I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who reached out over the past twenty-four hours or so to express their anger, sadness, and gratitude after hearing about the cancellation.  As I wrote on twitter: “I am both touched and astounded by your passion, your loyalty, and your white hot relentless rage.”

Today, I’d like to try to shed a little light on the circumstances surrounding Dark Matter’s premature demise and let you know what’s next.  Before I proceed, however, I’d like to apologize in advance if this entry feels slightly unfocused. Between the stress of the move, the cross-country flight, the jet lag, the time change, the news of the cancellation, the furious attempt to acknowledge the online response, the noisy air conditioner in my new place, and the gauze-like bedroom curtains that do nothing to shield us from the blazing night-time lights of the Roger Center, I’m a little tired.  But here goes…

As we rolled through Dark Matter’s third season, I was feeling cautiously optimistic about a renewal.  Although the ratings had dipped, it wasn’t a huge fall, ultimately less than 10% off last season’s numbers when all was said and done. Compared to the industry average (the last stats I saw pegged the average drop-off at 25%!) I thought we were looking pretty good – especially when you factor in time-delayed viewers (the DVR crowd).  Dark Matter was consistently ranked at the top of cable percentage gainers in overall viewers and the key demos.  And, perhaps most heartening at the time was the fact that we were nevertheless one of SYFY’s most-watched shows in 2017.

Working against us was the fact that we weren’t a SYFY original.  We were an acquisition.  For those not in the know, an original is a series that is developed by the network and, more importantly, owned by the network, allowing them to monetize the show through things like international sales, streaming, etc.  The network pays a lot more but presumably reaps the benefits down the line. Ideally. An acquisition, on the other hand, is a show that will cost a network considerably less, but doesn’t offer those alternate revenue streams because there is no ownership stake.  Due to the costs of originals, networks may go the acquisition route to round out a programming schedule.  Also, at the end of the day, audiences generally don’t base their viewing habits on whether or not a show is an original series or an acquisition.  They watch what they like.  And the more who watch, the higher the ratings.  And the higher the ratings, the more broadcasters can charge advertisers.  So, at the end of the day, there are pros and cons, risks and rewards to both approaches.

Dark Matter was an acquisition and, as such, didn’t have the type of money typical of an original series.  As such, we had to run a very tight ship – producing on the page and running a highly efficient production.  This way, we made sure that as much of the money we had ended up onscreen:  September 2, 2017: Informing And Updating Dark Matter Fans!

So, despite the fact that we were an acquisition, our ratings were holding (and, I pointed out, really delivering in the +3’s and +7’s delayed viewers).  From a creative standpoint, we were ending the season in a BIG way: a space battle and an alien invasion.  Season 4 would promise to be all about that massive alien armada and the burgeoning android insurrection.  Androids and Aliens!  I mean, how much more SYFY scifi can you get than that?!

When we found out we were on the bubble, I offered to fly down to SYFY’s L.A. offices and take them through what we had planned for season 4: “Androids! Aliens! Dr. Shaw! Sarah! Kyrden! Wexler! TWO’s daughter! FIVE’s sister!”  They thanked me but informed me that the decision would not be based on the show’s creative, so there was no point in going down to pitch.

If it wasn’t creative then, by process of elimination, one would assume it was financial.  I’d heard that SYFY had invested in a lot of original programming for 2017-2018, and the recent announcement of their supernatural slate would seem to confirm as much.  The production reached out to see if there was anything we could do to help on that front but, again, it was a no-go.

What do?  Well, I knew that Earpers had been instrumental in getting a pick up for their show, so I rallied Dark Matter fans to make some noise.  And they did in a big way.  But still, we remained on the bubble.

The nature of the show I created and developed over many years wouldn’t allow for a nice, neat wrap up at season’s end.  Dark Matter’s narrative was designed as a series of set-ups, developments, and payoffs, with multiple parallel storylines that would eventually cross and converge.  Season 1 begins with our crew discovering they are criminals and ends with them being hauled off to prison.  Season 2 begins with them inside the Hyperion-8 galactic prison and ends with their failing to head off a corporate war and deny a former ally.  Season 3 begins with the crew facing off against that former ally amidst the backdrop of corporate war and ends with the alien invasion. Season 4 will begin with our crew, and humanity’s, response to the alien threat… The fact that I have a five year plan (rather than just making it up as I go along) means I know exactly where the various stories are headed.  I know all the answers to all of the questions.  And having that foreknowledge allows for a much more satisfying narrative when all of the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place. It also means that no matter how much I could try to wrap things up in a season finale, many questions would remain unanswered.  Still, I figured as a final alternative, I could try my damnedest and offer fans some degree of closure by pitching SYFY a 6-episode miniseries to wrap it up.  This, unfortunately, was not an option either.

We, on the Dark Matter production team, tried our damnedest.  And you, the fans, tried your damnedest.  We ALL tried our damnedest.  And still we were cancelled.

So, where does that leave us?  Besides cancelled of course?  Well, as many of you have pointed out, there are other options we could pursue, although finding someone to step in and take SYFY’s place is easier said than done (for reasons I’ll save for another blog entry).

For now, know that we’re doing everything possible to save the show.  It may take weeks before we have our answers but I promise to let you know as soon as I hear anything.  In the meantime, do you part by keeping Dark Matter alive.  Tweet, retweet, post and respond!  Let ’em know what they’re missing!

You ready to do this?

September 2, 2017: Informing And Updating Dark Matter Fans!


261 thoughts on “September 2, 2017: Informing and Updating Dark Matter Fans!

    1. It’s a real shame. The best show on television. Lets hurt Syfy were it hurts in the pocket book. Stop watching all their programs. No viewers no sponsors no revenue.

  1. Thanks Joe, it is nice to know hope is not lost.

    TV Shows like Rebellion are built on hope.

  2. I am so disappointed. Dark Matter was my favorite SyFy show. I am confident in u an ur team that we will see Dark Matter back some where and I will be there.
    Need any help I’m there.

  3. What about kickstarter.com or similar ways to get money? How much money do you actually need to make season 4?

  4. You know, Netflix and Amazon are always looking for more “originals” to publish. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

  5. I wish you and your team the best of luck to keep the show on the air (somehow, anyhow!) and to keep the crew in their jobs. I hope you still have some time (enough to find a solution) before the sets would have to be dismantled.

    We as fans will do our best to show them (Syfy, Netflix,…) that we would miss DM.

    I doubt there is any showrunner as open with the viewers as you are. Thanks for that.

  6. So, what do you need? I could take the Greyhound to Hamilton if it would help!
    I remember watching BSG alum’s Katee Sackoff next project Longmire being picked up by Netflix in November of 2014 after A&E dropped it, despite it having amazing ratings, never did understand A&E’s mistake.
    Joe, is something like this a possibility in the future? Since SyFy has dropped Dark Matter, could Netflix pick up this fumble and run with it?

