All good things must come to an end – some much sooner than expected.  Sadly, such is the case for Dark Matter. Despite word of the cancellation by syfy, fandom rose up and gave us new hope. We sought to buck the odds and find our little show a new home.  But unfortunately, I just learned that our final option has proven unworkable due to contractual issues.  It’s a shame because these potential saviors reached out to me and offered a creative solution that, had it worked, would have been a sci-fi fan’s dream scenario.  But, alas, it was not to be.  In time, I would love to tell you all about it.

As for what’s next for Dark Matter?  My first choice would be to complete the story in comic book format where it originally began, but I’ve just started to look into the possibility now.  Beyond that, I’m not sure.

Thank you to my cast and crew who made it all possible.

And an especially HUGE THANK YOU to all of you, the viewers and fans, who made Dark Matter one of syfy’s most watched shows and who rallied and made your voices heard these past few weeks.

I said it before and I’ll say it again…

You all deserved better.

September 23, 2017: The End

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    1. Could you possible reach out not Syfys owner and ask if he himself could void the contract to keep the show going, please? Just This one final shot before you look into making it into a comic book. Please please please, Dark Matter is life. :/

    2. I just want to say this show is my favorite sci-fi program since the original Star Trek. Outstanding. I thank you for making it.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear. That is heartbreaking. It was such an amazing show, story, and cast. It’s hard to believe that its really over. It will always be one of my all time favorite shows. Thank you for the incredible journey.

  2. It’s sad news but at least we went down fighting. I’m looking forward to you finishing the storylines in comic format. Thanks to you and the crew for everything.

  3. That is terrible news Joe. I’m really sorry for you, the crew and the cast. Thank you all for giving us such an amazing show and hopefully you get an opportunity to tell the remaining story of Dark Matter in the way you want. Dark Matter will not be forgotten by the fans.

  4. Sorry to hear this. It breaks my heart to know that a great show is no more. Contract law can be complex and hard to deal with. I will keep reading your blog and once you have in place a way to finish the story I will be there. Thanks again for your great story telling!

  5. So sorry to read that. we tried, A truly great story has been left unfinished.

  6. No! I’m sorry man. If the comic doesn’t come to fruition then maybe it could be novelized. I would love to help if you need me.

  7. Thank you, Joseph, for keeping us up to date. I’m sorry we didn’t do more to help keep this phenomenal sci-fi series in production. I hope we can see a conclusion in some format in the future. Hang in there, and keep imagining!

  8. I’m so sorry to hear this. There are more than a few co-worker friends from the TV station where I work who were all hoping your rally cries were going to pay off. 🙁

    I’ll be looking forward to your post about the final possible option that sadly wasn’t to be.

  9. Joe, you have been amazing throughout. I personally would prefer you leave the rest of the story untold, at least for now, to allow for the possibility, however, remote, that the show could be continued on TV in the future. Obviously, though, you know best.

    1. I too would like to leave story untold in hopes of completing on TV/Movie. Comic version great for a portion of fan population, but I really like the “novel ” idea Drew Avera proposed. Novel and movie version never completely the same so I would love to read the novel AND watch a completed movie/TV series.#WaitingInTheWingsForDarkMatter

  10. Thank you. This is not unexpected, but still a brutal loss. I really wanted to believe it was renewable. I read what a long shot it was, but tried to push hard for a different outcome. This is wrong on so many levels, I’m sure I don’t need to itemize them for you to know them intimately. Stress to all connected/ involved that the work was beyond favored in the eyes of the fans and we are deeply sorry.

  11. Thankyou for the gift you have given us with ‘Dark Matter’. I believe it has been sadly underestimated and remain in your debt. It’s a terrible thing to lose quality shows but even more so SciFi as so few of them make it out there at all. One quick question – is there are chance you could create something new with these willing saviours? I want to thank you, writers, cast, crew and everyone involved for bringing us something that ‘for one brief shining moment…was known as…Datk Matter’, to steal a phrase. Thankyou all. In Sadness, Jill Porritt

    1. Really hope he continues the story with one of these saviors…. with a different show name of course but same cast ;-; Really hope there is a loophole in the contract that he can use to continue the show :c

  12. Wow. Heartbroken. Thank you for trying everything you could. Most importantly thank you, the cast ,and the crew for giving us three awesome seasons. Yes we want more- but thankful we got to see the world and vision you created. I do look forward to seeing how it ends one day-one way or another.

    Thank You.

  13. Maybe it is not meant to be today but maybe a year from now or less we can get Dark Matter back and who know your creative juices will be flowing for another season or two. Although your plans were fr season 4 & 5, these possible suitors were looking for a longer commitment. I know Dark Matter will be back, This sci-fi series is too good to be forgotten.

  14. Very sorry to hear that. Take small comfort from knowing your audience wasn’t just passive consumers of televisual opium, but actively engaged, energised and inspired by your work. And we will be again.

  15. You have two options from here:

    1) You can crowdfund Dark Matter and bypass all previous contract obligations.

    2) You can sell the show to Syfy/NBC, making them the owners of all Dark Matter related material.

    Option number 2 is the worst case scenario, BUT it will guarantee a renewal for 2 more seasons at the expense of…well…everything. This is the option they were hoping you would take when they initially cancelled the show.

    Option number 1, while not easy, is surely doable.

    I really hope that you reconsider your stance on giving up. While the situation is dire, it not entirely hopeless and there are still options to consider.

    A Dark Matter comic book, you say? I, for one, won’t be reading it, because that form of storytelling died 30 years ago – and I am sure many of the other fans feel the same way.

    1. Kadamose Jeron, neither of your options are possible. Crowdfunding doesn’t overcome established contractual obligations.And the most successful crowdfunding was Pebble with just over $20 million. That’s not enough to do 4 episodes, much less a whole season.

      And if SyFy/NBC wanted to buy Dark Matter, it would have.

      1. Actually, Tim, Star Citizen has raised over $150 million through crowdfunding. Also, I find it unlikely that an episode of Dark Matter costs $5 million. Joe and his crews have consistently demonstrated admirable thrift in their productions.

        1. The biggest hurdle with crowdfunding is that, even if without contractual obligations it will take months to hit a viable funding target. The sets will all have come down by then, plus it’s unfair to ask the actors and crew to wait around. They have to move on and find other work.

      2. Joe has said that GOT spends about 10m per episode and DM uses considerably less than a third of that for an episode.

        I love DM but it seems crowdfunding a project to finish it needed to start a long time ago and be as successful as Pebble near 20 million to do 6-7/8 episodes and fulfill any outstanding legal/contractual licensing issues.

        Short of purely funding the mini-series costs of nearly 20+ million, Joe and DM don’t own a network and would have to makeup the shortcoming of that funding through a deal with one.

    2. “A Dark Matter comic book, you say? I, for one, won’t be reading it, because that form of storytelling died 30 years ago – and I am sure many of the other fans feel the same way.”

      No, it has not. Look into a comic store sometime and see the magic that’s still there.

    3. I’m 35 years old and I have a comic book collection from when I was in college. In the early ’00s (and I’m a woman!). My husband had a digital comic subscription just a few years ago.

      I would gladly pay to read a comic book series.

  16. Thank you for such a great show. Thank you to the regular cast, the guest stars, the people who had one-episode roles. Thank you to the crew, many of you who are not named or known well to us. Every scene and every moment put 200% of your best efforts to make something we fell in love with. The lines are written, but its the actors and the crew who bring it to life.

    Thank you Joe and Paul for the fantastic storylines, the WTH moments, always leaving us on a cliffhanger like in the old days of science fiction shows. Thank you for blogging all the great extras with guest bloggers who answered our questions about the show.

    Thank you to all the fans who put their hearts into this show and rallying behind the DarkMatterFTL account to help do what we could to express our opinions. It was not in vain and please do not ever feel that way. It may not have had the outcome we all hoped for, but we knew it was a longshot. You went above and beyond what we asked. You trusted us when we told you bizarre things to do (like how to trend) or things maybe you disagreed with (like @’s to Syfy and executives at Syfy).

    Thank you to all the international fans who lost a lot of sleep to stay up at night to tweet on USA time.

    Thank you to Akemi for helping put those blooper reels together. They were just wonderful. Thank you to Bubba and Lulu for inspiring such lethal weapons. They were themselves lethal weapons in cuteness.

    Thank you to Lulu and Suji for sharing mom and dad for awhile with us.

    We are planning a send-off tweet on Friday Sep 30 at the same time as our usual events. We are deciding on a hashtag. There is talk about a parody tag to Syfy, but we will see. Or maybe a direct one to share how we feel. We’re still discussing that. Please join us. Let’s show our love and respect to the people who were involved. I’ve been keeping a running list of all the Twitter names I could find involved with the show since season 1. I’ll post it on Friday. I may miss some so if you see a name missing from my list, let me know (DM the account and we will see it).

    Now I go have a good cry.

      1. Excellent, Hilda. :-‘)

        Love the idea of the send-off Tweet heard round the world. I wouldn’t want to take a petulant swipe at anyone. That would be the last thing people remember about Team Raza and sci-fi fandom. Let’s be classy first, and classy always. Our hearts were in it to The End.


    1. So beautifully put @PBMom and a heartfelt Thank ‘You’ for all your hard work at the DarkMatterFTL campaign. As well to everyone on the Dark Council. You’ve all been nothing short of truly amazing. xo

    2. Such a wonderful tribute, can’t imagine a better one than that!
      So sorry, Joe. You are missed here in Vancouver!

