    I remember when they were building that set. All the fresh new lumber. I could smell it from here. You’ll still get to see Ivon a lot. He’s like your son-in-law and all…

    @gforce, Rachel Rosemond, and Drea – Thank you for your wisdom with my PDF Viewer deficiency. I wrote down all your advice and will see if I can load it back in when I have some extra time. Then I can go back and read all these scripts Joe is posting for us!

  27. OMG, I just saw that: The Ishida Cruiser – like the cold, empty shell of a syfy programming executive’s soul. That’s funny but gosh, I guess this means that bridge have already been burned to the ground? So many emotions, 😯 😀 😆

  28. You got the date wrong. It’s the 26th, not the 28th. I’m sure we can give you some slack considering how worn out you must be from taking down all those sets.

    On a side note, I’ve been re-reading your old blog posts. That’s not creepy, is it? Almost to the golden saga when Akemi first visited you in Vancouver. What ever happened to that nifty little book club idea anyway?

  29. Appreciate the glimpse of what was and sadly will never be! #SoulessSyfyPEs greatly disappoint…😢

  30. So damn sad man. I’m not a crier, however I welled up a little bit looking at those pics. But I’m really proud of you for the snarky comments re: SyFy. This is our 4th cancellation together and you’re usually very diplomatic; for obvious reasons. Good on ya brother. Fuck those guys.

  31. Thanks for the set pictures and the delightful commentary, Joe.

    So we are not supposed to unleash a torrent of vitriol on SyFy? Really?
    How about snark? Can we do snark?

  32. Concur.. bittersweet.

    I had avoided the blog and twitter cause I wanted to avoid spoilers.. as in Hawaii SYFY dark Matter was at 5 or 5:30, but I was never home to see it. I thought I would be able to stream from spectrum cable but it’s not available. So I’m still craving to see the show. Hope Netflix will have it or maybe I can get SYFY to stream it.

    Loved everything you’ve done for the fans. Thank you.

  33. Such a cool playground. None of the other kids have a kick ass Marauder! Thanks for the BTS pics! And thanks for the script yesterday!

    I’m mirroring @gforce…it really is hard not to rage against SyFy. But as has been stated repeatedly, you did have a fantastic 3 season run, you went out on top (literally in the ratings compared to their keepers) and you have an unbelievable fan base! Still I won’t be watching anything anytime soon on that channel. “It’s dead to me.”

    If you could keep anything from the set, what would it be? I’m thinking Bubba – it would be fitting!

    1. And for me too. I can’t understand how can a channel like SYFY did cancel a show like Dark Matter, but continue torture us with mock busters like Sharknado movies.

      P.S. Sorry about my horrible English

  34. Once the sets start coming down it’s all so much more final. I still have hope for a movie or something a year or two down the road. Realistically, maybe a bit longer than that. Thank you for taking us on this journey, bittersweet or just bitter in the end. Okay. Babbling now.

    Looking forward to your next project. I can wait. Hugs to you and the cast and crew of the classic scifi series Dark Matter. It will be remembered with love and maybe a little basil. But mostly love. 😉

  35. Have you thought about starting you own network. SYFY turned too much into the gak, and gor deadhead zombie blood and guts network and there were only a few shows worth watching left. We need an actual hard Science Fiction network mentally stimulating for the young Adults so they actually learn something from the shows they watch.

  36. Thank you for sharing these bittersweet pics. It gives such a feeling of finality to the whole thing but I know that’s not really the case, there is always hope.

  37. Hey Joseph, you know what happens between the hero’s death and the return to the ordinary world… Resurrection.

    Why don’t give a try to crowdfunding?

    There’s almost 44,000 supporters for the petition, who knows how many are out there that didn’t sign it. Even if you can’t get the 30 or 40 million for 2 seasons, maybe you can get 5 or 10 and revisit your contacts for a second round.

    Do you know that Raza in Spanish means race (as in race of people or animals) and in slang it means “the people”, as in the underdog masses.

    Just a thought…
    What do you have to loose? …time?

  38. Let me say again, that I really appreciate what you and the cast and crew had created for us here. Your tireless effort has not be in vane, for I am sure you have some of the most loyal fans in the universe that will follow you wherever you go. Myself most definitely included. Everything you have posted here these last few weeks has been an emotional roller coaster, ending with this last one, it has torn me to pieces.
    Thank you Thank You Thank You
    ps..and when you see all the others, thank them again.

  39. Hey Joe,

    I’ve been kind of just sitting back during all that’s been going on these past few weeks. Largely due to just being stunned by it all, but also because we’ve been through this all before, it seems, and with the same parties, too. I know there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, but it still just absolutely sucks. As before, I don’t understand the reasoning, I don’t understand the decision, I don’t understand the why. I guess I’ll never be a programming executive. I actually have a heart. I have vision. I can see the need to do what’s right for the integrity of not only a show, but for the reputation of the network. I’m just befuddled. I’ll never be able to wrap my head around all of this, again.

