So, let’s discuss next steps.  I know there are those of you who would prefer to have your imaginations finish the story for you.  And I’m fine with that because it looks like another season or miniseries is off the table (for now).  But there are those of you who would like some closure – or, at the very least, answers.  Here are the option presently open to us:

Continuing the series as a comic book:  This would seem to make the most sense since Dark Matter started off as a four-issue arc for Dark Horse Comics (although it technically existed as a pilot script first, but for the sake of argument, let’s ignore that for the time being).  The comic realm offers the opportunity to tell the planned final two season arcs OR possibly a condensed version of seasons 4 and 5.  The only thing working against this would be any copyright issues that might prevent me from using the characters from the t.v. series in the comic book.  The original characters were somewhat different in the original comic books (ie. FIVE was much younger and the Android was male), so I need to be sure I can use the characters we have come to know as the crew of The Raza – otherwise, continuing the story is pointless.  In any case, I’ve put out feelers and hope to hear back later this week about the possibility.

I write some scripts: The operative word being “some”.  At this point, the prospect of writing any more scripts is daunting, but I do like the idea of maybe scripting my plan for the first few episodes and making them available to you online.  Still, this would be a long way from that two season plan.

I offer a breakdown of what I had planned: Which might be kind of fun.  Dedicate a separate blog entry to an episode by offering a summary of each proposed episodic story.  In this case, however, the devil would be in the details since much of my season-long writing has consisted of me jumping back and forth between scripts to ensure consistency and flow – something that might be a little difficult to achieve in this scenario.

I offer “answers”: This would no doubt be the easiest option.  Line up the questions (Where was TWO’s story with her daughter headed?  What were your plans for Ryo Ishida?  How would the reunion between THREE and Sarah play out and where would it go from there?  What happened to SIX?) and then give you my intended broad stroke game plan for each.

There are several ways to go and I leave you to think about it – or suggest options I haven’t offered (although if I haven’t offered them, chances are it’s because I’m not exactly keen on them) – while I look into a few scenarios.

But whatever we decide to go with, it won’t be for a little while.  I am, to be honest, exhausted.  On the one hand, I’m fortunate enough to have worked some 20 straight years in this business without interruption.  On the other hand, I’ve worked 20 straight years in this business without interruption.  I went from teen sitcoms straight into action adventures directly to 12 years of Stargate followed by another series, then a miniseries, a year spent writing pilots, and finally three straight years of Dark Matter  which consisted of overseeing a room, writing scripts, prepping, producing, and posting a season, then overseeing another room, writing scripts, prepping, producing and posting another season…  350+ hours of produced television, 115+ hours of scripted television, and one immense fan campaign later – I am exhausted.  I think I could use a break.

So, I’m going to take a little time.  To read.  Take some meetings.  Consider my options.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop keeping you informed – of my fight to give Dark Matter a proper conclusion, or of the other exciting projects I have in the works.  You’ll still be able to connect with me on twitter (@BaronDestructo), find me on reddit (, and interact with me here where I’ve been blogging daily for over 10 years.

All that said, I really, REALLY appreciate how amazing you’ve all been throughout the show’s run but especially over these last few difficult weeks.  I often talk about family – how the crew of The Raza are like family, and how the cast and crew of the show have become like family to me.  Well, you’ve all become family to me and I thank you for that.  And, as a token of my appreciation, I’d like to offer you continued access to exclusive BTS materials.  Last week, I posted the first production draft of the Dark Matter pilot.  Today, I’d like to give you the final shooting draft of…well, you choose.

I went through the imdb listing for the show and came up with the six highest-rated episodes as chosen by fans.  Cast your vote for the script you’d like to read. Polls close in 24 hours!


134 thoughts on “September 24, 2017: Next Steps

  1. Crying again. *sigh* Those are hard to choose from. I’ll re-watch those and come back and make a call. 🙁
    If it looks like a comic book series, then let us know so we can kickstart fund it.

  2. Hi Joe
    No, THANK YOU, for over twenty years of you slaving over a hot piece of paper to bring joy to our lives! Can’t wait for our next ride on the Mallozzi Express. Bet it will be good!


  3. Da Vinci’s Demons is apparently on “a break” to come back in a few years.
    Why can’t the same sort of thing can happen to Dark Matter and come back way, way BIGGER?!

  4. Is anime out of the question?

    Is writing the script and having the actors read the script on audio only out of question?

    1. @Is anime out of the question?

      I can imagine there’s enough Dark Matter fans out there that could crowdfund a number of episodes too. With Funimation being the distributor for the first three seasons, who better to market it?

      Anime crowd funding isn’t that unusual either, Kud Wafter(A spinoff of Little Busters) had a project crowdfunded recently by Visual Arts.

    2. I think that the problem here are the image rights and having a channel to broadcast it. An anime/cgi serie would have the same problems than a comic i guess, but it would cost too much money. Maybe crowdfounding could help but then… who will broadcast it? If syfy (or whoever that have the rights of the characters) demands the rights of the characters maybe we will have the same problem than before.

      I believe that Joe have the rights for continue with the comics, which is the easier step right now. I like the idea of the audio with the original cast voices, but my native language is Spanish and i find very difficult to understand Three (Anthony Lemke) and some other characters without subtitles 🙂 .

  5. Joe,
    Thank you so much for taking all this time to make certain the fans hear the rest of your story. You deserve some time to relax and spend time doing what you really want to do. I would like to send a small gift to you. To what address do you receive fan mail?

  6. I was thinking a book(s) would be awesome. Perhaps a collaboration between you and John Scalzi (for example) honestly what ever would be easiest for you. I am just so grateful that you are so willing to give us closure. You are cool like that.

  7. i think a cartoon would be the direction to go with maybe a crowdfunding campaign. Say if it were to go to comics would you be finishing the story or would you go beyond what was planned for season 5?

  8. IF no networks pickup the serie I would like something like Marvell comic book like 1 each month for 26 total .I Subcribe.I’m a visual I rarely read text only.As for the poll idk them by the title but like the one with the Duo Adrian & Ahisha

  9. Thank you for sharing this with us! We appreciate everything you have done (and continue to do) for these great shows. I watch some TV, but not particularly much. And there are only a few shows that I really take to heart, Dark Matter being one of them. It has helped me in exploring my identity of who I am and what I would like to bring to this world. It actually helped me to remember that I enjoy acting, so I’m taking steps to learn the craft. But mainly, I respect and love so much the camaraderie of the cast and crew, and am grateful that you all consider the fans as part of the family. We are Raza Crew, and we won’t stop.

    You are more than deserving of whatever time you need to take to decompress and recharge. Let us know what book(s) you decide to read (I recently read the first two books of the Binti series by Nnedi Okorafor and enjoyed them).

    As far as what option, I feel is best,it’s a difficult choice. I would love to see the story have it’s closing in the best way it can, so I suppose comic form would be my first choice.