    3. UGH. Friday September 29th NOT 30th. I blame it on an entire month of serious lack of sleep. Sorry for that you guys.

    4. I will be there on 29th for the tweet send-off. How about #RazaForever I am game to keep tweeting (maybe on a once a week basis?) to keep Dark Matter/Raza alive and show that we will not forget it.

  17. Depressing, but not unforeseen.

    We can always take a stab at the crowd funding option. We could not end up any worse off than we are right now.

  18. Well, it’s been a fun ride for a few years.

    Maybe you can go the “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” way and produce an animated movie to finish the series?

    A comic book sounds fine to me, too. At least SOME kind of closure.

    Damn, why am I always getting into great series that are canceled. 🙁
    Constantine, Odyssey 5, Firefly, Futurama, Blood Drive, Farscape, V, The 4400, Terminator: S.C.C., Threshold, Space: Above and Beyond …

    Maybe Science Fiction is a lost genre. My heart was broken so many times with unfinished storylines and I hate it. I wish there was more space for intelligent television on this planet.

  19. You, the cast, crew and fans of DM have my condolences. You put up the good fight and I’m truly sorry it didn’t work out. Hope you can share what would have been your 5 year plan, comic book form or otherwise. 🙁

  20. understatement to say i’m heartbroken. this show, and all of you guys, deserve so much better and more. is there anything else we can do?
    thank you for bringing this wonderful show with amazingly written characters into our lives. you gave the good old sci-fi genre a new boost and showed us and everyone how it’s done, and you gave a terrific space family to look up to and live vicariously through. thank you from the bottom of my heart, and however you will continue dark matter, i will follow.


  21. What about telling the rest of the story in a new set of comics based on the show’s canon? We need closure!!!!

  22. John I

    Loved the Show. Loved the cast and the story. Hate that it ends like this.

  23. It totally sucks that syfy cancelled it, im gonna miss the show, speaking of other options how about a cartoon voiced by the actors or better yet creat a game based on dark matter for pc, ps4 and xbox one, i would play an openworld adventure game set in dark matters universe.

  24. Genuinely gutted, would it really be that hard for syfy to slump up the cash for even one season more? Even half a season? A special event movie? 🙁 I was there for Universe ending, I genuinely didn’t want this to go the same way. Cliffhangers are the worst when it comes to cancellations. Great when you know it will get resolved, terrible when you can only wonder. Sigh.

  25. Crushing. I’m in tears right now. Had really hoped that we could tear open the sky, alter time just a little and the outcome. I feel so badly for you, the cast, the crew & for my fellow fans.

  26. I’m incredibly impressed by the fact that you didn’t take the cancellation lying down and rallied with your fan base. I can’t speak for everyone, but and the crew of the Raza have all made a lifelong fan. Whatever comes next, i’ll Be watching/reading/listening. Good luck to all of you and know that you’ve done great work and that work was loved!

  27. I am so sorry – for you, for Akemi, for your cast, for your crew and for every one in the world-wide Dark Matter family. I will never meet you but have read every blog you have written for the last 3 years – the highs and the lows,the ups the downs, the good times and the bad, the happy and the sad – still processing what all this means – but one thing is clear – in creating the crew of the Raza you have also welcomed in another kind of family with an even wider reach and bond that will I think endure – as an unexpected member of The Dark Matter family – Thankyou.

  28. Thank you Joe.

    Thank you for your unique voice in sci-fi and your equally unique (and rare) commitment to character, integrity, friendship and loyalty.

    Thank you to the actors that made these characters so resonant, interesting, invested and loved. And thank you to all those behind the scenes who’s credits pass too quickly on the small screen but who’s labor is there for all to see in every frame. The effort to keep Dark Matter on long enough to tell its complete story has revealed your character as well and we’ve fallen in love with who you are.

    Finally thank you to my fellow fans who’ve shown a solidarity of passion that has risen above our cultures deepest divisions. Science-fiction is fundamentally about human nature – in its weaknesses certainly but also in its ability to unite us in common causes, so it should be no surprise that Dark Matter did this at a visceral level.

    Goodbye Dark Matter and goodbye Raza. I don’t know in what form it will take but we will meet again. And when we do you can finish telling your wonderful story. We hope to see you soon.


  29. This does not compute. All of it. The cancellation. The fan outpouring of begging someone anyone to continue the wonderful story that Mr. Mallozzi began. To the story probably being finished as a comic. (better than nothing but not what Joe or fans were looking for).

    Dark Matter is about family. It is beautifully written and the stories are compelling. I have not been this invested in a show in forever.

    I feel like the knee jerk reaction is to be completely done with SyFy. They have no idea what #ItsAFanThing means. However, it looks like Joe’s beautifully creative mind is not done yet (new shows and stories). I do not know what I’ll do if his new projects end up on SyFy. Because at this point, we are expecting the plug to be pulled at any given time, which totally screws the creator and the fans…just like what SyFy did here with Dark Matter.

    Joe, your work is superb. I will be #TeamRaza for life. Keep bringing us compelling characters that come together as family. I’m not sure I’ll find anything close to what the cast gave us each Friday night. Good luck in all your endeavors.

    Again, thank you! #TeamRaza #WeAreTheRaza #DarkMatterIsAFanThing

  30. That is awful news. I’m so sorry, Joe. You fought so hard to find a solution. In a way we all won, because this adventure drew us all closer together and that can never be a bad thing. Not the resolution we wanted, but it is what it is. I hope you can bring DM back full circle to comic book form.

  31. I’ve really got no words, other than thank you, to everyone @ Dark Matter for an awesome show that was ended long before its time. It and you will be missed.

  32. Thanks for all your hard work. I would LOVE to see the series finish off in comic books.

  33. This is sad news indeed Joseph. However, you have brightened our lives with your work so many times and I’m sure you will be able to do it again. I would just like to ask you to not give up on Dark Matter and to try to give us a proper end to the story, in whatever format you may choose. Even if it will take a while. Also, if you will ever be able to work with this cast again, it would be great. All members of the core cast have been amazing. I wish you the best of luck. We the fans will always be here for you.

  34. No words, Joe. Unthinkable that a show of this caliber can’t find a new home. But as usual, it always comes down to the almighty dollar. Thanks for everything you’ve done and for being so open with us. Maybe a surprise white knight will come along and save the day. Keep the anime option open too.

  35. Really, really enjoyed the show. So much better than KJ’s, which I stopped watching after S1 b/c too convoluted. Loved everyone on DM though Android was my fave. Look forward to continuation / resolution of the series through comic book. Wishing you and the cast much success in future endeavors. Thx.

  36. Joe… much like One, our time was cut short prematurely but the fans will always remember what you, the cast & crew of the Raza did… the efforts to save the show were nothing less than heroic in the eyes of many fans. We will treasure all of this, what a ride. We fought the good fight… Thank you all!

  37. A great shame, can’t imagine how awful you guys are feeling about it. Hope to see the story resolved one way or another, and see you all doing new great stuff.

  38. …knew it was a long shot but still I really hoped that we would beat the odds… – …guess the corporations (am looking at you SyFy) and money won this fight for good.

    That said I have to say that it was an amazing and very emotional few days and it was so great to see everyone from all over the world rally and fight for Dark Matter and our beloved Raza crew. Thanks everyone!

    I would also like to extend a big thanks to you Mr. Mallozzi for dreaming up this wonderful little science fiction gem. Wonderful work to the brilliant film team and the nifty FX crew who managed to awe us for 3 seasons.

    Last but certainly not least I’d like to I like to thank this talented group of actors who managed to bring these iconic characters to life, who made us laugh, think, cry and root for them. You guys will be missed!

    1. I’d rather have the whole story a film doesn’t wrap it up. I wouldn’t mind a comic book AND a film. That would be awesome.

  39. We deserved better than for Stargate Atlantis to be canceled too! Right when they won the People’s Choice Award, for crying out loud! Now how does THAT make any sense? So is it really surprising that a show fans enjoy is canceled? There was no reason Atlantis couldn’t have gone on for years. So much potential lost. And Joe Flanigan should have been allowed to buy or lease it to continue it. No, fans don’t forget.

  40. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    As I sit here typing this there are tears running down my face.  I am so, so sad that you, your wonderful cast & crew got such a raw deal.  I am sad that we won’t get to see your amazing story unfold without this dedicated & brilliant cast.

    I am thankful though that my personal participation in the last 3 weeks of social media frenzy has been kind of cathartic.  I am a massive geek, so when I latch onto a fandom it becomes all encompassing & letting go can be hard. I got a Twitter account solely to try & help save Dark Matter, & even though it did not come to fruition, it felt (to me at least) that we went down fighting, just like the crew of the Raza would have done.

    I sincerely hope that we’ll get to see the rest of your vision in some form or another, be it as a comic, or my preferred option as an anime series, with the whole cast coming back as seiyuu. ^_^;

    Thank you Mr. Mallozzi for this wonderful & special ride.  Good luck to you, Akemi & your pups, I will look out for your next project.  Thank you once again.

      1. Me three. I failed originality, so I glom onto beautiful sentiment.
        Thanks lurk a lot for your words.

  41. Dam it, a brave fight by all. Gutting to all. Well done and thank you to everyone cast, crew and fans. Bl00dy stupid networks. Any chance of books, possible audio books, featuring original cast? I would by that. Once again, our thanks to all X.

