On SYFY, the Revolution of Leading Ladies Is Already Being Televised – by Alexis Gunderson at Paste Magazine.

” From Wynonna, Waverly and Officer Haught on Wynonna Earp to Dutch, Pawter and Clara on Killjoys to Two, Five, Android, Nyx, Misaki, Sarah and Solara on Dark Matter, Syfy has spent the last several summers demonstrating week after sweltering week that by transforming femininity into narrative power, and then placing that narrative power squarely in the hands of multiple, wildly different leading ladies, a whole metric ton of compelling stories can be told—stories in which boobs (begging zero pardon for this pun, as Wynonna would never forgive me if I did) are just the tips of a complexly feminine iceberg.”

July 11, 2017: Dark Matter News!

Mishka Thebaud discusses Adrian’s Bright Future with Kelly Townsend of The TVJunkies

” I remember getting the script and thinking, “Is this right? Is this a typo? Why is my name in it so much?” It was obviously a great surprise. I was super excited to do that episode. I mean, I was also nervous, obviously, since it’s a demanding one. I had a lot riding on me, but I’m always up for it and I know I’m capable of it. I knew I was going to bring it, so that was my attitude. I was confident.”

July 11, 2017: Dark Matter News!

Anthony Lemke talks with Lubie en series – en français!

“Tout le monde dit c’est okay, rien de grave, tu peux aimer un robot. Mon personnage est le reste de l’humanité qui est mal à l’aise à cette idée. C’est ce qui est fun car on nous dit dans nos sociétés d’être compréhensif, ouvert. Tout est okay que ça soit le genre, la race, le sexe. Mais, la vérité ce n’est pas ce que l’on ressent au plus profond de nous et mon personnage représente cette bataille. Et je pense que l’on peut s’identifier parce que c’est la vie.”

Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke talk Episode 306, “One Last Card To Play” on After Dark:

Jodelle Ferland nerding it up!

Here’s a sneak peek at this Friday night’s episode: “Wish I Could Believe You”:

8 thoughts on “July 11, 2017: Dark Matter news!

  1. Interesting perspective, having seen all 3 seasons I didn’t question the pull Three feels towards A.I. Sarah but you worry that Three is setting himself up for a wall of pain. It’ll be interesting to see how Sarah and Android will be discussed years from now if humans form relationships with sentient A.I.

  2. I like how the Raza Crew seem to be accepting Anders more readily – which leads to so many more potential storylines to play out…. 👍

  3. Hi Joe
    Glad today is over, cloudy, grey and rainy. Can’t Friday get here any faster? Need Dark Matter to brighten my day.


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