    However, I would enjoy being able to hear answers from you as to what you had planned for the different arcs as well.

    Talk soon,


  10. Joe, you deserve a rest and our heartfelt thanks for fighting to try and get the final 2 seasons or at worst the miniseries aired for the conclusion of Dark Matter’s story arc.

    The three years you, the crew and cast have been able to give us has been a wonderful ride and was cut short by a corporate (short sighted) decision.

    IMHO a simple Q. A. would be too clinical and not really how you nor the majority of fans would like to have the story wrapped up.

    You have some well earned R&R and ponder the best way YOU would like to wrap it, it is after all your baby.

    Finally thank you, the cast and crew for a fantastic 3 year ride.

  11. I am going to keep reading that “(for now)” part with hope, even if it’s a bit delusional.

    1. I’ll join you too! Also, Netflix just released Season 3 of Dark Matter… could be a dim light of hope.

  12. I’m so glad that you’re laying out the options for finishing the Dark Matter story. My first thought is the separate blog entry for an episode is probably the most rewarding without having to deal with copyright issues.

    Thanks again for taking the time to give all Dark Matter fans proper closure. 🙂

  13. No, YOU are amazing. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you’ve given us through your vision and talent. Take your break. Take as long as you need. (Like you need someone to tell you that.) When you’re ready you’ll have even more stories to tell and I know I’ll be here waiting to hear/see/experience them. If any of them involve Dark Matter in one form or another, even better. I’ll take whatever you’ve got. 🙂

  14. I’m so bummed that DM is over. I still say it’s Sci-Fi at its best! The story, the scripts carried out by exceptional actors, and all the techno stuff made it riveting to watch! I can’t fathom how SyFy chose to end it, especially in comparison to other shows that they decided to keep going. It is mind boggling. They have done this a lot over the years. I shy away from watching the network now because of it. I’m so thankful that I decided to watch DM! I’d rather have experienced a small part than none at all! I look forward to whatever you decide to do to tell us how you envisioned it going for the full five seasons! Thank you! PS I will continue to hope beyond hope that some way some how I will see DM back on TV!

  15. I would like to know where you were going with the Dark Matter story, so, Comics would be my preferred method. However, what about crowdfunding for mini-episodes on You tube?

  16. Hi,

    Thanks for all your efforts in trying to tie up loose ends for us fans.

    I personally would prefer a comic for the final seasons, but only if the tv cast can be used, including their likeness.

    My favourite characters are two and the android, so my favourite episode is “Built, not born”

    I will definitely keep checking back for updates on what you decide.

    1. Hello! *waves*

      I see there are two of us here with similar names.  As the Android would say: “Well, this is a little awkward.”  😉  

      I promise I did not pick my name to copy you, as I have been using my screen-name at forums for over 15 years, usually spelled “Sci-Fi Girl”, or SFG for short.  I wanted to say hello, and let you know that I don’t mean to impose by showing up here with a similar name.  And also to make sure that people don’t confuse us with each other.  And I apologize to anyone who already has! 😮

      This is my first time commenting here on this blog, but I have been reading since shortly before Dark Matter began airing.  I also never used twitter before this month, but I joined and did my best to help out with the tweetstorms!  

      So I am posting here with my twitter handle, as that is how people have come to know me over the last few weeks.  Again, sorry if I confused anyone!  But I really have been one of you for years, even when I was silent, or discussing the show elsewhere.  🙂


  17. I am voting for whatever option (scripts/comic books/novel) that would provide the most details. I still hope, deep in my heart though, that Syfy or whatever network come for a rescue. A written closure would be nice, but it’s always better to see the characters on screen doing what they do best. Our imagination can work while reading comic books or novels or scripts, but a show can help us see things beyond our imagination. I don’t know what to do or how to help but I hope some miracle happens. I also wish everyone the best. And thank you, Joe, for not abandoning us. Hugs to all the cast and crew and to everyone in this amazing family. #TeamRaza is for eternity!

  18. Please don’t give us answers yet! I’m all for continuing to lobby SYFY until they take you and the crew back. Giving us scripts would be my favourite option but have a great break. You deserve it!

  19. Joe and the entire cast and crew – thank you. Whilst it’s sad to see yet another space faring ship sail off into the darkness (our thoughts are still with the crew of the Destiny), you’ve all given us lasting memories (it may well occupy for my daughter the same space that Doctor Who, Blakes 7 or the like occupy for me – classic scifi that was loved as a child).

    I suppose comics would be the cleanest way to wrap it up, and fit with a circle of life/closed loop. I’ll second the opinion that this should be something you decide on, after a well deserved respite 🙂

    Did you, would you, consider something a little more ambitious…short stories/novellas? Very personal, of course, a decision to write that style (I don’t think I could write a script to save myself!), and no less demanding than any other option you’ve considered. I know that patience on book releases tends to be a little longer, so if you could find a collaborator/editor to work with it might allow you to finish the story over a longer period. Just a random thought (as I ~imagine~ fantasise about split-first person/third person narrative novellas, 7 of them :p, birthing over a number of years).

    The fact that you’re openly talking about it though, regardless of where you land on it, is a testament to your passion for the story. So for that, and again, thanks 🙂

  20. A break is well deserved indeed! Your support of the fan campaign and constant communication with the fans was greatly appreciated.

    As much a a comic series would seemingly allow the most freedom and, in a way, faithful execution of your vision (no CGI budget constraints, etc)… somehow, it’s the least appealing option to me. I can’t imagine seeing this story finish without watching the actors we’ve all come to love embodying the characters. It just wouldn’t be the same. (And while I know nothing about the economics of comics, I can’t help feeling gunshy about the possibility of something not totally under your control being cut off at the knees; can you imagine a “season 4” comic series, but no “season 5”??! We’d be right back where we started!)

    With the way TV has been all about revivals and reboots for the last few years, is it foolish of me to hope that in a bit more time (maybe once those oft mentioned “contractual obligations” lapse), we might see Dark Matter on our screens again? That’s what I most want, even if it’s a pipe dream. It doesn’t seem like an impossibility… after all, the Farscape mini-series and Serenity, Firefly’s movie, came years after the cancellations.

    So, that said, for me personally the “answers” option would be my vote. It seems in a way the most flexible, allowing individual fans to get their most burning queries answered (we don’t all necessarily care to the same degree about the same plots and characters) but wouldn’t necessarily reveal all… so if a miracle did happen and the show were resurrected, there would still be story to tell, the joy of discovery, etc.

    A difficult question to be sure. There will be as many opinions are there are fans.

    Rest well,


  21. Joe, you have been wonderful to all of us, the fans. You have worked so hard. You do deserve a break. I believe you will choose the right thing for Dark Matter. Meanwhile, I still believe that somehow it will come to the screen again. Thank you for your hard work.