  42. 😯 I’m sorry to you, the cast & the crew! We all deserved better. I’m not sure who said this but it suits my current mood: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” When Farscape was cancelled, I didn’t have a lot of choices for TV viewing. Now I have MANY choices for Scifi. So unless you decide to work with Syfy again, Adios Syfy channel!

    I know you are juggling a few projects. Anything you can share?

  43. This is hard news to hear. My guess is we will continue to @@@@ reload @@@@@@@@ wherever you tell us. It baffles me to think that NO media outlets see this group of fans as potential long term revenue. Amazon’s Prime Video for example really needs content. Amazon at $1k a share can do two seasons with its snack money. Please in future days share with us, if you will, the who’s and where’s you reached out too. Out here in fandom we have people from all walks of life all tax brackets. My main point here is that in this family we have built we may have an out of the box idea. I know you had mentioned that once the sets are down the chance then is slim to none … unless some really deep pockets show up.Please PLEASE keep us up to date on the sets. We will all be needing your blog in the next coming while to ease in to a possible ( always have hope) life without out Dark Matter and our Crew family. My heart goes out to all of you your families the behind the camera crew and their families. My hope we have just another bump in the road. We will keep the fight going out here for the Raza …… …..Admiral Joe we await your orders.

    Trev out

  44. My heart is completely broken. But that’s nothing compared to what you, the other writers, and the cast and crew must be feeling. We are behind you in whatever comes next.

    Clutching at tiny insubstantial little straws: Movie rights? Firefly got one.

    And if you would like a few thousand people to pre-order a comic series, you only have to say…

  45. Thank you sir for writing a universe that invoked such passion and love from its fans. Thanks and love to the cast and crew for bringing to Dark Matter to life. You are sci-fi legends. We are forever the RAZA crew!

  46. How about doing a comic books series to continue and bring us the closure that we all will be dying for? May not be the best but it’s something to look forward to!

  47. Any words I can use to describe this will not be enough. Before today there had always been a chance. No matter how slim it was, there was a chance. And now that chance is gone.

  48. I am forever greatfull to you Joseph for creating a show that I looked forward to every summer on Friday evening!! I am gutted and sad that Dark Matter could not get the ending it deserved. I know the fandom will be very disappointed in this out come, but they will not give up!! We will still rally to get Dark Matter back!!

  49. Thank you to the cast and crew for trying so hard to continue the fight. I am truly devastated by this news. It’s is heartbreaking to know that I will never have another new episode to enjoy. But, I do know that I will always have reruns to savor over and over and over again. Thank you Joseph for creating such a glorious show. You are exceptionally gifted.
    A fan for life. 💗💗💗❣️

  50. OK, tears in my eyes. The crew were not just fictional characters, they were real people. I’ll look forward to the comic book–but I’m still putting in my vote for a paperback or a series of paperbacks–like the paperback series that followed Star Trek Enterprise, TOS, TNG, DS9.

  51. I feel like contractual issues, IPs, rights, copyrights, and whatnot were the biggest obstacle of all. The show seems to originate between so many sources, people and companies, it made it so much more difficult to keep it alive and resolve around those. Sorry, maybe I’m wrong here, but understandably i’m really sad right now.
    This was a great three seasons, can only imagine how the next two would look like in tv format. Huge thanks for this making these sci-fi series in general and making them MATTER past few weeks. Lots of love.

    1. I agree with you Menuah… when Joe mentioned contractual issues were the reason behind the failure to move forward, that leads me to believe that legalities were the stumbling block… this is only my opinion, but I have a feeling SyFy wanted full ownership, and if I were Joe, I wouldn’t do that either… the show was his baby… not theirs… so in all likelihood, SyFy prevented other suitors from carrying the show…. again.. this is only my opinion… and as someone else has also said… SyFy… fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice… shame on me… I highly doubt I’ll invest my time in another new SyFY series again ( with one possible exception – if Joe’s behind it… but I hope Joe, you look to other networks to sell your future projects to, as this makes 2 of my favourite Sci-Fi shows that have now been cancelled by SyFy, with SGU being the other), until its had its complete closure, in which case, I’ll wait for Netflix to pick it up and will stream it from start to finish.

      1. It’s not bad enough that SyFy cut the show off when its back was turned, but then it sent its lawyers in to kick the show while it was down and make sure it couldn’t get back up again? Not cool, SyFy, not cool….

  52. I will never again watch a program that has any involvement from syfy, fuck them. It is massively disrespectful to the fans to leave any show on a cliffhanger, intact I think the practice of cliffhangers without guaranteed renewal in place first needs to be stopped. Still passed off over SGU, we need to put the likes of syfy out of business.

  53. re: Dark Matter/Last Season Episode…Give it up, Princess. Is there a name for the type of chess set shown in a scene in Alex Mallari Jr. quarters? Loved the series!

  54. Sad, I feel sorry for you and all of the people involved in the show production. Thanks for telling us all an not stringing us along like some productions do and I suspect Syfy would have done if you didn’t break the news.
    Atleast we will get an ending to the story whether than via blog posts or hopefully through comic books. So when do we start nagging dark horse comics!

  55. As sad as I was when I first heard of SYFY’s cancellation, I’m even more gutted to hear that this TV journey has, indeed, come to an end. Once again, I want to thank you, Paul, Ivon, and the cast and crew of DARK MATTER for three amazing seasons AND for always making me feel welcome when visiting the set. I look forward to supporting you with your next project. Very best wishes and continued good luck and success, all of which is greatly deserved!

  56. Wow, that’s sad news indeed, Joseph … 🙁
    And how bitter it is to know there might have even been an interested party and it might have worked, but it’s “unworkable due to contractual issues” …
    For me it sounds a lot like someone (Syfy or whoever) doesn’t just want Dark Matter any longer, but wants it actually dead … no one else may have it instead?
    Seriously, how sad is that and how poor looks “TV business” here …
    Whatever, thx again to you, Joseph, and the whole cast and crew for creating an awesome series, which I definitely will watch again after my disappointment about the sudden cancellation will have settled a bit …
    Wish you all the best for the future!

  57. Joe, it was a blast to be a part of this! I can’t wait to see what story you come up with for the next show!

    So, question, would you want to republish the entire story in comic book form? So that even the first 3 chapters would match up with the resolution? That way us fans could live the entire experience in comic book form, who knows maybe you could throw in easter eggs for people who watched the show and already know what happens.

  58. I just hope that this is only a break in the schedule of the next season. Maybe in some years we could hear about the renewal of this great show. Maybe we could hear about new chapters, or just a movie that closes this cliffhanger. Till then i’ll wait with the raza crew.

    Anyway, if it’s a comic, a novel, or any other media, count with me.

  59. Thank you Joe! It was a truly amazing ride. I do not have the words to express how amazing it was to have you and so many of us the cast and crew fighting along with the fans. As a fan I will never forget that and know that where ever your careers go I will be there waiting. I have been here right from the beginning, I will be honest I came for Zoie, but have become a fan of each and every one of you. There are not many showrunners that interact with the fans like you do. The closet two would be the fine woman that shared Friday nights with you on the channel that will remain nameless. What a crazy decision not to keep the show intact . Best of luck on all you decide to do going forward.

    1. Damn, i was sad enough, but the Destiny was a back breaker. Anyway, best of luck! Thank you for the great stories and sure, in some time, after you have rested, -and we are reading the final arcs for the RZA crew in however incarnation you decide to use- you will once more treat us and surprise us with new tales.

  60. I’ve been reading the blog for years, from Stargate through the dark Dark Matter comic through to the show itself, but never really thought about commeting. It’s a very sad day but I wish to thank you, the cast and the crew of Dark Matter for putting together a very good show that has helped to get me through some bad times, A very big thank you also for all the effort you put in trying to get the show renewed. The show will be deeply missed, but I look forward to what you have planned next.

    1. I think there are probably a lot of us who have been quietly reading and enjoying this blog for many years, but who came out to fight for the show’s survival when Joe asked for our support. Many of us – me included – will probably go back into reading mode in the near future. But we will all still be here, eagerly awaiting blog updates, and ready for any future call to arms. Because this is where one of the best writers in the business can be found.

  61. Well this is very sad news. My wife and I are over 65 but we really enjoyed this show. The characters were strong and interesting. We both had tears in our eyes in the episode where the wounded 3 was trying to get 5 to abandon him and save herself. The development of the Android’s character was like watching a child growing and appealed to our nurturing instincts.

    In the back of my mind I am hoping that Dark Matter will make a return sometime in the future. After all, 2 was spaced by the despicable Wexler yet survived.

  62. So sorry it came to this. Like you’ve been saying, the odds were long at best. Thanks so much for trying, and thanks for sharing. You, the cast, and the crew all deserved better. I’m sure you’ll all do great in the long run–you’ve proven that you’re all far too talented for that not to be the case, and I’ll continue to support all of you as much as a simple audience member can.

    Three great years, a wealth of moments, and a lifetime of memories. I’m sad it’s over, but I’m also grateful that this show gave me the opportunity to cross paths with you and some of your wonderful cast at Comic-Con, however briefly. Thanks again, Joe, and thanks to all the wonderful people who brought Dark Matter to life. I wish all of you the best for the future.

