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July 19, 2017: What Lies Ahead For Dark Matter’s Third Season!

Episode 308, “Hot Chocolate”: John Stead (who also doubles as our stunt coordinator) has directed my favorite episodes of the show to date (Episode 10 in which we first introduce Wexler and co., “We Were Family” in which we were introduced to Victor, his fellow androids, and THREE’s long lost “father”).  And he does so again in this outing that sees Ryo Ishida access the ship in surprising fashion.  And he’s brought friends.  It’s the TWO/Ryo Ishida showdown you’ve been waiting for…that took an entire day to shoot!

July 19, 2017: What Lies Ahead For Dark Matter’s Third Season!

Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox?”: It’s Back To The Future meets Stranger Things in this crazy time travel tale that sees our crew going undercover as a suburban family in 2017 Fort Falls, Wisconsin.  Directed by Craig David Wallace.

July 19, 2017: What Lies Ahead For Dark Matter’s Third Season!

Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”: Directed by Melanie Orr, this one explores TWO and the Android’s surprising backstory.  We learn the Android’s origin – and her name!  Our feeliest episode ever.

July 19, 2017: What Lies Ahead For Dark Matter’s Third Season!

Episode 311, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”.  Many of the narrative pieces we put in play in previous seasons begin to pay off – like this reveal of exactly what Alexander Rook was up to when he created Rebecca aka Portia aka TWO.  Directed by Steve Dimarco.

July 19, 2017: What Lies Ahead For Dark Matter’s Third Season!

Episode 312, “My Final Gift To You”.  Shocking secrets are revealed.  Deception, betrayal, tragedy and a significant death.  Directed by Bruce McDonald.

July 19, 2017: What Lies Ahead For Dark Matter’s Third Season!

Episode 313, “Nowhere To Go”: Former enemies become unexpected allied.  Friends become unforeseen enemies.  And a shocking turn changes everything, setting up a fan-tastic new chapter in the Dark Matter saga.  Directed by Ron Murphy.

SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks previews this Friday night’s episode: “Hot Chocolate”.

” Things rapidly progress from bad to worse to intense as the early part of the episode unfolds and then the intensity carries throughout.”

One of you asked why I don’t respond to more comments.  First, let me be clear: I read and approve each and every comment.  Unfortunately, the wordpress set up makes responding to individual comments somewhat troublesome and confusing.  If you’d like to ask me a direct question and expect a speedy answer, might I suggest dropping by the Dark Matter subreddit.  Or even the Stargate subreddit which I have also been known to frequent.  Along with: books, science fiction, and pugs.  Alternately, you can find me on twitter which is an easy Q&A forum (but not much else).

But I know many of you are traditionalists who prefer the familiar confines of this blog.  And so, I’m going to open the mailbag in the coming days and field your queries and concerns.  If you have questions, post them in the comments section. I’ll answer them this weekend!

20 thoughts on “July 19, 2017: What lies ahead for Dark Matter’s third season!

  1. Hi Joe
    Thank you so much for the excellent teasing of the remaining episodes this season. Saying “I can’t wait” is such an understatement. This is simply the best season to date and it gets better each and every episode!! Best sci-fi show in over a decade!!
    Just a small question… now that the episode descriptions have been revealed, does this mean we will finally see which doggie pics match up with what episodes, soon? Thanks in advance. And anticipating the renewal of a 4th season of Dark Matter will come soon (pretty please). You and everyone involved are simply the best!!
    Cheers, Georgia

  2. Good luck with house hunting and moving.

    Just finished reading “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi. Loved it. I also want to mention that I noticed some similarities between the tech in that book and some on Dark Matter. For instance, the skip drive in OMW is very much like the Blink Drive in DM. Nanobots vs nanbytes. And, I have a theory about the Android…when people died in OMW, previously harvested DNA of the dead was then use to construct a new “person”. They had no memory of being alive, but yet were superhuman. They looked like an adult but had no memory of previous experiences or knowledge of social interactions or feelings. Is it possible, our beloved Android was created from the DNA of a deceased person?

  3. Not much longer until DM night! I voted for Hot Chocolate. I don’t even know what the show’s about but I love that title!

    I hope the condo hunt is going well? It must be going ok if you have time for a Q & A.

    JeffW: I texted Abe your name but he said it’s a big show. Abe’s a great guy but he has one flaw, he doesn’t like Sci-fi. 😯 I did bring Galaxy Quest over and he liked that though. On a positive note, his wife (Sandra) loves all things Sci-fi, including DM. Just like I said yesterday, I pointed her to DM and it sold itself!

