Hmmm.  When last we checked in with our intrepid crew, the Android was doing some late night skulking – and lining up headshots – before turning in for a much-needed nap.  What does it all mean?  Is, as some of you have surmised, Sarah behind our Android’s strange actions?  Is it the hand of Ryo Ishida at play?  Or, quite frankly, has our Android had enough of THREE’s no-can-do attitude and decided to act out some dream scenario?

Well, you’ll find out tonight at 9 pm (on Syfy and Space Channel)!  That’s one hour after an all-new episode of Killjoys, and an hour before an all-new episode of Wynonna Earp.  What a time to be alive!

So, yesterday I approved the behind-the-scenes feature for next week’s episode, “Isn’t That A Paradox?”.  This episode is a weird one.  For instance, screenshots from the BTS feature alone should make you some indication…

July 21, 2017: Tonight At 9 P.m. On Syfy – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter! July 21, 2017: Tonight At 9 P.m. On Syfy – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter!

That’s Melissa O’Neil’s very own Tehya – and upcoming special guest star.  Check out a screen grab from the episode –

July 21, 2017: Tonight At 9 P.m. On Syfy – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter!

Meanwhile, over in San Diego…

July 21, 2017: Tonight At 9 P.m. On Syfy – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter! July 21, 2017: Tonight At 9 P.m. On Syfy – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter!


13 thoughts on “July 21, 2017: Tonight at 9 p.m. on Syfy – an all-new episode of Dark Matter!

  1. Love it Hot Chocolate! gotta remember that one.. Loved tonight’s episode, looking forward to next week,,,, Everyone did a fantastic job, kickass fight scene. That android,, always amazing. Looks like a great time at comic con also.

  2. Good grief…wow…Have to rewatch.
    I know I missed things.
    This is a brilliant episode!

  3. Hi Joe
    Great fight scene between 2 and Ryo. Great episode from start to finish.


  4. Amazing episode tonight! Of course, what I was expecting, LOL. 😀

    One day I want to make it to SDCC. One day. Skipping NYCC this year, taking a year off. I wish we knew in advance which day things were happening, as we always seem to end up with Sunday tickets which nothing good happens on. Sigh.

  5. Haven’t posted in a long time Joe, but just wanted to let you know that I’m still watching DM each week. Keep up the great job!

    Also, had some questions for your mailbag… I’ll apologize in advance if you already answered these before, but I haven’t checked out the blog in a while.

    1) What happened to David Hewlitt, a.k.a. the comic relief master? Busy shooting something else and had to skip out the whole season? That guy who replaced him… Mishka I think… he’s a good actor, but I’ll be honest, he’s just not as funny as David… I’m missing that comedy element that David brought in during the first two seasons.

    2) Why does it feel like there are certain scenes that were cut out of certain episodes? (i.e. when Six was being rescued last week, I thought for sure there would be a vfx scene with the raza coming out of hyperspace and opening fire on the facility that was holding him captive, but there was nothing of the sort… so… saving money on the vfx?)

    3) What are your thoughts on Star Trek Discovery and Seth MacFarlane’s Galaxy Quest spinoff The Orville? Any plans to watch them, maybe take some ideas and incorporate them into DM?



  6. Great episode!

    Any thoughts on the newly announced Stargate: Origin? It does sound like it could be interesting.

    Off to NH for a week!

  7. I haven’t watched the episode. My guest was here late last night. It was so wonderful catching up with her. I haven’t seen her in a few years and now I’m so excited she has moved back to our area. Heck ya — I have a new babysitter to tap into! And more apparently. When we were talking about changing up the guardianship papers to add someone who was local (not her but someone else) and that we have to look to the next generation because the people on our list are our age which is okay if we died right now but we need someone younger for the future as he grows). She expressed an interest and it blew me away. It’s hard not to look at her and see the little toddler I knew and loved. Now she has become an amazing young woman. I always thought that Patrick was a part of her decision to become a special education teacher but last night she said he was the THE ONE that started it all for her. So Jeff and I are discussing.

    Promise to watch it today.

    @Scott I never heard of The Orville. I’ll have to check into it.

  8. It’s worth remembering that Killjoys and Dark Matter have had joint renewal announcements the previous two times. Don’t worry about it.

  9. Great photos, especial the last two. Very dynamic!
    I get this feeling its quite a good episode this week?
    Still waiting to see it here in the UK …. still ……. waiting …… (*sob*) …… Can’t remember weekends taking soooo long …..

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