20 years ago today, Stargate: SG-1 premiered on Showtime.  I celebrated by going out for spicy chili chicken and dan dan noodles with actor Michael Shanks.

Five years from now, I hope to celebrate the 25th anniversary with Amanda Tapping over tonkotsu ramen and chicken karaage.

Hey!  Who’s ready for our craziest episode yet?  Tomorrow, Friday  July 27th at 9/8C!


Another sneak peek scene from tomorrow night’s episode, “Isn’t That A Paradox?”…Welcome to the Neighborhood!

via Parade.com Exclusive Clip: “Isn’t That A Paradox?”


Dark Matter Season 3 Is A Love Letter To SciFi TV by Kelly Townsend at TheTVJunkies

July 27, 2017: Happy Stargate 20th Anniversary!  And More Dark Matter Sneak Peeks!

“But what really sets this season apart is the way it has paid tribute to some of the more beloved and iconic sci-fi tropes in film and television. You name it — clones, time loops, alternate universes, time travel — Dark Matter has taken the most well known tropes and not only executed them fantastically, but has done it in a way that still speaks to the heart of the show.”


Dark Matter “Isn’t That A Paradox?” Advance Preview by Aimee Hicks at SpoilerTV

July 27, 2017: Happy Stargate 20th Anniversary!  And More Dark Matter Sneak Peeks!

“Tell your friends to check out this episode and sit back and watch as they get hooked. It’s got all the elements that highlight why Dark Matter such a special show. This is a really fun must-watch episode.”


Episode 309 Early Analysis: Past, Tense by Tom Gardiner at ThreeIfBySpace

July 27, 2017: Happy Stargate 20th Anniversary!  And More Dark Matter Sneak Peeks!

“Look for many hilarious fish-out-of-water moments from everyone as they learn to navigate the Earth of today. Some are more adept at fitting in than others – you might be surprised at who has the easiest time of it.”


Dark Matter Visits Earth in Rollicking, Rocking Episode by Greg David at TV, Eh?

July 27, 2017: Happy Stargate 20th Anniversary!  And More Dark Matter Sneak Peeks!

“I haven’t seen this much time travel fun since Star Trek: The Voyage Home. If I didn’t want the Raza crew back in their own time so much I’d be happy to have them stay in this one. Of course, to get back to their time, our heroes could make a decision impacting the future of time they’re in. Paradox.”


And let’s cap today’s blog entry with one more sneak peek clip.  Party Preparations!

via io9 – Dark Matter Reminds Us if the Importance of Baking When Stranded in the Past


So, hey, I hear tomorrow night’s going to be a HUGE Dark Matter live tweet fest.  The cast is ready to go!  Are you?!

20 thoughts on “July 27, 2017: Happy Stargate 20th Anniversary! And more Dark Matter sneak peeks!

  1. Wow! 20 years. It simultaneously feels not long ago that I started watching it and ages since it left our screens. Time is weird!

    I’ve been avoiding all these sneak peek videos. I like to watch an episode fresh. Looking forward to tonight’s (well, Saturday night’s for me) episode.

  2. I miss Stargate…
    And I am loving the Android, she is the best !!!
    (is the reply button new, (to the right of the post date and time()or maybe I was not paying attention))

  3. Ok, it’s SO not fair that all these folks get to watch the episodes in advance. Your faithful blog followers need to get in on one of these special groups!

  4. Those sneak peeks are hilarious! But now I’m frustrated because I’m still in the camper at the airshow in Wisconsin, and I don’t have the satellite dish setup (I have the RV dish but no receiver…I ran out of time due to being in headless-chicken-mode for the last month).

    So now I’m in the campground, at an airshow, sharing WiFi and cellular space with 50,000 other people. There’s no way I’m streaming this. My best hope is to try to download it to my tablet in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Or I’ll just have to wait until I’m home on Sunday and avoid all the spoilers here and on Twitter in the meantime.

    I can’t wait to see this episode though!

  5. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Stargate was on TV. Time is flying by.

    I hope moving out of the house is going well?

    I bought the season on Amazon, so I’ll be able to tweet tonight. I know everyone is nervous about a renewal but I have a good feeling. You’ll be in Toronto, juggling condo shopping, filming and writing soon!

  6. Wow. 20 years. How time has not flown by. I still harken back with my mind and friends. I am surprised at the number of those that remember and were fans. I think I have read this site and remember back to an SG1 episode. I remember back to my Peace Corps days and the time I was walking in the beach, Bah Mehing, of my Province, Trang, in south Thailand and those kids. I am reminded of my girl friend, Ratchanee, and the message she sent to my sister last year after my accident. Two weeks unconscious and 2-3 months of no memory and finding and reading the correspondence shared. And we still talk on the phone today. But today I am able to think back. I can’t wait for tonight’s Dark Matter. I have seen the previews and am really liking Melissa’s characterization, really liking it because I am thinking about SG1, 1969 and the young Gen. Hamon.

  7. I was in Peace Corps and Thailand in 1992-1995. I went back 10 year latter to my site and went to visit Ratchanee’s parent’s house and struck up our friendship. I met her sister and brother who was very kind to me when I was a volunteer. I made the visit because I was working with an airline so travel was easy. I plan to get back to work and revisit. I have seen most of SE Asia, Japan and Europe through my work.

  8. MGM really needs to get Stargate SG-1 out on Blu Ray. It’ll probably be expensive to produce, but it’s worth it. It’s clearly not out for the same reason Voyager & DS9 aren’t. Cost.

    I’d love to see SG-1 on 4K even. Give it that future proofing.

  9. Heck yeah I’m in for the live tweeting!! TWEETSTORM.

    (We lost our beloved cat on Tuesday and I need distraction like whoa so I’m hoping to see ya’ll there)

      1. Thanks. Us animal people all know what it’s like. Hurts like a bastard, but it’s the price you pay for loving them so much. It had been so long that I forgot how hard the decision is.

        Still thinking about you guys with Bubba. :: hug ::

  10. I hope the 2-ply is Charmin Soft. 20 years? I feel very old.

    Sorry Kel to hear about your cat. Sending you a big hug.

    Can’t wait until tonight. Having said that, I need to run or I’ll be late getting back.

  11. Wot? No photos of this momentous Meal of Stargate Celebration? …I hope it was fun and you did lots of reminiscing…

    I too celebrated 20 years of Stargate by attending the first day of London Film & Comic Con which boasted many guests, including the absolutely wonderful Richard Dean Anderson…sadly I didn’t get to meet him (or partakte in noodles or otherwise) due to a series of unfortunate events involving a lost credit card & other stresses…but it was nice to see a little bit of Stargate represented there on this celebratory and joyous Stargate Weekend..

  12. 20th anniversary of best SciFi show ever. Hope you and Dr Jackson enjoyed your lunch!

    Seriously congratulations to you both and the rest of the cast wish you had posted a photo to commemorate this occasion. I hope you and Michael enjoyed the lunch and reminisces.
    Need the show on Bluray to get better quality of the first few seasons, can u put in a word … congrats again to you and the cast. Series still running and re-running in UK.

  13. Thank you for just being part of SG1 happening. I started a full rewatch of the entire series on Thursday. OMG Carter, Young O’Neill. It’s like it was…1997 😉

    No photos of Michael? boo!

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