Well, that’s that.  The house is sold.  Now, I have two months to decide on my next move…which really needs to involve actually moving – out.

Hey!  The full SYFYFriday lineup is back tonight, starting with the season premiere of Killjoys at 8:00 p.m., followed by Dark Matter at 9:00 p.m., and then Wynonna Earp at 10:00 p.m.

So, what lies ahead for our intrepid crew in tonight’s episode, “Give It Up Princess”?  Well…

June 30, 2017: Tonight At 9pm – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter! June 30, 2017: Tonight At 9pm – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter! June 30, 2017: Tonight At 9pm – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter! June 30, 2017: Tonight At 9pm – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter! June 30, 2017: Tonight At 9pm – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter!

And, why yes, that IS UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping guest starring in tonight’s episode.

Dark Matter Episode 304 “All The Time In The World” Backstage:


June 30, 2017: Tonight At 9pm – An All-new Episode Of Dark Matter!

Jumping to FTL!

16 thoughts on “June 30, 2017: Tonight at 9pm – an all-new episode of Dark Matter!

  1. Hey Suji! Long time no see!!

    Heading to yoga, then picking up dinner & wine for an evening in to watch my favorite shows!!

  2. I agree – one of the weirdest and most disconcerting feelings was when I sold my townhouse that I had lived in for 23 years, and yet still had yet to move out. A mix of excitement and raw anxiety. Excitement for the change, and yet having no $^$% idea how I was going to get everything packed and moved out in time, not to mention get the updates/fixes completed that the buyer was wanting. Still, after all was said and done, I got it completed. Just in the nick of time mind you, but still. At the time of the sale as well, I hadn’t really found a place to stay while the new house was being worked on. But, it all worked out and here I am. You’ll find a place too and everything will fall together!

    I love that BTS video – more of those, please!

    Suji kind of looks like she just wants to use the blink drive and get the heck home and have a nap. I might be projecting.

  3. Aaaw Suji.

    Totally LOOOOVED the time-loopie thingie. Can we have one more epi like that in the future? 🙏🏼😉

    Looking forward to tonights episode very much. We have all seen the photo of the Android. The entire fandom might get a heartattack when watching the episode. 😂

  4. Just heard from one of my friends about how much she loved the S3 premiere. I talked her into giving the show another try. The first show didn’t grab her when it launched. It wasn’t love at first sight (strange girl) but she started watching the series again on Netflix (at my urging). Anyway, now you’ve got her hooked!

    She’s not the only one I’ve heard from getting started watching DM on Netflix. Next time you do a Q & A (I’m sure that will be awhile with the move) , maybe you could give your “two cents” about online viewing and how that factors into decisions to renew from the network.

    Any ideas about the direction of your move? I’m sure your getting a good price for your house. All that money opens up great possibilities!

    I purchased S3 on Amazon, so I might not see the new epie for a couple of days. Bummer, but I’ll get to watch w/o commercials. 🙂

  5. Congratulations Joe!! How long is the settlement? I would rent in Vancouver until it’s time to go to Toronto for Dark Matter Season 4 if /when it’s renewed or are you still thinking about Japan? Go minimal and maybe rent a storage locker for the in between time.

    Wishing you & Akemi, Lulu & Suji all the very best.

    Cheers, Chev

  6. As the wife of a retired military man, we saw our share of transfers and moving from place to place. The Canadian Armed Forces always provided a moving company with packers to do the packing and heavy lifting. I suggest you get in touch with Allied Van Lines or United Van Lines. They will weigh your stuff, give you a quote and pack and move your stuff, then unpack when you get to your new place.

    With any moving company, watch and keep track of the items as they are loaded into the truck. Better yet, video record everything so that there are no negative experiences once they have moved on to the next job.

  7. Was able to see this episode. Missed last week but check out the after show, “After Dark”. It sounded like a good show and wished I had seen DM. I am reminded of an ST1 ep. when O’Neill and Teal’c are caught in a time loop. I liked Three’s use of newly learned French just like if I used my Thai (ภาษาไทย). I guess I don’t understand the crowd, audience, noise from After Dark. To bad David Hewlett didn’t make it back for this ep., but means opportunity for someone else. I can’t believe the apprentice did it for a girl, but then for who?

  8. As Android would say –
    – sale completed…WOW – that was fast.
    – tonight’s episode – WOW
    – last weeks loopy episode – WOW

    without giving up anything all I can say is WOW!

  9. I got an email from Amazon that the new episode of DM has been released. So Yay, we’ll make a thing of it tonight.

    Starting to tile the shower this weekend. Yay squared!

    Happy Canada Day! Have fun today everyone.

  10. Give it up, princess! A possible misleading title as “she’s no princess!” Glad Solara was the one to say it. I continue to love the new additions and hope they stay around for awhile. Another great Android outing. Loved the red dress, the sass, the southern sweetness! Nice to see Five on an “away mission”. Absolutely adored Solara’s attempt at a smile.

    More breadcrumbs to follow…shipyards, uprisings, ambushes, and Agent Zero? Just keep dangling those threads!

  11. On S3 ep 5 After Dark I had the annoying Syfy block logo visible center screen throughout the entire clip. Did anyone else see that? I was watching ep 6 again on my Android tablet, then went on to view After Dark. Was this an error or some misbehaving tablet?
    Loved the episode btw… Zoie was amazing as kickass southern charmer!

  12. Hi Joe
    Loved this weeks episode. I think we’re on to the Double Deception…


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