  7. I am so sorry, Joe. It’s a disturbing trend that networks are dumping quality content to focus on original programming that fails to match what came before it. As a fan, I appreciate you so much. Your class, your enthusiasm demand that you get treated better. I will hold out hope that you’ll be able to finish the story via a moving picture format, whether it be a mini-series or more seasons. Again, thank you so much for sharing with us your passion. And if you need some help from the fans, know that we’re here and we’ve got your back.

  8. is it possible to reach out to Netflix? frankly i think u have better shot there then with Syfy there know to almost never renews canceled shows again unfortunately..

    1. Joshua, it doesn’t hurt. Netflix has a content request form that it takes very seriously. Even if it’s not an option, letting Netflix know that you want Joe’s work could open doors down the line.

  9. There are other cable networks to pitch to. If you can still hold the rights to the series, they can pick up the reruns. At the very least, it seems some network would want to pick up the mini series. The response from your fans and the ratings show you have an audience.

  10. Stay strong! Dark Matter is incredible! I really hope something can be worked out. Love the shw.o

  11. I have been very sad since you announced that Syfy had cancelled your fantastic show (reading the cast members “thank you’s” on Twitter made me cry), so thank you for giving us fans this little ray of hope.
    We will keep fighting the good fight.

  12. You know what pisses me off the most about this situation? That they axed the show a day after you finally moved to Toronto to work on it!
    Seriously, that’s a thing to take personally.

  13. Thank you and the crew of the Raza and the whole production team. Joe it is one of the best Sci-Fi shows to come along in a great while. I am deeply heartbroken by Syfy’s choice. All of us who are fans of the Raza crew know it is a great story that needs to be finished. Its like reading half of the last edition of the greatest novel and accidently losing it at a coffee shop. Actually it feels worse than that. I am hopeful that something will work out, in a huge way. We need the rest of the story !

  14. Thank you and everyone involved, sir. It was a captivating opening that drew me in and kept me wanting more. It was what we in the sci-fi fan base needed. Space, action and… not SyFy 😉

  15. I’m happy to hear you haven’t given up! Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, KickStarter, heck maybe even the CBS streaming service. We’re here to help #SaveDarkMatter in whatever way we can. #RazaCrew forever! Thanks for keeping us informed!

  16. Considering that there is a comic book series for the first season, would it be possible to do Seasons 4 and 5 as comic books. It’s not the same (at all) but it would be SOMETHING…

  17. I’m still out there making noise about Dark Matter and will continue to do so. We’re not giving up!

  18. I don’t know why Canadian investors in Legion M haven’t spoken up yet. I’m an American investor and have spoken. Cut the cord from organized cable. If you should get the chance to continue Dark Matter, would you be able to rent out a movie theater and show episodes there?


  19. I like the Netflix idea. Since they’re already carrying Dark Matter it would be a natural fit for them to order a new season.

  20. Joe, could you have offered SyFy a stake in the show? Maybe 25% ownership? That might be enough for them to treat you like an original member of the SyFy family, rather than the neighbor’s barking dog. Maybe something to think about with the next series or next network…

    A lady I work with has no cable or satellite. Her family is watching what they spend for television and only has Netflix. She is always talking about the shows they watch on Netflix. They love Netflix.

    I would love to “unload” on SyFy, but I don’t want to burn any bridges (as rickety as they might be). But I sure am getting tired of them cancelling good quality shows considering all the crap they broadcast!

  21. See if netflix will pick up the show.. Dark Matter is a very rare SYFY series since the first star trek. I know their has to be another network to pick up the 4th season.

  22. You bet we’re ready for this! Please tell us fans what we can do. We feel powerless and want to rise this show from syndication. If there’s anything we can do, us fans will try our best to do it! 🤞🤞🤞

  23. I have never taken a show being canceled to heart as I have Dark Matter! I just love this show! I always thought that the show received the short end of the promotion stick. SYFY never seemed to put a lot of promotional effort behind the show. The show was almost never mentioned on SYFY’s new site. With that said I was always surprised at the shows good ratings. Keep up the good fight I am behind you!

  24. As an acquisition, who makes / funds the show? The production team/backers? Do you just need a network to pick it up or to fund it?
    Really sorry to see it (probably ) end….
    all the best

  25. Yeh I’m in.

    I just started posting about dark matter on Facebook last week, to get geeky friends onbord. Also got my flat mate hooked.

    If we have a chance of keeping dark matter alive, I’m all for doing my bit!

  26. I want to see how the story progresses so it would good to see it somewhere else for example you could stream it on Netflix if they will have it. Keep up the good fight.

  27. Please keep us updated on how we can support Dark Matter. I really really really want to see it live and finish the way you imagined. SyFy sucks. End of story. To quote a favorite video game character of mine “Ugh.” (Or sometimes captioned *disgusted noise*)

  28. Nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo, no no no, how could they!!!!! I must admit it’s all our fault, we don’t have cable we stream, we’re guilty. Sorry. I didn’t realize streaming affected tv shows like that. Crackle is becoming more popular and expanding, I think Sony picked them up. sigh, so sorry Joe, you all put your hearts and souls into Dark Matter. All the best to you and the crew. Hugs

  29. Fingers crossed, this show has to continue, we need two more seasons.

  30. So-o-o sorry to hear of the cancellation. But please remember, this in no way diminishes you worth (collectively). You can all be very proud of your work on this show. You took us away into space again.

    I’m angry about this cancellation, but I also lost a lot of sleep with the cancellation of SG1 and SGA. I was out in space fighting the Ori and the Wraith with everyone. When those shows were cancelled, it was like being abandoned and left to float in space aimlessly (reminding me of the robots in an episode SGA…) I then realized that SYFI is indeed a business that is run by egos wearing suits. The shows are mere chess pieces and the fans and whatever show they like are irrelevant… pretty sad.

    Moving forward, I’m getting the impression that there are options. I don’t know the business but I see that many others do. Contacting Netflix seems promising so I hope you knock on their door. The other thing I’ve been thinking about is for the fans to contact the advertisers since they are the ones who actually pay for the show, as I understand it.

    I’m happy you will keep us informed…maybe together we can do something. I have not been writing in regularly because I’ve been living my own hell for the past two years and don’t know when it will be over. Thank you for a great show in Dark Matter…and special thanks to the actors and designers who make it real and all the people behind the scenes who made (and hopefully will continue, by some magic intersection of stars and star dust, to make it real.


  31. I know I will do everything I can to #SaveDarkMatter. I’m relentless when I am this emotionally invested in a piece of art. I won’t stop until Season 4 is a go, whether it’s on SYFY or on the Golf Channel or wherever! #DarkMatter is 23% of the universe, so in a sense, a universe cannot exist without it!

  32. If I can help in any fashion, I will. How about Showtime? CBS can use some SciFi there.

  33. Please, I feel let down, hanging, unsatisfied, please keep trying and count me as a big FAN

  34. I will do what ever it takes to keep this show going. I just want to say “Thank You,” to you and the crew behind this amazing show. I thought the show was getting better with every season. Which is very hard to do, since season one was great, then season two was great, then you made season three great. I can’t waite to see where this show goes from here. Best of luck and let’s keep our voices loud and our support never ending.

