So, what awaits us in the Dark Matter season finale?  Well, judging from the episodic stills, I’d say…quite a lot:

August 23, 2017: Two Days To The Dark Matter Season Finale!

The Mikkei Combine’s Commander Truffault is back – and onboard The Raza.

August 23, 2017: Two Days To The Dark Matter Season Finale!

THREE is looking….concerned?  Dubious?

August 23, 2017: Two Days To The Dark Matter Season Finale!

The questions isn’t so much “What’s Wexler doing on the bridge?” but “Who, exactly, is that with Wexler on the bridge?”

August 23, 2017: Two Days To The Dark Matter Season Finale!

The Android and FIVE looking unsettled.

August 23, 2017: Two Days To The Dark Matter Season Finale!

SIX seems…determined.

August 23, 2017: Two Days To The Dark Matter Season Finale!

Mikkei has apparently come bearing gifts.

August 23, 2017: Two Days To The Dark Matter Season Finale!

TWO (?) seems surprised by someone or sometTHING.

A couple of terrific articles to check out –

TV, eh’s? Greg David asks: “Dark Matter: Is This The End?

“If this is the series finale of Dark Matter, I’m going to be incredibly upset. Co-creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie have created a wonderful world jam-packed with interesting characters with plenty of story still to tell. “

Alexis Gunderson posits that: “Syfy’s Summer Series Are One Big, Gooey, Rollicking Good Time

“Part of this journey involves goo, of course—one type, a sentient, pitch-black, Hullen-like alien organism with designs on overthrowing humanity, the other an abstract technological “goo” of self-healing nanobytes which make up the impervious synthetic humans the black alien goo aims to use as hosts.”

12 thoughts on “August 23, 2017: Two days to the Dark Matter season finale!

  1. I’m really ambivalent about the season finale – I’m anxious to see it, but then I know that I won’t see any more until next year! (Hopefully. *glares at SYFY*) Luckily, we now have three seasons all ready for re-watch!

    Bought a ticket for Saturday for the Fundy FanFest here in Saint John, which is SJ’s first significant fan expo type of thing ever. Should be interesting, and some guy named Anthony Lemke will be there on Saturday who I hear is quite famous ;), so I’m hoping to get at least to say hi. Erick Avari of SG fame (and others) will also be there. Should be fun!

    1. @Gforce sounds like fun. Hope you are able to snap lots of pics to share!
      So cool of @ranthonylemke to make the time to be there. xo

      1. By the way @Gforce: Do you happen to know how to fix linking errors at word press?

        I click on my name and it says the twitter account I am linking to is suspended, Albeit, its not.

        I’m wondering if it might be because I was recently having some fun messing around with the “fill in details” to comment here on Joe’s page via typing in funny fictitious emails to see all the different silly avatars it would manifest while keeping the link to the NS101 ed twitter classroom active so everyone would know it was just me being playful n joking around??

        1. @gforce: for example: This avatar was assigned to my name when i typed in the email address:

          I’m thinking the automated system may have suspected a security breach because the link to NS101 ed is not associated with the various fun pretend email addresses I’d been typing in?

          But how do i fix it? I cant even find contact tech support at wp to report the problem??

  2. Where has the time gone?

    Teaser photos but is this Two or Portia, Three or Boone?

    This Season has been fantastic, roll on Season 4 👍

  3. Oh wow! I can’t believe this season is already nearing its end.
    It went by way to fast.
    Here’s hoping for season 4 & 5.

    @ Garry
    Have fun at the con. Don’t forget to snap a picture or two.

  4. Hi Jo – heard this and had to share it with you and fellow readers ASAP ‘What would happen if we upload our brains to computers?’ By Robin Hanson on TED Talks Daily …. the title says it all (well not exactly ‘all’ as the talk does that………anyway …’s the link..soooooo interesting and relevant and soooo Dark Matter …

    And here’s to Season 4 Androids and Aliens and soooo much more

  5. Dreading yet anticipating this Friday’s episode. I really wish we knew whether this is the introduction to the next 2 seasons or the Raza crew’s swan song. Come on SyFy!!

    Wexler and Portia? My head is spinning! Yay Wexler!!

    How many enemies does Ferrous Corp have ? I’m down right giddy to see the familiar face of Commander Truffault and hope she’s not the “friends become enemies” part of the promo. Cause really, how many friends do the Raza crew really have?

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