  22. I still opt for the Season 4 & season 5 straight to DVD option. Noir saying there aren’t issues yo work out, but as it is for the most part basically a money issue, it is the easiest. Get the money to produce, then manufacture and then distribute and advertise. The details of who gets what, as in their cuts can be hashed out along the way. You can even take a little time, then write some scripts and the as you finish the scripts film both seasons straight through.

  23. Boy. This is a tough one.

    As someone who has followed TV and film writing for a long time, my first love would be scripts – scripts that the director in my head can mentally film. But perhaps that would be too technical for other fans; and besides, it feels like it’s not a fair thing unless we could raise at the very least WGA minimums for your efforts. But if you’d like to go that way I’d be overjoyed.

    Best for the wider fanbase is probably the graphic novel option, and as you have said previously, that’s quite fitting given the way the story originally began. It’s something I could more easily give to my other half, who has also been glued to the show. If you need to convince Dark Horse of the goodness of that, there are plenty of us gathered here who will push a pre-order button without a second thought. I’d be amazed (no, disgusted) if Prodigy were difficult over the rights, given the situation.

    Outlines… well I don’t know. Doesn’t *sound* as good, but most of us have been reading your blog for long enough to know that you wouldn’t short-change us if you went that way. I have no doubt you’d find a way to make that exciting and engaging. Maybe we’d get to see the story being evolved and tuned as if we were in the writers’ room.

    “Answers” – I hope that better than that is possible. But I’m not going to complain if it’s the only way.

    The only other option I can think of – other than a not-going-to-happen theatrical movie series or a totally implausible miracle pick-up next year from a rich network run by an ardent fan – is audiodrama. Which can work, to some extent: I’ve always been very fond of what Big Finish have put out, and there’s the chance of having the actual cast involved. But I don’t know if a show like Dark Matter can be reformatted effectively for the medium. Perhaps you might like to play around with a couple of scenes and see how they come out?

    Now please, go have that rest! You have been working incredibly hard, have received a giant piece of bad news, and you deserve a long vacation from it all. Please do keep us posted on what you get up to in your free time, and we will all still be here when you feel ready to take up the story again. Or indeed other stories.

    And now I have to go have a *very* hard think on which script I am most desperate to read!

  24. Of the options listed above, I think a comic finalizing the show would be amazing. I know Smallville continued the show in a Smallville Season 11 comic series. The only thing better than a comic (other than a live series, of course), would be an anime, which probably isn’t on the table, but would allow for the themes you have presented over the last few years.

    If the licensing for a comic book becomes difficult then I think a blog post would be good. If you did a few “episodes” where you laid out the plan and scenes and maybe left the dialogue and characterizations to our imaginations (almost like a synopsis on IMDB), that might be cool, too.

    I think the hardest part for me is knowing I won’t actually get to see these amazing actors play these parts. At least with a comic or anime you can get away with a reasonable approximation.

    It’s be super amazing if you could do an online comic and have the original cast read the dialogue, but I’m sure paying them becomes an issue.

    At the end of the day, whatever works best for you will be the best possible option. You are the one with the story to tell and whatever way allows you to tell what you want to tell is what I want to see. Best of luck with your much deserved time off and thank you again for such a spectacular show. What you gave us will never be forgotten!

    1. I was thinking about this last night… Whatever you decide to do to finish your story, I do hope there is a way for you to cash in. The blog seems like great fan service, but, while this is a labor of love, it’d be nice to see you get something back like you would (I assume) from a comic or movie or anime. You’ve just given us so much, I’d like to think you are getting everything you deserve out of it, too!

  25. Maybe we need a trip to Tokyo? 😆 But take all the time you need Joe and rest.

    I’m with Shana. I like the idea of a book telling the complete story of Dark Matter. You could co-write with one of your professional author friends.

    I could not view the script you gave us the other day. Something is wrong with my computer I guess. I’m a dummy when it comes to computers. Anybody have any ideas what could be my problem?

    1. Ponytail, the script was just in PDF format so that as long as you have a PDF viewer, it should be viewable. You could try downloading/installing Adobe’s Acrobat PDF viewer from their website.

    2. I was thinking about how Tokyo would be fun too! Great minds and all that 😉.

      Whatever form you decide, I’m good.

      A silver lining with this whole debacle, a few hundred lurkers came forward. And you’ve increased your network of friends/coworkers. Some of my beasties are former coworkers, like Dr Jo.

      Hope the girls let you sleep late! 😉

      1. If you don’t want all the extra stuff that comes with Adobe reader, then use SumatraPDF reader. Super light weight, and no extra stuff. If you don’t want to install anything use the portable version. Download the zip, extract, and read the DM Season 1 script. :D. If you need help leave a message in the comment section.

      2. @Ponytail Had the same problem with a web posted document
        a few weeks ago. Turns out I disabled the auto update installation feature
        and needed to manually update to latest version of
        PDF viewer.

        @Joe, Agree with @Tam.
        I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading whichever scripts and comics
        you and the fans decide.
        With everything you’ve been through these last few months
        my vote is definitely for you and Akemi taking some time
        to go get settled into your old apartment
        in efforts to re-establish some normal life routines
        and just unstressing from it all.
        Go for some nice lazy walks with your girls,
        stopping for some pistachio macarons or chocolate chip
        cookies on the way home.
        Take the girls to that local dog park
        they always seemed to much enjoy.
        Encourage Akemi to make some new you tube videos.
        Take time to bake cookies and make cereal ice cream.
        Spend a day roaming & hunting down some new ‘weird foods’ to try.
        Maybe go find a rock concert to let loose at?
        Seems you havent done that in quite a while. ??

        How’s sweet Lulu doing? I’ve been worried about her back problems
        and emotional state with the stress of all the unfamiliar upheaval.
        Hope you can share some new pics soon.

        Sending warmest hugs, love and good thoughts to you n the girls
        and everyone in our large, loyal, loving, family
        today and always.
        Never stop Believing, Loving, Caring and Growing. XO

        1. Thank you everyone. You are all right. I probably messed up my automatic updater and need to install it myself. Thank you very much for your help!

  26. None of these options will satisfy me. I still don’t understand why all the pickup negotiations failed, and I’m wondering if fans can trust any new projects, given that executives always seem to knock your old ones on the head without any warning. Sorry, but I’m pretty angry about this

  27. For 10 years you give a piece of your life to this blog. It is family. And deeply appreciated. I’m glad you get a break, though the reason for it sucks. You and the crew and cast deserved better. I’m grateful for the 3 fantastic years we got, and the many years of SG. Just as I’ll love whatever you do next.

  28. Joe, remember what Akemi kept cautioning you about…
    Karoshi…so please take a good breather, some whiskey, sushi, oh..some belly pork sandwiches. By the way are you over your last bout with upset stomach?

