18 thoughts on “August 7, 2017: Dragons, Dark Matter, and Dogs!

  1. I’ve said it before…
    Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern” novels.

  2. The Puppies make a great intermission from our anxiety of what is coming next. We need longer seasons (more than 13 epis) and MORE seasons – 4, 5, etc.
    and we wait……

  3. You put Suji and Lulu’s names together and you get Sulu. hmmmm A Star Trek coincidence? I think not!

  4. Dragons are real. That’s me after last night’s GoT episode. Those effects were off the hook. Go Dany!!

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! What’s their favorite flavor?

    Thanks for the clip. What’s Three afraid of? Now that he has Sarah, is he afraid of dying because he has someone to live for? Tensely biting nails.

  5. Thanks Bill for asking about why the new episode hasn’t shown up on Amazon. I watched it through other means but still. Very disappointing.

    JeffW: I haven’t had a chance to talk to Abe much about the trip. He had to put his dog to sleep, so I didn’t want to grill him. That was one mean ass poodle but Abe loved him.
    Sorry you too didn’t connect but he’s there most every year.
    I thought you had two kids moving in? Well, maybe you’ll get a rest soon! 😉

    If you get a dragon, you’ll need to look for a BIG condo but a farm might be better. You could raise cows too. You’d need them for the dragon. 😉

  6. Congrats to @ceresis on last nights win!

    Ok, now that ep 310 has aired in UK
    here are my thoughts about this amazing episode.
    I haven’t had a chance to read ‘all’ the reviews and tune into the various podcasts so please accept my apologies in advance if any of this in any way feels redundant of the reviews already posted.

    In the 1998 movie What Dreams May Come,
    the children of the main character, who died years before him,
    greet him in heaven, disguised as other people.
    In the end it is explained that this was done because sometimes the bodies
    and roles we are born into get in the way of who we really are
    and are meant to be to one another in the relationship.

    Ah. … but we all know the roles are interchangeable throughout the course
    of any deeply invested relationship.
    Don’t we?
    In younger days, over the course of one, very passionate five year affair,
    I recall there were times when I felt like I was my lovers mother.
    Other times when I felt like his child.
    There were moments when he felt like a complete stranger to me.
    Others when he was my best friend and worst enemy.
    (Sometimes all at once).
    There were even periods when he seemed
    more like a sibling than a boyfriend to me.

    In Ep 310
    Dr Shaw helps create and develop Rebecca.
    Thus, in a sense, her relationship with her begins
    in the role of being ‘mother/guardian’.
    She is her and all of the AI’s “Creator”.
    Thus every AI created in Shaw’s sanctuary is, in a sense, Rebecca’s sibling.

    Eventually that basic motherly type love and protectiveness of Rebecca Dr Shaw initially felt develops into something more
    and they become partners in a very deeply invested love affair.
    Then when Shaw creates a new body for herself ( although she decides she cant go through with uploading her mind to Android)
    in a sense, Shaw 2.0 also becomes Rebecca’s sister.
    Unfortunately that the consciousness upload is never completed
    it makes Android feel devalued to learn she is but a lesser facsimile of someone else. The crew of course point out that, although Android did not get to fulfill her initial reason for existing Her existence does indeed matter to them, none the less. They made sure she understood that she’d become a valued, equal member of the crew just the way she is, with her own personality.

    Joe, cleverly does all this blurring of the lines in relationship roles
    without it being an obvious outright perversion of traditional relationship norms.
    We are not forced to readily think of Shaw as being Rebecca’s mother, who later became her lover. It’s more of a subtle inference.

    He also has us look at the very nature of love, free will and what it means to be sentient.

    This is where I found myself, for the first time since DM began, ‘truly’ invested.

    We are reminded love is not based in anything physical.
    THREE realizes he deeply loves Sarah even though his memories had been wiped and he didn’t remember having a love affair with her.
    He also realizes that he loves this woman no matter
    the physical form of her existence.
    He tells her no matter what form she takes
    she will still be Sarah, the woman he loves.

    I remember when the Star Trek series brought up this somewhat thorny issue.
    One human character had fallen in love with a not 100% human male character. Unfortunately, the male partner in the already unusual relationship was dying and had to be placed in the host of a new body.
    In the end, as it turns out, the new body proves very different than what the female partner is accustomed to/comfortable with and she couldn’t bring herself to continue the love affair because she no longer felt a physical attraction.

    In the case of Sarah (although she still looks and thinks like her original form)
    it brings up the issue of how she will ‘self identify’.
    Now that her physical form is Android will she begin to identify more so with being an Android?
    and, if so, Will this cause her to feel less attracted to or perhaps even distrustful of THREE because he is human?

    Then we have Victor.
    Victor is seemingly more like a human than the other androids.
    But is he?
    He believes androids shouldn’t trust most humans and wants androids to take over the universe.
    In his quest to achieve his goal he apparently has no trouble lying, manipulating and even killing anyone who gets in his way. – Including those he appears to have a deeply emotionally invested relationship with.
    For all the human emotions he feels, he seems to lack any resemblance of genuine empathy, compassion and sentimentality.
    He seems to lack the essential ingredient of ‘humanity’.
    So it begs the question …
    Is Victor just ‘mimicking human emotions, without actually experiencing them?
    or is he perhaps? simply more like a chemically imbalanced, murdering human psychopath.
    A human psycho path, with a cause, ‘genuinely feels’ love and may even take a life partner and have children.
    Albeit he’d feel no remorse about killing his wife or children if they seem to stand in the way of him achieving his so called “higher purpose” or if the sacrifice felt necessary because his dog spoke to him and told him it had to be done.

    What really blows my mind is how Joe managed to seamlessly tie all this together and include it all in less than an hour without it becoming confusing.
    For the first time since the story began I understood everything that went down
    without feeling like this or that point was too diluted/abbreviated
    or that perhaps I missed something.

    The entire episode just flowed effortlessly down stream toward the larger reservoir without encountering a single beaver dam or angry seagull.

    Regardless of what the live ratings say and forget giving this episode 5 stars ***** or even giving it a Joseph Mallozzi “Rogue Star” award.
    For the spell binding feat of magic that was pulled off here,
    Every star burning in the multiverse that ever was, is or will ever be, now belongs to you, Joe Mallozi.

    Akemi says she wants a dragon. But does she not realize? she already has the most legendary creature with even more fire power
    standing by her side.

    Anywhooo … that’s my two cents for whatever its worth?
    I noticed some of you mentioned out loud it was your favorite episode, as well.
    I’d love to know what ‘did it’ for you?


  7. Some how that sentiment (especially that i managed to misplace a ‘z’ in your name) didn’t come out sounding quite the way I intended. Albeit I think you get the gist of it as meaning “the world is your oyster”, anyway, eh?

  8. Episode 10 just showed up on my Amazon account. Yay and Thanks (If you had a chance to intervene).

  9. I wrote a long post and it wouldn’t post. Remind me to refresh my browser.

    I said basically I love dragons and would like one or be one. Then I went into all the dragon movies and shows I”ve adored.

    I also said that @Drea pretty much said everything I was thinking about the episode. I am having such a problem putting stuff into words lately. I am and my brain is chronically exhausted. I thought I was able to catch up last weekend when Jeff pretty much let me sleep all weekend when I wasn’t pet sitting and I felt so much better on Monday of that week. Then well life came back.

  10. Oh, and I love the puppies. Is Lulu feeling better now? I know she was looking down in the dumps when you went back to Vancouver.

    1. Lulu’s age is catching up with her. It’s very hard for her to get around and we’re looking into wheelchairs.

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