…with 642,00 overnight viewers.  Of course that number will more than double when you factor in delayed viewership as Dark Matter continues to rank amongst the Top 10 cable shows in percentage gains in the key demos and overall viewers. And, amazingly, while many shows demonstrate significant audience erosion season to season, we’re only off roughly 10% from last year’s numbers.  Hell, if it wasn’t for that single blip (Episode 308 during Comic Con), our demo average would be even with season 2, and our overall viewership average would actually be slightly higher!  And we owe it all to you, the fans.  I promise to reward you all with the most amazing season of Dark Matter yet…just as soon as we get that fourth season pickup!

August 21, 2017: Thanks For Making Dark Matter Syfy’s #1 Most-watched Scripted Show Of The Week!

One of my favorite behind the scene pics from Episode 310, “Built Not Born”.

August 21, 2017: Thanks For Making Dark Matter Syfy’s #1 Most-watched Scripted Show Of The Week!

And here’s one from this Friday night’s season finale, “Nowhere To Go”.


19 thoughts on “August 21, 2017: Thanks for making Dark Matter SYFY’s #1 Most-Watched Scripted Show of the Week!

  1. Like I said, I simply cannot imagine that SYFY would not do a renewal given those numbers.

    Did you catch any of the eclipse today? It looks like there was pretty good coverage in Vancouver. We “only” had about 66% here, but it was amazing nonetheless.

  2. Sorry I missed that Friday, but I was at Comic-Con meeting the cast! Hope to see you at SDCC 2018!

  3. YOU and all the Cast and staff are why we watch the show ..So Thanks to you All.You Doing a Good SYFY show and we like it .And we hope to see the final Season 5 to close this nice Chapter in the Best SYFY shows history book .We <3

  4. Congratulations Joe, that’s great news.

    Well everyone I have been hard at work coming up with strategies for the fan campaign to convince Syfy to renew the show. I think it’s more effective if we consolidate our efforts.

    1. To highlight the global support of the show I’ve created a fan postcard campaign. Yes, going old school. If we could get as many fans as possible to send a postcard to Mr Chris McCumber at Syfy asking for a renewal, that would be fantastic. Details in this tweet. Please RT OR Save the image and share on Facebook.

    2. For those on Twitter Syfy Dark Matter tweets are rare. Let’s make them super popular by RT, Like, Replying so the tweet & replies are more visible.

    I’m going to try to turn any Syfy tweet into a Dark Matter conversation.

    If you have some ideas please reply here or Twitter @RenewDarkMatter

    Cheers, Chev

  5. I will be among the delayed viewing for the next two episodes. No service at Burning Man. I won’t see it until after American Labor Day. I may avoid the blog until I am caught up.

    I’m just hoping to not see any GOT spoilers either. Although there is word someone may download and record it, then show it at one of the big camps with video capability …. a drunken, dusty crowd of fans? Hmmmm.

  6. They should stop looking at those ratings based on TV viewers. I’m watching the show on YouTube where it airs with a week delay. If this was aired on Netflix in real time, the viewership will probably quadruple.

  7. Ooow. Thought you’d like to know SyFyUK are really plugging Dark Matter’s finale!
    They haven’t shown any teasers for a few weeks (par for the course) but then, over the weekend, they began pushing Episode 12 ‘My Final Gift To You’ with voice overs during the end credits of various shows. Tonight they showed a teaser of Episode 13! Remarkable!!

    Joe, they have NEVER done this before.
    I’m thinking surely this is a positive move …. 😁

    Yay! #RenewDarkMatter !

  8. Hope everything goes as smoothly as is possible for you and the girls over the next week and you’ve found a reasonably agreeable place to stay for the next month while you wait for your old apartment to become available?

    keep us updated, okay.

    xo Hugs xo

  9. Does anybody have an idea of when we’ll get news of a renewal? I periodically check IMDb and IGN, but it’s all GoT stuff most of the time.

  10. Amazing!!! ♥ 🙂 Since this is great news, I am choosing to believe this means the renewal is happening. Though we should keep on tweeting to SyFy just to be sure they don’t forget about us, hehe. 🙂

  11. Syfy better! Dark Matter is awesome and the seasons go by way too fast and now we have the invasion, rhe infestation and the fate of 6 all hanging in space. We need answers in the form of at least 5, (10+ would be better) seasons of Dark Matter!

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