  63. Putting aside the sadness this news brings and the continuing rage/bewilderment at the nonsensical decision to cancel DM in the first place, I wanted to thank you (& Paul) for creating such an amazing story, set of characters and universe. The humour of the scripts quickly won me over and my loyalty was cemented by the performances of a perfectly selected cast.
    I loved the twists (planned and demanded alike) and the pay-offs when your careful plans were revealed bit by bit. Above all I really appreciated the amount of time spent on Reddit replying to fans and (of course) the huge effort you put into securing a new home for the Raza these last few weeks.
    I hope to see the conclusion to the story in graphic novel form (put me down as a certain pre-order!)

  64. Thank you for trying so hard to save the show. I watch very few shows but haven’t missed any of Dark Matters because it was just too good. Like others, I hope the story continues in some form or fashion.

  65. Well it was by mistake that I was watching a show on Sci-Fi. It will take more from them than a funky new spelling. “Big Bag Theory” had it DEAD ON. I would, despite your rosy optometrist words, not see because I won’t be watching that the fates do the same to them.

  66. Awww I’m so sorry to hear that Dark Matter is done as a TV show. As a fan, it is so hard to type out. But for the actors, the camera crew, the writers, and you Joe, gosh I’m just gutted for you all. It seemed like it was maybe the happiest workplace in the world. Thanks so much for everything that you, and your Raza crew has done to bring joy to our TV and computer screens. I’m still going to love Dark Matter, I’ll pick up the Dark Horse comics when I have a chance. I am so terribly sad about all this, and I wish every one the best. You all are so incredibly talented, and…I am incredibly frustrated at SyFy execs who canceled the show, even if it was over budget and not creative. PS: (To SyFy executives: The world is changing. Even bookstores are having trouble staying in business. The music industry too, nobody makes money like they used to…but at least now you all know how much people really loved the show that you canceled. That love was real)

  67. I don’t know how hard it would be but have you given any thought of making the Dark Matter ending into like a video game of some kind

  68. Thank you, Mr. Mallozzi, for every story and character you’ve given us. If any other option for continuing Dark Matter becomes available, I will be ready to watch, read, or listen. Until then, I will remain hopeful. Thank you again and best wishes.

  69. Holy sh@t seeing both of these amazing ships go makes me want to scream from hate and anger on syfy. Won’t ever watch any of their show again. Purely HATE them now. You and we all deserves better. Iam not there a way to finish things up with a Kickstarter backed feature film? I bet DM fans would have made the goal. Can I ask what TV stations decided not to pick up the show?

  70. Thank you for all your efforts to make this work I guess we were just 1 Bjo Trimble short of making it happen. And thanks for creating such memorable characters & giving them a fun place to play in.

    We look forward to how we can next catch up with our crew.

    Thanks again.


  71. I am so saddened by this news. Not so much that we won’t see the outcome of this story (although that’s a part of it, certainly), but that you won’t get to tell it. My heart goes out to you and all the cast and crew, who have gone far, far beyond the call of your work to engage the fans, often on a personal level. For many of us, this is not just a TV show put on by faceless executives and detached actors. And as we’ve come to know everyone almost on a “personal” level, it becomes personal.

    I’ve been disappointed by cancellations before, but this seems different. As I said, it seems personal. Plus the conditions surrounding the cancellation just make no sense. It’s all so saddening and frustrating.

    It’s been mentioned in the mailbag thread that an anime series filling out the story might be an option (voiced by the original actors, even better) and perhaps that can be a road to go down some day. Maybe an anime adaptation of the comics, perhaps.

    Though it may sound like a palliative cliche, sometimes it is true that the most inauspicious events can lead to the most positive, unexpected outcomes. That may be hard to see at the moment (certainly for me), but I hope that is possible.

    Most importantly at this time Joe, you need to take a little time for yourself, Akemi and the dogs and gather back your strength. You know we will always be there for you. Team Raza is not going anywhere! 🙂

    1. I agree, gforce. This time it felt more personal and, because of that, more disappointing. I’m really going to miss the Raza and her crew.

    2. Dammit! I was doing so good to not cry and now I am. Well written my friend. Well written!!

  72. Rats. I’m so disappointed for you, the cast and the crew. You all deserved better too. We’ll be grateful for the end of the story in comic book form, of course, but it won’t be the same as seeing those fantastic actors giving the characters life on our screens. Please tell them how much we’ll miss them.

    Hopefully you’re not going anywhere, though. After 10 years of reading your blog every day, I feel like you’re part of my life. I’m pretty sure a lot of people here feel the same. From around the globe, we’ve got your six, Joe. Peace.

  73. Maybe CBS All Access? (If that wasn’t already one of the three potential suitors…) It’d give them something in addition to Star Trek Discovery to pull in new subscribers.

    1. You know what Troy, if they did that I would GET the All Access. I may get it anyway to support science fiction and maybe even Stargate Origins on MGM which I wasn’t going to pay for either because, well, I’m sort of tapped out on all the areas we pay money to see things we like, but you know, I just might. Not because Syfy would care one bit, but because it would make ME feel better. Make those places hugely successful with what they are doing and they might open the doors to other science fiction genres that can’t get a decent chance.

  74. Thank you Joe for trying so hard. It’s comforting to know that everything was done to try and save the show. I wish you all the best in your next endeavour and look forward to it!

  75. You deserved better, everyone involved with producing the show deserved better. But I’m sure you’ll bounce back with a new show, hopefully it doesn’t take too long before we all see Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie on TVs again.

  76. Contractual obligations? I’m inferring that the network had a ‘just cuz we don’t want it doesn’t mean anyone else can either clause’ like an ex that broke up with you because they ‘loved you too much’ and would not allow you to date any one else ever again?!

  77. What a sad ending for such a wonderful show. I hate feeling this way, and it seems that it happens over and over again with quality science fiction shows.

    I certainly hope that you can come to closure with this as a comic book. Sign me up to purchase copies.

    I do have a question. When Dark Matter comes out on Netflix, Bluray or other formats, how much of a cut does SyFy get? Or do they only get paid when the show is airing on their channel?

    Thank you Joe, for giving us wonderful shows and stories.

  78. I was still hoping, sadly we did not get the miraculous save we were hoping for.
    Thank you Joe for your updates, it’s back to reality again! 🙁

  79. This is the best scifi show in 10 years. I find it odd that you can’t come to some kind of compromise with any of the networks. But hey, whatever. I have one suggestion for you… re-edit the finale without the cliffhangers, and add in a few extra minutes of dialogue between the main characters that wrap up the loose ends. Problem solved with minimal financial outlay. Us fans are sick of being dicked by fickle network executives. We want closure!!

  80. Tears come later for sure.. Sad that Negotiation with any interested party didn’t work :/ Did Hope some would & fought for it on every Tweet Storm, Sharing Blog Post for 2,5 weeks & with other ways. Tears were Shed Many times in couple Days after news of Big Partner Dropped out :/ Was before Final Tweet Storm. After that chances was for Mini Series. Joined to Final Tweet Storm from 4 to 6am 🙂 We Tried.. I worked hard for this “Save DM” Crusade since early Sep. Used 15€ to support it & would’ve bought DM Merch like Shirt with Cast Signatures. If chance given in Early Sep. Not easy to create, but hoped.. 🙂

    Also would’ve backed the Crowd Funding with good amount & share the word about both or other one if one created 🙂 Shame that we didn’t try to reach Support via Crowd Funding / Kickstarter starting from early September.   Surely we would’ve gathered 150 – 250k $. That not meant to be used in episodes budget, but to give some push to ask 2x partners to work together with saving Dark Matter  

    Some people did Recommend similar to this for Joe here in wordpress blog earlier this week, but couple weeks 2 late :/ From now on Reminding #SyFy about their Half Blind Move on every Tweet they do in Twitter. No Swearing, but being polite with words & sometimes good Gif used. Hopefully we see some or even whole Cast work together on some Future project 🙂 Even better if Joe there to create the content 🙂

    If i would’ve had 500k or even 1mil plus i would’ve sent either amount to Joseph. Then That used to help in trying to get 1x good partner or 2x to work together with saving beautiful Dark Matter 🙂 Going to buy DM Blu Ray that has all Seasons in one package once comes to sale in Amazon.Uk =)

    “I wish Safe Path with Success for whole Dark Matter Cast & everyone who worked on beauty Sci-Fi Adventure” 🙂

    Kind Regards: Terry “Huge Fan of DM & it’s Ear Massage Soundtrack”

    #DarkMatterMatters #DarkMatterLove4Ever #WeFoughtAndDidNotConquerButWasWorthIt #ItsBubbaTime

  81. So sorry to hear there are no more options. I look forward to other projects you work on and hope the DM graphic novel is a go. Best to all.

  82. Very sad news indeed, my condolences to you Joe and all the cast and crew of Dark Matter the best damn sci fi show ever and I say that as a fan of Trek, Stargate and many others. There was just nothing about this show that didn’t click. It was very special and I do hope you can finish the story in some type of novel and maybe make it available on Amazon or other outlet. I will keep an eye out for it. I do hope you will continue to keep your DM fanbase posted via email on any future works you’re involved in because they’ve all been fabulous and we want more. Until then, Happy Trails.

