32 thoughts on “September 25, 2017: Read the Dark Matter script you chose!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the script Joe and the behind the scenes pics!

    Can’t wait to read it!
    Cheers, Nina xxx

  2. Hi Joe
    Thanks! Not the one I voted for (second place) but it’ll do nicely.
    I’ve been thinking about you said yesterday. I’d be up for whatever you can give us, a comic would be nice, but just explaining what you had in mind for the next two seasons works for me.


    1. Oh yeah! What was the plan? The gun is all loaded and has no where to shoot. I love those characters! They’ve been through so much… what append to them now?

  3. I was re-watching “Nowhere To Go” last night and I got all teary-eyed when all the characters were on the bridge, sans Ryo, at the beginning of the episode and Three had his feet propped up on the bridge console. I thought to myself that this will be the last time we see Three propping his feet up and I almost cried.

    Thanks for the BTS photos! You know I love the pics! Looking forward to reading more scripts, to watching S3 again on Netflix and keeping tabs on your new endeavors. Thank you for the wonderful ride in the DM verse!

  4. Thanks for the script Joe! The fun thing is I can read that and I can actually hear their voices in my head being so familiar with the actors so let me encourage you again to do some kind of illustrated work or even a novel or two to finish up the series. No it won’t be he same as being able to watch the actual show but I’m a big reader and really get into my books and I do read a good bit of sci fi. Knowing the Characters as I do from watching them just makes reading so much more compelling and entertaining. When reading the script I hear each character in my head in their own voice and that’s pretty awesome!
    Actually would love it if you did more than just finish up your original plan but actually expanded it into future adventures or even some kind of spin off. Whatever you do I know it will be great.

  5. Joe, thanks for the scripts and for keeping us all in the loop… taking some time off to do other things – my God man! If anyone deserves to do that it’s you! Wishing you the bestest time away from it all… …having said that, later, after you’ve rested up, I would love to see a DM movie (or 4) kinda like what was done by Joss Whedon with Serenity (but if you kill off 2 of our DM family, well, just don’t!) or perhaps something like what you did with SG-1 (Continuum, Ark of Truth, Children of the Gods – straight to DVD) or even something crowd funded. I also like the comic book idea if you can get a release for the series characters… or (and this would be wild) write and release the scripts as if you were going to produce them for the last 2 seasons and publish them in some kind of book form. If/when they set sales records, maybe that could convince a network to do the last 2 seasons.

    On a completely different thought thread, I want to tell you that DM was the first series where my favorite character changed, practically weekly. If I had to pick a favorite now, I don’t think I could. Every single one of the characters (ok,maybe not One -lol) was just so well fleshed out in story and through the incredible acting of the cast, it’s impossible not to love and care about every single one of them. Incredible writing. Seriously. Ok I’ve rambled on long enough. Just know that you all touched so many of us and we will never forget you…

  6. I was watching Alias Grace on CBC, last night and started to have a really wild idea. I know you’re an industry veteran but I was naïvely wondering if the CBC would consider funding 2 more seasons of Dark Matter?
    The CBC seems to like shorter season series (Bellevue, XCompany, Top of the Lake and Follow the Money). Would Bell allow the CBC to broadcast the first three seasons? Then the CBC could have exclusive broadcast rights for the 2 subsequent seasons, while Bell gets exclusive online rights for them and any international sales?
    I suppose the “contractual” problems will eventually be sorted out. I know rights management and financing are a terribly complicated area, so I wanted to underline how naïve the question really is…and how tired you are of the battle. Thanks for everything.

  7. I love this line from the script. Whodathunk “WTF?” was an official script term:

    TWO opens her eyes, sits up. Glances over at THREE stirring
    awake beside her. WTF?

  8. Thanks for the script? Have you decided the next step? Are we going on a trip? 😉

  9. Thanks for the script Joe! I look forward to following along with it, while watching the episode again on Netflix to see how often Anthony ad libs his lines! lol….

    Also… thanks for the pics… love the one of Roger Cross with a yellow tag on his jacket with a number 6 on it, and just in case you can’t tell, its also spelled out “SIX”…. too funny!

    I was just thinking… since the stumbling block to preventing Season’s 4 & 5 were contractual in nature… how detailed were the clauses preventing the continuation of the story? I mean… can you approach other suitors with the continuing seasons, and give it a different name instead of Dark Matter, and say, change the characters names from 2, 3, 5, 6 to B, C, E, F …. ok… maybe not those… but hopefully you see where I’m coming from…???? Just putting a bug in your ear for other options…. as I’m still hoping for a proper conclusion to the story as opposed to comics, etc….

    Again… a huge heartfelt thanks to you and everyone involved in putting out this amazing show…. I’m already missing it…..sigh……

  10. Hi Joe,
    I wanted to thank you and everybody for their hard work and effort.
    Too bad it didn’t work out as planned.

    Thank you also for the script! Finally something I also voted for. I always had bad luck when we named the episodes.

    As for the future of Dark Matter, I liked what you did back with SGA fifth season but at the end of the day I’m o.k. with, whatever works best for you.

    Cheers Christian

    1. I didn’t watch this until about five years ago and now it’s one of my favorite movies! I love movies with good quotes. Princess Bride, Galaxy Quest & The Incredibles are all very quotable!

      1. Tam – I recently said “As you wish.” to someone and his eyes lite up. I then said “Princess Bride?” and he starts smiling and says it’s his favorite movie! There you go… 😆

  11. As an enthusiastic (but very amateur) scriptwriter, in both audio and video formats, I thank you for sharing these scripts with us … And, suffice to say, please feel free to upload others, as they’re an amazing read.
    All the best!

  12. Thank you so much!!
    As deeply, deeply saddened as we all are, I can only imagine what you must be going through – and that’s why I find it even more kind and gracious of you to continue to share and communicate with us… Thank you <3

  13. I so wanted to read “My Final Gift To You”, but won’t complain with the script of one of the best episodes IMO of the show. I enjoyed this episode so much. ♥ Thank you Joe for sharing the scripts with us. 😀

  14. Is there any possibility you could release the camera scripts/storyboards and/or an example discussion director – camera operator? I would be really grateful! Thank you for spending your time for a view at the production!

  15. Joseph

    Would it be possible to obtain copies of all the final scripts or Dark Matter ease

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