  35. Just know we are all behind you and will do anything in our power to bring DM back to life.
    It’s one of the best written, produced and acted shows out there and would be such a waste to let it for.

  36. Well, Stargate SG-1 was finished in weird way. Stargate Universe was cut in the middle. Now this. Why to continue with Syfy?

  37. Still feeling from the cancellation news. Because in all intents and purposes Dark Matter thrived. I hope we can find answers. Something to at least conclude the show. All the luck to you on your end, Joe. The Raza Crew will be out here doing our best to keep it alive. Don’t give up! A good recent example of a pick up after cancellation is Timeless. Here’s to hoping

  38. I’m still mad as hell – it consumes every piece of my soul. I can’t let it go and it’s not healthy, I know that.
    And to think you just moved to Toronto, what will you do now?
    It’s things like this, that keeps my distrust of humanity intact.
    We’re on a roll downhill and it’ll only get worse until we’re all clones…
    Yeah, I’m in a bad place right now and it’ll take a while to get back. How on earth do you do it?

  39. Thank you for the update.
    I’m certain for you, knowing where the storyline was supposed to go over the next two seasons makes it even more frustrating than it is for us fans. And it’s VERY frustrating for us fans to be left hanging.
    Best of luck with getting the next seasons accomplished. There is so much more of the story to tell. I hope we get to experience the saga to the end.

  40. LOVE the show

    Do not cancel. Im thinking of canceling the sci fy channel they always do this crap and Im tired of their lack of respect towards the viewer’s

  41. Hope you find a solution to bring us an ending to this great show. Sucks that TV shows have all come down to the bottom line. I really don’t see how Winona made it, but if it is an original like you mentioned that would explain it all. God Speed and keep us posted! 🙂

  42. Joe, I’m at a total loss for words so I’ll
    borrow some from Dylan Thomas:

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Rage, Rage against the dying of the light.

    A heartfelt thank you to you, the cast, the crew, the writers, directors & producers. It’s been a wild adventure and I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. So I’ll continue to rage against SyFy and TPTB to keep the spark alive!

  43. My fave show! (I am sadly a DVR viewer…ER doc so I work jacked up hours) Netflix? Hulu? It seems like “Syfy” is angling to become the horror channel these days 🙁 Needs more aliens and robots!

  44. I still hate the fact you all just gave up after 3 season. I want Dark Matter back you left us hanging last episode was awesome. Bring back finish the it season 4

  45. Thank you for explaining in more detail. We will do our best to keep this alive and hopefully good things will come of all this.

  46. It doesn’t make sense to argue with Syfy if you ask me. This is a network that supposed to support/produce science-fiction/fantasy shows yet for some reason once aired WWE Smackdown/NXT, really?! I don’t suppose crowd funding would help, would it? Can Space channel(Canada) fund it directly or acquire it?

  47. It’s a dam nightmare that dark matter has been canceled. But it dont surprise me that syfy has done this people get into a show like dark matter and the syfy channel cancels it this channel just don’t get it people get into these shows and to cut with no way to know what happened to the crew no ending. Mad as hell

  48. While I enjoy Killjoys, Dark Matter was the main draw for me on Friday night viewing. I’m truly saddened by the cancelation of such an artistic, well thought out, TRUE Science Fiction show, and not the dumb garbage syfi wants to pass off as science fiction. I hope another platform comes available to continue this series or at least find away to wrap it up. Firefly = Dark Matter

  49. Syfy’s loss and someone else’s gain for sure. I’ll support this show whatever platform and avenue. It’s the kind of show that makes sci-fi fun to watch.

  50. Honestly, I’m still stunned by the news. Thank you for taking time to shed more light on the details surrounding the cancellation. Joe, you are so generous with your time, and are one of the most kind, engaging showrunners in the business. You granted my tiny little sci-fi site an interview, and I will be forever grateful. Like the rest of Dark Matter fans, I look forward to hearing more news about attempts to revive the show. I also look forward to all of your future creative endeavors.

  51. I’ll do whatever it takes. Have already signed the first petition. Also… my sister and I are tossing around the idea of sending a “pick-up suggestion” to the CW; after all, they carry all that DC programming, SUPERNATURAL, VAMPIRE DIARIES — they could use a good dose of scifi. And, if as you say DARK MATTER is basically a 5 or 6 season run, they wouldn’t feel locked in for the long haul. Just a moderately wonderful haul.

  52. The browncoats did it why cant we? If they do i suggest a fifferent name novel WITH ILLUSTRATIONS at least. Been with yall since the beginning.

  53. If SyFy acquired this show to round up their lineup, then what changed after 3 seasons? They must either be downsizing or investing in something else…which is infuriating.

  54. We are The Raza, of course we’re gonna do this! Fans already have a petition to to Netflix pick #DarkMatter, I’m hoping that the furore of the past 24 hours keeps going strong.

    On another note, I cannot watch it on TV, nor can I watch it on DVR. I’m one of those fans who follows Twitter, Facebook and hits up the SyFy channel to pick up what I missed. Now it’s 2220 and I’ve got 12 hours of work to get off to.

    Dyna, #RazaCrew

  55. Just please tell me how i can significantly make a difference to help keep the show on the air!!!?

  56. Keep up the good fight. We are with you. 😬👍 #SaveDarkMatter
    I really hope you all can work something out in order to finish the show to it’s finally conclusion. #DarkMatter deserves it. It has been such a great story so far.
    I also think that it is on a similar path as the late great #FireFly. Becoming more popular with every passing year. Hopefully you can get the chance to end this show in a more positive note by finding a way to finish it. Hopefully through Netflix or Hulu or even a miniseries somewhere else. I’d also suggest trying Science Channel. I think they bought the rights for FireFly at some point. Maybe they would be an option as well. Heck I’d even watch it if it was just straight to Blu-ray.
    Anyways…I wish you all the best of luck and will be behind you all the way.🙏

  57. I am really sad about this decision. It seems to me, as a tv junkie, that network execs base their decisions on what they think viewers will want, or try to copy a popular show. With that mindset, networks will constantly be behind in what direction the trends are going. What happened to the value of doing a show that is unique? Why not respect the numbers and continue with the programs that viewers want? I understand the business side of it, production costs and I have heard that new shows are cheaper to produce than continuing shows. Great. In my view continuing with a sure thing, a show that is up and running and doing well in the numbers is better for the bottom line than taking a risk on something new and uncertain. I guess that is why I am not a network exec.

  58. Through the years from reading your blogs and watching and reading your work, I can tell that you really go all in on the things you take on. You have a dedication not to just get the job done, but to a level of high quality and excellence that I find very impressive. I know that whatever project you take on next will be fabulous. I am very grateful that you allow me and all your fans to go along on this journey with you.

  59. Damn right I’m in.. The fans are as much a part of the Raza, it’s crew and its creators.. If SYFY are prepared to lose any audience to another channel or viewing platform so be it. Even without Netflix, Amazon and the like there are lots of cable and satellite channels who are looking to take another’s audience.

