Well look who dropped by the comments section.  None other than Robert C. Cooper.  I mentioned his upcoming miniseries, Unspeakable, in yesterday’s entry and, today, he left the following message:

“Thanks for the shout out Joe! If you’re interested in following the progress then head on over to http://www.unspeakableseries.com and please like us on Facebook at Unspeakabletv!”

Ah, this takes me back to Rob’s directorial debut, back on a little show called Stargate: SG-1

So what inspired Rob to become a director? His love for the art?  Creative ambition?  Would you believe…fear.

Parents be warned…

And what did I expect from Rob’s debut?  Well, I never had a doubt…

16 thoughts on “July 31, 2017: Reflecting back on Robert C. Cooper’s directorial debut way-back-when!

  1. “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be… writers…” *sings*

    That show looks very interesting. I don’t know that that’s a subject there’s been a show about before at all.

    Was that clip of you during the Stargate years? You haven’t aged a day!

  2. Definitely need to start a new stargate series that takes place after Sg-1 remember that general O’Neill has a younger clone of him self on earth and the alien girl that Sam and the doctor saved. They could totally do a show that takes place 20 years after.

  3. Hey Gang! Getting things set up this eve to get back to work.
    BOY! Did I really need that vacation!!
    Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as long a holiday for me
    as the rest of the team enjoyed.
    Because it had been so many years since I actually took any significant down time off I really just couldn’t get my brain to shut off at first.
    Thus, I spent the whole first week catching up on email to work colleagues, back logged paperwork and networking at gatherings to recruit new ed partners.
    Thankfully, I eventually managed to let go, relax and enjoy myself.
    (and am so proud it only took 2 bottles of GlenAlba this time to get me to let me hair down!)

    Major Congrats to Rob Cooper! Looking forward to Unspeakable when it airs.
    And Yay! Way to go! Joe & US Raza Crew! ***GREAT JOB!!***
    Ep 309 was biggest hit of the DM season thus so far!!

    Albeit, The Oscar definitely goes to Mel’s Teya in this one
    For ‘Melt Your Heart Adorableness’! <3 xoxo <3 xoxo <3

    Hope the packing is coming along ok, Joe

  4. Hi, all.
    I’ve been lurking recently. About to live the Confucian Curse (interesting times), starting with Husband’s back surgery this Wednesday (Aug. 2). I’ll appreciate supporting thoughts & prayers over the next couple of months. Thanks.

  5. Unspeakable looks like it’s going to have some intense stuff. I wasn’t even entirely aware of what happened in Canada during that time, scary stuff, ambitious subject matter but something tells me he is more than up to the task. It sounds like a lot of events to fit into 8 episodes.

    Drea: always nice to see you!!

    Baterista: thinking good thoughts for your husband. :: hugs ::

  6. It’ll be on SundanceTV? They’re a super niche network. I’m looking at some of their numbers and I really doubt his show will get much exposure.

  7. Thanks for the blooper reel the other day. Funny stuff!

    Congrats to Rob Cooper on Unspeakable. Should be a rather intense series. It’s scary that something like a supposedly lifesaving blood transfusion could negatively impact so many lives. I remember it being in the news back then. *shudder*

    @baterista9 Sending loads of positive thoughts for you and your hubby.

  8. @Drea – I do have a few pics from my hiking trip, though nothing necessarily spectacular. I’ll try to post them in the next couple of days.

  9. Robert C, Cooper’s crowning directorial achievement was definitely the awesomely “blue” Sateda on Stargate Atlantis. Congrats and good luck on your new series.

  10. @Drea You? A vacation? Wow.

    @gforce I’d love to see them (the pictures)

    @Baterista Saying prayers for your husband (and you). I’ll check in with you on FB.

  11. Talk about synchronicity, I was just dialing into the blog to chat up Mr. Cooper on his awesome Dirk Gently, I have been rewatched every comic con panel and interview to get season 2 tidbits, once I saw his name in the credits I decided to watch and now I’m preaching it on street corners.

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