June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Yesterday, the Dark Matter writers’ room focused on season and character arcs.  Today, it was all about our two part opener as  we beat out not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but SIX interlinked narrative threads.  Season four will be, in a word, “crazy”.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Tomorrow, once we get over those two little speed bumps, we’ll move on to actually breaking Episode 401 and 402.

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Akemi was in the neighborhood and dropped by – with a box of Beard Papa’s mini creampuffs…half of which she ate.

How about some behind the scenes pictures from Episode 302 “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”?

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Director Bruce McDonald and the Android give FIVE the bad news.  She’s suffering from Cascading Entropic Failure.

No, wait.  That’s another show.

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) – all innocent like.

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Richard Fitzpatrick (Baines) and Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) run through their first scene under the watchful camera eye of Director Bruce McDonald.

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Bruce loses it!

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Director Bruce McDonald commits an oopsy on guest star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Dr. Borsa).

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Alex Mallari Jr. (and Emperor Ryo Ishida) are out of control!

June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

Caution: Cowboy On Set!


12 thoughts on “June 13, 2017: Episode 302 Behind The Scenes Pictures!

  1. Snickering… hey she dropped by with the ones she didn’t eat. That’s still sharing!

    Wow, we’re just starting on viewing and you’re back at work.

  2. Crazy is good … as are mini cream puffs!

    Sounds like you’re off to a really great start.
    Just keep thinking ‘sustainably’ deep
    (as opposed to deep “moments”)
    and fast, wild, free falling down a surreal rabbit hole
    throughout the whole season
    And I’m sure you’ll be fine, eh. 😀 😀 😀
    And if an angry seagulls even so much as try
    to cast the slightest glance your way, …
    grab Bubba (or call upon Android0
    to shoot that sucker dead, immediately!

    Albeit, you still haven’t answered the one,
    single handedly!,
    most important question
    that I’m certain is burning deeper and brighter than all others
    in everyones mind..

    … What’s For Lunch?

  3. First, FYI, DM S3 is on iTunes for those who don’t have cable, etc…. The first episode is FREE to download right now!

    Wish I looked that happy at work! Who doesn’t like a good cream puff, mini or otherwise?

    Thanks for the photos. B R U C E is in the house! Favorite parts of this episode were Five and her flashbacks. (At least she’s too young to have hot flashes!) Nice reveal at the end. Two, Three & Six’s little side trip was enlightening as well. When it comes down to it, Theee will definitely not have a problem killing
    Ryo. Two in the heart, one in the head. Dead.

    Enjoyed the supporting characters for this episode, Baines especially. Wonder if he’s still alive. Wonder if Five will go to find out.

    Also I have to comment on Sarah from Ep 1. WTH? When will we go back to that?

  4. It makes a world of difference when you like your job and the people you work with.

    Any good offers on the house? Have you been looking online for condos in Toronto? It would be nice if you could get enough extra room for a mom/sis visit.

    We canceled our Satellite service but I’m not ready to go cold turkey on the DVR yet. So, we’ll sign up for Sling. Anyone here use that? For us, it will be a good solution. Evan (our son) has to come home and watch the latest episodes but Sling has a cloud based DVR feature (and the Syfy channel is in the basic package). So he can watch the new shows on Sling at his college apartment. If the internet goes out, well, that’s why we have DVD’s/books.

    Drea: We apply the waterproof barrier on the shower walls this weekend. Hubby gets a 4 day weekend July 4th, so we’ll save the tiling until then. It’s a pain but spreading out the costs has been convenient.
    How are you? Or as the say in the deep South “Ha yew?”

    Did you hear about the shootings in Virginia? Crazy!!!!

  5. I forgot to mention that the weirdest thing happened yesterday. There was a note left in my mailbox, along with a picture of a cat. This lady claimed I had her missing cat. I called the lady and she was demanding to see Lucy. So I asked her if her cat was a calico and she was like “no, our Piper is a Siamese mix”. I could tell that from the picture she provided but wanted to make my point. Lucy being a different color didn’t have any impact. Apparently, the lady saw Lucy from her car. It took a few minutes of arguing and I text her a picture of Lucy. She kept asking about any other cats that she might have seen in the window. “No other cat”. She came just short of demanding entry to see for herself. Lucy hides when a stranger is in the house. I didn’t want this lady rooting around in my closet trying to get a glimpse of her. Weird, huh? I hope she finds her cat!

  6. @Tam Looking forward to the remodel pics!
    Poor lady. Cant help but feel horrible for what she must be going through. She obviously is so distraught over her missing feline companion she’s starting to imagine someone must have kidnapped her and has begun seeing her in peoples windows, backyards n such.
    I’m doing ok. Overly busy as usual and its been pouring rain here every day, all day!, for last couple of weeks – so starting to go a bit stir crazy from cabin fever… And I swear! with all the power of the multiverse if
    I discover @Joe didn’t order something amazingly delicious! for writers room lunch today, (so i can live vicariously), I’m absolutely gonna SCREAM!!

    How’s Dr Jo doing?

  7. I was spending some time watching Season2 for preparation for the new season. I noticed the copy Android in “Take the Shot” 10 of 13 was a few inches shorter than the original. During filming did she have to stand on a box for continuity?

  8. @Tam … ugh, people. I had a very friendly Maine Coon run in the house last winter. He would not leave, and it was snowing, so I let him stay in the cat room, away from my cats, it used to be the guest room. I called animal control and they TOLD me to keep him in and put up posters, as it was near the weekend and I could not get to a vet to have his chip scanned, if he had one. I went to put up posters the next day, as I had to get printer ink first. His posters were up when I went out. The lady came and got him, he doesn’t live far. But he kept coming back. She kept texting me about not stealing her cat, not to feed him (I was not after she got him), and to not even pet him. Impossible not to pet this cat, he’d run up and stick his head in your hands! I had to block the door to keep him out. I told her to keep him indoors as he was far too friendly to be a street cat. She said she was going to call the cops for harassing her cat. Gah.

    I called animal control again, as the lady was threatening me now. The agent laughed and said “Cats know”. Eventually he quit coming around, but I sure never want to help some people again.

    Oh look, cream puffs. MMMMMMM!

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