  60. Great to hear the story behind the decision, good luck with renewal options!

  61. I love sci-fi and fell spin dark matter by accident whole looking through they box sets on virgin , once I started watching I was hooked. It’s the kind of show that you feel involved in, the characters all brilliant. I got to the stage where I caught up with the show in real time and hated having to wait till Friday night to watch it.
    This is a show that should be given the chance to tie up the loose ends as it is well written and loved

  62. I love sci-fi and fell upon dark matter by accident while looking through the box sets on virgin , once I started watching I was hooked. It’s the kind of show that you feel involved in, the characters all brilliant. I got to the stage where I caught up with the show in real time and hated having to wait till Friday night to watch it.
    This is a show that should be given the chance to tie up the loose ends as it is well written and loved

  63. Joe … I still can’t believe SyFy cancelled the show. I wish everyone would go fill out the Netflix title request form that Kamil posted the links (I did). It would be a good fit I think since they already carry Seasons 1 & 2. If we make enough noise (via requests) maybe they will pick it up… regardless of what happens, thank you and everyone there for a truly awesome show! It has been my favorite show, and the crew of the Raza feel like family. And thank you for doing everything possible to try to keep it going with SyFy.

  64. What a major disappointment this morning finding out about the cancellation.

    I watched DM with joy, engaging story AND cast.

    I would liked to have seen *at least* a shortened wrap up season – very disappointed at SYFY.

    Thanks Joseph and all the cast & crew – you made some dull evenings that much brighter for a while.

  65. We are looking forward to season 4 and more, staying positive. I am sure Dark Matter will be picked up if not on SYFY then others … sounds awesome especially the alien invasion! We’ve got your back. Break a leg!

  66. They want to cancel something,cancel Killjoys, so boring.
    I will miss Dark Matter, that a show I look forward to the ok n the SYFY network. I won’t be watching much.
    Good luck to the cast a crew and screw SYFY!
    I’m so sorry that cant tell thier ass from a hole
    in the Cosmo’s.
    Thank for a great 3bseasons

  67. What the hell is wrong with Syfy?

    I mean I perfectly understand both your explanation of and hypothesis about the cancellation based on the info you provided. But seriously, Dark Matter should not have been cancelled based on said information, a lot of stuff gets renewed with far less going for it.

    Frankly, seems to me that there’s no reason that Syfy shouldn’t at least be willing to work with you on something unless they’re being uber petty about some insignificant thing, this is a good way to alienate your fanbase. I know myself aside from Earp I’m probably done with the network for good this time.

  68. Please BRING BACK DARK MATTER. I hope Netflix(or even Amazon decides to pick up the show for season 4 and 5 or at least that they do a mini series. It’s very frustrating that Syfy cancels all the good shows and renews the bad ones. Only Dark Matter and The Expanse were the only ones worth watching on Syfy. The rest shouldn’t even be on Syfy, they aren’t really scifi neither they are set in space.

  69. What is the point of watching any TV show these days, if it will be cancelled. They will eventually kill all drama on TV. Even Dr.Who would have been cancelled at the start if it was a new program today. It was a big mistake to cancel Firefly ,and that had a big following and still has today. All TV will be is sport and soaps. We must all fight this . Bring on Netflix to save this great show.

  70. Please save Dark Matter!!!!! Get Amazon Prime, Netflix, someone to pick it up!!!

  71. So sorry for all this financial stuff.
    Good luck! We believe in you! Your work is really awesome 🙂

    (I even made twitter account just to give the feedback to this awful hypocritical “#ItsAFanThing” SYFY and try to comfort you guys and gals)

  72. Very frustrating Joe. I feel bad for you and the Dark Matter creative team. This seems very similar to what happened with Continuum a few years ago. Weren’t they also an acquisition by SyFy from Showcase Canada? I recall reading that Simon Barry had planned a 7 season arc, but they were only given a 6 episode final season to wrap things up. I wonder why they couldn’t have done the same here?

  73. Dark Matter is my favorite show. Please some other network pick them up.

  74. Just put a Netflix content request in for Dark Matter. If enough of us flood it maybe they’ll notice.

  75. This is sooo sad, I seriously loved that show!!
    There’s gotta be some way to give us some closure about the story line, right?

    Thanks for giving us some of the workings in the background & we will NOT GIVE UP!!

  77. I have never ever fighted for a series, but after the lost lot sci-fi series and that was a classical ship\crew based series, cool ship design, great ending theme music – so i dont want so easy give up, i want see more seasons 4,5,6,…!

  78. You know, looking back at your posts, there was some anxiety. DM was doing so well that I thought it would be a shoe-in for renewal. I guess I over estimated SyFy’s goal of actually airing Scifi.

    Another thing is how tech savvy the viewers are for Scifi. Most of us don’t watch live. They need to factor that in for Scifi programs.

    On the bright side, DM has been a positive note meeting these great new people!

    Point us in a direction…. 😉

  79. I’ve already contacted Netflix to request that they pick up seasons 4 & 5. 🙂

    The already-known (to you) 5-year plan shows, and in that way reminds me of my favourite sci-fi show… Straczynski’s Babylon 5. Hopefully you’ll get to complete your story, as he did. Best of luck!

  80. Best of luck in saving it I will miss it iterribly if it’s true lily gone 😩

  81. Hopefully, you and the production company can strike a deal with Netflix, Amazon or any of the big new players desperate for content. I’m sure you are aware of numerous examples of shows successfully jumping networks (and probably even more unsuccessful attempts), so while there are insane complexities, I have confidence that even the slimmest of possibilities will be fully explored. I just wanted to wish you good luck in this endeavor (and your future ones, should this – regrettably – not pan out). Hopefully, you will be successful in a network shift – this is a brave new world after all, and good, cost effectively produced content with a loyal audience has value. Cheers.

  82. Amazon Prime!! If they want to compete with streaming services, they MUST step up their game, Dark Matter would allow them to do just that!!

  83. That sucks. Love the show Dark Matter one of the best sci-fi shows in quite awhile. It was AWESOME.

  84. I’m a Dark Matter fan from Spain and I’m very angry with this situation. I hate SyFy channel because they are accustomed to cancel a TV serie like a thunderbolt! Is frustrating see how a great show like Dark Matter is cancelled without a final seasson or a film. That’s unfair for the creators and for fans. I’ll dream with a final for this masterpiece

  85. I hope you find another home. I would love to see season 4,5 etc..

  86. This was the best show they had and they fucked it up.
    SyFy always disappointing!
    I hope you guys find a new home or something.
    The S3 finale was crazy!

  87. Thanks for the explanation. Best of luck in getting the show to another avenue for viewers to enjoy!

    If there is any disruption that we as fans can participate in and make the show some noise, we’d be happy to participate!

    Thanks again for a great show and some interesting characters from the norm or a change.

  88. Thanks for the great, I mean awesome shows. We the fans are with you all the way. Dark Matter will return. Star Trek got cancelled after three seasons, and the fans rose up and the show became legendary and is part of the culture. Good luck on your efforts. Keep the faith.

