Whoa!  I’ve already written about how blown away I was at the response we received following the news of the cancellation, but Dark Matter fandom continues to amaze.  Witness, for instance, this –


A petition in support of the show has amassed over 15k signatures in 48 hours.  I had a cast member point this out to me today and they were overwhelmed by the love.  Thank you.

Also, thanks to all of you who continue to sound off on the various social media platforms.  I’m all over reddit and Facebook, but much of the activity is on twitter where I’m, quite honestly, having a hard time keeping up with the deluge.  I want to try to  acknowledge all of your posts (I’m unemployed now.  I’ve got all the time in the word!) but it would help to have a single hashtag Dark Matter fandom could unite under so you’re all easier to track.  I’ve seen #DarkMatter, #RenewDarkMatter, #SaveDarkMatter, and many others, including a few that incorporate “Syfy” in, uh, interesting ways.  So, I throw it out to you, the fans. How about a fresh start with a new Dark Matter-related hashtag?

Tom Gardiner and his team are organizing a worldwide Dark Matter tweetfest (Hey!  FTLFridays is back!) using the #TeamRaza hashtag, which is cool (details below).

In the past, fans have also used #RazaCrew.

Ennis Esmer, Dark Matter’s nefarious Wexler, suggested #DarkMates.

Some have suggested #Marauders as well.

What do you all think?  Let’s hear you.

Update!  Since putting it all in perspective for you yesterday, we’ve reached out to several possible new homes for our little series and are presently awaiting word. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, the odds are long – but the initial conversations have sounded very promising.  I also mentioned that these things take time, so I don’t expect definite word for another week, maybe two.  But again, as soon as I know something, YOU’LL all know something.  I promise.

Finally – as we all try to do our part to ensure Dark Matter gets to finish its story, I just wanted to ask some of you not to waste precious time and energy mistakenly targeting those deserving of our appreciation and support.

KilljoysWynonna Earp, and The Expanse are terrific productions that earned their success and pickups.  They’re three very different shows but they all share a few things in common: a fantastic cast and crew, a terrific fanbase, and some very talented individuals at their respective helms.  Michelle Loretta (Killjoys), Emily Andras (Wynonna Earp), and Ty Franck (The Expanse) do really great work, and they’re really great people too.  When news of the cancellation broke, all three immediately reached out.  They didn’t have to but they did.  It was very classy of them and it’s something I won’t forget.  Just wanted you all to know.

A few broadcasters are also being caught in the crossfire as well.  Please know that Canada’s Space Channel and Netflix have been nothing but wholly supportive of the show and are no doubt as disappointed as any of us by these recent developments. In fact, while I was visiting FanExpo this afternoon, Morgan Hoffman and Ajay Fry, who have long reviewed Dark Matter for Space Channel’s Innerspace, briefly interrupted their signings to come over, offer a consolatory hug, and let me know how much they truly loved the show.

You know who also loved Dark Matter?  SyfyInternational.  I’m talking SyfyDE, Syfyla, Syfybr, SyfyAU, Syfy_Spain, SyfyFr, SyfyPT, SyfyME and especially SyfyUK.  In fact, they loved it so much that they gave fans their very own after show, After Dark.

So there you go.

I leave you with pics of the swag I picked up at today’s FanExpo.  Notice a theme?

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Colleen Scott (@dr2red)

Thanks for the update Joe. I will keep tweeting my support of Dark Matter until the crew is back where they belong.


I really can’t understand how people think that the renewal of the other shows somehow came at the expense of Dark Matter’s renewal. They are clearly separate issues and like you say each was well deserving of their situation.

It’s heartening to hear that some avenues appear to be at least a little promising. The show clearly has value – an established property with an enthusiastic, good sized fan base would seem to be a no-brainer for a pick up.

Hoping for the best!


I like #TeamRaza, seems like an easy one to get everyone to use.

I also like “Marauders” as the Dark Matter equivalent to Firefly’s “Browncoats” (of which I would be both).

And I hold nothing against the individual shows (love me some Wynonna Earp) but Syfy (and USA for the same reasons) can go suck it, they put out some quality stuff but they (both) seem to randomly cancel their shows a season or two early without any real reason or warning on the worst of cliffhangers.


For me
#DarkMatter is Home
#Razacrew is Cast and Fans
For public in general I like when the word DarkMatter is in the #
#TeamRaza idk im a bit meh with it..make me think of a random Sport Team wink
for now I have no suggestion mb later razz


Lots of love and support. Continue to feel hopeful. Best of luck!






