In fact, we ARE doing it.  All that online passion – the tweets, retweets, tagging and hash tagging – is having an effect. It’s impressing some, concerning others, but surprising all.  It’s thanks to you that we are where we are, with three potential new partners in deep discussion.  As I’ve been saying all along, pulling this off is still a longshot, but you’ve gone above and beyond the call in raising awareness and letting everyone out there know exactly how much Dark Matter means to you.  And now we need you to pour it on for the big finish.

TOMORROW – at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT Dark Matter is taking twitter by storm.  Follow @DarkMatterFTL for the secret hashtag of the night, and the SLAM twitter at the appointed time.  

Last week saw us hit 210 000 tweets for the event, trending #4 in the U.S., #2 in Canada and Los Angeles, #1 in New York.  Tomorrow, we’re going to shatter that record.  Like last week, we’ve got some surprise guests joining the tweet storm.  And, to make things even more interesting, I’ve got something for you all…

Bloopers!  And lots of them.

I’ve been sitting on about 30 minutes of outtakes from Dark Matter’s second and third season.  Akemi has spent the whole day editing them down to 1:30 – 2:00 segments (sitting on the couch, doing a lot of laughing).  The second we start trending tomorrow night, I will release the first blooper segment on twitter.  And then, one every fifteen minutes for as long as we trend.

Here’s a taste –

Before the tweet storm, at 7 pm EDT, 4 pm PDT, join me and the rest of the Dark Matter cast for a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).  Just register here and show up at the appointed time with your questions:

I’m also trying to organize some Facebook living with a couple of cast members.  Stay tuned for news on that!

I left the following message on the Dark Matter subreddit and wanted to give it a wider audience:

Like I said, this is harder than it appears at first. On top of finding a home, there are a bunch of contractual issues to contend with, AND we have to make sure we can get enough money to make the show. All of this before we lose our set, our cast, and our crew.

The odds are against us, but we’re all in. I’ve been at 11 since hitting Toronto and finding out about the show’s official cancellation – online, on the phone, messaging, emailing – doing absolutely everything I can to get this done. If we succeed, then it will have all been worth it. If I fail, I’ll have known I did right by my cast, crew, and fandom. 

Some fandom art…

@mhysatweets with the DM movie posters!

September 14, 2017: We Can Do This!

September 14, 2017: We Can Do This!

@Nick23371162 with this beautiful painting of The Raza in orbit.
September 14, 2017: We Can Do This!

62 thoughts on “September 14, 2017: We can do this!

  1. You said it, my friend – we can do this! I too am amazed at the depth and breadth of DM fandom. It’s incredible!

    I’ll definitely be there tomorrow night. I’m thinking of making a couple of dummy Twitter accounts for when I inevitably end up in Twitter jail with my main one.

    That blooper is great! Poor Anthony. Though, that didn’t seem like it was that complicated a scene!

  2. Your passion shows in every project you work on, and I am truly grateful for that. I have been a die hard SG Fan from the beginning and Dark Matter has quickly become close to my heart as well. I am fighting alongside you for the “Continuum” of Dark Matter (pun intended lol) – Even wrote netflix to urge them to pick up the show and in return I would become a subscriber with them again. All actors on Dark Matter are wonderful, gifted and truly deserve this show to be extended further, and you do as well of course! Your spirit, vision and dedication shine through it all and I thank you for that! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Daniela. Join us on reddit, Facebook, and twitter tomorrow night!

  3. Should we still bother including @Netflix in the tweets? Or is that not worth it since they aren’t in the three possibles?

    1. I agree with JM. We need to give him every tool and datapoint we can. Showing potential partners the number of requests fans have made to Netflix can only help.

      Also, as a fellow fan, hello and thank you for staying engaged enough to ask this question. I’m excited about tomorrow’sevents.

  4. Thank you Joseph, this is encouraging.
    We appreciate the hard work you’re doing and thank you also to the cast for the passion they have to continue these characters.

    I think we all know we’re against some tough odds but as you said, if you can pull it off – if we can – it will have been worth it. If not we at least know we fought for our Raza family – just like they do for each other.

    There’s a lot of people that work to bring Dark Matter to life. People that rarely if ever get public credit or recognition, so on behalf of all us fans, thank you.

    See you all tomorrow and for all the events. The bloopers are something I think we’ve all wanted but assumed we’d probably never see.
    I understand most producers and directors hold onto gems like bloopers. That you’re willing to give this gift to us speaks so much to your character and integrity to the actors and property of Dark Matter.

    #TeamRaza #DarkMatter #DarkMatterFTL

    1. Mostly thanks to the cast, crew, the Dark Matter editorial team, and my girlfriend Akemi who spent much of today painstakingly editing them down to bite size pieces.