  89. This isvwhy everyone is cutting cord with network tv so sick of not finished series

  90. Man, love this show!! So many good Sci-fi shows are canceled. My only worry is that the actors move on, so if DM does get picked up elsewhere what then? Can’t fault them for looking for work. Hopefully things move quickly for the razas crews sake.

  91. I am truly sorry this show has ended. I live in Ireland and watch it on Sky SyFy Channel. I have always loved sci-fi but my husband was never a fan. However he loves Dark Matter and was actually really disappointed with the cancellation news. I hope you are successful in saving this show

  92. Thank you for your explanation. SyFy made a mistake because they could have had your show lead into another, but o well. Hope your other plans lead to the continuation of the series. I’m looking forward to it. Let me know what else I can do in conjunction with other fans.

  93. Super natural crap displaced us??? Maybe HBO could pick you up…everbody loves nudity…

  94. I was skeptical at first when I saw the promos espicially when we got rid of cable &;went to Netflix. But from the the first episode all I wanted to do was binge on it. Now they’re canceling it, WTF !!! Finally we get a show that has a plot, a story arc, and actual plan (anyone remember Babylon 5) & you say it’s ratings aren’t ballistic so screw it kill it . Raza crew should go in and kick somega network butt. Freaking Asshats

  95. Hi Joe,
    thank you for that informative post. It explains a lot.
    Also thank you very much for not giving up and interacting with the fans!

    It’s very frustrating that Killjoys gets a 2 more seasons.
    A show I watch too but know nothing about its Cast, Crew or Production and therefore have no emotional connection with.

    Dark Matter or not I will continue reading your blog like I do since what fells forever and I hope you will continue posting and bringing great shows to the small screen.

    Cheers Christian

  96. Thanks for giving us a peek at what was going on behind the scenes – this us much appreciated.
    To be honest I have been brooding about what might be the reason Dark Matter was cancelled and only came up with one cause that I could think of: That the production of one Dark Matter episode might be more expensive and a lot more demanding than for example the Earp show (which I think really lost traction and got very, very sloppy this season). After in Dark Matter there are a lot of special effects needed (space ships, space stations, space battles, a hell of a lot of great action sequences, explosions, brilliant fight sequences and more explosions). And all of that action is packed in a nice neat packet with great dialogues, nifty twists and turns in the plot and amazing acting [again I can only say this in my humble opinion is how good SF should be like].

    Still I am once again baffled at SYFY’s actions and lack of foresight (something that they already have gained notoriety for over the past years, cancelling some brilliant shows). One gets the distinct feeling that the executives of SYFY seem to hate good science fiction (or maybe they do not get it at all).

    Frankly I still remember the season finale of Caprica where they gave viewers a glimpse of what would have happened in season 2 and I was amazed and then devastated when SYFY pulled the plug. I had the very same feeling watching the season finale of Dark Matter – seriously “how much more science fiction can you get than that”!?

    Anyway it is WONDERFUL to hear that things are not completely over yet and that you are not yet giving up as some options can still be pursued. I will hold my fingers crossed that Dark Matter can be saved!!!!!

    Let’s make some noise for Dark Matter!

  97. Once again SYFY network has blow another great opportunity for great programming. I stopped watching the SYFY channel for that reason sometime ago. But when DARK MATTER appeared on the channel I gave it another shot. I was completely mesmerized by the show and told at least 25 of my friends about the show and they became fans of DARK MATTER. NOW the SYFY network has done it again. Shooting themselves in the foot seems to be a common practice there. I do understand that they are a business and have to make such decisions, but to cancel a show and a great one I might add,before its conclusion is only going to tarnish there reputation further as a science fiction channel. I really really really really hope you get the opportunity to finish the project. I will my eyes and ears open for the revival of DARK MATTER. I wish the entire cast and crew well. DARK MATTER RULES!!!!

  98. jm, good luck with your effort to save the show…I loved it…I’m 70, and have been waiting a long time to see strong scifi shows in more abundance, and thought the syfy channel might be becoming a leader in this effort…but no…turns out we, the fans, really don’t matter…surprise! but wth, we can still watch wrestling on syfy, ’cause that’s scifi, right?? give’em hell joe.

  99. An interesting plot in the series “Dark Matter”, an interesting game and a cast of actors, a big request to extend the series though for a couple of seasons! Do not deprive us of this joy! You are welcome!!!

  100. I love Dark Matter!! ❤❤❤ I do however, DVR it because of my schedule. It’s a true FAVORITE of mine!❤❤❤ Please keep fighting!! I love seeing each character grow into what they were always meant to be despite all the complex challenges. I’ve invested into each character and love them each because of their individuality and how they commit to the team!! Please DON’T GIVE UP!!!🙏❤

  101. “The fact that I have a five year plan (rather than just making it up as I go along) means I know exactly where the various stories are headed. I know all the answers to all of the questions. And having that foreknowledge allows for a much more satisfying narrative when all of the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place.”

    That sums up exactly how great stories are told (like Babylon 5).

    I’m going to quote that. Somewhere. Some day.

  102. Thanks for keeping the fans updated but I can no longer support the Syfy channel if this is how they cancel shows that fans have invested 3 years in.

  103. Damn, this is a really good show, I enjoyed watching it!! Keep hope alive

  104. After SyFy cancelled Universe, they had nothing worth watching. I stopped even looking at the channel for lack of any good science fiction programming.

    If wasn’t until I found Dark Matter on Netflix (or Hulu? I dont remember) that I came back and discovered The Expanse. Now it looks like I’m about to stop watching SyFy again. Thier continued anti-sci-fi attitude is extremely dissapointing.

  105. Thanks, Joe. I very much admire your creativity and thoughtful planning; so many shows feel like the showrunners are making it up as they go along. I also appreciate your cheerful, funny, and kind fan outreach over the years.

    I’ll miss the Raza VERY much but will certainly watch/purchase/follow any projects you choose to do in the future.

  106. It is hard to believe cancelation of Dark Matter, I enyoi this show very much, I use to watch it whenever I can including the After Dark part. Hope Syfy find out this program keeps the audience rate instead other shows they use to keep seasson after seasson. Thanks Joseph for this program, I state again, I enyoi it.

  107. I am in. The Raza will live for ever. Thanks for your info. The cancellation news almost kill me in a heart attack.

  108. Was really sad to see this series get canceled. I have greatly enjoyed the story and characters you have helped to create. I hope you are able to find a place to pick it up.

  109. If you find another venue for the last two seasons or more, I will be there watching. I am NOT a fan of any network, I am NOT in to the SciFi programing sense all the shows have an “undead” theme. Never seen a Wynonea Earp episode nor plan on it, NO INTEREST. Since my accident the “Undead” theme means less, BEEN THERE DONE THAT. Since I have NO memory of the accident I have a blank slate, minus my right side limitation and balance issues. I could send a picture of my state of comatose. I did start watching” walking Dead” because of the noise but lost interest because of the hopelessness. I have watched “Killjoys”, seasons 1 and 2 were fun, but 3 has become weird, and language issues unclear to the point my Mom can’t watch, SHAME. Oh does typing in caps. mean talking loudly? I await your updates and accept them as you get the time. I started following your blog because of my interest in SG-1. It filtered to Atlantis where in watching the commentary editions it mentioned Amanda Tapping’s departure and my desire to know more. With such a short season and limited series I will have to satisfy my desire through blogging that won’t be on a networks web site. If you want to, as my comments, to a crescendo of typed words, it would save me the price of a stamp.