    Very amenable to whatever you choose to do. Of course I do want to have more but on your terms.

    Odd ball suggestion. Has the channel El Rey been considered?
    They do a whole bunch of the OLD Kung Fu movies – Shaw Brothers productions. But they do have some new stuff too.
    In fact they have the whole gamut – Kung Fu to Lucha underground.
    BUT….a potential home is a POTENTIAL HOME. I have not tried to make any contact…do not have information.

    1. Now it’s time for some sooothing Dark Matter S1 and S2 bingeing in anticipation of the S3 release on Netflix soon.

  29. For me a full set of Graphic Novels would only be second to continuing the series. That or movies, but that’s probably a forlorn hope.

  30. I’ve been avoiding all of this because, honestly, I just can’t deal with it. Over the last couple of years my life has changed drastically, and I feel like so much is out of my control. And because my heart was broken once when Atlantis was cancelled I haven’t allowed myself to get too emotionally attached to television shows. However, I would be tickled pink if DM was continued in comic book or graphic novel format. But those get cancelled, too. I just don’t know…I hate constantly being disappointed when my ‘stories’ meet an untimely end. 🙁


  31. Well, of course I’d love to see the series picked up and continue, failing that a multi-episode wrap up, a movie or a comic book.

    Having said that I guess I’d have to say ‘whatever works for the cast and crew’. You have put it all out there and I assume everyone is going to be scrambling to find the next gig. You can’t really be in a holding pattern for long, and it wouldn’t be fair of me to ask that.

    So whatever you all do I’ll support -and I have no doubt- thoroughly enjoy.


  32. Joe, I know it’s not something you want to consider, but I would actually enjoy a comic series continuing the previous series with the exact same characters. Of course, the Android would be Zoie in my mind as I read, despite being male in print. If my fellow fans are up for it, it’s one way you don’t have to be hamstrung by copyright. Whatever you do, I’m going to be grateful. Just something to think about.

  33. Just want to apologize for the typos. My phone has a mind of its own sometimes. Thanks

  34. How about writing the season 4 and 5 scripts as you would normally do and publish them in book form? You could self publish and sell on Amazon.

    You could hire and artist and scatter a few drawings into the pages to keep the feel of the show.

  35. I’m sure out of every idea this one would be the hardest and least feasible, but I would love to see a radio play style podcast to finish of the story. I of course understand that the organization and scheduling for this would likely be impossible, and in any case to much to ask of you, but I was mostly curious about your thoughts on this. Thank you for three fantastic seasons I’m a new fan, and I believe it really shows the quality of the show when I finish it in just 5 days.

  36. Joe, if all else fails, I would love a summary of the major plot points. It would be more organized than only a QA and easier on you than writing out the scripts.

    My dream would be an Audio Drama with the original cast’s voices, the soundtrack, and awesome sound effects. But I realize that in itself is a massive undertaking.

    I have been contemplating writing a short fanfic for DM, before I knew about the cancellation. Now that the show won’t be returning, I want to do it even more to give myself a proper sense of closure. I’m planning to interpret how it all ends with my imagination. It’s rare I write a fanfic instead of an original, but I just love these characters you’ve created. They really are like family.

  37. Hi Joe…. I can appreciate how much you need a break… all of this has inspired me to finally start a blog to diarize my life… and yes… my first post includes the cancellation of Dark Matter…. ( (include or delete the link, as you wish…)

    I’m still hurting over the cancellation, but for me, its a loss of entertainment… for you, the cast and crew, its obviously much more…. and I can only imagine how much its impact has had on all your lives. Take all the time you need….as I’ve said before, I truly look forward to whatever you come out with next…

    As to how to complete your story…. I still pray that at some point, the powers that be will concede to allow you to tell your story the way you intended… with Season’s 4 & 5….(hell… I’m still praying for the crew of the Destiny, and that we’ll finally hear how they make out!) and hope and pray that the actors are available when the time comes…. as it would never be the same without them! Dark Matter has truly been one of the best Sci-Fi shows I’ve seen in several years, and it will be missed!!!

    I’m a huge fan of your work Joe… and look forward to either a completion of Dark Matter, however you choose to do so, or your next project… once you’ve had your rest of course… 🙂



  38. Take all the time you need, a little mental R&R might be just the ticket :). Whatever you decide to do to conclude the series I fully support it. Of course, I’m still hoping that eventually someone will pick the series up and allow you to continue it, but barring that I’m fine with a comic, webcomic, novel, anime series, whatever. All the best to you, and thank you sincerely for putting out a product that we all fell in love with! What a ride!

  39. I like all the options for the most part. I think the comic would be really really cool, but only if it is with the characters we fell in love with on the show. And if copyright prevents that then I don’t think I would want that with “different” characters. I really like the script idea as well! But mostly just getting answers for some closure is what I am mostly looking for. Any option that pans out would be really awesome! Thank you for all your hard work. So apperciated!!

  40. Of the available options, I’d take the comic route, but if possible, I would like to explore other options. Anime. Audio drama. Motion comic. Video game. Anything that lets the original cast still have some involvement. Maybe that isn’t workable legally or financially, but Dark Matter without the cast just wouldn’t be quite the same.

    All that said, anything is better than nothing, and I do appreciate you taking the time to ensure us fans aren’t left hanging forever. Not many would bother.

  41. Joe, I am really sad about this situation. Take time to rest, and recover from all the stress you have been going through. You deserve it.

  42. I’d like something more along the lines of an episodic audio story with the actual cast. For me personally, the comic would be too disconnected to half of what I liked about the show even if it looks like them on the pages. There has been a resurgence of audio stories like that such as “Welcome to Night Vale”. Though, I’m sure that would be a lot more expensive than the comic, and probably would be pretty niche. Outside of that, I mentioned on twitter I’d like a synopsis of what happens to each character with general information about the large global events that were to happen in S4 and S5. Scripts and such would be probably more details than what I’d personally want for “closure”.

  43. Joe
    All the options given you sound pretty good, so maybe a mix of all of them.
    Take a relaxing vacations in Japan and Hong Kong and see if if you can get some nibbles of backing.

    Rough out the story arcs for each of the episode you have envisioned and do a rough scene for each of them. leave it there.

    Create a contest Fans create a short story for each of the already filmed episodes. five to ten thousand words. You decide who wins out of the prescreened submissions and every thirteen episodes short stories as a novel of short stories of the season.( ie this is the background off scene details. Sort of fleshing them out). Do that with each seasons off screen story’s development.

    Have someone Ghost a Full Novel of the series. Leave open the ending for new stories.

