“She’s more popular than you!”said Akemi.  The “she” being Suji and the “you”, of course, being me.

We were taking the dogs for a walk down west fourth avenue when we happened by a yoga shop.  When Lulu tried to casually stroll into the place, Suji, of course, attempted to follow.  “Suji!”called Akemi.  Suji stopped and glanced back.  At which point, one of the salesgirls hurried over and asked: “Is that Suji?”  Er…yes.  “I follow her on instagram!”  Seriously.  This was the third time she’s been recognized by a complete stranger.  Of course, like any professional celebrity, Suji played it cool, posing for pics, even allowing the salesgirl to pick her up and get a photo with her.

May 25, 2017: A Celebrity Suji Sighting!

I tell ya, I should follow up on Jodelle and Melissa’s suggestion and include a shipboard mascot next season.

May 25, 2017: A Celebrity Suji Sighting!

So, we checked out a few condos yesterday (pictured above: me in my condo-checking look) and, so far, not even close.  They’re either too small, too dark, to noisy, or too damn weird.  We’ll continue our search, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  In the meantime, I’d still like to see what I could get for the house.  I’ve run the numbers and I think that if I liquidated my assets and we moved to Tokyo, I could live comfortably until about age 92 – at which point I would probably need to get a job.

Today’s BTS pic –

May 25, 2017: A Celebrity Suji Sighting!

Ruling an empire and being a Big Bad really works up an appetite.  Ask Alex Mallari Jr.

Today’s sneaky screen grab –

May 25, 2017: A Celebrity Suji Sighting!

What, pray tell, is going on here?

27 thoughts on “May 25, 2017: A celebrity Suji sighting!

  1. It’s going to be hard following the “today” post from Tokyo, cause you know, you’d be posting to us from the future. So would it be YOUR today, or OURS?


  2. I’m taking early retirement this year, in fact I finish working for a living and become a lady of leisure in a little over five weeks! 😊

    Android (or maybe we’ll know her real name by the time we see this episode?) has gleaned some culinary skills from ‘psycho Wendy’ and has made a special dish for Three, to celebrate his birthday! Mmm…. 🤔

  3. With that outfit, the sunglasses and the beard,
    you could easily pass for a wealthy, eccentric, Hollywood producer.
    So at least the outing made for a playful, sexy, photo op, eh?

    Yeah, I had a feeling
    none of the condo’s would work out too well.
    After 10 years of reading your daily life entries,
    If there is only one thing I can confidently say
    I’ve learned is true and unchanging about you
    it’s that you are a genuine creature of habit.
    You are drawn to particular types of things.
    Your favorite experiences and locales have all been
    ongoing variations of a limited number of themes.

    Albeit, It is a healthy sellers market right now,
    so its definitely worth it to keep looking.
    Perhaps?, the solution is not a condo
    or even a full time move
    into the hustle n bustle of city life of Toronto or LA.
    Consider this possible alternative:

    What if? you were to expand your new home search to an area
    of up to 2 hours drive outside of GTO?
    You might just find a home & neighborhood that is absolutely perfect
    for full time living within your price range.
    You would still need to rent a small, short lease apartment
    while working in Toronto during the week,
    but it would eliminate the hassle, stress & expense of flying.
    The girls would not need to move to the city with you
    because you could drive home on the weekends.
    It would afford you the space & quiet to focus on work and writing
    during the week and you’d only be 2 hours drive away
    if Akemi really finds herself missing you or the city
    or if any of the girls really need you during the work week,
    You could drive home to scoop them up and have them stay with you
    in the city for a week or two per visit,
    without having the stressful, exhausting, hassle
    of packing and hauling so darn much luggage.
    And it would still save you stress & money
    because you’d no longer have the expense of flying.

    The other potential added bonus of this alternative:

    You’ve mentioned on more than one occasion
    some of your writing ideas have come to you
    while driving to work.
    The longer commute on the weekends
    might benefit the muse, no ??

    Anywho – Its just something to mull over.
    Couldn’t hurt to at least take some virtual tours
    of neighborhoods in east coast cities via google street maps,
    to explore & expand your possibilities?

  4. @ceresis Congrats on your upcoming retirement!
    Upload the pics from your daughters wedding yet?
    I’d love to see em! xo

  5. Tokoy is a fantastic city so it would not be an all too bad thing to move there. Especially if you don’t have to work 😂

  6. Well, of course Suji is famous. She has the, what do they call it, the “it” factor. Or something. Plus, cute.

    Still with the Scruffy McScruffface? Listen to your mother! Though, it does make you look vaguely badass. I mean, in that “everyone really knows Joe’s an old softie” way. 🙂

    I’m home sick today feeling super crappy. Some kind of bug I guess.

  7. I’ve been a stay at home since 2001, but my husband works. We have enough to get by on, and his military retirement, but have just enough debt he can’t quit. If we didn’t live in Utah, where the cost of living is still low, we’d be in trouble. Tokyo, even California, are out of our price range. That’s okay, we can visit. Japan is hard on my lungs anyway. Plus, my husband is not exactly a man of leisure, he needs to stay busy or he drives me bonkers.

