Another week means another opportunity to make a contribution to television history.  I mean, what other show gives you the opportunity to help choose episode titles?

Today, it’s Episode 307 on deck.  And your episode title choices are:

While Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok and the crew were burning the midnight (well, 9 p.m.) oil on set, I was back home watching director Paul Day’s cut of Episode 307 (script compliments of Ivon Bartok).  This one is a real head spinner. Akemi actually jumped up off the couch in disbelief several times during the first screening.  Then, I went through it for notes.  Meticulous notes.  Started at 6:00 and finished at 9:30.

Tomorrow, it’s the Episode 311 cast read-thru – which means we’re a day away from the Episode 311 production meeting – which means we’re only two days away from the start of production on Episode 311 AND the start of prep on Episode 312. 312!  After reading the script, Paul said the same thing he said after reading last season’s penultimate episode (featuring that bloody family reunion at the Ishida Palace): “How are we going to top this one?”.  Oh, don’t you worry.  We will.

March 14, 2017: Choose A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

What’s this?  What does it do?  Who possesses one in the Dark Matter universe? What fictional universe also makes use of one (or variation thereof)?  What fictional universe will be making use of one (or variation thereof)?

Hey, it’s been ages since I’ve done a mailbag.  If you have any questions for me, Dark Matter-related or not, fire away.  I’m feeling refreshingly honest this week!

28 thoughts on “March 14, 2017: Choose a new Dark Matter episode title!

  1. Your day-to-day schedule is filled to the brim with tasks, work, activities, etc galore. How do you maintain such a strict schedule of managing your time to accomplish everything, including writing this blog? Does it come easy for you (as in, natural planner and organizer) or have you disciplined yourself to maintain such a schedule?

    Also, I enjoy reading all the little details that go on between everyone behind the scenes!

  2. Okay, okay…. Looks like I’m well on my way to my second title win of your 3rd season. Unless the Russians hack your poll again.

  3. Episode 7 sounds like a gooden!
    312?!!! Eek, nearly there!

    Oow another QnA. Thanks Joe.

    Who was your favourite teacher at school? Why? And how did they influence your life?
    Have you ever written a character with that person in mind?

    Again, at school (either junior or high) … Were you a sporty or booky person or a bit of both?
    What sort of friends did you have and do you still have contact with any of them?

    Please could you list 5 of your top/favourite films of all time?

    Would Akemi like to do a mailbag for us sometime? 😊


  4. Is there any way you could get your art department to through together a size comparison chart if the ships in Dark Matter?

  5. What a surprise! I may have actually chosen a winner this time!

    For the mailbag:
    A favorite expression or quote?
    A favorite poet? A favorite poem?
    Favorite vacation spot?
    Favorite go to comfort food?

  6. Ivon is a fantastic writer!!! I can’t wait to see 307. It might be my new favourite.

    Hmmm questions…
    How long did it take Ivon to write the script for 307?
    Do you think you could foster dogs or would it be too painful to give them up when a forever home was found?
    How did the cast photoshoot go?

    Hope everyone is well. Work has started on my laundry. The dryer on the wall has been moved and already the laundry looks bigger. The new trough is in but the plumbing has to be connected. The pipes are in the wrong place and will need an adapter to connect.

    @Alabaster55 – Great idea! I’d suggest an infographic.

    Cheers, Chev

  7. OK, let’s see if I can get this to work now.

    Our new rescue, Luna!

    She’s a very sweet girl, rescued from a home that had no time for her, and was threatening to put her in a shelter. Right now, we’re getting to know each other, but we love her dearly. So far she’s mainly bonded with me, much to my wife’s dismay. =)

  8. Ask you any thing….? Did Ely fix his pod and survive the jump? That’s what I want to know…..

  9. What a beautiful dog @jimfromjersery
    Luna looks settled in already, to me! How lovely 😊

  10. Hey Joe! I live for this blog 🙂 I have two questions actually- 1. Do you know when the casts’ photoshoot pictures will be out?
    2. Will you guys be at San Diego Comic Con?

  11. Voted on “I wish I could believe you”.

    Can’t think of any questions. I’ll think of something when you’re finished taking them. 😉

    jimfromjersey: I’m so glad that Luna is settling in!

  12. What’s this?
    Mmm……duplicate blink drives? Has Ryo made more of them, now?

    Mailbag (from some of my previous posts) 😊

    When will the official Season 3 photos be online?

    Was an ‘official’ photo taken of Lt Anders this time?

    Did my triptych idea for a contest seem feasible?

    Is 8 March the most popular birth date that members of the cast/crew celebrate together? If not, what date is? And how many celebrate that day?

    What’s the latest news about your military sci-fi series?

    Would you consider a future contest to make a Season 3 poster?

  13. @jimfromjersey

    People who abandon their pets to shelters for reasons not entirely out of their control should never be allowed to own pets. It’s so sad that there’s so many animals out there without a home. They didn’t ask to be born, but they certainly don’t deserve to be abandoned. How people can be heartless enough to abandon a poor defenseless animal is evil.

  14. What is the best way to get a chance to audition for Dark Matter? I know Alex Mallari Jr. attended IMTA; would this be a way to get in front of the right people?

  15. Here’s something I’ve been wondering: What does a production do if one of the main cast shows up for work sick? Shooting schedules are set, it’s not as if a main cast member can be replaced, and the rest of the cast getting sick is not a desirable option. So what do you do?

  16. Hey Joe
    Hope you cast and crew are keeping warm. Any more romantic interludes for 3? Also any Canadian dates for cast?Getting harder to go the USA. Unpredicatable

  17. Hi Joe & Co.,
    Who is typically in charge of TV season DVD packaging and title menus artwork?
    What is your least favorite Stargate SG-1 episode? Do you like series crossover characters like Munch(Homicide,X-Files,Law&Order) & have you ever considered a DM/SG scenario? Is it complicated copyright-wise? For instance, if another show wanted to use a character which you created, is it a simple yes/no from you, or do you forfeit the rights to the production company? I love multi-show characters and tie-ins myself…

  18. Do you already know if you are guaranteed 5 seasons of Dark Matter? Or is it reviewed yearly despite your 5 year story line?

  19. @jimfromjersey She is beautiful. I think her name is perfect, too.

    I agree with @Ivonbartokfans I loved the script Ivon wrote last year.

  20. Will Dark Matter be at Fan Expo Canada or Toronto comicon?
    Where do you film?
    Have you ever come across the town of Richmond Hill?

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