Compliments of Canada’s Space Channel…

Dark Matter: FOUR’s Betrayal –

The Dark Matter stars talk the evolution of Zoie Palmer’s character, The Android –

Dark Matter: Behind the Scenes of “Isn’t That A Paradox?” –

P.S. – Keep reminding @SYFY how much you want to see a season 4.  The next week or so could be crucial to the show’s future!

3 thoughts on “August 22, 2017: Dark Matter goodies!

  1. So is Rhyo going to become part of the crew again? The Raza, a wayward space vessel (vassel?) for unhomed villains. 😉 I’ll keep tweeting!

    Sad news on Dr Jo’s cats. The niece has decided NOT to take them. Back to the search. 🙁

    1. awww sorry to hear it Tam. Hang in there.Sending warmest hugs n prayers. Hopefully the right person will step forward to give them a loving new home soon.

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