  83. So sorry to hear this. Tweet storms have been so much fun. Would love to one day see that wrap up in a movie like Firefly/Serenity ( although I didn’t like the pilot guy getting killed). I loved the way things were revealed and evolved bit-by-bit throughout the season and into the next season. Loved (love) all the characters so rich and in-depth from the beginning to the untimely, devastating ending with only my imagination to keep them alive. I hope our global fandom will continue to tweet our love for the Raza crew and #DarkMatter to keep this wonderful sci-fi show alive in our hearts and to the world. Thanks for giving us this glorious treat that made Sci-Fi Friday the night to watch.

  84. I’m sad. I will never watch anything on SyFy. Never. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, I will never be shame again. Too bad I really enjoyed The Expanse. I won’t give them the ratings.

    Just one question, please, Joseph, tell me that SIX wasn’t dead when season 4 was going to start.

  85. I deserved better? I’m not even sure I deserved 3 seasons!!! Glad I got them. For me, this campaign was icing on the cake. I see all these other people that love DM, sharing their passion–just like me. I think of this as a well-deserved & heart-felt standing ovation for 3 wonderful seasons of Dark Matter.

  86. Oh no this is so sad. To just end a show mid story and in the middle of a huge cliffhanger.

    Obviously i dont know the details or nature of the contracts, but couldnt it have been worked out despite contractual hurdles?

    Is this really the end? Cant the show be brought back at later time? With maybe a bit more time to regroup and finding new sponsors, ? See what they did with Longmire…it went on hiatus for a year or so before being picked up. Maybe aim for next year and hopefully the cast will be available and store the equipment…this cant be the end…there is no such thing as meant to be – you either make it happen or dont, there is no cosmic savior determining whether a show is produced or not. There is nothing holy about it, it is plain logistics.

    I know you tried your best but i wonder if maybe at a later date this can be realized. Maybe only having 2 weeks to make such a huge financial commitment wasnt going to work…

  87. Sounds suspect, what specific reasons was it cancelled? I’d like an outline that’s based on reality. Once 12 Monkey’s is over I will be cautious watching anything on Syfy in the future.

  88. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Who knows? Maybe in another TV season or so, a slot and funding may become available somewhere (maybe stash away the set pieces in your garage for now, haha). Keep all those Twitter and Nielson stats in your back pocket when your meeting with networks in the future.
    We’d all love to see the stroy completed in some format, especially anything that could involve the cast: motion comic, animation, movie, mini-series… An amazing ensemble of actors, designers, writers, well, every aspect of the show. I look forward to whatever jobs the Raza family takes on in the future.
    Best Wishes for future success.

  89. I just started watching Dark Matter 2 weeks ago and finished the first two seasons and enjoyed it. I watched several episodes per day because I couldn’t get enough and had to know what was happening next. I am sad that there won’t be any more seasons. I was looking forward to them. Thank you for a great show!

  90. I am extremely pissed at NoFy and very sad but unfortunately it turned out exactly as i expected. To you Joseph, the 6, and all of the cast and crew who brought DM to life as the best space scifi show ever, thank you. I look forward to your future projects, hopefully just not on NoFy.

  91. Well all I can say is how disappointing it is very good show,couldn’t for next season to see were all the many different story lines happening

  92. Maybe you already have, but I think it might be worth considering alternative mediums for a continuation. As I suggested in another comment thread, perhaps an audio drama? That’s a format that’s starting to regain popularity in some circles.

    Or maybe a fully voiced motion comic? Something like the shorts World of Warcraft has been putting out (look up “WoW Harbingers” on YouTube if you want an example of what I mean). I think that would be a good fit for a story like Dark Matter.

    Dark Matter’s greatest strength is its cast, so any continuation should include them if at all possible, even if all they’re doing is providing voice-overs.

    As others have said, an anime series would be awesome, but an audio drama or voiced motion comic would probably entail less overhead and therefor might be more doable.

  93. So did everyone involved with the making of Dark Matter. “You deserved better” I’ll miss this show and the wacky characters it gave us, thank you to everyone in front of and behind the camera.

  94. Whyyyyyyyyy ……….!! What the hell is with these television networks?!! If it’s so popular, leave it alone, sheesh. IDIOTS! Way to screw us fans. That show was different. It had personality. I was excited every week to watch it. I wanted to see what happens with those black ships. Just when the show was getting even better. Just like Helix. Same deal. It was different. Yet television networks keep showing the mindless garbage …figures! There are way too many television channels with junk on them. How do they even survive is what i would like to know. Then you have wrestling on a science fiction channel? Really? Can we say male soaps? It’s mind-numbing why you would even consider “cancelling” something people actually watch. Y’alls suck. Period.

  95. Why does the syfy channel keep the shitty shows and cancel the good ones like come on they haven’t had a real amazing show sense stargate series was out now it’s just a bunch of shitty bad acting comedys the only two good shows that they have is killjoy and expanse and I bet those ones get cancelled next year. So I can’t wait for the new star trek at least cbs knows what they are doing.

  96. That really sucks. I was hoping someone would throw the show the lifeline it deserves. In any event – Joe, you did everything you could. You certainly didn’t fail in our eyes.

  97. Joe, thank you for such an amazing show! I will miss it so much. Please let us knew if you do decide to publish it in any form, whether it be comic book or a written novel as i will be sure to purchase it. You did am amazing job on this show. I will miss the cast and crew of Dark Matter. Forever a fan. We are the Raza!

  98. This is not the end, Firefly, after one season gave us Serenity. Dark Matter has the same intense fan base and this too will serve to move a DM project forward in the future.

  99. Would like to see the story finished in comic book form! You did your best. Alas, this isn’t the first show they’ve done that to. We’re all still hurting over Farscape. Good luck out there in the multiverse.

  100. Thanks for trying so hard to save Dark Matter and for giving us three wonderful years. I’m going to miss my Raza crew. I hope the comic works out so we can see how their story ends. I loved the first issues that you did and look forward to reading the next ones. And to your next project!

  101. I’m just feeling a little sarcastic regarding the news. Bitter at SyFy. Someone is ruining that channel. But thank you Joe for a great story! Now I have some new stars to watch for in the future as they move on and appear in other projects. Hope to see some of your crew back in the future to help you produce a new series. I think I would like to see the whole Dark Matter story told in a book format. It might take you a while to write but you can do it! You warmed up with your short story in Mask, and you have lots of novelist friends to give you inspiration, advice and guidance.

    Thank you Joe.

    PBMom wrote, “You trusted us when we told you bizarre things to do (like how to trend) or things maybe you disagreed with (like @’s to Syfy and executives at Syfy).”

    yeah… that was really hard to not add “Jerk!” (or worse) after every “@SyFy” tag. 😆

  102. Hey Joe…. today is a sad day indeed… I’m so sorry that things didn’t go quite as we had all hoped….contracts being what they are, unless one party is willing to concede to the other, you’re stuck with what was originally agreed to… sad but true…. hopefully, at some other time, an agreement can be reached so that you’ll be able to finish your story, the way we all want it… as Seasons 4 & 5….

    My heartfelt thanks go out to you, Paul, the entire cast (regulars and guests alike), and crew for putting out one of the best Sci-Fi shows to come around in a long time…. I was hooked from the start… I’ve never been much of a social media guy, even though I work in IT… my Twitter and Facebook accounts being pretty much inactive…..just found I didn’t have the time… until now… I finally lit up my Twitter account over the past week…. I even subscribed to your blog…. had I known about it earlier, I would’ve done that a LONG time ago… I have a LOT of catching up to do! Lol….

    Thankfully Seasons 1 – 3 are available on Netflix… I’ll be sure to watch them over and over…

    Anyway… I truly look forward to your next project (Hopefully NOT on SyFy) as I am a big fan of your work… till then…


  103. Hi Joe
    We tried our best for you. I couldn’t quite manage a last minute LottoMax win to take it over myself 🙂
    So, what are we watching next? How’s that Sci Fi military project coming along?


  104. Absolutely Gutted. I knew this was a long shot but something just doesn’t add up… Fairly solid ratings, amazing fan base… Dark Matter should have never have been cancelled and at the very least should have been easy to get around contractual obligations to continue elsewhere (And be a hit for it’s new partner).

    Thank you Joe for trying so hard to find a new home, Hopefully you will still keep trying and something will appear. Also thank you for keeping us so well informed through the process.

    I’m sure crowdfunding would be a great option… See how much we could raise and take that to a new partner?

    I’m completely done with Scfy… Will never watch another one of their shows ever again, they have done it too many times now and couldn’t care less about the fans or else they would have allowed DM to wrap up in some way.

  105. Dark Matter has been the best TV show I have ever watched. I have liked every episode, every scene, every moment. Usually I’m not very saddened by cancellations even if I have liked the cancelled show. Stuff happens and there’s always something else to watch. But this time it has been different. There is something exceptionally good in Dark Matter, characters that are genuinely interesting and a plot that knows what it’s doing. It inspires me to write better. Thank you for its existence. I’m definitely going to watch every show where you and Mr. Mullie put your names.

  106. They might as well shut down the SyFy Channel because they cancel all the good shows and keep the suck @ss shows. I will be cutting my cable stations and deleting the syfy channel

  107. That’s not the news I wanted to hear. 😥

    I’m sorry we won’t get to see these characters’ stories resolve. At least a comic book resolution would allow the full story to be told, but I’ll miss the characters that the actors have brought to life.

    This really sucks.

    Incidentally, have you ever considered writing a sci-fi novel series?

