Alright, let’s lead with this announcement…

PSA: Joseph Mallozzi and several cast members will do an AMA in /r/DarkMatter this Friday! Get your questions ready! from DarkMatter

Yes.  This Friday night at 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT, I will be joining Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, and Zoie Palmer for a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).  Roger Cross, the hardest working man in showbusiness, is busy…working!…but promised to do his damnedest to stop by.  So head on over to the Dark Matter subreddit, register, and get ready to let the questions fly!

What exactly is a reddit AMA?

Then, at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT, prepare to tweet and retweet your hearts out as we prepare to deluge twitter with a second Dark Matter tweet storm.  Last week saw us trending in the U.S. for about four hours, hit #2 in Canada and L.A., #1 in New York, with over 210 ooo tweets.  This week, I’m thinking we’re going to do even better.

And admit the AMA and the tweet storm, we’ll see what we can do about getting a little Facebook live action going with the cast.

So, who’s in?  Mark your calendars and follows @DarkMatterFTL for all the latest on the Dark Matter Fan Initiative.

A couple of articles on the campaign –

Hell Hath No Fury…Like Dark Matter Fans

Can Fan Influence Get Dark Matter Back On The Air?

The TV, Eh? podcast discusses the campaign (29 minute mark)

Well, we that conference call went swimmingly today.  Love this group and really hope it works out but there are so many pieces in play that the timeline becomes our biggest foe here.  We talked through a number of different scenarios, all of which will require different approaches and sign-offs – which mean a definitive answer on this one isn’t in the cards this week.  HOWEVER, there have been a flurry of discussions – and an end of week target – for an answer on the other two fronts.

The odds are still, as one of our prospective partners put it, “medium to long”, but we’re not giving up!  And need you fans more than ever.  Rest up because we are going to SLAM TWITTER this Friday night!

P.S. Check out the #DarkMatterMoments hashtag on twitter and post your favorite #DarkMatterMoments

Some fan art…

@tingyi_yang with some love for our resident gak geek, FIVE –

September 13, 2017: Reddit Ama! Tweet Storm! Facebook Live! And More!

@Michele6784 dabbles in oils…and mercenaries –

September 13, 2017: Reddit Ama! Tweet Storm! Facebook Live! And More! September 13, 2017: Reddit Ama! Tweet Storm! Facebook Live! And More!

26 thoughts on “September 13, 2017: Reddit AMA! Tweet storm! Facebook live! And more!

  1. I’ll be there! It sounds like much of the issue is a matter of detail. I’ve always figured that’s the stuff that can be worked out if everyone involved really wants something to happen.

    1. I would hope that all parties(If there are negotiations happening) would be willing and eager to agree a license fee for the show. If they got less for the show with a new partner to get the show back on the air, that’s better than nothing and a good starting point for negotiations if the show does well on its next platform.

  2. Oh, I wish I could join in, but know I’m with you in spirit. I’m in Florida and must conserve my cell phone battery – I can only check in periodically and for a very short period. However, I tell everyone about Dark Matter. I wish you the best.

    1. @Rebecca: Sending hug care package your way. Hang in there. We’ll be with you in spirit too. xo
      I’m over in Kissimmee Fl..
      We flooded here and took some wind damage
      but fortunately KUA was able to get the power back on for most of us, already.

      Positive energy n good thoughts your wait wont be too much longer
      so you can start getting back to normal routine.

    2. Don’t worry Rebecca, we’ll cover for you. I hope y’all are ok and the power gets restored soon!

  3. Humm..You aware Joe that every of your words are been “Scan” Deeply to Understand the real meaning ..So we can be Happier or Sad ..And my Scan result say : “Yes..But ..Depend on X..and Y..We need more time !”
    So to me it’s an increase of one + on the New Home Scale 😉

  4. Anything us non-tweet/twitter types can do? Aside from signing the petition? I talked to my dogs about it and they are ready to gather their buddies and visit whatever office they need to visit to get DM back.

  5. I don’t mean to be dense here but what time is the tweet storm
    UK time anyone please!

      1. ERROR…sorry had central time in my head.
        9 pm eastern = 2 am london.
        Joe and DarkMatterftl will be posting a banner with correct times.
        my apologies for the error..

    1. Hey, that would be an excellent song for the twitter feed tomorrow. I’ve been posting a video a day this week to change things up (on the DarkMatterFTL feed.

  6. Good that some people have shown that sent mail or several to Network 🙂 I posted links & then Created. Could be that even more than 100 have sent, but many didn’t react to this post so don’t know. Have got sent confirmation from many on other side “forum” where i posted 🙂 Lets see if HTML works here:

    View post on


    Some friends have shared, signed up & one sent mail to couple Network addresses 🙂 I hope that Joseph & Paul would come up with beauty Dark Matter merchandise. I would love to have a Shirt with Raza Crew Logo on it <3 Original Crew without One & Raza ship on the background.. Maybe some alien ships somewhere behind.. 🙂 That could be used to help Budget.

    I'll Tweet to Some chosen Networks on thursday & on friday of course 🙂 Also to Netflix for sure even i would love to see Dark Matter on some Small Cable Network maybe or or in normal like Amc, Starz or even Cbs. Would be great to have good new Home & then SyFy Suits would be Dazed & if DM Merchandise then we Fans can help that way as well 🙂 Peace & we fight for Team Raza o/
    PST: I hope that Ship Android gets a name on Season 4.. Raza <3

  7. Joe, can you illuminate why the twitter campaign has gone from finding Dark Matter a new home at netflix et al. to a love fest directed towards syfy and their ceo personally in the last few days? I don’t think you need me to list all the reasons why many fans might be opposed to this, but even if you want to get back on syfy leveraging the possibility of a direct deal with netflix is a better strategy rather than be used like waste paper to clean up the PR mess that SyFy has made for themselves. Leave the mess for them to fix. Many of the people who were outraged at SyFy simply cant get behind this kiss and make up campaign. I for one believe that Dark Matter in any variation has a better chance at survival and growth elsewhere. Look at the data from social media posts which are indicative of overall viewership. Dark Matter is growing rapidly because of its availability on netflix not because of its airing on SyFy. SyFy left the entire market of Asia in complete failure on July 1st. This despite a much more high percentage of population engaged with Sci-Fi avidly and Asia accounting for the highest growth in spending on online, TV and movie entertainment. Asia is a literal cash cow for sci-fi and SyFy simply put a bucket in the field and didnt bother to milk that cow. SyFy is a sinking ship. That is why they are only keeping fluff. I dont expect SyFy to remain on the air long. As such look elsewhere and do your creation justice. Forever imagining the outcomes like we do with SGU is preferable and a more valuable commodity to you and your production co than cashing in on a short-sell and maybe getting to air a few episodes ala farscape. Dark Matter is the original Star Trek of the milennial generation. Go big or go home is my advice. We love you!

    1. I can’t speak for the Fan Initiative, but I would imagine the campaign’t a love fest but a reminder of all of the fans/viewers they have adversely affected by the cancellation. And, while you make valid points about Netflix, you’re doing so from an outside position to the ongoing discussions.

  8. Have you also thought of having someone come up with a rewatch time? The Timeless fans do this every week. Don’t know if it help change NBC mind but I doubt it hurt.

  9. Ya know, I think we have another option. Gather the “deciders” at SyFy and allow fans to pay to dunk them in tanks or throw a pie in their face. We could fund 2 seasons.

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