September 19, 2017: In A Hold-your-breath Holding Pattern!  Here, Have A Script!

I mean, seriously.  I respect the need for due diligence, a desire to do a thorough analysis before making a decision.  But could we pick up the pace here?

As another day comes and goes without word, my writerly mind goes places.  Have they forgetten about us?  Did the individual we were talking to go on vacation and forget to tell anyone?  Is he or she trapped under a fallen refrigerator, hoping against hope that someone will send help, blindly assuming: “I was supposed to get back to them on Friday!  I didn’t, so they’re going to assume something is wrong and send help!”.  How long can someone go without water?  We’re going on five days now!

As we wait, let’s discuss the various options that have been bandied about…

A 26 Episode 2 Season Order

Kind of scary insofar as it would require us to shoot straight through – and, oh yeah, come up with twenty-six scripts in a compressed time frame.  Yes, we used to do a full 22 back on Stargate and, for a few years, actually produced 40 episodes a season between SG-1 and Atlantis, but back then we had a full writers’ room stacked with defacto showrunners (Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Paul Mullie, Martin Gero, Carl Binder, Alan McCullough, and myself).  In this case, I’ll be doing the lion share of the writing and rewriting – and prepping and producing and post. Yes, I would probably suffer a nervous breakdown shortly after wrap but this scenario offers the best creative option, allowing me to unfurl my 5-season narrative as planned.

A Single Season 13 Episode Order

Sure, this is the scenario I’ve been operating under since we got the green light to do the show in the first place and, while the temptation would be there to proceed business as usual and script another season ending cliffhanger setting up the show’s fifth and final installment as per my original vision, this recent unpleasant experience would give me pause.  Would I be better off not risking it and, instead, taking the 13 episode order to tie up all the loose ends – in which case I would be done after four seasons.  Not the show, mind you, but I would be done.  This one would present a real creative dilemma.

A Miniseries Order

Now while I know everyone (fans, cast, crew, and production) would prefer the two season order, I’m drawn to the prospect of being given anywhere from 6-8 episodes to wrap things up.  While it would definitely be a challenge to tie up all those loose ends in such a small order, it would ensure that those 6-8 episodes would be packed with huge twists, turns, shocks, surprises, revelations and reveals.

A Two Hour Movie Order

Many would see this as a small “better than nothing”  victory, but this option would be…well, creatively restrictive.  It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which I’d be able to wrap up anything in satisfactory fashion within a two hour time frame.

To everyone asking – the sets remain standing.  For now.  We in a hold-your-breath holding pattern until another production comes along and asks for the stages, at which point we have to clear out.

So – more waiting.  And, tomorrow, a follow-up phone call with Suitor #2 who has always had my heart.  If it’s not Dark Matter, I hope we partner up on something real soon.

I thank you, Dark Matter fandom, for you patience – and, in some cases, impatience.  Please accept this as a small token of my appreciation:


85 thoughts on “September 19, 2017: In a Hold-Your-Breath Holding Pattern! Here, have a script!

  1. Joe, if you can’t get it done then we all know it was never possible… your dedication to the show & fans is obvious for all to see. Checking your Blog has now become a daily routine for may, myself included. No matter what transpires you’ll always have the gratitude of millions who enjoyed a truly unique show that brightened all our lives. – God Speed

  2. You still have us. Most of us would be willing to collectively pay for some new episodes ourselves. All you have to do is ask.

  3. 26 back-to-back from one writer who’s also the producer… I think that’s what’s called the “Straczynski option”! Still, it’s been proved to be survivable without too much loss of sanity. Although *with* too much loss of hair.

    I’m wondering if the real best outcome might be a 13 episode single series AND THEN A SPINOFF, backdoored via s4e13. (Which presumably would not have quite so many of the awkward pre-existing rights issues attached.) But absolutely anything would be welcome at this point.

    Thanks for fighting so hard for us, Joe.

  4. ” in which case I would be done after four seasons.  Not the show, mind you, but I would be done.”

    SAY WHAT????? Moving to Japan? Got something else lined up? Retiring? In that case, then let’s go with option 1. A 26 episode 2-season order. If they offered you two 10-episode seasons, would that be something you think you could do? Or even two 8-episode seasons? You get where I’m going here.