  108. I’ve been feeling horrible for months both physically (chronic pain that makes it nearly impossible to walk), but for 3 years one oasis I had in the summer was DARK MATTER. It was a cool show using science fiction as a backdrop to bring a message of family, hope, redemption, comradery & friendship. I fell in love with the characters, the great twisty stories, and the classy production values. Clearly, this show was a labor of love with people that had love in their hearts for each other and the work they did together. When I heard of the show’s cancellation at the beginning of September, I felt like I did when I went to Las Vegas in 2002 to get my film financed only to have my script used to leverage a loan and me being cut out of any deal. I ended up destitute and stranded for 2 years, almost losing my life to a stroke during that horrible time. I’ve been fighting ever since, but Dark Matter was a pleasant diversion. I can imagine how you must feel, Joseph, but I want you to know that if you believe in something you love with all your heart, somehow it will bear fruit. All I can say is thank you for everything you have done and know you have my support for whatever you do in the future as long as I am still alive. Peace, love, happiness and Light to you always.

  109. No!!!!! Please joe, you can find a way to make it work!! Please!!! Don’t let the corporations win!! Everyone wants season 4 or a mini series to happen. Please!!!

  110. I don’t think I can add to all the sentiments that have been already expressed so eloquently. We are devastated. I am devastated by this news. It’s a sad consolation that we will eventually find closure in some form or fashion. I wish you, the cast and crew the best in your next endeavors. You will always have a loyal fan in me! All of you!

    Joe, wish I lived closer. I’d offer to take you and Akemi out for whatever would make your hearts happier. And yes, chocolate would be involved.

    Is there any possibility that in the next “pilot” season that DM could be re-pitched as a 2 season arc or mini-series for S4 & 5? I imagine that so many networks have already committed resources at this time. One can still hope can’t they? BBC seems to like it’s SciFi though they are notorious for only 1 season shows with cliffhangers that still have me wondering like The Fades & Survivors.

    The End is only the Beginning…

  111. I haven’t watched anything on TV in years until I happened upon Dark Matter. It saddens me that it had to end at all, let alone prematurely. Though I thank SyFy (ugh, that naming…) for giving Dark Matter to me at all, Syfy now gets a permanent spot in the dark part of my heart. I really do feel unwilling to start watching anything they put out again in the future for fear of this same crap happening. It’s a feeling of disghust at the the mere thought of ‘SyFy’ that no other name brings me, or has brought me. To all involved in all that is ‘Dark Matter’, thank you. It’s the only thing that gave me reason to watch TV while it was on. **hugs**

  112. I look forward to the comics!

    There’s a full circle vibe to it I have to say as the series began there and could finish there. The comic format while not ideal as we love seeing our actors in the parts gives you the time to do all plots at the pace you want versus having to shorten some for episode length/movie length had that been the ending method; comics also allow you to not be held back by budget restraints in regards to the effects – you can have as many ships as you want for example! Hopefully the cast doesn’t mind having their likeness in comic book form as that would be a huge disappointment to see a character “recasted” because we couldn’t get the images.

    I’m definitely excited to see how the Android Rebellion might play out and if they use the baby as a way to take down alt Portia as in she and Irena and the baby fly off into the sunset as it were thus wrapping up those plot lines. What do the rebellion results mean for Android, Two, and Sarah? What funny one liners might Wexler pop off? What was going to happen with Ryo – would the team have him on board under watch or just let him go be a rogue in the galaxy? What happens with Three and Sarah; might we see Two romancing more ladies?

    Is Five a twin or not; is she herself royal in some manner? Did Six die or might he have disappeared to another time? If he returns does he find some happiness working with this team or is his real love more of the GA side because he enjoys rules? What would an Android and Irena meeting look like; what new experiences might she encounter and how does she respond to them?

    There’s definitely a lot of topics still to explore and again comics would give the time to really do them all. Another benefit to comics is you can publish them as available – if you have time/DM is your sole focus again you can go single issue release and have 20 books equal a season (each issue being an episode in a sense) or if you want content but don’t have as much time you could go graphic novels where we get a good amount of pages to fill between releases – here it’s more like each graphic novel (or trade depending on your desired term) would equal a quarter of the season so you’d have 4 books for a season versus 20 small page count issues. Or you can have each plot be filled by graphic novels such as one covers the black ships while the next set covers the Android Rebellion and on.

    I know comics weren’t your first choice for a continuation method but I have to say they’re not a bad option!

    Thanks to the cast and crew, who could be co-writers on some issues/arc – just an idea if they want to keep playing with the characters too, for all the hard work and I hope to see you in the colorful print!

  113. Well I have had some time to Let things cool. Generally speaking it still bights! I couldn’t watch SS2 because I was in Rebab (coma 2 weeks, 3 months becoming aware) but then I realized my plan to watch so I got iTunes order. SS3 came and I was back to myself and not working. I could watch again but I had to make scheduling commitments. In thinking back, I am reminded of your time with Transporters. I read your posts and wondered what was the back story to that. You persevered. You and Paul wiped the dust off and with the help of Akemi showed us your new work. I still have the 4 comics I ordered from my local comic store. They should be an a box some where when my Mom closed my Chicago apartment after my accident. You reached out to your fan and brought them in I remember selecting name for the series. Who as time or wants to do that? I spent time reading the words from gforce, ponytail, PBMom, and many MORE. I have learned so much from being a part. I have been to YVR and YYZ. I am so thankful that you allowed me to be a part of this journey. I could almost smell your mom’s cooking. In looking back on what it could have been, it is humbling. I shan’t despair. I look to reading your blog more. I wait for your next project announcement. Monday I must call work to see what job they have for me. Take each day at a time, Lazarus is on foot.

    1. Duptiang, you are going back to work?? That is awesome! Huge step in your recovery! Good luck on Monday. I have enjoyed reading all of your comments too. Long ago you worried how you sounded. You always made perfect sense to me. And I love your writing “accent”. I too am looking forward to Joe taking us all on his next adventure.

      1. Ponytail, Thanks for your kind words! You count as one of the reasons I read Joe’s blog. At 52 I ask myself how did I get here, others talk about their retirement. I think I have more years and places to travel. Part of my therapy has been Joe’s Blog. I mentioned past event because I CAN remember them. A side note, a doctor recommended to my Mom right after the accident that she might consider pilling the plug because I would remain in bed and a near veg-she didn’t agree.
        Funny there are no reruns of DM. Why was that, contractual? There was more than enough time in a year. I spend time with SG1 when I come across them. I think I will rekindle some romance, Rachel Luttrell or Mellisa O’Neil, as I watch my copies. Much Love Ponytail.

  114. I’m done with syfy, the ONLY way I’ll watch anything on that network is if it is one of your shows(when you’ve taken your time off and comeback) or the cast get a new show with them.

    Thanks for all your efforts, the cast, the crew, and the interested parties who tried to save the show but just couldn’t make it happen.

  115. Dear Joe, am devastated for you, and all the Dark Matter Toronto family, that you have to write those words today. As for those of us who came along for the ride, around the GLOBE, we are bereft. Again. 🙁

    The Best solution would be for you to start your own network, and be your own programming director. But since we don’t have that 100k per Twitter user to kick in, 😀 , here’s another wild hare of a thought. What if you *hired in* as a programming exec at a network? They’d see your superb skills in assembling co-workers, shows, casts, crews — in panorama scale. You would rise through the ranks to be top dog one day. And have Final Say AT LAST. And hire the best ops manager in the industry, so you and Paul could write your own show in Peace.

    For all of us morning the Raza, we have this very great consolation: Joe has written a story that No One can cancel — his life, his family, friends, dogs, and new sci-fi shows. He has assembled a cast that No One can disband — the family and friendships for life he creates in the casts & crews, and US! He gave us not only a blog family here, but friendships outside the blog. He created US, a sci-fi fandom FORCE that is formidable. WE do not end. WE are Renewed! Every day that we wake up. In Real life! THAT part IS Forever.

    I’m honored to be in your company. 🙂

      1. My thoughts and feeling exactly.
        Well don’t let the people at Sci-Fi find out you used THAT word. Worthy of being banned for life. A word he used to describe his show. A word you won’t find in the undead, FAMILY.

  116. Mr. Mallozzi, you and your crew also deserved better. Shame on SyFy for murdering Dark Matter. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out due to contractual causes.

    Since this is the end, I figured I should voice my thoughts or have them silenced forever.

    I did not regret the last 3 weeks of Twitter storms. I did not regret the rally we’ve all been through. It was fun. It was worth it. Although, it would’ve been much better if we didn’t need to do it in the first place. To be honest, I’ve already retired from social media more than a decade ago, I never thought I would take up arms again in a digital format. But the unity from our love for the show is inspiring. I also never thought I’d leave comments on a producer’s web blog. But I guess there’s a first for everything.

    It’s such a shame to see that this is the end of the road, without closure and without the lovely cast. There’s only a few shows I’ve ever been this enamored with the cast and that includes: Dark Matter, The Blacklist, The Expanse, The Vampires Diaries and Killjoys. Funny thing is, I recently bought season 1 and 2 to marathon them and then also marathoned season 3…just to learn that there’s no further season! The family thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess going to my local comic shop is the only other option to get the full story. I’ll just have to reimagine the original cast’s faces over the graphic novel’s. I don’t know what SyFy’s thinking or not thinking–but for what it’s worth, that was a ridiculous decision. Once again, history has demonstrated that art was once more killed by corporations. Maybe that’s why SyFy did not like it. Runs too close to home. I hope one day I might see some easter eggs or spinoffs from the Dark Matter series.