  5. Hi Joe
    To bad I’ll be too busy tweeting to watch the bloopers when they’re released. 🙂


  6. I am very sad that I can’t be with you tomorrow night. I will be going to a masquerade. I will get on Twitter as soon as possible when I get home. Strength and hugs for our journey has just begun.

  7. “If we succeed, then it will have all been worth it. If I fail, I’ll have known I did right by my cast, crew, and fandom.”

    Don’t think that choice of words isn’t noticed, Joe. We will succeed or fail together. You’re not alone in this.

  8. Very glad to hear three new partners in discussions. I hope we can now dispense with having to tag @ syfy and @ cumberbunch in every bloody tweet. Friday morning here is Asia #DarkMatterRules?

  9. Women are often not seen as a viable Sci-fi marketing demographic. This is changing but we have a long way to come in representation. That is why this show is so important. When I first saw it I was excited because it is a sci fi show with heartfelt, complicated,sexual but not objectified, bad ass, rich and nuanced well acted characters (male and female). Women are equally represented but all of the characters are 3 dimensional Humans that go beyond representing women or men in a certain light. The stories that are written for the female characters do not hinge on them being female and treats them as human characters, I am finally feeling like my voice matters, is heard, and is being represented. I exist in the fan base.

    So no matter what happens. Thank you for that.

  10. I’m with you! Thank you for all your efforts! Much love to you and the cast!
    Absolutely love this show!

    Incredible fan art!

  11. Watched Pilot. 2nd & 3rd episode today. Was a long time since saw them & was good to notice some things that made me think more & love start of season 1 even more 🙂 I liked Season 1 mostly cause of fine characters introduction & not rushing with things. 2nd Season was simply brilliant Sci-Fi entertainment “not saying 1st wasn’t” & so far 3rd season is King of DM Seasons <3 I hope that David Nykl "Dr. Zelenka" & D.Hewlett "Rodney McKay" would get to meet on Dark Matter S04 "can't say if comes :)" Maybe also someone ask Lexa Doig to visit in one episode if not more o/ She could play Android as she did well in great Andromeda when she was called: Andromeda Ascendant.

    Andromeda had great 2 seasons & rest were ok cause writer changed. Supported with 5 seasons Blu Ray purchase when not long ago when was released <3 I don't understand why Dark Matter ratings had many % drop on 3rd season, but good thing about S03 finale is that it gathered much more than any other action / Sci-Fi serie on SyFy channel <3 If i'm not mistaken & if i am then ok heh, but DM did win Wynonna Earp & Killjoys on many areas 🙂

    Talked about 1st season progress with a friend today & is also a huge DM Fan & from Stargate Series he loved SGU most. He's a physicist & Brainiac so maybe cause of that as SGU has the biggest amount of "Thinking" in it. Robert Carlyle was superb on his Role.. Perfection. Friend likes it how so much of this thinking put into couple Seasons. Oh must show him the link what Joseph shared on Reddit if i recall. There are notes "how S03 would've been" if i recall.

    This silly explanation why such beauty Sci-Fi "SGU" got Axed after 2 seasons gathered good comments: I also don't understand why weird SyFy Suits invest into Mind Numbing Sharknado movies & then kick out Quality Sci-Fi like SGU & Dark Matter :/ When their Channel name is SyFy & that reminds them having Wrestling.. *confusing*

    Now for past 12 days i have always used selected Telly Network Twitter accounts on my tweets & then Netflix separately for few times. Not much Netflix cause manyyy already doing that. I've used Amc, Starz, Cbs & Hbo. Maybe Hbo could take Dark Matter to Cinemax even Cinemax aims for Original shows if i'm not wrong. Good place also on Amc & Starz i would guess. Good to hear that Three parties are interested & may there be good Result that gives at least 2x seasons with 10-13 eps. per season \ o /

    I kinda feel bad for not sharing the word about Beauty Dark Matter more before SyFy Suits did the weird move. Slaps head :/ From now I'll support with many ways like been doing now. If DM merchandise comes then i'll buy shirt with Raza Crew right away 🙂 SyFy Getting Rid of quality Sci-Fi on SyFy named channel & leave Sharknado & Wrestling there is so weird that Polar Bear on my WordPress acount did Facepalm. I hope that future projects that Joseph creates will get a home on a better Channel 🙂 Wiuh this turned out to be long..

    Will be at Reddit & in Twitter tomorrow o/ Wish strength & good talks & happy result o/ Raza Crew & whole Dark Matter's Prod. team <3

    Pst: Good tune reminds me of beautiful Ear Massage Soundtrack that Dark Matter has had for 3 seasons. I've supported this artist with purchases & love to relax with his songs.
    Addresses where contacted about DM's New Home on my WordPress.

    – Fedaygin –

    1. @I don’t understand why Dark Matter ratings had many % drop on 3rd season,

      That’s because shows lose viewers the longer they’re on the air. Dark Matter for example was hitting close to 2 million viewers during its first season with its Live+7. This season we saw a high of 1.34 million.