    I didn’t go through all the comments these past couple weeks so I don’t know if you’ve already answered this question, but I was curious: Are you able to share who the parties were that were interested in keeping DM going? Just interested to know who tried to step up and save a great show. They deserve at least a little bit of recognition.

    Also, as for the props and costumes, you should look into sending them to VIP Fan Auctions, eBay seller “vipfanclubs”. They were the ones that did the SGU stuff years ago and have since done tons of other great shows and movies including Orphan Black and The Dark Tower, most recently. They are truly a fantastic seller, very professional and very good at documentation and provenance. I think it’d be a great way to get a lot of really awesome DM stuff into the hands of the fans. Just a thought. But maybe you should keep Bubba for yourself, though, as your keepsake from DM.

    Still injured and somewhat pissed off,
    -Mike A.

  40. Just feeling so bereaved and betrayed. Fingers crossed that the story can be continued in some other way.

  41. To Joseph Mallozzi….please keep us informed as to any chance you can resume production. I used to be in the business and you and Paul Mullie created one of the best shows I have ever seen in my 65 years. I am glad to see Netflix picked up season 3. More fans will come out of this. You guys should tell NBC Universal/Comcast to shove it.

  42. Joe,

    I can’t do much, but I at least gave them my opinion about SyFy when I got a Viewer’s Voice survey today. Maybe it won’t help Dark Matter, but maybe if they hear it enough they’ll realize that your show shouldn’t have been viewed in a vacuum and they won’t do it to the next show.

  43. Thanks for the Pics. It saves me from having to waste time on expressing my opinion of Sci-Fi, basically I go through it every morning after completing my daily morning business as tissue paper being “refiled”. They are proceeding as efficiently as possible as putting needed capital to use. We did get 3 (out of 5 or more) good years of the story. Disaster averted? Hmmm

  44. Thanks so much for this inside look. I know sets and scenery are old hat for you so it means that much more that you’d think of us and give us a glimpse of it.

  45. Much as I hate to ask (read as “beg”):

    If you’re looking to dispose of any of the functional electronics (like the Launchpad in the console!) to a Public School Music Program, I would be proud to take custody of anything sent to my attention, West Lynn Heights School, Box 670, Lynn Lake, MB, R0B 0W0.

    I would love to be able to tell my students, “This piece of equipment was actually part of the command controls of one of the finest spaceships the universe has ever seen.”

    Only thing cooler would be to have the back side of it inscribed with a note from yours truly and any of the rest of the production crew or cast you find laying about 😀

  46. Can someone answer my question: is there no way you can all regroup and then try to make this happen a year from now? With better prep time, more time to negotiate and look for funding/studios etc? This all felt rushed but cant it be picked up? I mean really, let’s make it happen! This so f-ing sad..

    1. “Can someone answer my question: is there no way you can all regroup and then try to make this happen a year from now? With better prep time, more time to negotiate and look for funding/studios etc? This all felt rushed but cant it be picked up? I mean really, let’s make it happen! This so f-ing sad..”

      Unfortunately, the people who said no last week will definitely say no next year.

      1. Thank you, Joe. I am not in this industry so obviously I am not privy to the intricacies of the business, but aside from those who said no, are there no other potential “sponsors” out there? Who may say yes later> I guess I just dont want this to be THE END. I know how hard you worked to make this happen and while us fans are sad, i can only imagine how you all must feel (from cast to crew) to be losing this incredible show like that.

  47. Thanks for the photos, but I am very sad to see them. A certain finality to the whole blasted process.

  48. So saddened to see this show disappeare from our Tv screens, it was without a doubt, the best SCIFI show in years, and I’ve seen most of them.Thank you everybody at Dark Matter for the last 2 years, you will be sadly missed 😖😖😖

  49. As a writer-director myself (waiting on drama commissioners here in the UK) I’ve followed your recent journey with a mixture of hope and dismay. And those dismantled sets… always a gut-wrencher. Hope you can take your great concept into a new dimension. OTT platforms perhaps?

  50. That break my heart apart because mean that Dark Matter show is finished 🙁
    I’m very sad and I can’t beleive that is over !
    There is a lot of very bad tv show on air and I refuse to beleive that nobody want to take care Dark Matter tv show that have a legion of fans and an excellent script, actors,,etc. !!! That is not fair, please don’t give up
    Try with: CBS, TBS, FOX, Warner, MGM, Disney, HBO, AMC, Sony, Paramount, Amazon, Netflix, BBC, etc.
    Don’t give up please !!!

  51. I hate it when the channel’s execs cancel a show and leave the story hanging in the clouds. It’s a lack of respect for the viewers, whom are the ones which generate income for the channel in the first place, and also for the professionals. You start a story, you finish it. Simple as that. Sorry to have the show cancelled. Hope you will bring us more good stuff in the future.

  52. Smiles of pain. So much energy, love, passion and such an abrupt end. Syfy executives have not only cold souls but more than that, they have no respect for their viewers. I’m done with these clowns. Thank you Mr Mallozzi for sharing all the behind the scenes stuff with us fans and viewers. At least someone cares. As Charlie would put it, “Smile, though your heart is aching…”

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