    I can’t imagine the show without you in its final season.

    Second choice then would be a miniseries order.

    1. Not to speak for Joe but I noticed when he said:
      “Not the show, mind you, but I would be done.”

      He then said:
      “This one would present a real creative dilemma.”

      My Takeaway from that is he meant his original, complete story would be done which would give him a creative dilemma of what would be happening on the show for a season 5 when his main storyline had just been finished in season 4.

      He’d earlier said that the second option would make it hard for him to do a normal, season ending cliffhanger for fear of being canceled again.

  5. My finger are crossed for such a long time, they are starting to hurt. Thanks for that script, that’s a fun read.

  6. Joe, thank you for sharing and explaining the process and details.

    You might be surprised how many of us fans thrive on the process and a description of the way your mind is thinking about things.

    You haven’t really been able to give us much that’s new here but the insights you’ve given make me feel a lot better. I’m certain I’m not alone in that.

    Thank you Joe!

  7. Wow, that is one awesome gift and I look forward to reading through it. Still got all my appendages crossed in the hopes of a 26 eps pick up!

  8. Wow. The suspense is killing me. Still thinking positive and happy thoughts. Maybe in the interested party they are split- and half are fighting our battle and we are clueless. Hopefully the minds that be , will choose well and take that shot at Dark Matter. Lets hope they are binge watching and watch the season 3 cliffhanger and say hell yeah need more Dark Matter !!!

    I digress but for some reason my mind harkens back to the old Twiligjt Zone episode-where the show was cancelled and a producer shows up years later and hires the cast back. He has scripts to complete the show and the lead actor thinks it’s going to be his big comeback. The big reveal is the producer is an alien and they love the show on his planet….so. it will never be seen on Earth.

    We can let that happen to Dark Matter !!!!

    Razafarions unite !!!!

  9. It’s already the 20th here in Ireland… so I guess I shall go to the land of Nod and tomorrow shall be another day. Thank you for the update(s).

    As hard as the not-knowing is for us fans, I know it’s way harder on you.

  10. Thank you for the update. I think it’s safe to say that we all appreciate your explanations because we get to have some idea of how things really stand. I also think many of us are at that nail biting stage.😰
    And a double THANK YOU for the script sharing! That was lovely of you.💜

  11. I rather have only one option: 2 Seasons option.
    Thats the serie was done for.Ok it will suck not knowing the final if things go wrong but I’d fight for winning a war.It’s go on like it was meant to be
    Or it’s stop here.
    Then I will always look at Dark Matter as one of the Greatest SyFy show..and to be continued…one day..and not something that had to be cut and twist to satisfied networks

  12. @5-season narrative as planned.

    I really doubt that you would end the show after five seasons if you find it a new home and it does well there. And no one would want you too either. Depending on who picks the show up, I really would like to see that plan become irrelevant and the show continue for as long as your new home wants it too.

    You know you have the ability to take Dark Matter far beyond five seasons if the demand was there.

  13. Obviously a 2-season order would be awesome!

    If you get the single season order you could pull a J. Michael Straczynski Season 4 Bablylon 5 and write and film the show’s finale only to get picked up for an unexpected 5th season so hastily write a filler episode for the season 4 ender and move the finale to the end of season 5 and then somehow come up with a whole season of stories that still fits in the the finale you filmed a year before. Phew! On second thoughts, maybe not.

    The miniseries, while not ideal, would be better than nothing.

    A 2 hour movie . . . I can’t see how you could do it!

    Thanks for the script! I will read along while watching the first episode to try to pick up the differences!

  14. The fact the sets are intact till another production needs the space is a bit of a reprieve I’m glad to have. A tiny bit of breathing space is better than none.