      1. Thanks o/ Hmm well good to know about that 1.34m peak at S03. Then I used right number on my Tumblr Blog about Saving beauty DM & elsewhere also used it 🙂 Used 10€ to support Petition & regret for not doubling it. I wish that i would’ve kept sharing DM Goodiness earlier from 1st to end of 3rd season.

        1.3m for S03 Finale is pretty good & did Beat many current SyFy show’s with visuals, acting & with viewers. Still Axed cause wasn’t their Original & SyFy didn’t get enough $ :/ Hopefully SyFy suffers after they do this to quality Sci-Fi series and leave crap like Sharknado & Wrestling on their channel..

        Take care 🙂 Kind Regards: Raza Supporter 4ever <3

  12. I found out about SYFY canceling the show while playing Guild Wars 2. I was part of a huge group preparing for a meta event when I saw it pop up on my second monitor. I told the players in the map the show was cancelled and people didn’t want to believe me. After a few more players confirmed the news, the entire map went into mourning. Several said they didn’t even feel like doing the event anymore because they were so upset. I knew exactly how they felt.

    I didn’t realize how attached I was to the show until I started crying when I told my husband the news. We watched the show faithfully every week and had fun discussing it afterward. We loved s3 so much, we couldn’t imagine it not coming back. He was downright depressed when I told him the news.

    When the fan outcry became organized, I immediately got involved. Dark Matter is such a great show, I can’t let it go into the good night without a fight. I’m so happy that so many fans have banded together alongside the cast and crew. I’ve been posting to my social media (and even in Guild Wars 2 map chat) to let everyone know that the fight is ongoing.

    I hope the end result is that my husband and I can watch s4 & s5 in the future and have those intense discussions after each episode.

  13. You are doing an incredible job Joe! Full credit to you for all your efforts with finding DM a new home. Really excited to hear there are serious talks with 3 interested parties!! *crossing everything* for success!!!! No matter what happens we can all safely say we tried!

    1. Weird to think my goal tonight is jail but there it is! See ya behind bars Ponytail. We should be in good company! 🙂

  14. We can definitely get this done–someone told me they cancelled band practice to tweet Friday night.

    Don’t think I’ll be able to do the Reddit thing (sadly). I’ve got to concentrate on Twitter and slip out before the Tweetstorm commences to care for a dog. But I’ll be up very late to help.

  15. “AND we have to make sure we can get enough money to make the show.”

    Joe, look at the fans. You know all you would need is a GoFundMe, if it came to that. ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

  16. I don’t do twitter so I’ll just leave a small message now BRING BACK DARK MATTER……………NOW!!!!!!! Please

  17. Man, you’re making hard for guys from EU to participate in this but wth i’ll stay up for it and then go to work to sleep 😛

      1. Unfortunately for these Friday events the hashtag isn’t released (and we really can’t because people already aren’t obeying the rules and posting it before the time we’ve asked) until 45 minutes before the event. The tweet would be seen, but wouldn’t count towards trending.

        On the fun hashtag days though it would work beautifully.

  18. Love the bloopers! Thank you, and thanks Akemi, these are wonderful. I will do my best to tweet (I kinda suck at it) and I certainly will be around for Reddit! I will set a few alarms!

  19. I’ll be all over it tonight. Like icing on cake. Like ketchup and mustard on O’Neill’s plate. Like Teal’c sitting through the Vagina Monologues. Like a horrible multi-colored shirt on Talbor Calchek. All. Over. It.

  20. I feel like a Web tsunami hitted me and there is another Dark Matter wave coming.
    It’s so real that Dark Matter is coming back for the remaning 2 seasons

  21. i’ve never gone to twitter.. don’t know the first thing about it.. I used to build computers back in the 486 days.. I am always busy working online. but i dont do social networking. So, now dark matter needs a twitter. i will see if i can get it set up but i have no idea what to do or how to do it for dm. i will try to be there. I watched every week sg1 and the other stargates loved sgu but when they cancelled them I had no way to complain.. like first wave or farscape.. atleast I can help to save 1 show. 1 time ..

  22. Thank you everybody (Akemi and all those unnamed) for working on this project. I can’t wait to see the blooper reel.

  23. @Joseph Mallozzi

    Do not give up on this show, especially if talks break down. There are other ways we can keep this show alive, and perhaps even make it even better than it was. Network TV is dead because their model does not work anymore; people do not like to watch advertisements, nor do they like extended hiatuses or the week to week thing. Netflix, of course, understands this – unfortunately, Netflix has yet to implement a quality control mechanism to stop the influx of crappy shows being green lit.