  44. I want to thank you for being so involved with your fans and for keeping us in the loop. I also want to thank you for the wonderful stories you’ve brought us, on Stargate and on Dark Matter, and I greatly appreciate that you’re willing to continue interacting with us and are willing to bring to us, in some form, the continuation and conclusion of your Dark Matter story. Too many times, I’ve gotten hooked on a show only to have it yanked before it’s finished. Fortunately, some have lived on in other forms: Firefly, Alien Nation, Buffy, and Angel are the ones that stand out. Even Farscape got a follow-up TV movie. My preference, if we can’t get a live action continuation, is for a comic book format, unless perhaps novelizations, provided prose writing rather than scripts is something that interests you and is something you could get published. But since Firefly/Serenity, Buffy, and Angel were successful in comic books post-cancellation, I think that would be best for Dark Matter.

  45. I love the anime idea that other’s have thrown around. It would be a great opportunity for the actors to reprise their roles, if they would like. So, if that works out, I think comic book/ anime would be amazing. I’m still going to hope out that maybe the “contractual obligations” works out and maybe get Dark Matter on the tv again. I know, maybe it’s a pipe dream, but I can’t imagine Dark Matter without the actors. They really bring your scripts to life, and emote so well. You deserve a nice break, Joe! Come back energized, us fans will just wait for when you want to put out more work!

  46. continuation in comic book is good (we get picture) and audio drama too (sound and actors) but great would be motion comic

  47. A comic would be great if it all comes together. Answers is a terrific idea too, and this coming from the tongue-tied fan who never has a decent question. Your blog has been a tremendous gift, thank you.

    Yep, a nice long vacation is definitely something you need. However, I know when my husband retired from the Navy, it was a scant two weeks before I made him go get any kind of job. I’m willing to bet you don’t do “sit around” very well at all either …

  48. I say publish the comic if you can. Copyright does not have to enter into it. If SYFY will not allow the story retold and extended with the tv versions of the characters just pick up the comic where it left off. This would be a great chance to rebuild and deepen the story.
    The reality is that comic books and the movies and tv shows about them often do not resemble each other much. The storyline is what would be important.

  49. Much respect and gratitude for giving us an amazing Dark Matter universe to immerse ourselves into, Joe. The demise of it is of course tragic and very untimely, but a continuation and conclusion to the story – either through graphic novels, or episodic breakdowns, on here – would be heavily appreciated in a heartfelt manner.

    Stay well, and be happy, my friend.

  50. First off all obviously take that break, sounds like it’s overdue. Being relaxed and rejuvenated you might come up with some more options. Or evaluate them differently.

    So as options we have 1) a comic book, 2) scripts, 3) a breakdown with separate episode summaries or 4) simple Q&A.

    The Q&A is the most dissatisfactory and unfulfilling option from a story and experience point. As a fan I wouldn’t be getting a good story, I would only have my curiosity quenched. And with people posting questions in random order I would be left to organise the story myself.

    A per episode summery say on a weekly basis would at least mimic the weekly episode broadcast and give us our weekly fix of Dark Matter, stringing out the experience/enjoyment. It would also give us the story in an organised form and as intended, allowing us to experience the story.

    Scripts would obviously be a huge step up from that because we would be able to read the full story, dialogue by dialogue. The only thing missing here is the visual element.

    That is why I favour the comic/graphic novel option because it gives me as a fan/consumer maximum enjoyment. I get the full story experience as intended, fully told and illustrated allowing me to visualise things such as the aliens. This should also be the most satisfying option for YOU creatively speaking. It might even increase the chances of getting Dark Matter back on TV in the long run.

    I’m somewhat surprised that there may be copyright issues since I thought you held all the rights to the show. If it is an issue of using the Actors likeness I’d be really surprised if any of them had an issue. In so far as SyFy owns any rights, from a moral standpoint, the least they could do after axing the show is not to be bitches/assholes and sabotage a comic book. For them to want to make a profit on a potential comic book/project after cancelling it is frankly a joke. If I was you I would try to acquire any rights that you do not have so that Dark Matter can truly be your baby/IP. But even if SyFy or another party wanted some revenue I’m sure an agreement can be worked out.

    Financing the comic shouldn’t be an issue, most fans would probably support a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding/pre-order scheme. Hell, many would even be willing to fund a production, the only problem being we probably wouldn’t be able to raise the Millions needed for 2 Series in one go.

  51. We love you too Joe! As much as our beloved cast / crew of the Raza!!

    To be completely honest, I’ve never been much of a comic person. But having said that I do love to read and also due to the love of the show – I’d totally buy them just to see how it all plays out!

    But first definitely take that well earned and deserved break! Although am glad you are continuing to do your blog as I have really come to enjoy reading it.

    Also to those that haven’t quite discovered it yet I highly recommend checking out Joe’s YouTube channel there are some thoroughly entertaining video blogs about weird foods!

    Looking forward to what comes next with the continuation of the Dark Matter, in which ever format plays out, and to your future projects.

    Much love Nina xox

  52. I would love to see the graphic novel adaptation but really Joe, I want whatever works best for YOU. And you’re absolutely right to take this time to rest. I can’t even imagine the amount of work and stress you’ve been going through lately. Please take care of yourself, that is the most important thing.

    It’s interesting that it feels to me almost like a loved one has passed away – that some how, some way, it’s all not really happening and I’ll just wake up and things will be back the way they were. Stages of grief and all that, I suppose. Like I said earlier, this cancellation seems more personal than any other show I’ve watched.

    I keep thinking back about what someone said on one of the Stargate DVD commentaries: “In sci-fi, no one is ever *really* dead.”

    Regardless, you know that we’ll be there with you, not matter what you decide or what happens.

    1. If they can bring back Stargate after 20 years, who knows, maybe the Raza can find her way too! Dark Matter Next Gen 🤔

      I am only half joking!

      What ever Joe decides, I’m sure we will all be very greatful and extremely supportive.

    2. This expresses my same thoughts. We lost a family member and it’s heartbreaking. But I do feel like I gained a new family member in your future work, Joe. For what it’s worth, through all the pain and heartbreak, you made at least one new fan from all of this

  53. I like the idea of seeing scripts for the first few episodes of Season 4 if you’re so inclined, perhaps followed by the episodic breakdown for the remaining episodes. That sounds like the closest we can get to what was originally intended.

    A 26 episode anime series would be great too, if you received an offer someday!

    Comics or novels seem a little too much like a consolation prize for my taste (and I’m not a big fan of comics anyway) and too great of a departure from the show that we all fell in love with, while “answers” might be a more vague approach than most of us would like (though still serviceable if that’s the route you choose).

    But by all means you deserve a break after all of this. You were already one of my favorite creators by virtue of your writing style and the fact that you brought the anime “feel” to live action North American TV shows better than any live action anime adaptation ever has, and after your incredible efforts to keep Dark Matter going for us I think it’s safe to speak for all of us and say you’ve earned a whole new level of respect.

    So here’s a more relaxing(?) question for you: have you seen Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans yet? If not, I think you might like it… the Tekkadan crew has that rare intense “family” dynamic we saw on the Raza.