  15. The creative options presented all have their pros and cons. Vision as intended is pretty much everyone’s preference, but the work load is intense. I’m not saying you’re not up for it, but, you seriously might collapse. You would need to pull in writers quickly, get them immersed on DM and the tapestry of it and then start grinding like a mad man.
    I also see the creative lure to jam pack a mini series version into a powerhouse performance. Something so dynamic in it’s content, it would have to be structured super smart and tight. The actors would be under some heavier demands too. I think you have a great cast. Would the chemistry suffer when there is less time to flesh out the spaces where the humanity developes? Such a tightrope.
    The reluctant quandry of doing a 13 episode season 4 and not knowing if you should wrap it up or write it with the potential of another breathless will they / won’t they pick us up again is a frustration no one wishes for. It’s a coin flip there. Will season 4 be strong enough to make a season 5 a no question? Is there truly no content past season 5? What if season four was written with a bit of the mini series tightness? Would that make a season 5 inevitable?
    The 2 hour movie. I can’t see it. I think it would be a painful injustice. Almost prefer to imagine the final two seasons versus getting a shadow of content, a watered down version of what could have been.. It’s not going to do justice to the actors and crew either.
    These things all depend on if anyone will forward the financing and/or make space for this title. The silence is hard to wait through. Hopefully you can do some spark writing just in case the light turns green fast.
    I’m glad your sets are standing. I hope no production needs the space in any critical way, because I’d love you to finish this project. On that note, please express gratitude to everyone in each role they have to bring these dreams to screen. The audience truly loves the work and are craving the rest of the adventure. If we could do more to assure that, we would.
    Thank you kindly for the sweet gift of seeing your script work. If I never see another line at least I’ll cherish these.

  16. Funny, all day today my mind was running through similar things. What could be taking so long? Are they actually making progress on their end and just taking time to pull things together before getting back to you? Or did they simply forget or get distracted by something shiny? Are they just really unprofessional and can’t be bother to tell you anything, or are they working incredibly hard to make it work? I hadn’t thought of the falling fridge scenario, but now that you mention it, I have another thing to worry about! 🙂

    Needless to say, I would love the 26 episode order, but I certainly wouldn’t want you killing your self doing it. Maybe if they gave you sufficient time similar what it would take without the hiatus? Like you, I don’t really care for the two hour movie idea. I’d almost prefer a book version to finish up than that.

    That script is great! Thanks! Here’s hoping for good things tomorrow.

    On a side note, tomorrow is my last day of work. Well, at least where I’ve been for the last 32 years. Boy, it feels weird.

    1. Congratulations gforce on your accomplishment and retirement! Thirty two years!!! I bet you had to take the good with the bad. Is this your first job? Enjoy!

      1. Thanks! Yeah, there’s been good and bad but definitely mostly good. I have friends from work that will last a lifetime. It really was my second “real” job, the first was a term position for most of a summer.

  17. Thank YOU again! That waiting is surely keeping us all on edge!!!! I’d feel great about any of the options above, though the full lenght of 5 seasons is sure to be a fan favorite. 🙂 Thank you again for keeping us updated! 🙂

  18. Thanks for the script Joe! That is so cool!

    Like you, we’re all waiting with baited breath, fingers and toes crossed…..we really want to see this story through….so I’m hoping for Option 1… 🙂

  19. You know, I feel like this is a Schrödinger’s cat situation for me. I want good news but … at least I’m not hearing “NO”. This must be so frustrating for you! Sorry you’re going through this AND sorry the cast/crew are too.

  20. First, Thank you (LOVE the script!!).
    I can’t imagine what this experience has been like for you.
    Emotional investment, creative investment, not even thinking about what goes on behind the scenes to finance a project like this…’cause I don’t have a clue.
    But I want to thank you for being accessible to your fans, thank you for your vision and creativity. Science fiction is an art, when done poorly it’s laughable, but it’s done well it is a splendid journey. I have truly enjoyed this journey…Star Gate wasn’t half bad either..
    I’m a boomer, and yes as a little girl, LOVED Star Trek, back in the 60’s. I remember being in tears when that series was dropped. I also remember feeling a deep sense of loss & my parents trying to explain why my favorite show wasn’t around anymore. Oddly enough, learning of “SYFY” and it’s folly brought back those feelings again.
    Loss, in any form is lousy….but whatever happens, THANK YOU!

  21. I always wondered what went into a script, I’m really impressed by the level of detail and effort that goes into your script, let alone all the moving parts involved with the production of a single episode. Thank you very much for sharing that. I really have a new found appreciation for the show and all the work / budgeting that goes into it.