  110. Another network foul up like Fox and Firefly !
    Bean counters need to learn to look further into the future ! I guess Syfy did not learn a thing from Fox /Firefly.

  111. I can understand that, for whatever reason, a series get cancelled. But to get it cancelled without a proper wrapup reallly is very unrespectful to all the people who watched the show for three years AND for the people who made it too of course! They’ve even spent more hours of their life in it… Syfy should have accepted the six episode miniseries, and for all the years of Stargate they successfully had got, the same should have been the case for SGU. I do hope that you succeed in finishing Dark Matter somehow. I would think that Netflix could be a saviour here, since they picked up other cancelled series too. Everybody involved in the series, watching or creating it, indeed deserves better. It was an awesome really scifi series. In any case thank you very much Joe for your geniuslike television entertainment. Greetings, Marc (Belgium)

  112. So sad about this news. I absolutely love this show. Super excited for season four. So many loose ends, I can’t believe they cancelled it. What can we do to assist in the fight to save the show?

  113. This show began as a comic book. If all else fails, perhaps you could tell seasons 4 and 5 in comic book format. No matter what happens, though, we’re here with you. Best of luck for your future. {{{HUG}}} And doggie pets from me. <3

  114. Having come across the Dark Matter series on DVD I’m gutted to read this information. Why is it whenever a decent science fiction series gets into the TV screen the powers that be kill it off, but are prepared to broadcast programs that in my opinion should have been pulled instead. There were two former SF series that I also got into only to witness them die – Firefly and Defying Gravity – so I wish you success in being able to continue flying. It just seems that the SF genre is thwarted with bad luck and ignorance. Perhaps we can be successful on this occasion.

  115. looking forward to season 4 , then this happens , still can not believe this . pls save the show

  116. Good luck, Joe, getrdone. For all the reasons you explained, the cancellation was a complete blindside to me. It makes no GOOD financial sense to remove a fan favorite. If the ratings sucked this wouldve been a no-brainer. They didn’t. Gambling that the replacement show will do as good or better is not a wise move…most don’t.
    I’m 48 years old and this was one if my favorite shows. Because of my work schedule I have to DVR most of my t.v. watching. I would always watch this show first when I could sit down at the tv. I won’t make hollow threats to not watch scyfy anymore but they have sure lost my respect. In about 9 months I would expect someone at scyfy loses their job when they realize how big of an avoidable mistake this was

  117. Sad to see this. One of my favorite series on netflix. Was anticipating the 3rd season. There was so much left to explain and clukd have done with the plot.

    I believe this could be a good blockbuster as?well. DAMNE.

  118. I saw an earlier post Netflix or Amazon. Cannot believe they are a yes for things like Sharknado and naaa on Dark Matter …..guess if Dark Matter is gone so is my sub to SYFY

  119. I just started binge watching Dark Matter,!and was always excited for the next episode!! I loved the crews family ideas!! How they are always there for each other!! Please don’t let it end with SO MANY unanswered questions!

  120. I have been a huge fan of Dark Matter since the very beginning. I hope someone will pick it up, at least long enough for story lines to be completed. I will certainly miss the show very much.

  121. I enjoy the show very much I hope you find a place quickly you had some good actors☹😭 to see it end

  122. Thank you for your time and dedication to this amazing show. Whatever you need, I’m in… lets get this back on the air, with a network that does take creativity seriously.

  123. This is awesome. You fighting to keep the show alive really makes you stand apart as a great leader and makes us feel good as fans that you care about us. Thank you. I love the show so much. I’ll try to make some noise.

  124. I’m in, I truly love this show and the story line was the best this year. I hurt and disappointed with SYFY, but they do this all the time. I’ve never spoke out but I love you guys, man you made the story real and thats what you want out of any show!

  125. If there is a network to petition, I’ll be there. If there is a Kickstarter to get funding to create the next season, I’ll be there. The fans are here and we want the story to continue!

  126. Fucking syfy channel and there stupid showing like blooddrive come on this show is amazing and could of been great but syfy has no interest in space or anything good like that anymore hopefully Netflix will pick this show up because Netflix could use a good scifi show about space and I hope the reason for them canceling this show is that the syfy channel is going broke.

  127. You’re damn $%#% right, I’m ready to do this! I’m going though the stages of grief right now, and I’ve already passed through the denial phase (ouch) and am very much comfortable right now in the negotiation stage. And I’m damned well light years away from “acceptance”. I’ve already signed the petition and the Netflix form – just let me/us know what more we can do so we can coordinate as much as possible.

    The odds may be long against us, but they always have been against the #RazaCrew!

  128. Sad to see DM going …how they can keep junk TV like Blooddrive instead is beyond me..
    Great ride whlie it lasted DM…season 4 looked to be amazing…😢😢😢

  129. I so do hope you find a way to continue this show! It is one of the best!

  130. Thank you so much for the update. I’ve been heartbroken every since I heard. And this was the day after I heard my favorite radio station went off the air too (WBRU 95.5 Providence RI). So to say the update means a lot is really an understatement. My radio will still be on the internet. Sucks I can’t listen to them at work without getting an unlimited data plan. But at least it’s something. Here’s hoping at the least, something similar happens with Dark Matter. A mini series, or anything to finish the story would be awesome.

    Thank you again, and I could never express in words how much I appreciate your trying to finish the story for us, and of course for the show we’ve already had the pleasure of enjoying. I look forward to it, and to any future projects you are involved in. You’re on my list of people who’s work I consider “must see”.

  131. Best of luck! Will do what I can.
    And thank you for the amazing show. Best wishes from Russia.

  132. How about we drop some “Dark Matter” on those who nixed the show… anyone who knows their astrophysics knows that the universe would be nothing but a big sucking hole without Dark Matter… so let’s use some dark energy to bring back Dark Matter… and save the universe!

  133. Don’t forget about us netflix viewers. I can’t watch it in real time. I binge watch it.
    Good sci-fi series are hard to come by. I don’t want to watch something that only has a couple is seasons. I have only watched 2 of dark matter and I was excited to get into a series again.
    Arrrggghhh. I hope you can find a way to continue.

  134. Very disappointed in sci-fi they should leave dark matter on I’m thinking of boycott Syfy now

  135. Those execs need to stop snorting come and blowing smoke up each others arses and listen to what we the viewers want to watch. 2017 has been a very poor year for my viewing tastes and Dark Matter was an oasis. I’m sick of zombie and supernatural bumf. Regurgitating the same shitty story lines.
    Why is it every decent show I’ve took to has been cancelled. Probably because they require more than two communicating brain cells to get into, as opposed to those viewers and execs who are as brain dead as the zombies they love.

