June 9, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 301 And 302 Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

Well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves last night – The Raza crew, the critics, and, most importantly, you the viewers.  Take the time to drop me a comment here and let me know your thoughts on our big double-episode premiere.  What were your favorite character moments?  The biggest surprise?  And your burning questions?

June 9, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 301 And 302 Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

From what I hear, the Dark Matter after show, After Dark, is available on the Syfy.com site for U.S. viewers – and will be airing directly following the episodes internationally.  As for Canada…hmmm, not sure.  Once it airs internationally, I’ll see what I can do about uploading them to this blog.

June 9, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 301 And 302 Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

ALSO – last night, Syfy aired a promo for next week’s episode…but it was actually a promo for Episode 304 (“All The Time In The World”) rather than Episode 303 (“Welcome To The Revolution”).  So, sorry.  You’ll have to wait an extra week for that THREE/Android duet.

No, I’m serious.

June 9, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 301 And 302 Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

Finally, take a moment to subscribe to the Dark Matter subreddit over on reddit.  There are some great episodic discussion threads and I’m always around to field fan questions: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkMatter/

June 9, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 301 And 302 Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

Finally, the critics weigh in with their thoughts on our double episode opener:

SyfyWire’s Tricia Ennis: Season 3 Open With a Bang and a Blink

Everyone is exactly where we left them last year, only somehow worse. Ryo succeeded in blowing up EOS7 and getting the hell out of dodge, but the rest of his former crewmates haven’t been so lucky. Two, Three, Five, and Six are all still stuck on the station, and it is going down in flames.

ThreeIfBySpace’s Katie: The Costs Are Always Personal Review

“The costs are always personal” is a line from Trufault, and it really rings true for this episode. Two’s grief over losing yet another person in her crew, one she counted as a friend, is a palpable and burden she carries. Six realizes that Two’s need to carry that burden is part of what makes her Two, and not Portia.

ThreeIfBySpace’s Michelle Harvey: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This Review

Syfy’s lovable crew of misfits is back with the double feature premiere of Dark Matter tonight and these first two episodes are better than ever. The Raza crew are fighting to survive after the explosion of EOS-7 and basically are all found in precarious life threatening positions. There are no guarantees that everyone is going to survive this and it’s that rush of adrenaline that makes this double feature opener so epic.

SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks’: Double Review – It’s Personal

What made these episodes even more impactful was the deep emotional tones running through them. Two was a strong driving force throughout the whole two hours as she had to reconcile how her leadership decisions led to everything that happened.

TheNerdRecites’ Christopher Hart: Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 Review

Few things are better than having Dark Matter back on the air. There are other adept SF shows out there, sure, but few hold as much heart and as many endearing bad guys as Mallozzi’s underrated gem.

DenOfGeek’s Michael Air: Season 3 Two-Hour Premiere Review

The return of Dark Matter for season 3 could have easily been the 14th episode of season 2, so seamless was the transition. However, although the action surrounding the sabotage at the multi-corporate summit will certainly have its consequences in the long term, the series seems to have pivoted into new territory, especially when the two episodes of this double premiere are taken together. Whatever shape the coming season takes, though, Dark Matter is right in its stride from the very start.

CinemaBlend’s Adrienne Jones: How Dark Matter Answered That Intense Season 2 Cliffhanger

The show keeps us on our toes by moving the main players around and making us wonder if they can really be better people, and it looks like a large part of this new season will come down to that exact question.

PureFandom’s Cort Robinson: Raza’s Crew Has Returned and They’re As Badass As Ever

Syfy’s hit series, Dark Matter returned tonight for a two-hour premiere of the all new season. Things looked pretty murky for every member of the crew when season two ended last year. Four took a walk on the dark side and went full on Darth Vader as he became Emperor Ryo and embraced the memories that turned him into exactly what Five feared all along. Thanks to Ryo’s actions, his former crewmates lives hung in the balance at the end of season two.

TellTaleTV’s Hillary Esquina: Dark Matter Review

These first two episodes had a well-balanced arc of action, drama, and even some comedy, which is what we have to come expect of the cast and crew. Looks like this season is going to be one hell of a ride for our favorite crew, so buckle up!

TVFanatic’s Kathleen Wiedel: Dark Matter Episode 1 and 2 Review

These two episodes, aired back to back, proved a welcome addition to what has become a summer delight for me. (Seriously, I love watching them do their thing.)

MustGeekTV’s Hank Otera: The Raza Crew’s Smash and Grab

As I mentioned earlier the pacing was spot on, with tons of action and the characters are finally more likable than ever. Though I’ve had my gripes with the series, I think the writers have settled into a groove that works.

BladeOfTheSashurai: We’re Back, In Outer Space!

Four is a little tricky because he’s showing patience and trust while trying not to lose sight of his position and what it means to be Emperor. We know he’s not a “villain” but right now it’s important we see him continue to be benevolent to an extent so we don’t immediately side with the Raza crew when they inevitably clash.