  22. All of the options suck except the 26 episodes order. A 2 hour movie would be a failure because there are too many plotholes, at this point, that need to be addressed, and that can’t be done within a 2-hour timeframe. It amazes me that people still watch silver-screen movies, to be honest. You just can’t accomplish anything within 2 hours, let alone 6 hours. Character development is a slow process that must be nurtured with patience.

    I really think that Dark Matter should also only have 5 seasons, because, any more than that, and things just get stale. Stargate SG-1 suffered from this, as did many of the other shows in that era that went beyond 5 seasons. I get why Networks insist on what is called ‘filler’ episodes, and only allow 4-5 story ark episodes during the span of a season. I get it, but it doesn’t make sense from a creative standpoint. Tell a story, remove the filler, and move on. That’s another reason why people love Dark Matter, by the way – it’s because there is very little, if any, filler. So excellent job on avoiding that particular pitfall.

    As far as ‘burnout’, you should do 13 episodes, and then wait about 9 months or a year before tackling season 5. Master of None, on Netflix, is currently taking a two year break. We don’t care if you need to take an extended amount of time to complete the scripts, so long as they get finished and Dark Matter gets the ending it deserves.

  23. Invading Syfy’s Twitter page with #itsafanthing was fun. I’m replying on this post because what I have to say will exceed what Twitter would allow me to post.

    First off, I’d like to thank you for posting the script, it’ll keep me entertained for a bit. And I really hope that someone is truly trapped under a fridge because there’s no real excuse to leave you hanging like this. Honestly, it’s a binary answer of yes or no and we move on.

    The options you are faced with aren’t pleasant, as a fellow (ongoing) “artist” I understand. I’m working day job to finance my own indie projects for better creative control (well, look where it got me–refining some 20-some years old ideas until it becomes magnum opus because my audience deserves a quality final product, imo).

    Fact is, a two hours movie is better than nothing, but it is just a horrible possibilities considering you have only 2 hours to reintroduce everything and barely enough time to develop anything in-depth.

    I really hope you get the best option for your project. There’s nothing worse than to see something of marvelous potential cut short. Even if you do finish the project, some part of you will always nag at you that it isn’t how you want this to end. The curse of the writer, I guess.

    It dragged on long enough, and I hope it’s a “yes” on their side and not yanking your (and our) chain. Anyways, wish you and your crew best of success.

  24. Thank you for everything. We don’t have one tenth as much as invested emotional, or financially as you and the cast and crew, but we are invested because you have put together such a good show and the cast has created a family we all care about. Keep doing what you do and you will have the support of all the fans of your shows. Thanks again, your work means a lot to us and thanks to the cast for creating what we think is a special show and having such a connection amongst each other really makes us care about the characters.

  25. Hopefully 1st one comes & as it’s been Joseph’s goal since the beginning if not mistaken & Many Fans love that plan <3 All above ^^ Described well.. True Writer's talent. Ever since started to read Joseph's Blogs it's easier to see why Stargate's were so brilliant & also ofc beautiful Dark Matter 🙂 Won't say if, but When he's given Green Light for the 1st option then fingers crossed that no Nervous Breakdown like he wrote there hehe <3 All goes smoothly as Sci-Fi spirts help \ o /

    Quality in every area for sure stays as good & even better as We Dark Matter Fans know 🙂 So now all Focus your Thoughts for tomorrow's Follow Up Phone Call o/ Everyone Think in your Mind that we get 2x Full Seasons which is 13x eps. "or we get 10 eps. per season" after that Phone Call 🙂

    Wish Strength, Good feels for Joe, His Furries & Akemi 🙂 *Asks for dear Sci-Fi Spirits to help Joe, DM cast, Prod. Crew & Fans with Phone Call. To give 2x Seasons with 10-13 eps. per Season :)* PST: Remember that we can support with DM Merchandise.. I buy DM Shirt with signatures on it right away <3

  26. I like the 26 episode, 2 season option the best. I’m not greedy, I just know you have a plan and I want to see where you take these characters that we have come to love and call family. This also allows you to bring back some familiar faces and give closure to all the story lines.

    There was an interesting article in the TV guide about how The Fugitive was one of the first shows to give closure to it’s series (and incidentally one of the most watched episodes in history). David Jansen wanted out thus the infamous showdown between Richard Kimble & the one-armed man. There are so many showdowns I’d like to see in the DM verse, namely Two & Rook. Can we have a one armed man? Maybe Nieman looses an arm in an industrial accident? Three shoots it off?