  54. Thank you for updates, Joe!

    I think that comics characters could be easily renewed! Android (!) can change it’s sex or maybe there will be found another android (Suki) in the starting of androids rebellion and… Five can walk through time-vortex and became little older 🙂

    Wish you good rest and thank you and all the Dark Matter crew for all this drive.

  55. I bet all fans would happily welcome you taking as long a holiday/rest from DM as brings you joy, life is about quality time making memories to treasure which for many of us in this world doesnt involve working ………….
    We are grateful to have just had 13 new episodes of DM and but for Syfy´s cancellation would in the normal course of life have had to wait 9 more months for any sort of clues to find out how the crew of the Raza survive the invasion & where 6 is now ……….
    Thankyou for giving us a choice of scripts to see – I have just looked at the list of 6 and am amazed that season 1 episode 7 ´´ Wendy ´´ , my favourite DM episode failed to make the fans top 6 but I would be grateful to read ´´ Isnt that a Paradox ´´ too !

  56. Whatever is best for you joe with the time you have,i trust your judgement 100 percent.

  57. As the discussion continues on, I would have to say that anything other than a continuation of the original comic, where the characters are different, comes with the same problems. Whether it my preferred choice, seasons 4 and 5 being filmed and released straight to DVD ( to go along with the first 3 seasons already on DVD), an audio series, anime, a comic of the TV versions etc, all have the same licensing and money issues.
    I would even go for a gofundme to get some of the money to kick start production of the last 2 seasons. If the comic, anime, audio etc are valid so is direct to DVD. If that was done, and release date announced right here and via twitter, it would be the best choice. The only other option would be to produce seasons 4 and 5 and make them a web series. Same night and time every week.

  58. You certainly do deserve a break. Sometimes I get tired just reading about your day. =)

    If i had my choice, I’d opt for continuing DM as a comic. And if that’s not feasible, maybe a combination of these two options, because there will no doubt be questions after the breakdown:

    I offer a breakdown of what I had planned: Which might be kind of fun. Dedicate a separate blog entry to an episode by offering a summary of each proposed episodic story. In this case, however, the devil would be in the details since much of my season-long writing has consisted of me jumping back and forth between scripts to ensure consistency and flow – something that might be a little difficult to achieve in this scenario.

    I offer “answers”: This would no doubt be the easiest option. Line up the questions (Where was TWO’s story with her daughter headed? What were your plans for Ryo Ishida? How would the reunion between THREE and Sarah play out and where would it go from there? What happened to SIX?) and then give you my intended broad stroke game plan for each.

    But whatever you decide is just fine.

  59. I don’t fully understand, does SyFy own the right the TV version of your characters? If so, why can’t they just give you the rights back? They cancelled the show, but what to hold on to the rights?

  60. Take a rest Joe, you’ve earned it. Looking forward to your future projects though…

  61. Joe, i would’ve also consider a video game conclusion, i mean seriously, you can open your own video game company, or contract some existing game dev companies to make it happend!

  62. Whatever you do, now or in the future, you’ll always have my support. Thank you for all you have done and for connecting so wonderfully with us, the fans. Peace, happiness, love and light to you always.

  63. I watched first episode of Star Wars last night. Amazing Visual FX, but the story line….. well, it didn’t manage to captivate my attention. Obviously they are not that lucky to have you as an writer. It was a privilege to work with you on Dark Matter and I sincerely hope we can meet on another show. Wishing you all the best.

  64. “I know there are those of you who would prefer to have your imaginations finish the story for you. And I’m fine with that because it looks like another season or miniseries is off the table (for now)”

    That “for now” and the “exhausted” makes me say, don’t do anything. With time comes perspective and renewal. A break will allow you to see what the best future for your creation will be. So, please, don’t do anything but close the door on Dark Matter but leave the door unlocked for the future. Thanks again for all and the crew did!

  65. A cartoon with our cast doing the voices would be next best for me. But any resolution you would be happy doing will be great :).

    1. I think that’s what he was hinting at, that he didn’t die and would reveal what happened to him afterwards. At least that’s what I understood.

  66. If season 4 and 5 are not going to happen (and it looks like they aren’t although I still hope SYFY will come to their senses) then I think the next best option is the cartoon route with the original cast providing the voices.

  67. Joe,

    Thank you for being gracious and caring enough to offer the fans of your work the chance to see the continuation and end of your planned story. I can’t think of anyone else that has engaged with sci-fi fandom as intimately as you have ( except perhaps JMS during his days when Babylon 5 was in production?). I think it speaks to your emphasis on family as expressed through your stories. I believe many will agree that the larger Dark Matter fan crew all felt a strong sense of kinship and camaraderie in our shared goal despite the outcome, sad as it was. I wish you much success in the future.

    I will cast my vote for the summary/outline version of each episode with one one blog entry per episode. While I am tempted to go the direct ‘answer my questions’ method I think I’d like to follow things as close to how they were meant to happen to get the feel of the last couple of seasons – if only in my imagination.

    If that is the method you finally choose, would you be averse to someone transforming those outlines into animated shorts?

  68. Books, I would be thrilled and would purchase every single one. I would be happier for the series to continue. I get tired of my very favorite Sci Fi series getting canceled and living me floating aimlessly in space.

  69. I’d love to see the series go back to the comic format the way it started to see the updated renditions of the crew. Thanks for an amazing season and for introducing us to so many talented actors. In my imagination One, Teku, Solara, Tash, Devon, Nyx and Arrian are whooping it up in an alt galaxy like the handsome bandits that they are.

  70. Hi Joe,

    I would be favor of doing seasons 4 & 5 in comic book form. Also, if possible, it would be great to have the cast of Dark Matter do an Audiobook for some of the issues. Recently, the cast of X-Files did an Audiobook of graphic novels based on the series. The company that does this is Audible Studios.

    Another idea would be doing a Motion Comic with the cast of DM voicing their characters, or perhaps a radio play using season 4 & 5 scripts.

    Thanks, Joe!

  71. You definitely deserve a break. Although I suspect that it won’t be long before your creative energies have you back working on something.

    As for the future of Dark Matter I would ultimately love to see the story continued as a comic book. They’ve done it with Stargate Atlantis and Universe, so hopefully something similar can be done with Dark Matter. Fingers crossed there are no complications with copyright. But even if you are able to just answer a few of our questions about the possible direction of the story then that would be some solace.

  72. Enjoy your time off!!! You more than deserve it!

    As for continuing the story, scripts seems like way too much work for you. But you’re also a work-a-holic, so….