That’s really cool, man. I kind like Esmer’s suggestion; #Darkmates cause I kinda just regard the crew of the Raza as just that, the crew that’s on the Raza. Like, how Adrian and Solara useful, but not the legends. #TeamRaza is the most simple though, but I still gotta go with the former razz


Instead of blame Canada, it’s Blame SyFy. #SaveDarkMatter

Kelli Zielinski

We are rounding the wagons to write a comprehensive social media strategy that’s based off of what worked for other shows. We will share when we’ve got it written up!


Why do people still believe SciFi is for kids????? I loathe AJ Fry on Space….so childish… time for a personnel change.

The Expanse is top of the block as far as SciFi options these days!
Dark Matter and Killjoys are strong contenders in the market for solid Space Operas.
SyFy mystifies on it’s decisions…
So Sad that the Canadian market doesn’t have enough support for shows like DM.
I don’t want another Firefly!!!!!


Too bad SyFy International can’t pick up the show. Hmmmm…


Hey Joe I have seen more than one
petition to renew Dark Matter for season 4


#DMForce #DarkMatterWarp


I signed the petition with enthusiasm Joe. I really hope our fan support can make a difference because we need a proper conclusion to all the story threads. I was so looking forward to a Stargate alum making an appearance too.
I will keep positive thoughts.
DARK MATTER rocks!! 😃


If you want to study how something like fan outcry brought back a cancelled show, maybe look at Timeless on NBC. I don’t know the circumstances that caused NBC to reverse the cancellation, but they did.


Nearing 17k signatures. Not sure what weight the petition will carry but it can’t hurt.

FWIW we’ve loved the show down (under) here. It’s formed part of a trio for our household (Dark Matter, Killjoys, Expanse). I haven’t had the heart to break it to my daughter, we’ve enjoyed watching Dark Matter together, so I’m hoping a rabbit pops out of a multi-dimensional hat somewhere/sometime and saves the show before I have to grin

Vikki Hanson
Vikki Hanson

What about the Aussie and NZ fans joining the twitter campaign we should count too ..


I can’t believe I’m back here on the blog reliving the same sense of disappointment and upset I had when the news came through about SGU. Here’s hoping that we can get a commitment from the other sources. Dark Matter was far and away my favorite sci-fi series on with the Expanse a close second and Killjoys rounding out the top three. Is here anything that those of us who are not on the socials can do outside of signing petitions?

Line Noise
Line Noise

I’m not really active on the socials but I’ll do what I can. I like #TeamRaza but I’m wondering if it really should have the name of the show in the hashtag. We should totally be on the same page about which hashtag to use, whatever it turns out to be.

I have no hate towards the renewed shows. I love The Expanse, I occasionally watch Killjoys and haven’t seen Wynonna Earp at all.

I don’t really even hate SyFy. They’re a business and they need to make business decisions. They’ve obviously run the numbers and don’t see a profit in Dark Matter. Other networks/distributors will do the same. If we want Netflix, for instance, to pick the show up then we need to show them that new episodes of Dark Matter exclusively on Netflix will bring in new subscribers and keep subscribers that are thinking of cancelling. That’s a tough sell given the saturation of subscriptions Dark Matter’s likely demographic already has.

Fingers crossed!


I have a Twitter Poll that asks if Netflix picked up Dark Matter Season 4 would you subscribe & watch? It needs a huge signal boost, so for anyone on Twitter please vote & share. Perhaps it might be best as a website poll for those not on Twitter.


Cheers, Chev


My twitter account is pathetic.. I follow about 10 people, 2 followers fro me. I forget to go on months at a time, so I’m not help there. But I still like #SaveDarkMatter better than TeamRaza.

Few moments to read… try an up and coming new writer. smile
For 3 bucks… worth giving her a shot. I found the book to be delightful.


I have known the writer since she was a young teen… expected juvenile junk. I was wrong. She is a doctoral program at Emory university… lots of brains and talent.

praying for an alternate source, we need 2 more years.


I spected at least 2 more seasons and now they are cancelling Dark Matter, i’m very dissapointed. I hope to see Netflix rising their hand to take this show and give you one last season. I already signed the petition, let’s wait and see if you can end your show properly.

I go with #SaveDarkMatter, i believe that it is already used in twitter and it states clear the message that we want :).

Dmitry Grigoryev (@Auror_AuRoom)

#TeamRaza is pretty good! Thanks so much for updating us!


I hope Netflix brings back Dark Matter. Who knows, maybe they will give a lot more money for S04 than Syfy did and we’ll get more and perfect quality space battles and maybe more episodes! grin

Darke Conteur

Reblogged this on Darke Conteur and commented:
This is an incredible show. From the first episode I was hooked.