Well, that’s it!  That’s a wrap on Dark Matter season 3.  Finally, a well-earned rest for our tireless cast and crew.

But there’ll be no respite for yours truly.  I have still two more edits, a handful of mixes, a season’s worth of music notes to get through and, starting immediately, a brand new season to plan, arc out, and break.   I have three weeks in Toronto and then another three weeks in Vancouver in which to put together my game plan and then the writers’ room reconvenes on June 12th (three days after our double-episode season premiere June 9th at 8:00 p.m.!).

Before that, however, there’s this Friday’s wrap party.

And before Friday’s wrap party, there’s a little Dark Matter special feature I’ll be helping the gang at Syfy International put together for you tomorrow.

Oh, and before I forget – we have a new episode title!

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

“Episode 38: My Final Gift To You”

Ooooh.  Sounds ominous.  And maybe a little sad?

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

Season 3 finale director Ron Murphy in action.

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

The green screen set-up for the big reveal.  Tracking marks for the SLOW PUSH.

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

Snackington leads the charge on the empanada front.

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

Setting up the last shot.

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

The final shot of Dark Matter’s third season.

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

The last official meeting of the Dark Matter Whiskey Club (Elliot, Norman, Alison, Paul, and Robbie).

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

We proudly maintain our 17 bottles/season pace.

April 19, 2017: That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 93 Of 93!

Thumbs up from Anthony Lemke (THREE).  We’re good to go!  Home.

I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished this season and can’t wait for you to see it!

A HUGE thank you to our incredible cast and crew.  Hope to see you all again later this year for season 4!

15 thoughts on “April 19, 2017: That’s a wrap on Dark Matter season 3 – Day 93 of 93!

  1. So exciting; I can’t wait!! It sure feels like we just started, 93 days ago.

    My title choice, and second choice, both lost. Oh well…

  2. A big congratulations to the cast and crew on finishing what I’m sure will be another fantastic season, and a bigger one to you Joe (and a big thanks) for bringing us along for the ride. What a great insight into the creation of this great show!

    Anthony looks tired. But in a good way. 🙂

  3. I have lamented about you having a short (ie not 20) season… but honestly, you all work so hard, more would be exhausting. Of course the SG series had more… but they also had bigger budgets and a lot more people to share the load. I am incredibly impressed with how much you all do, the quality and the care put into the show. Can’t wait to see the next season.

    Any idea if the show is available in Israel?

  4. Congratulations to everyone involved! It amazes me how much work you get done in 93 days! I remember Day 133 of the Lord Of The Rings shoot . . . and that was just the half-way mark!

  5. Congratulations!!! I have been keeping my distance from the actual production and episode title thing(I want everything to be a surprise). Funny because I inhale every GOT rumor. hmmm. I think that says something good about Dark Matter. However, I have been enjoying the dogs( I dream of adapting a pug one day), and your tie collection(It gave me an Idea to go on you tube to learn a new knot for my sneakers. Now most of my fellow ER nurses use reef knots to tie our sneakers and they never come untied!) In the off season, I have been doing my best to promote the show to my co-workers.

    True thoughtful science fiction integrated into plots, real character progression/arcs/relationships, & phenomenal set design. Oh yeah, and the actors hit it out of the park. That’s not a high standard to maintain;) Looking forward to season 3.


  6. Yes, Dark Matter can’t happen unless the right people are in the right places. Kudos to you and the other senior people who picked the right people in the first place. I’m looking forward to season 3.

  7. Congratulations on the wrap and thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to it!

  8. Hi Joe
    Well it ‘looks’ like Anthony makes it through season 3 standing 😂 Not sure of the rest. You haven’t killed off any more of our beloved crew have you?


  9. The Empanada Company? What do they make? =)

    I LOVE empanada! I work with a girl who’s mother makes the best I’ve ever had.

    Congratulations and thank you, DM cast and crew! Can’t wait for season 3.

  10. Congratulations to everyone on all the hard work and a job well done! Can;t wait to see this season!

    Did someone empanadas? I was lost for the rest of the post …

  11. Have fun at the wrap party!

    Bourbon question: I was listening the radio D.J. and he was talking about the best bourbon he’d ever tasted, Jefferson’s Ocean. Have you ever heard of that brand? I looked it up and it’s very expensive. I was thinking this would make a great b-day present for my hubby (if I can find it anywhere). Any feedback would be appreciated! http://jeffersonsbourbon.com/

  12. Props to the cast and crew, can’t wait to see the new season. Push in on…Suji, as she slowly turns to the camera and says “Its my final gift to you” with a smoking blaster at her hip. Lulu falls to her paws and yells “Nooooo!”

  13. Episode title ✔️

    Everyone on Dark Matter fits in a massive amount of production schedules, etc in 93 days! Kudos 👍

    That ‘final shot’ photo…..🤔

  14. Uh….the recently aired19secs promo…..more than that is definitely needed to whet the appetite for Season 3.

    Hopefully a trailer will be shown soon 😎

  15. There have been so many great title choices this season, alas I’m losing in choosing the winning title. “My final gift to you” does sound ominous.

    The finale shot looks like it has Ryo in it but I’ve also seen posts that have Two in “the final shot” as well. Perhaps there is a reckoning coming…

    Thanks for the parting pics!

    “So fill to me the parting glass,
    Good night and joy be with you all….”

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