    My favorite option is the blog-entry-per-episode, even if that would take a long time to happen. (It sounds like you would have to pre-write a season’s worth before posting any of them, in order to be able to go back and tweak things as you tackle later episodes and discover pipe that needs laying.) While a comic book S4&5 would be ideal, the blog entry option would be way cheaper to produce and less work for you, and this show has turned enough of your hairs grey as it is. 😉

  73. Take a break! You deserve it! We are fans that are devastated a beloved show is being left hanging. It certainly isn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. We want closure but honestly none of us are going to suffer if we don’t get it. And as much as we want that closure we need to understand that you have been doing the work of numerous people for quite a while now. So it’s time for you to do something for you! We, the #RazaFamily, will still be here when you decide the best course to give us the closure we would like! Take a vacation! Step away from tech for a week! Lay around in your underwear and play video games! In other words, be lazy AF! After all the years of TV you’ve given us we can cut you some slack! Haha

  74. I’ll vote No on any Q&A’s for now. If the series was still on Syfy, we’d have to wait until next summer to see season 4. I’m content to wait and see how things play out with other avenues, comics, web series, anime, or a potential series pick-up down the road. It might just need to be a ‘right network/right time’ situation, instead of a scrambling around, begging for scraps situation. I know you’ve said the sets will have to be dismantled soon, but whatever was built can be rebuilt 🙂 I believe you’ll find a great way to finish out the series for us, one way or another. And, of course, take time off for yourself as well.

  75. I never liked the comics (sorry!!)
    Maybe that’s a Brit thing? Comics over here tend to be “comic strips” and not much more.
    If you were to write something, I’d prefer to be able to read it in script form, than have it trimmed to a few odd speech bubbles in a comic.

    If it were up to me, I’d go with script form.
    Maybe even episodic?
    Doesn’t have to be whole episodes at a time, either.
    Bits of stories evolving over the course of a month…

    Perhaps once a week you could post a couple of scenes for us, and continue the story that way.

    Maybe even let us subscribe via Patreon, and have “episodes” air a week or so in advance for subscribers?

    It’s certainly a different direction to take, and it would allow the story to live on for quite a while longer.
    … *shrugs*

  76. The biggest problem with a comic book would be, that the actual people would not be present. No O’Neil, Lemke, Palmer, Mallari, etc. Something relevant would be missing.

  77. This is sad news, and I hope we can get a wrap up in some form. But that said, I am strangely less upset by the premature cancellation of “Dark Matter” than I am about many other shows that I enjoyed and were canceled before their time. The reason being that the journey so far was so satisfying. Almost all the individual installments and story arcs were meals in themselves, able to stand alone and be enjoyed again, not just as some means to a greater story. Yes, I would dearly love to see how it all turns out, but I don’t feel at all cheated that I watched the show, or that I’d somehow wasted my time spent on it. The contrary. I enjoyed it, and I’d still recommend it to friends with the minor caveat that it doesn’t resolve conventionally. So, thank you for bringing us the show, and I’ll be looking forward to what you do next, “Dark Matter” related or not.

    – J. Steven York

  78. I’m sorry to hear the campaign to save Dark Matter as a TV series didn’t reach its ultimate goal. The odds were always long, but you tried everything.

    I hope the cast and crew soon find other projects to continue their careers, allthough it’s a real pity it couldn’t be as part of those last 2 seasons.

    Your commitment to giving fans a form of closure for the story is much appreciated.

    I would prefer the comic book series, if a deal can be worked out so the TV story can be continued with those characters. And hopefully, there’d be a way to distribute them worldwide, should it come to that.

    A breakdown of what you had planned, released in episodic form, would be great as well, if no deal could be reached for the comic book form. And there’s no need for it to be exactly 13 episodes, you could make as many or as few as you want and/or need to finish the story.

    A novel would offer possibilities as well, but as you have indicated it would take a long time to write.

    Thanks for the three seasons of Dark Matter and I hope you have more luck on your next project.

  79. Oh, I just wanted to come back and comment, because news ones came in suggesting video games. Joe, Telltale Games has done a really great job adapting fun, casual games from other IPS. Would love to see Telltale take a crack at it, if it’s at all possible!

  80. Thank you Joe. Thank you for being so committed and dedicated to your fans. Thank you for your hard work. What you do for us is incredibly inspiring.

    This will take as long as it takes but Like a phoenix from its own ashes, in any ways, Dark Matter will rise again and the fans will faithfully await its return whatever your decision will be about the format. I am convinced of that.

    We, your fans, are very grateful for your creativity which gives us so much pleasure and which has brought us all together for three years.
    It’s your creative work that inspires us, Joe, all around the world.

    Cartoon, anime series, comic/graphic novel/book, scripts, episodic breakdowns, audio drama (but with subtitles because I’m french and my english is really not so good) or like Robert said, maybe a mix of all of them.
    A video game will be awesome too !!

    Whatever the format will be, I’d reallly like to know more about Two’s story with her daughter, about Five’s sister, about where Sarah and Irina are, about the Blacks ships, the aliens… so many stories to tell about… and, we are so passionate about these stories that we will wait for the time it takes.

    You, and your crew, deserve more; Dark Matter really is a masterpiece of science fiction which needs a closure and whatever this closure will be, we, the fans, will support you until the end.

    But before doing something more, you deserve a break, a break to rest, a break to think, a break to take a deep breath and to relax, you’ve really, really earned it.

    Enjoy your rest Joe, take care of you and your family.

    Know that your fans are always never far from you.

  81. I personally don’t enjoy comic books. I’m more into video format, I’m willing to help make a cartoon version which could be shown here on your blog with some ads to generate revenue. I’m not the best cartoonist (possibly the worst, given I have no experience in the field) but I’m willing to learn… for the sake of Dark Matter, I’ll do anything.

  82. Not sure if anyone else has suggested this but have you thought about releasing it in Webisodes? I know you would have to work it out with SyFy but just enough to give us all closure?

  83. Btw, my daughter’s birthday was the 24th. It’s rather funny, because Leora doesn’t read anyone’s blog often, but she’s been checking yours daily even before I do and giving me updates. She’s so disappointed, and angry. She’s the age they want.. 26 … she thinks it’s one of the best science fiction on. And she wrote netflix over it. I know it doesn’t change things, but at least you know you have massive support and admiration for your work. We’ll still be here for your next work. Hopefully on a network that actually gives a flying fig about the fans.

  84. I vote for whatever works best for you. As far as I’m concerned closure is important and I’ll take that in whatever form you deem is possible.

  85. I keep thinking of the animated idea. But, it’s also more work than some other options.

    I hope you’re taking some time to relax. I regret that I could not send you cookies. Many hugs to you and Akemi and the dogs!

  86. Hi Joe,
    Here’s my bottom line: Take some time – whatever you decide.

    Dark Matter was your child, essentially, as were the many other projects you had a hand in raising. Far be it from me to tell you which University your baby should go to in order to finish growing up.

