July 28, 2017: Tonight At 9 /8c On Syfy And Spacechannel – An All New Episode Of Dark Matter!

Tune in tonight at 9/8C for what promises to be our wildest episode yet.

And prepare for a tweetstorm with the cast!

One more sneak peek clip to whet your appetite, this one by way of BlackGirlNerds

The Android crashes the party…

SpaceChannel’s Innerspace breaks down TWO vs Ryo Ishida from last episode:



16 thoughts on “July 28, 2017: Tonight at 9 /8c on SYFY and SpaceChannel – An All New Episode of Dark Matter!

  1. The fight scene on that episode was PHENOMENAL!!!! Now, I’m really leaving. I’ll be back. The tweetfest sounds like fun. I need some fun. It’s been a rough day (Patrick raging in the morning, seizing in the afternoon, raging in the evening).

  2. PBMom: hope it’s going better now.

    Good to tweet like crazy but now I feel like “well now what do I do” and I’m too lazy to move. Episode was so good tonight, can’t wait for the last 4!

  3. I Love this show. Since the cancellation of Stargate there has been a void, And when I heard about the comic didn’t really care to be honest (sorry), not a comic book fan, But the TV series, I knew it would be good when I saw you and Paul would be producing and writing it. It had to be, Stargate was Awesome, (ALL 3 of them SG1 SGA SGU I loved them all) so Dark Matter would have to be. Yup I was right S01E01 hooked me right from the start. Good thing is as well, I’m in Australia and its now EXPRESS from the U.S. So no more waiting weeks or even months (like with Stargate). So we see the next Episode tonight YAY!!! Looking forward to the Time travel episode. Crazy Blink Drive. LOVE IT!!!

  4. I didn’t see the episode last night (not available on Amazon until today) but I retweeted like crazy. Hope it helped!

    PBMom: I pray today is better!

  5. can we have a episode of those three kids and the professor journey into the future in season 4/5 please, pretty please?

    May be we can have the professor get bored of his current time and it reveal he has a third version of the blink drive laying about. After all the androids did say tails of space travel!

    An three should so get baby sitting duties.

  6. ummm, check the post date,
    This episode was another home run, these guys play so well, amazing!! Love time travel stuff. More please!!

  7. Was not able to see the whole episode, but only the second half. My neighbor had a gathering which I had to attend. It was a celebration of our recoveries. My TBI and her a stroke. I even had to make a speech. (thanks for my toastmasters experience) But what I saw, I enjoyed. I know I would miss out so I got a subscription for season 3 on iTunes. With my big iMac it is more than large enough. I saw the bloopers out takes, got to laugh. Like Three’s line, “Want to get a beer?”

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