July 10, 2017: Behind The Scenes Of A Suji Photo Shoot!

Suji, our twelve year old special needs senior pug, is inching towards 10k followers on instagram .  Her surprising popularity is a testament to both the little lady herself AND my girlfriend Akemi who is constantly posing and photographing her anywhere and everywhere in search of the just the perfect pic.  Like –

July 10, 2017: Behind The Scenes Of A Suji Photo Shoot!

And –

July 10, 2017: Behind The Scenes Of A Suji Photo Shoot!

And –

July 10, 2017: Behind The Scenes Of A Suji Photo Shoot!

But the truth is there are unsung heroes who work behind the scenes of these photo shoots, sacrificing time and comfort to help secure that one-of-a-kind picture. Not to make this all about me, but I’m referring to me.  I’m usually the guy walking her toward camera or in the background trying to get Suji’s attention so she can face the proper direction or footing the bill for those cappuccinos so she can wear the lid like a hat.

Or locking my elbows so that I can holding her straight up in the air for thirty seconds at a time as the sun beats down on my face…

July 10, 2017: Behind The Scenes Of A Suji Photo Shoot!

Awww.  What a great picture of Suji in the garden.

July 10, 2017: Behind The Scenes Of A Suji Photo Shoot!

Perfectly edited to crop out visual distractions.

July 10, 2017: Behind The Scenes Of A Suji Photo Shoot!

Can we just take a moment here?  FYI, that grimace is a response to a combination of weary shoulders and burning retinas.

And to top it all off her, contract includes a clause that requires her to be hand-fed at all meals!  Just like Anthony Lemke!!!

21 thoughts on “July 10, 2017: Behind the scenes of a Suji photo shoot!

  1. Aaw, only the best for a rescue dog.
    Suji is so lucky to have found you and Akemi! (I know we keep saying it, but it’s true) – Love how you suffer for your/Akemi’s art! 😂

    Just watched ‘One More Card to Play’
    Brilliant! Loved it. Really great to see most of the AU team back, although Wexler and Tash never seem to be as deadly as their originals…
    Loved the fight sequence between Portia and Android – short and dynamic! Also really thought Melissa, Anthony and Zoie were excellent playing two ‘different’ versions. So subtle, so different! 😁

    Once again, too, I found myself lapping up the juicy cinematography – really yummy to view and the wonderful ‘look’ that is Dark Matter.
    Thank you everyone 😁

  2. PS Keep meaning to say how much I’m enjoying ‘After Dark’ too. I’m not into these after show discussion thingys but having Zoie and other crew members chatting and showing BTS is so intimate and cosy. Brilliant idea! 😁

    (need to get my Thesaurus out and find alternate words to ‘brilliant’ … )

  3. So what ever happened to that other pup you told us about awhile back? I’m assuming it’s too hard with the move to bring another furbaby into the family?

  4. Hi Joseph,

    I wanted your opinion on this news that has surfaced over the past week or so. Stargate is returning to Comic-con for the first time ever since we saw the cancellation of SGU. I wanted your thoughts and opinions of what this might be?
    A new series perhaps in the works? You can be discrete or choose not to reply if you are not allowed to. I understand.


  5. Suji makes me want to yawn in that one pic, power of suggestion…she is such a cutie!. and you all are a great doggy parents!!

  6. Quick anime suggestion Joe.

    Made in Abyss

    Only the first episode is out, with the second later this week. It has such a ghibli influence with its style. Fate/Apocrypha is also out now, it’s an alternate universe story so its safe to watch without seeing many of the other fate shows, it’ll be 25 episodes too.

  7. LOL on the comments… you get no respect!
    You make a great prop! Okay and the photos are fantastic. It’s wonderful for Suji that you got her, wonderful for both of you, and truly wonderful also that her fan page may help encourage others to rescue seniors.

    Kewl on the Stargate to the Con, but someone posted they are sending the series into syndication soon, so maybe just to generate viewers, not a re-boot.

  8. What are retinas when they are such cute pics to be had? If your arms hurt when hoisting Suji blast the Circle of Life to get that pug hoisting energy back.

  9. So funny. I couldn’t lift Boomer at all even if I tried 85 pounds and comes up to my waist). They are pretty fantastic pictures. Speaking of pictures, and rescues, have you thought about putting all these pics together of Suji and making a calendar with sales to go to the pug rescue? Or maybe you send the pictures of her to them and have them do it? If so, let us know; I’d buy one. 🙂

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