  4. Fantastic teaser photos and info for the upcoming episodes.

    SDCC panel today and maybe, to coincide with this fantastic opportunity for fans to meet our Raza crew, SyFy will also announce Season 4 is a GO 😎

  5. I can’t even imagine what’s going down in that pic of Ryo sitting for a birthday party dinner with the Raza crew, hm! Breaking bread like ol’ pals? After months of demanding spoilers now I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers, but I’m psyched about the crew doing the burbs, I hope there’s a trip to the mall in there that goes haywire, Romero style. While I wait the looonng wait for Friday I’m checking out Winona Earp and Difficult People.

  6. Oh, that’s my call! Here’s my input to your mailbag.
    (I hope my English is understandable.)

    I recently came across your blog entry of May 10, 2011 in which you told about the upcoming Dark Matter comic book and revealed your ideas of how the Dark Matter crew should look like. (The link is already posted above, only the comment with my questions didn’t make it through.)

    We learnt about One: “I describe him as a Ben Browder type”.

    1. Did you ask Ben Browder to audition for One when you got a go for the tv series?

    About Three: “I’m eyeing Mike Dopud for the role.”

    2. Did Mike know this? Did he audition for the series?

    About Four: “He needs to be prettier, more androgynous, with longer, darker hair.”

    3. Did you change your mind or did anyone else decide what should be Four’s look? (Alex Mallari jr. is not androgynous at all and his hair is even shorter than in the first design.)

    About Five: “I was having trouble finding something appropriate for FIVE until I came across a pic of Chloe Moretz.”

    4. Did you want Chloe to audition for the role? And who came up with the longer hair for Five?

    Thank you very much for taking time to answer our questions!

  7. Correction: I assume, of course, that Mike Dopud auditioned for the series since he got the role of Arax Nero. But did he also audition for Three?

  8. @Joe: now that you’re going to hit the mailbag again (thanks for allowing us this opportunity), I’m going to re-post some questions I posted earlier:

    I assume that One’s background (seemingly forgotten since Jace Corso got killed) will be revisited down the line? Who killed his wife, what was the actual reason he personally came to the Raza and what’s the deal with his own murder, that kind of stuff. There is unfinished business here.

    I have read a few interviews and in those, nobody asked about Inspector Kierken. The explosion of EOS7 was undoubtedly lethal for him, but we also know that the GA can use Transit transfer clones. I don’t think it was hinted that Kierken at EOS7 was using a clone body, but neither was the possibility left out. Since he got a lot of development, I was hoping he’d return at some point to influence the story. But maybe I misread that and it was supposed to be clear that he died?

    Looking forward to 3×08. I’m intrigued by the synopsis and screenshot of 3×12; that setup in the picture cannot end well, can it (rhetorical question)?

  9. Just thought you’d like to know Dark Matter is trending on Virgin Media TIVO and has been most weeks 😁

  10. Joe, WordPress supports threaded comments which allows users to directly reply to other comments and everything is kept in context. Your theme will need to support threads, though. I’m not sure if you’re running a custom theme or one of the WordPress defaults. (Turn on threads with: Settings -> Discussion -> Other comment settings -> Enable threaded (nested) comments.) I’m the WordPress admin at work (several million visits per month) and am happy to help if you need it.

    Questions for the mailbag:

    In the unlikely (fingers crossed) event that Dark Matter isn’t renewed by SyFy are you able/inclined to shop it around to other networks?

    Would you consider any of the newfangled streaming networks like Netflix?

    If we can’t get the full five seasons what’s the chance of some more comics to finish the story for us?

    Not so much a question as a comment: I’d love to get my friends and family into Dark Matter but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to catch up with old episodes in Australia. It’s not on Netflix here while Killjoys is. I know it’s not your department but what’s up with that?

  11. In light of recent events, one more question: What do you think of the big news from San Diego Comic Con: Stargate is back with “Stargate: Origins”? Have you been asked to take part? Would you like to? (Ok, that’s 3 questions in fact.)

  12. Mailbag questions:

    – Where can I get an official Dark Matter crew t-shirt?

    – Where can I get Dark Matter DVD/Blu-ray seasons signed on the box by you or the actors?

    – I don’t have cable TV, so I’m waiting patiently for Season 3 to show up on Netflix (US). Will you be making it available right away like you’ve done with Season 1 and 2?

    – Could you ever do a crossover episode with Killjoys? I have no idea what the premise would be… I just like both shows. If you could do one, would your teams try to kick each other’s ass or would they work together?

    – Joe, are you involved at all with the SGU ‘Back to Destiny’ comic? Looks interesting. I’m sure you have many fans here who want to know how the story continues.

  13. How is condo hunting going?

    I’m looking forward to this episode tonight. I don’t have clients tonight so I’ll be there viewing live. Yay!

  14. What do you think about the upcoming release of the new Stargate Origins?!

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