  27. OMG The script is awesome! I love when Three wakes with his guns and you write…

    “a gun in each hand. He evidently had them in the pod with him (which, we will come to realize, says a lot about his character)”

    Says a lot about his character!!! LOVE IT

    We soooo want Dark Matter!! But Joe, don’t give yourself a heart attack over it. We did the good fight. All I got to say is… Thanks Man!

  28. Kap Kun Krap! Thank you for keeping us informed. It does show you have great respect for us fans and we are able to reciprocate with our unbalanced showing. I followed you through SG-1, A, and U. I even routed for your during “Transporters”. I hope we can get some satisfaction out of this as well.

  29. They are wearing me out. I’m too old for this sh*t.

    Could use some good news amongst all the hurricanes, earthquakes, and idiotic world leaders going on today.

  30. You are amazing. I can’t begin to imagine your feelings right now but I admire your spirit, your passion, and your fight.

  31. So, Joe, there are 86400 seconds in a day. How many seconds has your day had? I imagine you haven’t slept a wink for the last few days. I hope you are managing to relax a bit. As a big fan of your writing, I can tell you it’s been a tense few days for me. Here’s hoping that the delay only means good things. All the best.

  32. Whatever you decide is fine by me. While I can say anything is better than nothing, the decider is YOU.
    Naturally, whatever the outcome…you know you will have stalkers on all your future work. The cast of Dark Matter will also be followed as we would follow a family member’s future. We love you all to much to let go.

    Re: SYFY – the fact they announced the “war” is telling us something. And it cannot hurt to bombard them with our favorite show. True we may get nothing for our efforts, but “they asked.”

  33. It’s funny, I just started to watch SG-1 and Atlantis on the El Rey network, but after DM you truly have my attention. You have my support no matter where you go. Thanks, Joe, and thanks for the script.

  34. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure: Dark Matter is an amazing show, with a large passionate fanbase, created by veterans, and expertly executed by a team of talented cast and crew members. This show will always have a place in many hearts. Thank you everyone! Dark Matter forever!

  35. Thanks for all your hard work on this and keeping us updated! This whole thing is no fun for anyone but I’m still holding out hope.

    Worst case scenario though and you don’t get picked back up, would it be possible to do something like continue the story in comic book form a la Firefly? Not ideal, obviously, but at least that way we could all get some sort of closure.

  36. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for the fans, you’re going above and beyond, we couldn’t ask for more. Don’t mistake our collective breath-holding with impatience, we are well aware that you are doing everything you can.

    Whatever happens, you’re the best, Joe.

  37. If some1 will take it then You should take your time too… We don’t need DM instantly, we just wanna know that there will be more… Even if it will take 2 years it will be good for us… 😂 At least for me… I mean … I’m worried that script won’t be that good if it has to be made that (relatively) “fast” … And maybee if they will like the results of Dark Matter it could be more than 2 seasons who knows 😊 Why can’t there be some great show like DM going for so long like Supernatural or Doctor Who (2005) 😏 It’s a lot to ask I know… Maybe Five can show you how things will end 😋 😂

  38. 26 episodes, two seasons. Do it right. I will send coffee and valarian root !!

  39. (forgot I had a wordpress account, look at that! no more temp logins muhaha)

    First up, thank you. It’s genuinely touching when creatives share their work, like this script. 🙂

    So I understand that there are a number of factors playing in to the time-constraint around this last push, but I wanted to put this out into the ether in specific regards the sets/props.

    If the potential for continuing is tied to the sets remaining – and that is in turn tied to a potential renewal *or* another production requiring the space, my brain immediately starts pondering…
    > Can the sets be broken down?
    > Who has ownership of the sets and props even if they could be?
    [and finally]
    > If the sets and props *could* be removed and stored, would that be of any benefit, even to provide a bump on the breathing room?

    Actually crowd-funding production is a tricky business. I’m looking forward to seeing what Deep Six do for instance, but that’s an outlier – there are more failures than success stories when it comes to majority funding through crowd funding, but just crowd funding a *part* of the process [in terms of achievable target figures] would seem a much more viable.

    Which all boils down to: could we crowd-fund finances to keep the physical assets in play a little longer?