  136. Given the knowledge that they will not make much profit from a show, why purchase and air it?

  137. SyFy are idiots who wouldn’t know a good show if it jumped up & slapped them round the face. They are, sadly, notorious for cancelling good shows.

  138. This is terrible news! What the “F” is SYFY thinking?!? My husband and I truly love the show. Hopefully they will rethink things or someone else will have the good business sense to pick this AWESOME show up!

  139. This cancellation of Dark Matter upset me so much it’s hard to express in words and to see Dark Matter in its regular time slot is great lost and Syfy a station I always look to first to ‘ve entertained will change.
    No one likes to be taken for granted.

  140. I hope Netflix picks it up for the fans hopefully or maybe you can be like firefly another show that end way to soon and they had a movie

  141. Awesome, glad to hear your keeping at it. I stream the show, and feel many Science Fiction fans do the same. I’d love to see this on Netflix or Hulu. I’d be happy just to read through the rest if you wrote them as books. Appreciate the update, best of luck!

  142. I dont want it back just for closure… I want it back on air for 10 more seasons. Its the best damn scifi show on cable!!!

  143. Please save the show. Amazing show and so sad not to see it through to conclusion.

  144. Thank you for the financial breakdown of the decision making process at SYFI. This was the only show I watched on this network and I hope they know the financial value of a lost viewer because I have no intention of watching any of their new shows.

  145. Hi Joe
    Just point me in the right direction. I follow Thogar on twitter, I’m sure he’ll be full of ideas.


  146. Dark Matter must continue. Please . We need more. If not give us a Firefly ending……nice long movie ender.

  147. Man, it sucks to know it was probably financial. But then, I guess that makes sense. I mean, it wasn’t gonna be the content or the fans–I’M JUST SAYING 😉

  148. This is a great show! Whatever I can do to help, I’m “IN!” Let’s get this show continuing to be even greater! We’re all part of the Raza!

  149. Dark matter is 1 of the best and most stay. Every time I get into a Syfy it gets cancelled. WTF

  150. This is also the channel that kolled Farscape and Warehouse 13 so little brains do this sort of crap. Good shows are always cancelled by pee brained asshats.

  151. Those that havent, there are petitions going around on change.org – save this show.

  152. I want more! How do we help to continue this great series? Whatever is needed, count me in!

  153. I would really like to see you move over to Netflix. I’m sure they would take you on considering your viewer rating and the demand it’s gaining.

  154. I’m on it (with some others).

    As I said between the hurricane devastation in the Corpus Christi/Rockport area and then the flooding that hit the Houston/Beaumont area, and then hearing about this was just too much for my heart to bear.

    I cannot tell you how much I’ve cried since last week watching all the suffering going on down here. The worrying about my friends, the damaged sustained to their homes or others, evacuating because the flooding from the creek had gone into the neighborhood next to us and if the rain continued we would be next (and our subdivision entrances–both of them–were closed off after we left). You should see the pictures of the clean up.

  155. Dark Matter was my favorite tv show at a time when my life was hard. I cannot stand the fact that it is gone. Tell us fans what to do to save it and we will do it. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Have you considered contacting the Netflix?
    Let us know how to help! Thank you.

  156. “They thanked me but informed me that the decision would not be based on the show’s creative”

    Nice to know that Skiffy is just the same brain dead corporate hacks they were when they cancelled Farscape. WTH are they doing running that Network?

  157. Yes keep fighting, I love this show. Where ever you end up, I’ll be following close behind.

  158. Thank you for your thoughtful and through explanation. I love Dark Matter, it is one of those truly original science fiction shows and it is an absolute travesty to see SyFy rip through it like that and toss it out the airlock so casually and amidst a MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER no less, for rather dubious reasons. I am sorely disappointed. If Dark Matter doesnt get produced then its cancellation will go down in tv history as one of the biggest hacks by shortsighted, greedy networks.

    I really hope you can get Netflix or Hulu or any other network to pick up at least the next two seasons as planned by you. As you can see, the fans are here to help out any which way we can. here is already a change.org petition.

    Please keep us posted with respect to how we can help.


  159. Only Reason i watch syfy was this show in all honesty so why don’t you guys have Cw pick it up that way all my fave shows are on one network i think they would more then welcome you guys

  160. Call Cw and tell them you want this show and season 4 on there network (818) 977-2500.

  161. Hard to offer options when I’m just a fan and have no knowledge of the realities of the business. But space oriented science fiction seems to do well at the box office, like Guardians of the Galaxy. Would be great to look forward to a few Dark Matter movies. I’d definitely be at a couple theatre shows plus later disc purchase.

    I still have faith this isn’t the end.

  162. Dark Matter possesses the quality that the Original Star Trek series had. It is primarily character driven, relies little on extreme special effects, deals with topical issues, and is very personable. I saw the first 2 years on Netflix and actually paid Amazon for the 3rd season! I can’t believe I am the only one.

    Please do whatever you can to get the final 2 years of your 5-year plan on whatever station will accept you. Lord knows there has to be someone out there in all of cable-land willing to take a chance.!
    Thanks for listening.


  163. Joseph! I was totally crushed when I heard the news Dark Matter was canceled. So I can only imagine what you, the cast, and crew are feeling. But know the fans have your back! Whatever we have to do. Seriously, if you need help with any kind of campaign just let me know. I’m a creative writer/content strategist in Toronto and I’ll totally donate my time to help you with anything I can! And just out of curiosity, since SyFy are being total dumbf$cks about this… what about Space? Could fhey pick up the series?

  164. You better believe I’ll do my part to #SaveDarkMatter. I miss it already.
    Thank you for this information, it was very enlightening.

  165. I feel that SyFy has rather shot itself in the foot over this. While it may not have been able to utilise other revenue streams from such an acquisition it has earned itself a lot of bad publicity from the fans with this decision.

    Can it be trusted to let any series go to completion and will fans want to start watching a show that they know may not be completed?
    As a long time science fiction fan I don’t find many shows on SyFy that actually appeal to me, admittedly I’m not in their preferred demographic so they probably don’t care too much.

  166. How could syfy not see that this is the next Stargate? By that I mean 10+ series with multiple spinoff options, massive collectible and merchandise opportunities, an awesomely skilled, believeable and able cast, and an ever growing fan base of dedicated followers who can’t think of anything worse than seeing what the kardashians are up to, etc!! Canned just as word is spreading, madness! So tired of B movies and buffy being the best syfy can do😡 Sorry for the rant but I feel like I was sold a great novel only to have someone tear out the final chapter when I’m half way through! I love that people are mad about this, and the sci-fi community has made me proud by standing up for ourselves and trying to be heard. Long Live Dark Matter ✊🏼

  167. Long live Dark Matter. I’m starting to think I should boycott syfy in all because this is not the first show they’ve done this to and it’s really annoying. I may not understand TV numbers and ratings and whatnot but it just happens too often to sci-fi shows. What was the point of opening a network to cater to us sci-fi nerds when the best ones get cancelled with no wrap up. And yet somehow sharknado survives? No offense to all the sharknado fans, but really? I wish you and the team best of luck

  168. I am sick of SyFy cancelling shows that have lots of life left like Dark Matter, also Eureka Stargate, Warehouse 13,Alphas etc. I am done with them I will not watch it again. Please figure out a way to save our show. I want to see where your vision ends!