    Android’s real name is Betty Crocker?

  8. That’s a very nice idea (retiring early). You’d make a great “Man of leisure”.

    I’d like to see the weird condos.

    Yay Suji! Some handle fame better than others. I bet Suji won’t become a drug addict or marry/divorce in a weekend. 😉

  9. Ceresis64: Congrats on retiring! Ponytail said she was retiring this year also. I’m so happy for both of you!

  10. Damn! That facial hair is seriously starting to make you look like a Bond villain! Or a guest star on Miami Vice.

    Android Crocker has a nice ring to it.

    Congratulations @ceresis64! And have a great Memorial Day, my fellow Americans.

  11. This post is the epitome of kawaii, I love that Lulu is shopping for Kate Hudson yoga pants on her own and that Suji is expanding her world domination of all things adorable. And Android in an apron? That is too adorable, if she breaks into any of the songs from Waitress the Musical I will plotz.
    I finally saw Logan and am so grateful I stayed mostly spoilerfree. I got to enjoy the twists and turns and grit with full impact.


  12. @Drea @Tam Dixon @jimfromjersey Many thanks, I’m really looking forward to it 👍

    @Drea we took over 1500 photos, so lots of post-processing! lol
    I don’t know how to directly upload a photo into these comments, but here’s the link to a photo I’ve just put onto IG 😊

  13. @gforce (((Hugs))). Hope you feel better soon.

    @Joe Decisions.. Decisions. What to do?.
    What to do? O’ What to do?
    Listen to @Gforce and shave off the scruff or
    let the majority of the ladies continue
    admiring your newly found, more confident, sex appeal. ?

    Hmmmmmm, Such a tough call there, eh?! 😀

    By The way: I remember meeting
    a couple about 30 years ago, in NY
    with a similar dilemma about moving.
    Their lovely spacious home was in Bridgeport
    but his work was mostly in Manhattan.
    Both loved the city, restaurants and such,
    but didn’t want to permanently give up
    their quieter home life in CT.
    Because Connecticut is a couple hours drive each way,
    the solution was for him to get an apartment in nyc.
    His wife stayed with him in the city 2 wks per month.
    He drove home to be with her in CT one weekend per month
    and one week per month they each remained on their own
    so they could have a bit of individual space
    away from one another.

  14. @ceresis64: Congrats on your retirement! Mine’s coming up in September. I’m a bit ambivalent about it, but I’m sure in the end it will be a good thing. My friend and co-worker/supervisor of 32 years just retired last week, so it really started to feel “real”. And now, I need submit my paperwork within the next couple of weeks if I want to go when I’m eligible in September. After that is sent back, there is no turning back!

  15. @ceresis. Looks like they had a very happy day! xo
    Love their contrasting red, white theme.
    The little one looks adorable and the groom looks elegant.

  16. The beagle dog in Enterprise was a real downer…made it look desperate for ratings…

  17. @ ceresis64 – Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! I’ll be joining you at year end. Time to start talking to HR for me. ALSO congratulations on the addition to your family!
    @ gforce – You are retiring?? Man you are too young. Git back to work!

    Joe, I think you look handsome in your salt and pepper beard. But I always wonder with breaded guys… what are you covering up?

    Suji is a little twinkle star. So cute and adorable. Hope Lulu don’t get too jealous. Just remember Lulu, you have lots of boyfriends.

  18. I can’t believe Noreen Landry lets a cast member eat in her costumes. I bet she doesn’t like it but can’t stop them….. “Alex!… no!.. well, okay… but!… can you wait?… just… don’t!… can you… stop!… use this bib… okay… but… you spill on that and… okay go ahead… but!… I’m getting a headache… just don’t!… lean over… so you spill on the floor… omg!… Joooooooe!!!”

  19. @gforce @Ponytail How cool is that, all of us retiring this year. I’ve got lots planned – more travelling, more photography, more travelling….more photography lol

    @Drea It was indeed a fab day and thank you for your kind words 😊

    @Ponytail Thank you, too 👍

  20. Joe you’re looking a little like William Petersen from CSI in that pic. Very dapper! Fingers crossed that you find the perfect condo!

    Suji is the star, Akemi is her manager, Lulu her bodyguard & you dear sir are the driver. There’s just something about a cute pup!

    In that last pic, I think it’s the Android’s subroutine programming of “Suzie homemaker” or “Betty Crocker” running. Can’t wait to see this scene play out!

  21. You wouldn’t believe how much house shopping has changed in my area. People get mobile notifications when something goes on the market and the average listing time is down to hours. And this is a terrible school district.

  22. The mobile notifications aren’t even the source of the fastest sales. People are trading tips about houses about to go on the market, though the notifications are probably driving the need for that.

  23. @ceresis64 @gforce Congrats on your upcoming retirements. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to retire until I’m a nonfunctioning human being or dead. Mostly because of Patrick and our need to provide for him after we are gone.

    @Ceresis64 I’ll go check the wedding photos out as soon as I’m caught up on the blog.

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