  40. I decided to go out into Twitter and retweet everything people had submitted today to #ItsaFanThing. Twitter called me a robot and kicked me out! They said come back later. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m an Android! Whoa!

      1. I am in so much trouble with Twitter. I had to appeal to them for help. They accused me of robotic behavior. I’ve been called a pokerface before but never a robot. It may take a few days to get back in. It’s like I’m in solitary confinement. 😥

  41. Like all the people who wrote before me, I am also checking your blog daily, to be honest, a few times a day in the hopes of reading that news we are all hoping for. Thank you Joe for keeping us informed. It would be a tremendous gift, 26 episodes, but indeed, I would do for less, just to see the story get a decent ending.

  42. Id take anything at this point, tho I pray its not just a movie. I need closure and 2 hours just wouldnt be enough. Im down no matter what happens but fingers crossed for 2 season deal!!!:)

  43. Thank you so much for the script. ♥

    IMO I would so want to see the two season and 26 episodes. In my fan mind that would be so perfect. But yeah, whatever works best for the team and you the writer first and foremost.

    Hoping for good news soon.

  44. Thank you for yout updates, at least there is still a chance to give to Dark Matter a proper finale. I guess that 2 seasons would be an unlikely scenario, but hope that at least you have one more season plus a movie ending or similar. At least 13 episodes will give us some good stories to close all those opened threads.

    Let’s think that the man that must call back to you is having a real problem defending your proposal, facing the alien alien dragons that keeps the doors of approval.

  45. Thank you for all you are doing, for everyone. I hope we are given a good option!

    Wish me luck on my eyelid surgery today. I will have such big eyes, all the better to see more Dark Matter with!

  46. Joe…thanks for the script. Neat-o. Loved what Spain did putting it into a notebook. awesomeness!

    And, thanks for all that you do and are doing to get a home for DM. Know you cannot share everything, but so very grateful for what you are able to share.
    And, we wait…inspite of all the cute cartoons of being hyper and anxious (which we all are, by the way) we wait, because we have to.

  47. Thanks for the update, Joe.
    I wake each morning hoping for the good news to arrive. I try and check in on twitter during the day too but this silence is …. well …. Starting to worry abit now 😶

    But today you shared your script!
    Thank you so much!! I’m going to lose myself in it tonight and wonder how each of our Raza crew actors felt as they read each page for the first time…

    Thank you 😊

  48. Imagine that the Follow Up Phone Call is about to arrive into great Joseph’s Phone on any minute.. Or maybe came already & he’s giving the good news for the Cast & Prod. Crew o/ After i linked this well created Blog to a Friend who likes Dark Matter he said:

    “I like how he expressed his thoughts about possible continuation in terms of number of episodes allowed to him to produce. Would like to see more posts of such quality from TV people. Hope he will get at least that 20 episodes to finish the show.” . Baron Destructo! If People in need of Amazing Sci-Fi & need some Written.. Who you gonna Call? (Baron Destructo) If People in need of Quality Entertainment & need some Written.. Who you gonna call? (Baron Destructo) If you’re Hungry for Amazing Sci-Fi Ride & Want a Writer.. Then Pick up the Phone & Call (Baron Destructo) —

    *Tune Playing in head while see Dark Matter Logo & great Scenes*
    All the best for everyone who is & has been part of Dark Matter Crew <3

    1. Imagine that the Follow Up Phone Call is about to arrive into great Joseph’s Phone on any minute.. Or maybe came already & he’s giving the good news for the Cast & Prod. Crew o/ After i linked this well created Blog to a Friend who likes Dark Matter he said:

      “I like how he expressed his thoughts about possible continuation in terms of number of episodes allowed to him to produce. Would like to see more posts of such quality from TV people. Hope he will get at least that 20 Episodes to finish the show.”