BladeOfTheSashurai: That’s One Way To Take Out A Clone

Tonight’s episode stuck to the basics of Dark Matter’s mercenary-style storytelling and super-charged it with a collapsing singularity, very synonymous with the big crunch theory. The more the crew have to deal with the random chaos of the universe and its volatile laws of physics the better these stories will get.

TheYoungFolks’ Leaf Miranda: Dark Matter 3×01 and 3×02 Review

Ryo is coldblooded and he may not be redeemable, which doesn’t help him since Two is out for blood.

CarterMatt: Season 3 Premiere Review

The reality is that Dark Matter is not a show for the faint of heart. It’s probably the most hardcore science fiction on the air in that it requires a great deal of concentration and attention to detail. For those who do muster that, the merits are very rewarding.

CarterMatt: Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Having two very different episodes start off the season was probably a smart move, just because it enabled the show to flex the different things in which it is good at.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to my one and only true Batman, Adam West.

29 thoughts on “June 9, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 301 and 302 Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

  1. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s fair to say it was bigger and better than ever!

    Agreed on Adam West. Still the best.

  2. Mr. Mallozzi, I have been well-aware of your writing talent for some time now, but good gosh, Sir……Last night’s premiere had me on the edge of my seat (literally!) and speechless! Loved when Android came out guns blazing, Anders didn’t give Two up to the GA…..and Five may have a sister?! OUTSTANDING job on your premiere…..KUDOS!!!

  3. Absolutely LOVE your portrayal of strong, tough, fierce, yet still vulnerable women characters. There still aren’t enough on TV. And that the “guest” characters have their own arcs and aren’t just there to service the “regulars.” If you keep this up 5 seasons is never going to be enough.

  4. Only one question- will we get awesome 2 and 3 scenes this season? I loved the premier!

  5. My favorite moment? Your second photo had it; the moment when Android rose out of the box and took out the invaders, and then after a pause, blows the smoke from the barrels. Has Android been watching Westerns? Loved it!

    My second favorite is the look on Four’s (Ryo) face when he learns Nyx is dead. Actions coming home to roost…

    Can’t wait til Friday, but I’ll be on the road again so I’ll likely need to catch it on DVR.

  6. I had a feeling that The Android and the rest of the Raza Crew would believe that Ryo killed Nyx!! And that happened!! I particularly love that Melanie Liburd came back for a few scenes with Two! And I had so many emotions going through me last night! Some laughs, some tears, and some anger. The anger was towards Ryo because he was so cold to his former crew members/friends! Is their any hope left for our Four to return to the good side? Ryo really is a big bad this season!

    2 episodes in and I am seriously excited for the rest of the season. I am highly certain that this season is going to be the biggest and best yet!!! And season 4 will be even better!!! Thanks so much!


  7. Watched for 3rd time…and still stuff I missed the first two watches.

  8. It was an awesome opening to Season 3 that answered some questions but left us with more questions but I know that’s how you roll. I was surprised that Anders let three go and maybe even thinks of him as a good guy now.Also surprised to find out that five has a sister. Kudos on the scene between two and Nyx it was so touching kinda brought a tear to my eye. I understand where Ryo is coming from wanting to protect and be a good leader for his people but man he is making it easy to really dislike him. So looking forward to watching the rest of the season unfold.

  9. I’m in agreement with Aimee Hicks! I was tearing up with Two and Six trying to come to terms with the events – I just wanted to hug Android and Five. Everyone did a great job on these two episodes! Highly highly enjoyed the Dark Matter return!

  10. I loved it. I laughed at the “pop up and shoot” scene loud enough to rouse the dogs.

    However, did I miss something? No “let’s go get our people”… they just suddenly had the crew back. Rather jarring. We went back to look to see if we both missed it. I know editing needs, but that felt like a chunk got removed. Obviously they managed to get them, but …

    Anyway, WOHOO the team back together on my tv set. Love the action, the tensions, the emotions. 🙂

  11. Best premier to date!! I absolutely love the Android…her coming out of the box and killing the invaders…absolutely perfect!! The goodbye between 2 and Nyx was heartfelt and full of emotion!! You never let me down when it comes to Dark Matter!! I can’t wait to see what happens the rest of this season….i just wish I could help write season 4….so many ideas because I have fallen in love with the crew of the Raza!! If you want any extra help let me know….lol….not that you need it, but it would be a dream come true!!

  12. Let me tell you what I think about the premiere of season 3…. EPIC! I loved every second of it and I am so happy our team is back. So happy the show is back!!! Everything was, I don’t like to use this word, but it was perfect. Two and Six trying to save each other while being heartbroken over the rest of the team, especially Five (made me wanna cry), then Five working with Truffault and the Android, and that scene with the Android (badass). I hope we will see more of Lieutenant Anders in the future (and Truffault). I am especially fond of Two’s storyline (she is my favorite character) and Melissa slayed in these episodes. Was surprised with the Nyx scene, but in a good way. That goodbye scene (wanted to cry again). Gotta admit that I will miss Nyx. 🙁 Ryo is pissing me off and I don’t want to talk about him. Ok, so… I really loved the start of season 3! 🙂 Can’t wait for the story to continue.