    Truth be told? We all knew it was a long shot, but it was worth trying. The cancellation of Dark Matter was way too close to home for me. It was an underdog show. It was Canadian and as a fellow artist, it was important for me to do my part in trying to save it. And I don’t think I can live knowing I didn’t even bother try to help out the cause.

    Anyways, I’m sure you have busy schedule, and I’ve rambled long enough. Thank you for being approachable and for Dark Matter. When you’ll have new materials in the future, I’ll be sure to watch. I just wish you success with whatever project it is that you are working on.

  117. Well i contacted Cw did they call you? if not fck em Youtube original as a side project with original cast till some one grows a pair and buys the full rights or if you do comic do real comic with actual photos using the real crew which will be cheaper then a studio make enough to buy it while renting the license

  118. Devastated for us and you , the cast and crew who all did a brilliant job. Dark Matter joins Firefly as one of the great shows canceled prematurely.
    Thank you for three great seasons.

  119. I’d also like to add: Let’s boycott SyFy for what they did to Dark Matter. Not just Dark Matter, there’s a cancelling trend here and then the “fan’s favorite marathon”. The level of irony is astounding. It practically reeks hypocrisy.

  120. ps pick yourself off the goddamn floor and fight i don’t care if you have to give the address of the person cock blocking this from happening i believe you said some one or main person of company rented license or something like that to syfy how about direct info so we can properly ask them

  121. Once again thanks to the myopic vision of Sci-Fi/SyFy Channel, we lose another great Sci-Fi show. Thanks to Joe and all the cast and crew for giving us great characters and stories for three years. Hopefully we will see all the cast on other shows soon.

  122. So sorry to hear this – and for such a dumb reason – contracts!?! I hope you, the cast and crew can take some solace that fan reaction was so intense and sustained. In this TV era where there’s so much content to fill viewing time, and viewers are so cynical about the business, that fans rallied so strongly was amazing, at least to me!

  123. Sorry to hear that Joe, for you and all the cast and crew. Thanks for trying and for such a good series…..

  124. Total bummer… I wish it weren’t so… Such a great show. Cheers to all involved… 🍻😦

    Love you and certainly going to miss you guys… 😘

  125. I just don’t know what to think about this – nonetheless I leave it here -

  126. It’s a shame to see one of the better shows on SyFy get treated this way. It feels a lot like the whole SGU thing all over again. Good luck to you Joe.

  127. So sorry and so sad. Loved the parting shot of the Raza, but then I scrolled down and saw the parting shot of the Destiny. Just a little anger boiling up here. SYFY is becoming a joke. Wishing all involved the best and look forward to your next project (on some other network).

  128. I’m saddened by this news. If you do go the comic book route, count me in as a subscriber for every issue! Cheers to you, cast and crew for a great three seasons.

  129. Totally heartbroken and totally pissed off at SY FY. I will watch the last two season’s of Killjoys and nothing else (unless you create it, Mr. Mallozzi) SY FY has lost me forever.

  130. But what if you contact some game developers or open our own video game company, and make a Dark Matter Video Game, it could be either story telling like Telltale Games games or a 3rd person shooter combined with RPG and storytelling elements, it just would be a lot better than your idea of continue a story in a comic, because Video Game format is much better, even better then TV show format, i would suggest to seriously consider that option!

  131. Goodbye Dark Matter, it ended too soon, like SGU did! I would not be surprised if The Expanse also gets cancelled after Season 3. Syfy isn’t satisfied with anything, they like to cancel all the good shows.

  132. First of let me say how sorry I am that you can’t finish your story and finding Dark Matter a new home didn’t worked as planned. Can’t imagine how hart it must be for you.
    Second I very thankful to you, Joe, and the Cast and Crew of the show for giving us three incredebile year’s with our favorite Raza Crew.

    We are all heart broken and devastated. I’m so angry and pissed of at SyFy for cancelling the show but also so damn sad I can’t stop crying just thinking about Dark Matter.

    I really hope we get DM comics soon so I know how the story ends. Besides we endet on a cliffhanger with a freaking alien invasion! I need to know what happen’s next 😉

    Also these days revivals are thing so let’s hope that trend will continue and maybe we have a chance in a few year’s that we get to finish our story on TV.

    From the bottom of my heart
    Thank you!!!
    I can’t wait to watch your next project.

  133. So this is it? The morons and incompetent single cell idiots are running the mad house of entertainment? We have ANOTHER Firefly in our hands?

  134. I am so sorry to hear that the cancellation is now final and the show will not return. Dark Matter is a true gem that will forever hold a special place in my heart. My thanks go out to you, the cast, and the crew for giving us 39 fantastic episodes with amazing stories and characters that us fans have come to love.

    Although we will not get more Dark Matter on TV, I still hold out hope that the story can be concluded in another format, like comic books. For now, I will start watching Stargate. Although I am a sci-fi fan I never got started on Stargate, but I hear it is great 🙂

    All the best,
    Martin from Denmark

  135. Thankyou for giving us the chance to use our voices to support your campaign to keep DM in production. Having just read your final last chance impossible words I feel as gutted as I did so many years ago when Farscape was cancelled.
    Does this news mean that a Japanense made Anime version of DM seasons 4 & 5 is also impossible ? Comic books lack the original casts´ voices that can most effrectively convey the story…….

  136. Looking forward to your next project Joe!

    My deepest disappointment I’ll never get to hear Zoie say “Boobs” again.

  137. I hardly watch TV anymore ! Can’t deal with the loss of good shows that are brilliant. Everyone did a phenomenal job and I am looking forward to what you all do next. Only because it’s you guys I tune in. It pays to read the credits roll and get a print out of it.

  138. So sad, you’ve told a great story. I do hope you can continue telling it through other means, though it’ll still be a loss without the wonderful cast and crew bringing it all together (imagine: the time-loopy-device-thing episode would not be a tenth as hilarious in comic book form as on screen), but I think you’ll manage anyway.

  139. Thank you to everyone for trying so hard. I love this fandom!!!!!

    I really hope you can continue the story of the team of the Raza we know in comic books. I’d be the first to buy and read it eagerly!!! (the anime option would have been so cool too though!) Both Avatar:The last airbender and Legend of Korra continue their story in comics format and it seems to work fine for them. I hope it’s the same for Dark Matter. Cause i do WANT to know what’s next!

    I will miss the crew and cast. Thank you for 3 amazing years of such a good sci-fi show!!!
    You have my respect and gratitude.
    Take care of yourself and i hope to come across more of your projects in the future.

  140. This is so much BS, Dark Matter was such a great show. Made me think ppl at syfy still cared about good sci fi but now that they cut Dark Matter but are keeping Killjoys for 2 more seasons I’m just done paying for syfy. Im not saying Killjoys is a bad show but I never look forward to a new season of that like i am exited about Dark Matter. Sci Fi channel was awesome now they are syfy, sounds more like FOX to me….

  141. Would you consider novels instead of comics? I have a hard time reading comics (something about the pictures with my A.D.D) I find it distracting. Just a question.

  142. This is devastating news. I’ll never understand what SyFy were thinking? Obvously not thinking about the fandom!
    Anyway, a big thank you to you and all the cast and crew for 3 wonderful seasons.

  143. Hello Joe – would the ‘contractual issues’ you have faced remain the same regardless of ‘suitor’? I know you said it is The End – at least in its current form – but the little flickering flame hope that a home might yet be found with some as yet unknown entity is terribly hard to extinguish ….( ignoring for a moment the realities of the ticking clock) Thankyou again for everything you have given and all you have shared.

  144. Tbh Joe you deserve better too. You helped make the syfy channel grow to the size it is through Stargate. Sure I’m really pist off again because of another syfy cancellation but I also feel your pain. We all deserve better, fucking assholes.

  145. Can’t believe it was cancelled. I mostly watch science fiction and Dark Matter was a keeper.

    Writing, actors, camera, sfx and sets were all very good and fit together.

    It’s rare I feel disappointed for others, this is one of those times.

    Thanks to all for what was made. I know I’ll be watching it again.

  146. As the great philosopher Mercury once said:
    Another one bites the dust… 🙁
    SG1, SGA, SGU.
    All Stargates are closed and the continued loss of exceptional shows like Firefly, Farscape, etc. and now Dark Matter is breaking my heart all over again.
    I will never understand those network executives that keep axing everything, even if its proving to be good.

    Thank you for your work and everything you, the cast and the crew have done to keep the dream alive.
    Thank you for reaching out to the world, trying to make the impossible possible, and for sharing so much and being such a big part of the community.

    All the best,
    Marco from Germany

  147. So, all efforts have come to naught… so immensely sad. I know for a fact that Dark Matter was truly worthy of continuing. I will miss the adventures of the Raza and her daring crew, the thrills, the plots, sub-plots and interwoven intricacies only you and Paul know so well and write so well. Your hard work, long hours and struggles shows up on our screens as pure gold.

    A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked on this wonderful, inspired science fiction drama called Dark Matter!

    I anxiously await the new adventures of Joe M. and truly hope you continue this amazing blog.

    Love to Akemi, Lulu and Suji and all my fellow blog friends here… from Carol, Basil and Stash!
    =^-^= =^-^=


  148. :((((((((((((((((((( i hope the comic book angle works out cause we want to know how the story goes!