    If talks fail, start a patreon, and ask fans and viewers to donate to the cause. I am assuming that each episode of Dark Matter at Syfy cost roughly 700k – 1 million to do, so you would need to set Season 4 at roughly 10-13 million on your patreon. Once the episodes are filmed, you can then get into serious talks with Netflix or another streaming service to distribute.

    Doing it this way has many benefits – no contracts are involved, other than with distribution, and the cast and crew literally reap what they sow with the show, instead of having some bigwig suit deciding the fate of everything. This leaves a lot of breathing room for you and the writers because, in this scenario, you would be limited only by your imagination.

    I think you would literally blow a gasket if you knew how much you would make if a patron-funded Dark Matter took off. It would be much higher than the estimates, and it would show these networks, once and for all, that ratings are always incorrect and the fans and viewers are always right. If the fans and viewers do not want to put their money where their mouth is, then the show gets cancelled, and rightfully so.

    What do we, the fans, get for donating $10 – $20 to our favorite show? We get our show back, without those bloody commercials, AND possibly even get to binge watch an entire season without having to wait. That is more than worth it, considering time is precious.

    1. I can donate, no problem. And I guess many can do as well. Why not to ask fans for donation?

  24. I will create a Twitter just for this. Long live the Raza. This show is worth the effort and we all know it.
    Thank you!

  25. Somehow I’ve ended up on Reddit’s naughty list so if I can lurk I will but won’t be able to participate in the AMA session. Get those typing fingers ready cause I know there will be many questions.

    I’ll be on twitter with rings on my fingers, bells on my toes and prepared to get on their naughty list as well. Someone’s going to twitter jail tonight.

    I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of Dark Matter love from all the fans, cast, crew and everyone else who has participated in the save DM storm.

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…we fight tonight to save Dark Matter!

  26. @our cast, and our crew.

    I don’t think these two points are that difficult to deal with if it ever came down to it. Given that Dark Matter is a science fiction show, you can kill off or explain away anyone who can’t come back.

    Hell make Anders a part of the Raza crew, Teravainen seems very fan friendly on twitter, and he’s a decent enough actor.

  27. I hope this pays off. This show is awesome! Dark Matter deserves two or more seasons. I can’t believe Syfy renewed Wynonna Earp for a third season let alone a second season. That show had a horrible story line horrible acting and God awful ridiculous dialogue. You can’t even hear what they are saying, they whisper way to much in that show. Dark Matter has it all. A great story, mystery suspense a great creative writing and direction. Oh and a great cast that can actually act. Too bad Syfy cancelled another great show like SGU. I really hope Dark Matter gets picked.

    1. Yes. We Dedicated Fans of Quality Sci-Fi like DM will support via Merchandise if Joseph & Paul Decide to come up with some <3

      1. Oops was meant to send that “es. We Dedicated Fans of Quality Sci-Fi like DM will support via Merchandise if Joseph & Paul Decide to come up with some” <— To Kyle Chamberlin way above ^^

        @Darryl: Oh yes it is strange how Half Blind SyFy suits work :/ Leave Wrestling and many non Sci-Fi series there after Toss out Quality Production.. Like Dark Matter & Alphas for example :/ You forgot to mention one great thing about beautiful DM: Soundtrack that gives good Ear Massage after day / week at work <3

  28. I hope we can save dark matter I looked forward to every episode and every season each one has been mind blowing and confusing but all fun and full of comedy and action this show is epic I really hope we can save it because it was in the top 2 of the best shows lately and it will always be number 1 it’s great as well because the women of the raza kick some backside which makes it even more fun to watch I am a die hard fan and I will do what I can to help save this brilliant show.

  29. Normally I’d say this is typical of networks. They rely on viewership data that is not reflective of actual viewers. This is an open secret. Everyone knows the model doesn’t accurately include all the different media platforms people use to consume shows.

    But I can’t really make that point here because Killjoys was doing worse in viewership ratings than DM and don’t even talk to me about Winona Earp! .08 compared to DM at .15 for the same period! Nearly twice as many -consistently – but it gets renewed?! That tells me there’s a reason SyFy canceled that’s not entirely based on profits which begs the question, why the hell did they do this? Was there some sort of personal falling out with a scheduling bigwig? Or the other direction – does someone owe a favor to someone at Killjoys or Winona Earp?

    It’s very strange to keep a show with lower viewership and keep one with lower numbers. Someone should find out what’s really behind this.

    Meanwhile let’s light the internet on fire tonight!

  30. Keep up the good work! Love Dark Matter! The best SYFY show out there!
    I’m in love with the Android!!

  31. Woohoo! Best of Luck with those discussions, I hope it works out the way we all want it to, theres just no stopping people power when the masses actuslly stand up and unite for what they believe in! I wish it could be true for many other situations too!

  32. The world needs as much space opera television as we can get. And you folks are top notch, Keep it up, and I’ll stand behind the social media flood!

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