    I would most decidedly like to see how the story ends, but how this tale plays out has been, and will continue to be, entirely up to you. You’re driving the Raza, as you have from the start. Where she ends up, should be entirely up to you (constrained only by supplies, repair needs, fuel, and – sadly – unimaginative market forces that rule the television/film/comic book industry).

    I only ask that you take us on this journey with you.

    Much love and respect.


  87. Hi again,

    I know I just thought out loud on Twitter with this one, but as I’m actually a bigger fan of books than most things on the large and small screen (Dark Matter being one of several huge exceptions: Firefly, BSG, Stargate, Trek…), I am seriously wondering…

    What would a Five Novel Epic of Dark Matter look like?

    It’s OK, Joe. I’m not going to be sleeping much tonight after that thought, either.


  88. I don’t think you should decide Anything right away. Give yourself a few weeks to unbend your brain, unpack the burdens on your heart, breathe fresh air, and enjoy Akemi, the doggie kidz, and mom and sis in Montreal. Then you’ll have a clear head, and the right solution will present itself to you. And yes please! Take us all on a trip to Japan when you have the energy. We’ll still be here. And the new blog family will get to enjoy your commentary on life in general.

    Our thoughts are also with Paul, Jay, the cast, crew, and rest of the Dark Matter family in Toronto. Prayers all around. They have EVERYTHING to be proud of.

  89. First, thank you so much for everything you’ve given us. As a fan, I’m constantly amazed at how far above and beyond your commitment to us goes. It’s obvious you care deeply and I’m grateful and touched. Your passion comes through in all of your work and every single blog post.

    You definitely should take a break so you can return to Dark Matter refreshed with the ability to consider what the best option may be not only for the fans, but for yourself as well.

    I’m in the minority I think in that I really wouldn’t want a comic or anime. I would much prefer either a blog entry for each episode and/or some scenario where the actors voiced an audio version of something that could be similar to a comic. A book series such as was done for Stargate Atlantis appeals to me. I’m an avid reader so book format would be awesome if done well.

    Naturally scripts would be awesome, but I feel that would be asking too much of you. I know you’ll need time & energy for your next fantastic project which I eagerly await.

    Whatever you give us, I’ll be eternally grateful. You really are pretty damn awesome. Thanks in advance for whatever it may be.

  90. I’d love to read whatever you decide to do. Comic or synopsis. All the things you mentioned and then some…who was responsible for killing One’s wife and One himself, whatever happened to Rook, what’s the fate of Sarah & Three, does Two find her daughter, and Five her sister? What of the alternate Raza crew running amuck and Wexler as the new Raza addition? What happens to Ryo & Teku? Do we see Adrian, Solara, or Anders again? What of the alien invasion, the double deception? Oh, the list goes on…

    I’ll read, watch or listen to whatever you decide to do. But first, I agree, you need a break! How about Japan? Eat some good food, drink some good sake, catch up with old friends and re-energize! Take care!

  91. Thanks Joe for all the work to try to keep the show going. I think a comic book is an ideal way to close out the show.

    If comic book is not possible, some sort of quick answer session with the highlights of what would have happened is fine. That frees you up to focus your energies on something else you want to pursue. Move to Tokyo?

  92. For now? Do you mean there is still a chance in the future that DM will be picked up and continued in TV format?

  93. Whatever you decide is fine by me. If i had my choice, i think novelisation is best because a novel could cover several “episodes” worth of events. Three novels to cover a season. And while I know that you said you would take to long to finish writing a novel, couldn’t you oversee a ghost writer? (If that’s the right term) Give all your notes and plot lines to a writer, and edit his drafts at your leisure.

    Second best option for me is the comic, which tells the full story.

    Third best option is the scripts, but I’d like to see them printed/bound/sold because writing scripts is hard work and of course we’d like to pay.

    I’m not a fan of the idea that we pick your brain for answers because you lose too much by doing that. We’d never get a moment like five telling the android “Kill them all” by just asking questions, you know?

    Take your time. Enjoy the vacation.

  94. So sad. Somehow, I’m still waiting for a deus ex machina to rescue this show. But if it can’t be, I’d prefer to read scripts, I’m not a big fan of comics.

    The show had great potential. At times, I felt that it wasn’t fully realized, but especially the first few and the last couple of episodes were mind-blowing.

    And thanks for caring what the fans want – seems like few people do that these days. And to all the other fans: We are the Raza!

  95. Just relax for a while Joe, you have earned it and you need it. Kick back, put your feet up, breathe deep and think about all your options. Enjoy some time off. More hugs oooooooooooo.
    We are here. Personally, I do not know what you should do about the conclusion of the story lines. I don’t usually read graphic novels because I enjoy the visuals of a big screen experience or a more detailed written story book. But if that is the way you decide to go then I will read the comics. Even though I am upset that they cancelled DM before it was concluded, I know you will make the best choice to finish it. I will follow you where ever you take it. I know I am no help.

  96. Thanks Joe for all your good work.Hoping we will see a Dark Matter continuing seasons or at least a tv movie or even an animated version would be well come

  97. Thank YOU Joe!!! I loved the show before I was on it. And when I joined your cast, it was the first time EVER that I was on a show that felt like a REAL family. I’ve never seen actors so excited about where there characters were going and the plot twists that they were involved in.

    I am also a fan of the show, and I HAVE to know what happens to the crew of the RAZA. And I’m a writer, so I know how freaking hard it is to write a whole script, but what if we all sent in questions, and you could have a blow out answer session on youtube? You can keep things vague, just in case Netflix comes a calling.

    Really amazing work. I really really loved reading every script. And take a rest, but then get back on that horse and get to work! 😉

    1. “Thank YOU Joe!!! I loved the show before I was on it. And when I joined your cast, it was the first time EVER that I was on a show that felt like a REAL family. I’ve never seen actors so excited about where there characters were going and the plot twists that they were involved in.

      I am also a fan of the show, and I HAVE to know what happens to the crew of the RAZA. And I’m a writer, so I know how freaking hard it is to write a whole script, but what if we all sent in questions, and you could have a blow out answer session on youtube? You can keep things vague, just in case Netflix comes a calling.

      Really amazing work. I really really loved reading every script. And take a rest, but then get back on that horse and get to work! 😉”

      Andrew, it was a pleasure welcoming you into the Dark Matter family. It was all too short.

    2. I won’t be the totally annoying fanboy, but I loved what Teku brought to the show. Excellent work on your part and I still pray for the miracle that brings you back to my TV! Thanks for your hard work!

  98. I remember reading “Amberstar: An Illustrated Cosmic Odyssey” many, many years ago, and marveling at how it combined photos of actors with collages and illustrations to present a hybrid between a graphic novel and fotonovel…. that could be a way of having the cast reprise their characters in a medium that could be produced on a (considerably) tighter budget than a movie/TV series. There may have to be some design alterations to avoid any copyright issues, but as a starting point to continuing the story, maybe that has some potential?

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