Here it is, as promised.  The Dark Matter season 3 trailer for all to see:

I think the gang at Syfy did a fantastic job on this one.  Thoughts?  Anything jump out at you?

Hey, while we’re on the topic of Dark Matter’s third season, how about a few screen caps for discussion…

May 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Trailer – And More Teaser Pics!

May 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Trailer – And More Teaser Pics!

May 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Trailer – And More Teaser Pics!Okay.  Discuss!

13 thoughts on “May 21, 2017: Dark Matter season 3 trailer – and more teaser pics!

  1. Hi Joe
    Wow, just Wow! And how many episodes did they have to give us that? 4 or 5?
    Season 3 is gonna be a slick ride! Can’t wait!


  2. Great clip!!!
    I have not seen this yet on Syfy so must be very new. Things jumping out? Okay here goes…
    Who is the actor giving the infamous presentation? I love his presence and voice.

    Killing Ryo is the dumbest plan ever… but two can try.

    I’m so glad to be counting down.. I just downloaded the Raza model to get it printed, and getting it set up to load it into a Unity3d tutorial game.. just need hi res textures…

  3. Great trailer Joe!

    So… gotta kill Ryo huh? You love twisting the knife don’t you?

    I am very curious why Ryo was so incredibly nice to Two and Android. On our second time through season 2 those two scenes really stand out. It feels like they’re going to be significant.

    Can’t wait!

  4. Wish I could do the splits while brandishing a sword, whoosh! It’s nice to see pissed of bent on revenge Two. Thanks for the cool trailer, can’t wait for June.

  5. Screenshots – discuss…..?

    Blue ‘fog’ in one of the Raza’s corridors

    A pretty cool FTL manoeuvre

    And, Victor ?

    I’m suffering brain drain! lol

  6. Did I see Anders to the right of Six? Kind of looked like Jeff T, but the guy seemed much shorter than Six and I thought they were about the same height.

  7. This galaxy’s most awaited show to return this summer! Adventure! Intrigue! Revenge!

    Love the trailer!!

  8. I’ve made space on my DVR for this. I have a pet sit on June 9 (one so far; might be more before next week gets here). I hope with this one pet sit I’ll be able to get to the individual’s house and be able to get home in time, but if not, I’ll watch via DVR.

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