      I totally Agree & that 20x “if not max 26” would be good 2 even for Joseph i bet. 26 is the ideal that we want & Joseph 2, but never know what happens.. Happy News Must Prevail 🙂

      Song for Joseph:

      Who You Gonna Call.. Ghost..Nope –>. Baron Destructo! If People in need of Amazing Sci-Fi & need some Written.. Who you gonna Call? (Baron Destructo) If People in need of Quality Entertainment & need some Written.. Who you gonna call? (Baron Destructo) If you’re Hungry for Amazing Sci-Fi Ride & Want a Writer.. Then Pick up the Phone & Call (Baron Destructo)

      *Tune Playing in head while see Dark Matter Logo & great Scenes*
      All the best for everyone who is & has been part of Dark Matter Crew <3

      Hopefully now comes out like it should.. Why Commenting bugged now for 1st attempt above ^^ :/

  49. Person who puts in the comments after checkup would pls remove my 1st one that bugged for some reason when i clicked “post comment” 🙂 For some reason it left many sentences out & got to look weird. Maybe cause of some symbols that i used there after one section.

    I removed them & edited a bit more. Then it came out like i wanted & added to end that hopefully comes out now like it should. Kind regards: Terry

  50. I assume Mr. Prodigy Pictures is also helping to find Dark Matter a home? Apologies, I forgot his name.
    Although it would be a hard slog for you & team, I would prefer the 2 season all at once approach.

  51. We are Daenerys’ dragons, Jon Snow,
    The Kingdom Of The North, Cersei
    and theThe Night Kings army,
    all rolled into one!
    We are Sparticus. We are Borg.
    We are Hercules. We are Thor.
    We are Westly.
    We are TWO, THREE, FIVE, SIX,
    Android and The Emperor RYO/FOUR
    We are Raza Crew.

    But most importantly
    at Dark Matter
    We Are Family
    And what love has brought together
    cannot be undone.

    If its a war they want @Syfy!
    It’s a war they’ll get!!!


    RIGHT NOW!!!!!


    Click on reply to syfy #itsafanthing post below
    till our numbers reach 10k or more!!

    #RaiseTheRaza We Demand @Dark_MatterTV season 4!!


    If each one of us takes a turn posting simply ‘one’ tweet each at #ItsAFanThing fandom wars today ( only if you havent already)
    Any networks “waiting” to reply WILL KNOW they need to respond IMMEDIATELY

    and SYFY will know once and for all, without doubt,
    exactly what ‘they’ lost!

  52. No.. :/ I asked to remove the Broken comment & not the one that came right after that. Maybe was a mistake click. 2nd came out as i wanted 🙂 I post it again now & hopefully comes out like on 2nd attempt..
    Maybe great Joe received the call & gave good news for Cast & Prod. Crew. After i linked this well created Blog to a Friend who likes Dark Matter he said:
    “I like how he expressed his thoughts about possible continuation in terms of number of eps. allowed him to produce. Would like to see more posts of such quality from TV people. Hope he will get at least 20 eps. to finish DM.”

    I totally Agree & that 20x “if not max 26” would be good 2 even for Joseph i bet. Ofc 26 is the ideal that we want & Joseph 2, but never know what happens.. Happy News Must Prevail 🙂 Song for Joseph:

    Who You Gonna Call.. Ghost..Nope –>. Baron Destructo! If People in need of Amazing Sci-Fi & need some Written.. Who you gonna Call? (Baron Destructo) If People in need of Quality Entertainment & need some Written.. Who you gonna call? (Baron Destructo) If you’re Hungry for Amazing Sci-Fi Ride & Want a Writer.. Then get the Phone & Call (Baron Destructo)

    *Tune Playing in head while see Dark Matter Logo & great Scenes*
    All the best for everyone who is & has been part of Dark Matter Crew <3

  53. Thank you for the update, the fans are behind you! I activated mobile alerts on my Twitter account for you (you Breaking News and a few other VIPs share that privilege) so no matter when you make the big announcement, I’ll get an alert. 🙂

  54. Thank you so much for the script – really very cool 🙂
    (I actually signed up for Twitter just so I could help in my own small way by joining the #RaiseTheRaza movement!)
    Dark Matter is an amazing show, created by some absolutely fantastic people. I wish everyone – the creators and the fans – the very, very best as we continue to hold our collective breaths waiting for good news!

  55. Thank you for the script Joe. I miss One so much. Why why why did he have to die?
    I know this is all very heartbreaking for you but it is also for the fans. Know we are with you and we love who you love and “hate” who you hate, heeee. Can’t wait for your other projects to come out, you are my go to writer, producer and scifi lord.

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