Approximately three weeks to the big move and things are coming along nicely.  I think.  I’ve cancelled services, finished 90% of my packing, hired a mover, got a storage locker in Toronto, booked our flight, and am trying to move a bunch of stuff I no longer need.  Sis got is getting my massive dvd and toy collection, Rob Cooper got our sous-vide machine, while Lawren Bancroft-Wilson hauled off enough booze to open his own bar.  There are, however, a few items I’m having trouble moving…

August 8, 2017: 23 Days!

This ten year old bottle of blueberry wine!

August 8, 2017: 23 Days!

A lifetime supply of windshield washer fluid!

August 8, 2017: 23 Days!

A teapot in the shape of a fish!

It’s okay.  I still have twenty-three days to work with.

Initially, the plan was to fall in love with a condo in Toronto and buy it before our move…but that plan was abandoned.  Then, it was decided we would just move into our old place for the time being but: there’s someone living there until October 1st.  So we elected to just find a place through the production but, with no official pick-up, there technically isn’t a production right now.

But I’m not worried.  I still have twenty-three days to figure it out.

Other than that, things have been unusually…quiet for this time of year.  Catching up on my reading.  Going to rewatch Flight of the Concords because Akemi wants to watch after seeing the video for “Hurt Feelings” –

22 in episodes in all.  Perfect!

15 thoughts on “August 8, 2017: 23 days!

  1. We appreciate that you decided to lighten your packing load with all the wonderful giveaways during last week’s show! 😀

    Pretty sure you have a bottle of blueberry vinegar. Let us know if you open it.

  2. Love Flight Of The Conchords! I had a chance to see them in New Zealand before they were famous but didn’t know who they were so didn’t bother. D’oh! I used to work with Bret McKenzie’s wife. #LameClaimToFame

    I’m thinking of things you can do with blueberry wine, window washer fluid and a teapot . . . none of them end well!

  3. @Joe:

    Exciting times! It made me think about our move to England twenty three years ago. We arrived in country with no car, no house, and no British bank account. We were living on credit cards while we waited for funds tranfers, and paychecks to start, all the while looking for affordable lodging. You wouldn’t believe some of the dumps we looked at before we found the ideal place for us (at the time).

    I’m sure something will work out on the housing front…you can always stop for a bit in Chicago while you wait for something to open up in Toronto! 😉

    @Tam Dixon:

    I thought you had two kids moving in? Well, maybe you’ll get a rest soon! 😉

    I now have two kids that I’ll be moving back and forth to college, but fortunately our daughter Jackie goes to a quarter based co-op school (Kettering University) and unfortunately they swap co-ops and academic quarters at every quarter break, which means I move her every three months. David’s moves, although farther away, are on a semester system and will only happen twice a year; a move-in in August and a move-out in May.

    And sorry to hear about Abe’s dog. Please pass on my condolences if you get a chance.

  4. Why not stay in Montreal for September, keep your stuff in storage until October when u move into your old place or a new place in Toronto? I am sure there is a good place to rent for a month.

  5. That teapot is a scream! I LOL-ed. Or L-edOL. I think it’s supposed to stay with the new owners.

  6. Yep. Sure sounds like fun!
    it’ll be the perfect opportunity to further bond with your co-workers.
    You could stay at Brandon T’s Bed and Breakfast until your old apartment becomes available and Lawren can bring over all that booze you gifted him so you can get drunk everyday at no extra charge. 😀

    1. Oh wait. … Just realized that could prove kinda awkward.
      Didn’t you inflict some deadly disease on Tataryn a while back?

  7. JeffW: Safe travels to you and your family Jeff! Y’all will be on the road a lot but you’re giving the kids a great start!
    I’ll give Abe your condolences, next time I see him and thanks. He’s very pragmatic but this hit him harder than he though it would. One of his old girlfriends dumped this dog on him years ago, as a pup. That stubborn, snappy little poodle won him over. Scooby was his shadow since then. It’s hard to lose a furbaby.

    What’s the story with the teapot Mr. M.? Was it an old wedding present or something? Great job on getting all that work done! Very impressive and I hope you find something in Toronto soon.

  8. I love the teapot. Mine is in the shape of a duck. There are three teapot ducks in my teapot duck family. I didn’t want them to get lonely.

    I have lots of teapots. The ubiquitous blue with white dots in four sizes, the little brown English one, Chinese ones, a fancy celadon one, a white one with a blue fish on it, Mom’s Noritake one, an antique glass on from Iran, and the one we stole from the Sagamihara Denny’s, which is the one I actually use most of the time. Oh, and my clowder of cat teapots. And the 30s cottage teapot. I may have a problem. I had plenty, then I inherited even more! My parents had a thing for Japanese teapots.

    I have nearly as many miniature teapots too, some for the dollhouse, and the rest in a display case we rescued from Big Trash Day. Tiny teapots were my thing for a long time in Japan. I like the ones shaped like the dancing tanuki the most.

    1. Wow Maggie. That’s quite a collection!

      Ah! Ya see that Joe!
      Sounds like your fish teapot may have just found the perfect new family to adopt it.

      And if it doesn’t work out … I …. Guess I could, …maybe, …possibly, …consider taking it off your hands.
      Albeit, I might have a bit of a difficult time deciding whether to place it next to my pitiful minuscule worm of a coffee pot that just wimped out on me
      or my giant whale of a cappuccino maker that has already managed to predatorily gobble up most of the kitchen counter.

      As far as the ocean of cleaning fluid goes:
      If push comes to shove and ya end up having the added expense of having to stay in a large hotel suite for a month,
      You can always use it to clean the windshields of the other hotel guests vehicles to help pay for your stay,

  9. Well considering they are all grounded, a video is perhaps the only was to see a flight of a concord. Or you could go down to Seattle and go to the Boeing Museum. Did that with my girlfriend and think she was impressed.

  10. Now that I’ve watched that video, I too, am going to have to watch Flight of the Concords. I’ve seen several movies with Jemaine C. Love “What We Do In The Shadows”. Will add Flight to my list of shows to watch.

    Can’t you think of a good dessert that your wine will pair with? If it really is 10 yrs old, just pour it out.

  11. @cudaker

    Toronto is home to all the best ship in space Scifi shows! Dark Matter, The Expanse, Star Trek & Killjoys.

  12. Wow @JeffW That’s truly adventurous.

    @maggiemayday That’s so interesting! I collect golden retriever anything. Ornaments, blankets, calendars, the picture above my computer, etc…LOL

    Do you guys have garage sales in Canada? You could do that.

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