  13. Ooo, it’s One day to go for us in the UK before the premier hits us …. I should be staying away from all these reviews, comments etc ….
    but I can’t! 😓
    I keep spy hopping and its all sounding, oooow, rather too good!!! 😆

  14. It speaks volumes about the quality of the writing and acting that all my favourite moments in the premiere are just scenes of two people in a room talking. Awesome stuff.

  15. Finally saw After Dark. I had to stay up until midnight. Syfy have stuffed that up. After the ep they said to go to the website. When I went all that was there was a placeholder. I couldn’t see where it was airing. They aired it on the channel tonight.

    I loved the chat & behind the scenes but it’s so heavily edited. They also need to nix the countdown clock on screen.

    The concept is great. The UK guest had great questions & input. I guess if they’ve filmed them all there won’t be any changes.

    Overall enjoyed After Dark. Great for fans.

    Cheers, Chev

  16. Excellent start. Congrats to Ian B & team.
    They truly out-did themselves on
    absolutely gorgeous sets this year.

  17. Such a strong opening to the season. I agree with Den of Geek that it was seamless with the end of Season 2.

    I don’t think that Ryo cannot be redeemed. I think it will be a personal struggle for him throughout the season. Right now his responsibility for Zairon weighs heavily on him and is his priority. We saw a glimpse of Four in his reaction upon hearing of the death of Nyx. That was my standout scene of the night. It was a great character moment, as was the Two/Six chats. I loved Two’s line about not making Five a damsel in distress. Hell yeah.

    There were a few surprising scenes that had me laughing. Firstly, when the Ferrous Corp crew asked Five to give up, calling her “little girl” and she came up firing from Bubba. Then when they talked about surprising the Raza Crew only to be surprised by Android wielding two guns and blowing the guns like an old Western. Then when Three tackled Anders and laid on top of him to make him quiet. Such great scenes. Well written and performed. I hope we see more between these two characters.

    I loved seeing more Five backstory. Really liked the characters Baines and Lyra. I was so surprised by the sister twist. My bet is the sister is behind that new look on Five that we’ve seen photos of.

    Some great sets in the episodes. I particularly loved the Palace and Lab sets. It really helps build the world and in addition to the visual effects makes the series look so expensive.

    Looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Cheers, Chev

    PS it’s always great to see Torri. She does a fabulous job as Truffault.

  18. Deeply frustrated at not being able to see it yet, especially after reading all of this. My wife and I recently “cut the cord,” tired of paying for 50+ channels we never watched, but kept high-speed Internet through the cable company. I’d assumed I could still watch “Dark Matter” either on the SyFy website or through the SyFy Now app. Turns out that both require me to log in to my cable TV provider as well, and then require me to have the SyFy Channel as part of my cable TV package in order to watch it. With more and more people getting their TV from apps and subscription services, this kind of defeats the purpose and seems like a short-sighted decision on SyFy’s part. Sigh.

  19. @SteveH: Thank you. Season 3 was apparently deep down in the Amazon search results when I’d checked. Seasons 1 and 3 were right at the top, so I missed it and assumed Season 3 wouldn’t be available on Amazon for some time. Bad assumption on my part, and thanks again!

  20. First off, I’m happy to know the preview is not the next episode cause I would’ve wondered. Disappointment= avoided. But you’re a madman! I’m still wondering why Das left Baines (I think his name was) if he told her about her sister. Maybe she decided to drop everything to find her, who knows? Well, you do…. jerk ;P

    But that Misaki is one real piece of work, gosh. At least she might actually cause Four to fight for control? (as opposed to Ryo) I’ve said it before, but since this is sci-fi, i want Four and Ryo to clash blades (y) And then there’s Teku….. I like him, but I’m fearing for his life, haha.

    But ending this comment on a high note: That Kodak moment at the end of 301? Awwwww XP

  21. When the character were look for their way out, I asked myself ” how will they handle this?” I found out. I thought it was a moment if comic relief of Android coming out of the box like Teal’c handling a couple if P90’s from SG1. Was that homage’ by design? Were those P90s in a redress? If so, done right they still have a futuristic look. I was relieved when Four realized he was not responsible for her death, I think her name is Nyx. I thought it was rather Shakespearian. Was not one of his plays ended not by a stabbing but by a poised blade?

    Anyway if my memory is faulty, I blame the accident. It is a year from today. Could post a picture, but I left it on my Facebook page. Here I use a name that links to my Peace Corps time, but use my name, Matthew Dill, for FB.

  22. Just watched Behind the Scenes and After Dark for both episodes on Syfy.com (US). How fun! My only criticism is that they aren’t long enough. 🙂

  23. Favorite moment: Targeting the point of origin of a repeating signal with the Blink Drive. “And if we’re wrong, we end up in a pulsar.” Thank you for a joke on the science end of science fiction!

    Also: Some terrain! A nebula rather than a plain star field background, with a role in the story! (Along with a possible pulsar.)

  24. I liked a lot of it, but I thought it was neat when five was in her dream state, and the man called her Das!.

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