  149. So sorry to hear this. I know you poured your heart and soul into this project, along with the crew and the actresses and actors. You guys deserve better too. Dark matter is an excellent show and you all should be very proud of your hard work. I hope somehow, someway the story gets finished because there’s so many loose ends, such a great plot, I’d love to see the end of it. Thank you for everything. I truly enjoyed the first three seasons. Blessings and peace.

    1. Geeks being invited to a geek board. That’s scandalous! Btw, Adam Savage had a small role in the second season finale of The Expanse and is a fan of the show. It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it.

  150. Dark Matter was damn fine story telling. I honestly do not have the words to express my frustration and disappointment in Syfy’s decision. Joe, you and everyone associated with the show gave us fans a marvelous gift, you all deserve much better too.

    Here’s hoping your next project is treated with more respect and honor.

    (Actually, I do have words to describe my opinion of syfy, being an old sailor, but I will refrain and play nice. For now).

  151. Sad to hear this. Thanks for such a great show with a diverse cast of characters. Hopefully you can Babylon 5/Firefly it and make a follow up movie at some point. If you ever do a Kickstarter for it… I’m in.

  152. I read a suggestion on Twitter that maybe Dark Matter could be made into an animated series voiced by the original cast. Is that possible?

    1. if a crowdfunding campaign opened for a animated series i would defintely get behind that

  153. Sniff sniff. Sorry Joe. Hugs. It is a special show, one of kind. I will miss it. But you have much more in you so don’t retire!!!

  154. well, don’t have tears in my eyes right now so I hope that it’s ok to add another comment/ observation.

    I’ve always said that Star Trek original was my first love, and it was, right there with the Twilight Zone & Outer Limits. There have been great Sci-fi movies too, among them, Alien, Aliens, The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original) and many others.
    Dark Matter held it’s own, and often far exceeded my expectations for a weekly TV series. I want to applaud the casting & directing on this show. It really didn’t matter which character was featured, because every single member of the cast, both regular and guests, truly breathed life into that script. I don’t recall ever thinking that anyone was ever phoning it in that week. That’s an achievement, because even Star Trek had episodes where I’m pretty sure members of the cast were thinking about other things! You are all exceptionally gifted.
    Another aspect of this show that stood out for me, ( big time), was just the amazing creativity of the story it’s self….all those little details that brought a richness to the show, and of course, the humor and the love.
    There are so many things that jump out at me now as I watch re-runs. Dark Matter was/is really a masterpiece and everyone that was part of this endeavor should feel very proud.
    At this point I find it hard to believe that this is the finale. No doubt that “bottom lines” profits and contracts will override creativity and quality. But still, deep down, part of me believes that somehow, one day, the Raza will fly again.

  155. So sad! Dark Matter was my favorite show on tv not just Sci-fi channel. I was a huge Farscape fan so I’m used being disappointed by the Sci-fi channel!😔

  156. This breaks my heart! I just don’t understand how people can keep letting the good shows go. I am going to seriously miss Dark matter as it was one of my favourite shows on TV. Perhaps if it had been in the later slot it wouldn’t have been cancelled. Going to miss you all! Thank you so much!

  157. No… We Will Not Accept Defeat…. GoFund Me…. or Indigogo or whatever… just don’t give up… What about Youtube? They are looking (paying for new stuff) or Amazon Prime…. or CBS they need shows if they want to keep the Star Trek Discovery people. This is just far too good of a show, to let just drift down to the floor of the Ocean of forgotten Dreams…

  158. So sorry to hear this, as I was really getting into the characters and their development. It wasn’t all about the flash and bang but more the people and their roles and place in each episode. It had so much potential!

    I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  159. You all did an incredible job of building the world and building the story. I was invested in the characters and really wanted to see where they’d go. Whenever the story continues. I’ll be there. Kudos to the journey so far.

  160. I’m devastated. Words cannot express how much I loathe the Syfy channel for their continued cancellation of great scifi series.

    Enough is enough and as others have written around the web, I too swear that I will never under any circumstances support any Syfy series ever, no matter what the reason or who is acting in it. I have already cancelled my TV package to avoid paying to anything that rewards Syfy, and I know for a fact that my friends who also loved Dark Matter have done the same.

    Thank you Joseph for your work, everything really, from Stargate series to Dark Matter you have done true science fiction fans immensely proud and happy, we love to support and watch your work, you make characters feel alive and true, you bring us family values weaved into intriguing and when appropriate – very funny – plots. It saddens me so much this is the end for DM, and I hope and pray that we will see you making a new sci-fi series – as long as it is not on the SyFy channel I will support and buy every single thing that can be bought from it. But please, Joseph, I beg of you, do not do business with SyFy if you can avoid it, I am sure they might try and throw you a bone to mend the fences due to all the hate they’re getting, but do not cave in, please do not cave in, you might lose the respect of a serious segment of your fan base.

    Looking forward to seeing your next project.

    Thank you again for your dedication to your craft, you’re a one of a kind.

  161. I stopped watching SyFy (SciFi) long ago because they always do this kind of thing. I found Dark Matter on Netflix and, not realizing it originated from the SyFy channel, began watching. Now, I find out it’s to be another of those series left “hanging”. Google just happened to list Dark Matter’s cancellation on their list of notifications, or I wouldn’t have known Anything! So I still get brought down by crummy SyFy channel even though I ceased patronizing the channel long ago 😬. I really wish the writers had been under the umbrella of Netflix as one of the Netflix Original Series.

    1. You said it exactly. I’m partially glad I didn’t know it was on Syfy or I would have taken a pass. I would have missed the high quality emotionally important show. The other part is pissed because Syfy KILLS creative shows far too readily, even when they are highest in ratings and I knew that. Sure enough, dead on the arch. Swore I wouldn’t get caught up in another broken hearted sudden cancellation with no ending. SMDH.

  162. How much money is Crackle spending on their original programming? I wonder if they’d be interested if the cast could be brought back together?

  163. It doesnt have to end, what do you need to continue the show? Funds, a network? Why Syfy canceled? I want to help

  164. I’m Hungary, but i saw Dark Matter and i love it. My favorite character is Android. I’m so sad, because Dark Matter didn’t get continue.

  165. I wonder if a crowd funding thing would work to finish off the series? Was it an expensive program to make? I would happily donate some money to get the series finished. There were some really funny episodes (the groundhog day-esque episode was my favourite). How ridiculous that it was shelved when it was. At the very least there should have been a final series to “wrap things up”.
    /sigh #bringbackDarkMatter

  166. God damn do I love this show. It was getting soooo good. I mean, It was great off the bat but man! Heart broken this is where it had to end. But thank you. I sincerely hope you do find a way to continue the story, whether it’s through comic, or novel or even another TV adaptation, whatever. I’ll be waiting patiently, and supporting you in whatever choice you make.

  167. Thank you for an AMAZING series!

    I feel like never watching anything syfy touches.. they just seem to cancel everything as it starts getting good.

    Have you tried contacting Netflix to pic it up and continue it?

  168. We are so disappointed that Dark Matter did not get season 4. We stumbled on this on Netflix and pretty much binged watched!! Very much enjoyed it and would have loved to have seen how it played out.

  169. I like The Expanse and Killjoys, but DM blew them both out of the water! Any chance Netflix/AMC/Amazon would pick it up? Why let this go down without a fight? So season 4 gets delayed. Don’t let it be cancelled.

  170. Would rather see an animation miniseries (with the original actors providing the voices) than a comic.

  171. If only networks realised that their productions inevitably gain a following that can generate ongoing revenue. It appears to be a repeating theme these days, show starts, doesn’t get massive ratings, gets dropped after a few seasons. Dark Matter has a good story line, great characters, and plenty of opportunity to keep producing entertaining episodes. Its a real shame there wont be more to watch in the future. Joseph, thanks for doing your best to keep the show in production, and I’m sorry that agreements couldn’t be met to have it continue.

  172. The problem with sci-fi series is a good portion of the time if you become a fan of a show it will end tragically with no closure. I think networks may end up stifling a genre as many fans get turned off that they may invest a year or more falling in love with characters or a plot and end up consistently left hanging and without closure.

  173. I’m so pissed, 1 because I binged watched the show for 2.5 days…and 2. Because there is no means of revival. If only fans could start a type of Fund Me… I would pay a lot of money just to see season 4 and 5 play out. Never has a show made me want closure so bad. I honestly believe this show was that diamond found accidentally not even known to be a diamond till one day you try to sell it in a garage sale and found out it was real.

  174. I would love to see a graphic novel or comic miniseries help to resolve some of the threads from these amazing stories.

  175. I found out about Dark Matter rather late and had been binge watching it over the past month. Just learned about the cancellation. Argh!! Damned contracts… This show needs to get a cult movement going, because it’s so fantastic in so many ways, too many to list. Last but not least the acting is tremendous. If this really dies an early death like SGU (another one that I still lament ending), it’ll be a major tragedy for sci-fi. The more time that goes by without any progress, the greater chance of actors being too far out of reach to pull back in. Hopefully this MGM endeavor could green-light a mini-series. Dark Matter deserves it, and more. Phenomenal work, Joseph Mallozzi!

  176. What happened to Sara?
    Did Six really die?
    Is Two lost forever or can she shed the black ship aliens?
    Did Reyo reclaim his empire?
    Does Android evolve?


    What are the chances of ANY future for Dark Matter??
    Great characters, interesting plot twists, big statements parroting today’s unthinkable events.


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