  169. This is Star Trek original series all over again. Oh the horror!! Well, maybe some movies and a new series in the future. DARKER MATTER!!

  170. Ffs here we go again. Syfy really has become another word for asshole. Sick of them cancelling good space based sci-fi shows mid story and not letting us the viewers enjoy the whole story from start to finish. They really don’t give a toss about their viewers. You helped make Stargate the show it was and without Stargate syfy would never become the size it has. Personally I say they owe you this.

  171. Dark Matter is a great quality science fiction show that should never have been cancelled. I am furious! I’ll be glad to support anything that can be done to give fans the rest of the story–there have been some good suggestions made–and I wouldn’t mind reading the story in paperback/ebook fiction, if that’s what it takes.

  172. Syfy is well known for cancelling popular shows. Even great shows like Dark Matter. I’m with you guys all the way, let’s save the show.

  173. Canceling the best show you have, even if you don’t get the money for it that you want is ridiculous.
    I really hope that you fugure something out to keep the show alive, good luck!!!

  174. Hi Joseph and the Raza Crew,

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. This being in limbo is killing me and all of you I am sure. I check ,recheck read every snipit all over the web looking for that crumb of hope. I am an optimist and my gut ,for some reason tells me you will be able to tell us all the rest of this story. We will not go quietly into the night .If you have hard asks …ASK think of your fan base as intern PAs and use the crap out of us. We need our Family back. It is not just the ones we see too. It is all those behind the camera, in the office the support of the support staff and all their families. All of our families are seeing real heart ache and sorrow over this loss.
    We all are he for you. Let’s all think way outside the box. This show runs a tight ship on and behind camera … someone at some network just needs to “believe” .When you speak to these people convey anyone loyal to you will receive ours too.That should sink in as future viewers for their other ventures. This whole industry is about eyeballs…..we got’em so who wants them ? Tell the “whole” crew to stay strong and again please please keep us in the loop.

    Trev out

  175. Dark Matter is the best science fiction show I’ve seen since Firefly. I will be glad to whatever I can do to bring it back for seasons 4,5,6+.
    The chemistry is excellent, the writing is top notch, the CGI is believable, the characters are flawed and dynamic. I have waited all summer for season 3 to get to Netflix and looking forward to season 4 then finding out Sci-Fi’s betrayal of the classic show is complete with a cancellation makes my blood boil.
    Dark Matter is such a creative idea and I love the cast and characters – this must be continued elsewhere.

  176. If all else fails, please write a book to tell the whole story. When I’m don reading it I’ll happily mail it to syfy so they can see what they could have had.

  177. This was the best show Syfy had. I hope another network picks up Dark Matter. This show has so much potential. The 3rd season was awesome. The fourth season storyline is already there. I’m upset that Syfy wouldn’t allow a 14th episode so that the storyline could be closed. This ending leaves the fans without closure. There was so much they could do with a 4th and even a 5th season. I really hope Netflix or Hulu picks this show up. Netflix would gain new customers if they did. As of now, I will not get into any more Syfy shows. I know a lot of people have said the same. Syfy has a bad track record for cancelling shows that aren’t finished. They choose to keep sketchy shows with bad acting. They’re going to lose a lot more viewers if they keep canceling popular shows.

  178. I am so bummed about this, I was looking forward to the alien invasion too… syfy has been on a roll of cancelling the shows I like the most, without Dark Matter I dont watch anything on it anymore it seems… I hope someone picks it up Pleeeaaassse!!!

  179. I watched “Dark Matter” as a whole package – and not yearly by season, etc etc. Like the original Star Trek – Dark Matter has that magical something about it – that will be watchable for years to come, accumulating more fans along the way. Season 3’s finale – basically sucks. Sorry for saying this but it doesn’t point towards an interesting Season 4. I personally think it’s time for some intelligent Sci-Fi that contains what viewers really want to see – something that is plausible for our future. Enough of the Star Wars crap – in which violence is still ‘normal’ in the future. Any forward thinking civilisation would have put violence in it’s proper place long ago – wars would be outlawed – violence seen for what it truly is – Just being the ‘bully’. Non-violence would be the ‘norm’ for any advanced hi-tech civilisation – that spiritual awareness would be present. Meaning the truth is valued for what it is. ‘Equality’ would be the norm throughout such a civilisation – no royalty present – same for useless leaders like ours. A leader leads by example – not by dictating. Writing for such a ground breaking series – in which anti-heroes resort to anti-violence will not be easy – but you have to take chances to be a better series than others are at present. Violence in ‘entertainment’ of course echoes into our real lives – the terrible news we experience – shows this is the case. We have to recognise wars for what they truly are – and not accept/normalize them. Conflicts can be presented and solved – which are of the mental kind – which physical conflicts cannot solve. The general public is not aware – how sci-fi elements are actually part of our own history and make-up. eg. Do you really believe modern man evolved within 5 million years? That Gobekli Tepe is the turning point of when hunter/gatherers evolved into farmers? which is only 12,000 years or so ago. That the basic stargate premise has some/or a lot of evidence for it. That ancient Egyptians had a level of technology greater than our present? Check out what Christopher Dunn / Brien Foerester point out in their videos – the finely machined stonework that cannot be done by copper chisel, etc etc You have precisely large drill holes. That Egyptologists precise dating is subject to gross error – that a large worldwide cataclysm stopped this civilisation in it’s tracks – and others too elsewhere. All earth’s cultures say the same thing – that their gods helped primitive man develop their early civilisation – our ancestors venerated them as ‘gods’ but they were humans – just like them – but with advanced knowledge/enlightenment – and a high level of technology present – making them appear to be like ‘gods’ to them – our ancestors. Any Sci-Fi series ought to reflect the ‘truth’ as such and not simply repeat the endless false ideas and concepts we ought to have assigned to the rubbish heap long ago – like – violence is OK to make use of – or such notions as – the good always wins in the end – etc etc.

  180. Bonjour,

    Étant un très grand fan du toutes les séries Stargate Sg1 et Atlantis et ceci depuis c’est tout debut est jusqu’à la fin de sa production

    ” bien que très déçu qu’il n’i est toujours pas de suite ”

    J’ai en entendu fraîchement parlé de cette serie Dark Matter créé par les même réalisateurs que
    ” Stargate ”

    il ce va de soit que j’ai voulu me lancè dans cette aventure mes après mettre renseigner sur le nombres de saisons ainsi que l’arrêt de sa productivité, je préfère éviter de me lancer dans une telle aventure.. A suivre ^^

    En souhaitant une suite de SG1 ATLANTIS

    Bonne soirée a vous

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